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    Merry Christmas !

    on December 25th, 2010, by Deevad

    1st present

    I wanted to offer in this special evening a little gift , for your help and your support around Sintel and Chaos&Evolutions during this year 2010. Thanks again , and here is a timelapse commented of my watercolor technic with Mypaint and Gimp-painter.

    Digital Watercolor with Mypaint 0.9 and Gimp-painter from David REVOY on Vimeo.

    the picture :

    2nd present

    For the pocessor of the the files or the DVD  Chaos&Evolutions, here is an additional present :

    An hidden timelapse is on the DVD ( yey ! I kept the secret during a long time )  .
    To find it , go to the main menu , click on ”about” , and down the page , in the credit section ; you will find the sentence ” Thanks to my wife <3 ” . Just click on the little heart made of symbols to access the hidden timelapse.

    Have a good Christmas time all !


    19 Responses to “Merry Christmas !”

    1. David Says:

      Joyeux Noël à tous les David et à tous les Durianeers !

    2. J. Says:

      Merry Christmas and a Blender new year!

    3. Oliver Villar Says:

      Merry Christmas, David!! And thanks for sharing this great work!!

      About the hidden timelapse… I discovered it the first day after getting the DVD at home!!! hahah I was lucky hehe.

      Greetings!! 😀

    4. D Says:

      This is awesome, David! 😀
      And Merry Christmas!

    5. ChocoboMaster Says:

      Merry Christmas to all the Durian team.
      Et Joyeux Noel a David 😉 mais en francais xD.

    6. Nixon Says:

      Joyeux Noel a David!
      thanks for the cool videos!
      Merry Christmas to all the blenderheads around here!
      Best regards!

    7. Elubie Says:

      Joyeux Noel a David!
      Merry Christmas to the Durian Team!

    8. Larry Says:

      Feliz Navidad! Equipo Durian y Blender.

    9. Lasphere Says:

      Ouuh thats so cool! That second present was unexpected.

    10. Brenda Says:

      Merry Christmas to all!! Thank you for the presents 🙂

    11. LadeHeria Says:

      Joyeux Noël à Tous !!!!


    12. blendercomp Says:

      Thanx David & merry Christmas to you all!

    13. piiichan Says:

      Merci David, bon Noel et bonne année à toi 🙂
      J’ai moi aussi découvert la vidéo cachée dès le premier jour ;D J’aime ce genre de clins d’oeil.

    14. Achim Luebbeke Says:

      Thank you for the presents! This is wonderful!
      Merry Christmas!

    15. Deonast Says:

      Wow, very impressive and amazing how much work goes into a picture. I have no artistic ability but the utmost respect for those that do. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!

    16. Robbie Losee Says:

      Thanks David! (I already found the one hidden on the DVD – it was actually the first video on the DVD that I watched.) Merry Christmas!

    17. Bob Says:

      When I see you drawing this, I’m reminded of why you are the artist they hired. I could do some ok charcoal sketching in university, but you take things quite a few levels past that. It takes a certain amount of talent, and many years of work to get as good as you are (and it shows right away). Thank you for the Christmas gift, and have a very happy new year.

    18. Mikhail P. Schalk Says:

      Thanks a lot for this David! Watching you draw+paint is incredibly inspiring -and relaxing! Especially with that music.

    19. Thuy Phan Says:

      Which program do you use to make this video and insert captions like that?