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    Sintel, the HD version (scaled from 4k)

    on February 10th, 2011, by Ton

    Since the previous post we just couldn’t stop trying to fix yet another few errors. 🙂 It’s still not totally flawless, some of the textures & material settings were too complex to easily debug or fix.

    The 4k files are being copied to USB drives to be shipped to our sponsors. The 16 bits 4k frames are 650 GB in total… not fun for a mirror, nor for uploading either. Need to solve this still, but maybe wants to try to host it. Will keep you updated on it. The 4k film will at least show prominently on NAB Las Vegas this year.

    I’ve made myself an HD .avi with H264 and stereo wav sound:

    Mirror 1 (NL): sintel-hd.avi Mirror 2 (DE): sintel-hd.avi

    Mirror 3 (NL): sintel-hd.avi

    All the HD PNG files + a lossless 5.1 master of the sound, along with pre-encoded AAC and AC3 tracks ready for muxing, are now available on

    Everyone should feel invited to make own awesome compressions available. Post it here, then we’ll update the download page for it.

    Update! Uploaded one-out-of-hundred 16 bits per color 4k frames here.

    38 Responses to “Sintel, the HD version (scaled from 4k)”

    1. Davis Says:

      Wow, nice to have that over!

      650GB though, think how much a feature film would take. O_O

    2. Joe Says:



      Same frames, rendered at different resolutions – BUT, they don’t look the same. One is a lot darker etc.

    3. Joe Says:

      Of course, I meant…
      ( and not 11322 and 11332 )

      There are def slight differences in a lot of the frames.

    4. Christopher Grebs Says:

      Just create proper torrents so that everyone can help sharing it!

    5. Rickyx Says:

      Yes, torrent it!

    6. Robbie Losee Says:

      I remember Colin saying something about “imagine how much better we could make it if we kept working on it for another year…” You all have done a great job, and this film will be treasured for years to come. When work on Mango begins, you will start reading a bunch of critical responses saying “Sintel was so much better!” 😉

      @ Davis – If I remember correctly, the frames from The Fantastic Mr. Fox took up about 18.5 Terabytes.

    7. J.B. Nicholson-Owens Says:

      I’d bet will host that, no problem. They host lots of data, many petabytes, on servers around the world. Have you considered uploading there? It’s zero-cost, publicly-accessible, fully-linkable, and you can link to specific files if you wish to.

      The only catch that isn’t clear to some users is to pick the “download” URL because that one redirects to where the item is stored. If you link to where the file is currently stored that link will break when librarians move the item.

    8. Teddl Says:

      I need a new harddrive.. a bigger one!

      However, I’ve touched some frames that anoyed me a bit. Maybe somebody wants to put them into their version?

      Torrent (7zip-archive)

      Original ~5:04min

      Original ~5:39min

      Original ~11:47
      Not quite so good:

      P.S.: I’ve made a video with the new renders and upskaled it to 4k ^^
      Looks fantastic and most the time no playback problems.

    9. Teddl Says:

      I’m sorry about the 00008186 Copy I left in the the archive. Please replace it and 00007311 with this image after removing the copyright. Should be a piece of cake.


    10. Anonymous Says:

      @Joe. Imho, 1080p frame is better… 2k is too bright

    11. Phil Hadfield Says:

      How can I get a copy of the 4k footage. I can send a drive and pay for postage.

    12. J. Says:

      Finally the lossless 5.1 version! Yeahhh! (but I wish it was there from the first day)
      But could you also put up the cinema mix, made at Konken Studios?
      For the people who want to make DCPs.

      I’m now downloading the AVI version, let’s see!

    13. Ton Says:

      16 bits tiffs can be found here:

      Joe: the re-render wasn’t meant to be totally identical, some changes have been made by the artists here. We also had to tackle issues because several composite setups were not scalable. And probably some bugs… I also didn’t understand why some brightness differences happened in renders. Might be even because of rendering in a later svn version…

    14. Milad Thaha Says:

      What the.. Are you serious?? 18 terabytes???

    15. Micheal Says:

      Hey everyone,
      I’m working on compositing the frames together to make a bluray. All CC rights will be reserved and will remain exactly intact. I’m working on some original cover art for it. But All sponsor info and such will also remain intact.

    16. steven Says:

      the HD is great, this is more impressive than the 2k movie, i like.


    17. Kai-Uwe Says:

      The TIFFs look interesting. Thanks for providing. Is some HDR footage rendered for instance OpenEXR files?

    18. Ralph Giles Says:

      Ooh, thanks for posting a sample of the 4k files. I’ve mirrored the 1-every-100 tiff set at

      We’d like to host a complete copy; just have to figure out how to get all those bits across the Atlantic…

    19. Franz Rogar Says:

      And the light fade out…

      I think this’ a great different example where high res is darker than original…

    20. J. Says:

      @Ralph Giles:
      Maybe Ton could plug a portable HDD in one of the Blender servers at the datacenter of XS4ALL (which is a bandwith sponsor of Blender)
      It’s in Amsterdam, so…

      Or Ton could upload it from the Institute itself, which will take about 8 days, I think.

    21. Teddl Says:

      1920×818 x264 2-pass 4000kbits
      New improved renders with corrected pngs

      432MB Video
      180MB Audio

      Audio 1: 5.1
      Audio 2: 2.0
      Audio 3: No Voices

    22. androvsky Says:

      Wahooo, having fun downloading the 4k frames. Btw, is frame 00002630.tif of the 8-bit 4k version messed up for anyone else? The bottom 2/3 of the frame has a very strong green tint. I’ve opened it in a bunch of different programs, and it has the same problem in all of them.

    23. Teddl Says:

      1280×544 stereo 281MB stream and 1 week the 1920 source is available aswell:

      They did a great job resizing it. For me Lanczos didn’t do well. So I used Spline36resize via Avisynth.

      My try almost sam:
      1280×544 x264 2400kbits
      5.1, 2.0, 2.0-no voice, all subs. I tried better audio compression.

    24. D-G Says:

      “I’ve made myself an HD .avi with H264 and stereo wav sound:”

      Sorry, but this is just very wrong. Even if many programs can put H.264 in an AVI container, one shouldn’t put H.264 in an AVI container. Period. There’s a reason MKV and MP4 exist.

    25. D Says:

      Hear hear for the container Nazi! 😛

      The darkness issue is a concern to me, but good job for finally getting the 4K done! And thanks to all the encoders for the different options.

    26. Ralph Giles Says:


      Thanks for the report. 00002630.tif is fixed now. We’re still working on correcting problems with a few other frames near the end.

    27. Micheal Says:

      I also found errors with the 1080 png files – 00021142.png, 00021143.png, 00021139.png, and 00021133.png

    28. Giuseppe Says:

      Hello, I’ve prepared a test DCP of Sintel from the 2K frames.

      This is what results in terms of bitrate

      and PSNR

      Unfortunately, it’s a problem to give bandwidth for downloading. Do you have an FTP for upload?

    29. Teddl Says:

      1024×436, 5.1, 2.0, 2.0-no voice, all subs

      I always aimed for a SSIM between 0.90 and 0.091 with psychovisual optimations.
      I converted the pngs to yv12 with ffdshow and HuffYUV, Median, Adaptive huffman tables. Everything else took too long or added colors and very fuzzy things in the banding areas. Banding is more ofcourse of the conversion from 4:2:2 to 4:2:0.

      Against banding but less contrast:
      VLC: Preferences – Video – Use hardware YUV->RGB conversion
      MPC HC: Render Settings – Output Range – 16-235
      Well, I haven’t tried a debanding filter, yet
      Sorry, if this was discussed before.

    30. gjvjhgv Says:

      AVI? seriously? :/

    31. Ton Says:

      Thanks for noting all faulty frames, these are being refreshed within a day!
      Special thanks to Ralph Giles from 🙂

    32. Micheal Says:

      I’ve started work on the blu ray. I don’t have all of the subs inserted, but I do have a basic menu done along with basic audio tracks. Still to come are the extra audio tracks, some cool popup menus, and all the bonus features.

      Here is the torrent –


    33. Micheal Says:

      Also, if you have any comments ideas or criticisms, feel free to let me know.
      My email is

    34. Ralph Giles Says:

      Thanks Micheal, we’ve corrected those png files, as well as 00021131.png which was also truncated.

    35. mza Says:

      Thanks for publishing a revised sintel-hd.avi. Great to see some of the issues where corrected. But it seemes some new where introduced.
      I recognized some strange light-blue spots in one scene on the roof and also on the wall behind the right shoulder of sintel. They are also in different resolution frames – for example:

      Anyway it is a great experience to see these formats.

    36. smaildesign Says:

      viry good job im lake this animation and me doing design wethe blender thanks for v 2,5 becous its very inderstun than v2,49

    37. joeri Says:


    38. sadig Says:

      i make arabic translation it’s better than that on site how can i upload it