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    Production updates

    on January 13th, 2011, by Ton

    The blog is quiet, but there’s still work on Sintel being done here.

    In the past two-and-a-half months we worked on getting the film fully re-rendered in 4k, in a resolution of 4096×1744 pixels. When Pablo left back home to Patagonia mid December, Dolf took over his job for the final-final tweaks and solving some render errors. Yesterday he sent the last tweaks to the farm, and we might have today a working version!

    Last week I watched with Dolf the full re-render in 1920 wide downscaled png playback, and the detail in the images is just amazing! It also pointed me to the fact our mp4 files here are quite heavily compressed… we should replace them with 800M versions or so.

    In the next days (within a week) we aim at publishing the 1920 (“HD”) wide pngs online, so people can play around with compression setups. Please post links to movie files here (ogg, mp4) if you have good ones, then we update it on our mirrors too!

    We will also output an original 4k version in 3×16 bits DPX format. That’s been sent on USB drive to our sponsors first, but I know they won’t mind us sharing it. Still would be awesome to have a couple of public screenings of the 4k version announced. Stay tuned!

    I do know that on NAB Las Vegas Sintel (in 4k) will get prominently covered. 🙂

    Another update: Jan Morgenstern made a soundtrack without voices, for dubbing pleasure: (71 MB FLAC, 48 kHz 16 bit Stereo)



    26 Responses to “Production updates”

    1. Satish 'ILuvBlender' Goda Says:

      Great news Ton 🙂

      We will definitely watch it in our Studio’s screening room as well.


    2. zsl Says:

      What will be the next Blender Foundation project? You mentioned incorporating live actors. Will it be finished in 2011?

    3. creek23 Says:

      a minus-one soundtrack? cool!

      (/me will now enter voice-acting lessons ^^)

    4. Programador 3d Says:

      Thank you so much by the soundtrack. Now we can try do the brazilian portuguese version.

    5. Franck Says:

      Don’t forget to update the gallery when the 4K version’s done ! 😉

    6. mitras2 Says:

      Quiet nice to see that work on Sintel is still going on.
      Thanks for the great job (also to Jan M.)

      What’s about a 3D Version on Sintel – Are there still plans to makt this possible or has this idea been cancelled ? (Will there be a possibility for the community to donate directly for the Sintel3D-Project ?)


    7. Jon Says:

      Any word on when (or if) the 5.1 flac files will be available?

    8. J. Says:

      Same question, 24 bit, please!

      What’s the status of the DCP version? (I know Fox did some tests but based on the 8 bit PNG version)
      It’s great that the 4K DPX version becomes available, but for a DCP you actually also need the cinema audio mix made at Konken Studios. (instead of making a Dolby MO disc you just convert them to WAV files which later get packed as MXF in the DCP)

      Btw, it’s possible now to make DCPs with open source software, so you can also do it in-house.
      Otherwise ask Wolfgang Draxinger, who also made DCPs of Elephants Dream 3D.

    9. D Says:

      It’s good to read an update. 🙂

      Thanks Jan for the voiceless audio! Now for the musicless one! 😀

    10. Mathias Says:

      Nice you finally realized the old encodes suck quality wise. I hope someone gets them right this time.
      And I really wonder if you managed to get rid of the banding in the pngs. Would be interesting to see a png from for example the opening fade-in. The banding was most pronounced there.

    11. androvsky Says:

      Wow, you’re posting the 16-bit per color DPXs… awesome! I’m really looking forward to seeing this in all of its 4k glory. 🙂

    12. Anonymous Says:


      @Jon: ?

    13. Jon Says:

      I have the Xiph site bookmarked 🙂

      Jan has released the 5.1 Dolby Digital mix, but I was asking about the uncompressed 5.1 flac files, which to this point have not been released (not sure why).

      I’m trying to create my own DVD of the blender films. To do this Ihave to have a media stream of 23.976 FPS. The Dolby track is at 24 FPS. So I have to decompress, edit, and recompress an already compressed audio track. It end up sounding pretty flat and pinched.

      With the other Blender films this wasn’t an issue since the 5.1 flacs were available. I could do all my editing on pristine audio and then compress it once when done.

    14. Anonymous Says:

      High quality version of Sintel open movie from Blender Foundation, in 1080p, H.264 and AAC 5.1.


    15. Nanobug Says:

      @mitras2 – Absolutely, everyone showed a lot of interest in the 3D version, as can be seen by all the comments at

      I am sure the community is large enough that we would be able to raise sufficient to finance the 3D version, and especially the update of Blender to have 3D capability built-in. If you can’t get outside sponsors for this Ton, let us know how much money we need to raise.

    16. Karoly Says:

      Truly wonderful work and I can’t wait for the follow-up projects to come. When you publish frames next time, would it be possible to also provide a single-file archive instead of just tens of thousands of frames separately (like you did for the trailer)?

    17. erik90mx Says:

      that is perfect!

      i have a little question…

      when we can dowload de models, sounds, .blends files of Sintel?

      sorry for the english


    18. Nanobug Says:

      @Erik90mx – just buy the Sintel DVD set of disks from this site – they have all the source Blend files, and textures, plus lots of tutorials and other goodies. Am having lots of fun going through it all – they are great! 🙂

    19. JamesMR Says:

      If I have the time, I’ll dub sintel in broad scots

    20. erik90mx Says:

      I see them advertised on the page!
      I want to buy it but I’m from Mexico …
      How long you think It would arrive?

      Anything for Blender!! 🙂


    21. PeterF Says:

      Wow, amazing movie.

      Stop making me cry! :,c

    22. Teddl Says:

      I was quite a bit dissapointed after watching the film I downloaded here.
      Thanks for the opportunity to make a better looking One for everybody!

      800MB 1080p x264 7000kbits video and the ac3 master 51 audio.


      I think this is a good one:


    23. Teddl Says:

      I was quite a bit dissapointed after watching the film I downloaded here.
      Thanks for the opportunity to make a better looking One for everybody!

      800MB 1080p x264 7000kbits video and the ac3 master 51 audio.


    24. Dan Says:

      Great work,
      Although absolutely horrible story, not sure the point of this at all. Just too sad.

    25. Ton Says:

      Jon: check the new post, the uncompressed soundtrack in 5.1 is now available
      Erik90mx: Mexico can take 2-3 weeks to arrive, depends on where you live too

    26. Dj Garfield Says:

      What a Nice Work , pretty Sad story , but a lot of Emotion , I had Try blender few years ago and I can imagine how many times spend to reach this level !!! Very Very Good Work !! I Buy The 4 DVD Box Today …