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    Logo part 2

    on April 27th, 2010, by Ton

    The amount of high quality submissions keeps amazing us!
    We’ll do a final selection soon, but not before this thursday. To give everyone a bit of insight in what we look for, and to give some of the contributions an honorable mention, here’s a collage of designs that we liked. It might be that we missed one or two good ones, don’t complain if yours is not there!Β Also the ones added the past 24 hours haven’t been reviewed yet.

    Don’t forget: the logo submissions and reviews are on our forums.


    52 Responses to “Logo part 2”

    1. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Wow, that’s some really nice submissions.

    2. Davis Says:

      I’m really liking that pastel colored one with the dragon tree (Or whatever it’s called).

    3. tyrant monkey Says:

      the one with the blue background, the tree and the subtitle of tale of the dragon tree is by far my favourite. It is simple and easy to read and very elegant.

      the others are also very good, you guys are gonna have a hard time choosing I don’t envy you.

    4. julius666 Says:

      well, my favourite is Druserus’s:

      not too overdesigned, fits the concept, and last but not least, looks hella good!

    5. FreeMind Says:

      One og them loks like a logo for a black metal band… I’d say it’s abad choice if you can’t read it easily…

      Though i still can’t pick my favorite. It’s good stuff.

    6. FreeMind Says:

      omg, I did a hell lot of typos in my last post, it’s funny xD

    7. Daniel Wray Says:

      Very nice designs.

      I like the blue dragon at the bottom, although some people may read it and see it as ‘Intel’ and the dragon as some marketing design, so I’d be a little wary.

      On the whole though, some excellent designs to choose from.


    8. JustinBarrett Says:

      too many good ones….I like the minimalist aproach ones, 2 tone stuff like the dragon “S” ones and the inverted hand scribble mushroom…..good stuff can’t really go wrong with any of them.
      would be neat to see one with the dragon “INTEL” one etched into a blade, but that may just “sound” good to me….anyway, great stuff from the community as usual.

    9. kram1032 Says:

      really nice designs.
      I also looked through the whole thread and there are even more great ones, but many of those actually wouldn’t work with a movie like this, being too playful or too bulky or not actually readable….
      Of the collage, I liked all the designs, especially the often stated bluish one (however, the name actually meaning cinder, it might be better to make it orangeish).
      Two or three of the thread might still be missing for that collage, at least in my opinion, but it’s already hard to pick the best with that count…
      The one, where Sintel is used as a t also looks nice. That resolution in the collage doesn’t really do it justice though… you can’t see the details of a lot of the designs and many of them are better if you see them in the size, posted in the thread…

    10. Rafster Says:

      My vote is for the bluish one with the snowy scene at the bottom.

      The only problem is that the color theme does not match the dark-brown, orange-yellow, and turquoise of the web site.

    11. ScottKelly Says:

      whew… by thursday. got time for a few more then πŸ˜‰ at least one of mine made it on there πŸ™‚

    12. Jay Says:

      Wow, I think you selected the right ones πŸ™‚

      My faves are the bottom left one and the one with blade and yellowish background on the right top.

      The one with the three-lines-and-a-circle-dragontree looks a bit like an eco-car or save our forests logo. Maybe not the right one for a medieval setting.

    13. Pablo Lizardo Says:

      Hey people!
      I made some modifications over my first logo proposal, check it out here and give some feedback!

    14. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

      Great work from the community again.
      My favorite comes from dave76. I like the tree in the circle with the very simple and readable letters sintel.
      dave76 you changed the tree from the original a little bit. What was your main emphasis with the new one?
      Keep pounding the rock guys.

    15. enetheru Says:

      My fav pics from the forum thread that have the right tone.
      the s from this one is the best. but the rest is messy.
      the composition of this one is cool however everything is too bold, a bit of thinning and clarit would make it go far.
      nice use of the tree, but the underline and font are boring it did stand out enuf for me to put it in my pics
      this one however is awesome! he’s done some variatiens with extra detail of the forum thread that are good too. If possible i would like to see the s from the first one incoorperated into this last one ftw

    16. uan Romero Says:

      Cool logos and all, but what about a ‘real’ update to the blog?, I mean there has to be A LOT of finished material already, but we have seen so little…
      And dreaming a bit more…What about beta 2.5? is it coming soon? any estimation about when is it coming out?
      I don’t mean to sound harsh, but I’m too impatient to be happy with just logo stuff and David’s DVD (Hey David, great work on those, by the way)
      we need more…=)

    17. Juan Romero Says:

      Typo error, not uan, I’m Juan =P

    18. Leo Says:

      I believe my favourite one is the bottom right one with the dragon. Looks epic! (

    19. LOGAN Says:

      No community voting, eh?

    20. toontje Says:

      My favorites:
      The one where Sintel stands instead of the letter i
      The one with the dragon tree on the cool blue/ pastel background
      The gray logo on the bottom that starts with a dragon
      and finally the logo that starts with a dragon on the left side.

    21. D Says:

      Looks like Team Durian doesn’t mind the fancier-style logos, even though I’d thought they’d lean toward the simpler ones. πŸ˜€

      I think seeing them in low resolution is what really puts them to the test – if they’re not distinct from far away, they’re not useful as logos.

    22. Jarred Says:

      I rather like the two in the center and am looking forward to seeing how they develop and get integrated.

    23. Josh Says:

      I’m loving the ‘one-upsman-ship’ going on; what started as posting a single logo, moved into a logo in a movie title situation and has now spilled out into wallpapers, t-shirts, dvd covers, etc.

    24. mutze Says:

      I really likes the logo of this one:

      but maybe change the text to something more like:


    25. Abdul Munif Hanafi Says:

      I Like :
      – the one where the position @ top left corner
      – the one where the position @ bottom left corner

    26. novrizal rezha Says:

      nice work Mr adi…..
      proud of it

    27. ochacon Says:

      i like the Dragon S

    28. DurianLeaks Says:

      From the original DURIAN SVN LOGS…

      SVN commit 2551: Fixed the gaps in the roof and the darkening of textures (use grey as a base colour for displacement, and don’t m… (dolf)
      SVN commit 2550: Had a moment, fixed a few missing links. (dolf)
      SVN commit 2549: more torn away tweaks (beorn)
      SVN commit 2548: LT has a mouth texture finally! (ben)
      SVN commit 2547: Fixed a few broken links… Soenke, please have a looksee yourself (dolf)
      SVN commit 2546: double checking its commited (ben)
      SVN commit 2545: Added as a blendshape. Left in file at 70% shape. Next up, sculpt details. (angela)
      SVN commit 2544: wrong file in previous commit (soenke)
      SVN commit 2543: dorender (soenke)
      SVN commit 2542: shaman hairand other crrrrazy stuff (soenke)
      SVN commit 2541: note to self: this rev actually has keylights for the dragons =/ (pablo)
      SVN commit 2540: hair sim files for 4.2i (pablo)
      SVN commit 2539: hair on, new sky (pablo)
      SVN commit 2538: added sim settings for 4.2i (pablo)
      SVN commit 2537: more SSS trans work (pablo)
      SVN commit 2536: dorender feeding da monstah! (pablo)
      SVN commit 2534: intro shot updates (ben)
      SVN commit 2533: updated collision shape and hair emitters; I hope I didn’t mess up the hair style, eek. (joe)
      SVN commit 2532: more layout on u-zd (beorn)
      SVN commit 2531: changing filenaming 2 (ben)
      SVN commit 2530: changing filenaming 1 (ben)
      SVN commit 2528: more polish on torn away (beorn)
      SVN commit 2527: added darker parts to texture (ben)
      SVN commit 2526: adding puffyness to the wings to avoid intersections (just pushed it all the way up) (pablo)
      SVN commit 2525: FAIL MORE!!!!!! (william)
      SVN commit 2524: FAIL!!!!!!!! (william)
      SVN commit 2522: 06 c. I HAVE FAILED!!!!!!! (william)
      SVN commit 2521: tweak for wind effector (campbell)
      SVN commit 2520: new pointcache based on collins settings. (campbell)
      SVN commit 2519: Fixed a few gaps (dolf)
      SVN commit 2518: skiddin claws (jeremy)
      SVN commit 2517: Mountain stuff and shaman beard texture integration (ben)
      SVN commit 2516: Improved weight painting for the adult dragon. Still could use some work, but at least now it doesn’t look tot… (nathan)
      SVN commit 2515: 8.1 (jeremy)
      SVN commit 2514: and the opengl version (william)
      SVN commit 2513: updated facials again (william)
      SVN commit 2512: crash test dragon?… (jeremy)
      SVN commit 2511: dorender WITH HAIR SIM AND ALL! wohoo! (pablo)
      SVN commit 2510: Bound beard to the shaman. Added ability to take some lip shapes negative (request from William). (nathan)
      SVN commit 2509: opengl anim 6 b (william)

    29. munhu Says:

      I think how ever cool it is, it should be readable and obvious to someone who does not know about Durian, Sintel, Blender etc… One shouldnt just pass it off as a symbol. The word Sintel should be readable and identifiable. BBB was quite good, as the Durian team mentioned.

      I will focus more on readability

      I dont like the dragon S for the bottom,middle logo. it doesnt read well. It is not obvious that its an S.

      I do like the top left corner one though I think it dosent read well too. If they were making promo material, it would be nice. If he/she can make it read well, I think I would like, otherwise someone will have to actually think it reads before they read it ( <- make sense?)

      I like the one with Sintel, the girl, as an i in "silhouette" but I believe its quite timid. I would like to see some swoosh of some sort, indicating action. If somehow one could include dragon scales, or wings or claws in a subtle way, would be nice.

      The top middle one, nicely says "Epic" and its kinda intriguing. I think it may need the Sintel to be readable.

      I love the one at the extreme right with an S that may symbolise a dragon's tail. Had missed it. I like it. Maybe if it also had silhouette of Sintels Hood or something that shows that its a female hero. Not sure what artifact can say that

      Overall, its just wow from all.

    30. joeri67 Says:

      Again, nice work. I was thinking about the dragon tree as a bsp tree thingy, I didnt see anybody dig into that. Or… some mongule clay thingy thing.

      A dragon in the logo might conflict with an poster/shirt of the a render of the actual dragon.

    31. Joooo Says:

      This is my favourite:
      I don’t know the author, it’s really just that I like it very much.

    32. A saurus1 Says:

      I wanted to put my design in, but I couldn’t seem to get my account to send the activation e-mail.

      Here it is anyway. (At least the JPG. SVG will have to wait till I can upload it.)

    33. AlesWolf Says:

      Really good submissions!!
      Community voting pls!

    34. kram1032 Says:

      A saurus1: It’s a very nice design but not too easy to read. The S and i are just not obvious enough. – Especially the i…

      It does look nice though πŸ™‚

      Just to add to my last post:
      I think, the ones on the left are really great. If somehow the Sintel t could be combined with the dragon S in a good looking and readable way, it would be pretty much perfect in my opinion.

      Sintel i is nice too but I prefer Sintel t…

    35. A saurus1 Says:

      Yeah, I know. I wasn’t sure how to fix that though. I was really just playing around with spiro curves in inkscape and said, oh, hey, it looks like an SI-L, so I just put NTE in the middle.

    36. ScottKelly Says:

      @AlesWolf, community voting wouldn’t be a good idea. If the community voted they would most likely go for what “looks cool”. The team is choosing the logo because they are looking for a logo that is well designed and matches the movie the best.

    37. elgregor Says:

      My favourite is dave76’s.
      It’s elegant and nice looking. Hope you’ll choose it.

    38. DDD Says:

      To the blender team—>
      Once you have piked your favorites, can you guys do a community vote from your favorites? Just like you did for the Yo Frankie name.
      1. we design
      2. you pic you favorites
      3. from those we vote
      4. you pick the one from the first 3 most votes or something.

      Also can we not just pick a logo but a poster design too? From the samples you provided, some already look good as movie posters. <<– maybe include Sintel posters in blender shop??

    39. ElAkimein Says:

      (IANAL, but this collage is fair use in terms of copyright? My understanding was that all submissions retain copyright until one is chosen.)

      Anyway, seeing all the entries (this collage is really just a tip of the iceberg compared to the forum link, BTW) has been very entertaining for me. Maybe they, or a selection, could be put on the dvd extras? Some clever javascript hack to make custom “skins” based on choice of svg?

    40. Valentijn Says:

      Let the community vote is not a good idea.

      If we do, than we must know the full story to make probably a right decision…

      Even the to design the title is guessing and hope you are right about it…

      But that is my opinion.

    41. Agus Says:

      This is the best to me:

    42. Agus Says:

      top left corner and bottom left corner….

    43. thatonejondude Says:

      Oh the suspense! πŸ˜€

    44. hazamec Says:

      i think the tribal design is cool ^^
      i’ll buy the sintel tshirt with this design \m|/

    45. Jarod Says:

      och, there is no “SIntel inside” logo published^^ πŸ˜‰
      Im sure someone did it…
      …but not allowed πŸ™

    46. Lucidor Says:

      I think JPorters entry on page 16 is very nice.

    47. tino Says:

      my tries:

    48. uno Says:

      Now that you indicated the direction you are looking for, it can be useful to give designers some more time over the week-end to work on their submissions. Many professionals are just busy during the week.

      Maybe set a deadline on Monday before work hours?

    49. Giovanni Lanfiuti Says:

      Good one Tino! Try to suggest a breast to point out she’s female and to get that L less like a Death’s sickle (maybe it will be a sort of sword… don’t know….). I would also remove the tree symbol, maybe you can get it less opaque and put it in the background. Like it a lot!

    50. tino Says:

      @Giovanni Thanks for the kind words and constructive crit. Here’s the modified design with a more feminine silhouette and a visible “L”

      I guess the “L” plus the silhoutte did make it look like Death or The Grim Reaper. I thought about it but was a bit tired to rethink the design. Wasnt too sure about making a sword, will see if i can if i can get spare time

      Here it is:

      Thanks again!

    51. tino Says:

      without the symbol:

    52. Dilly Says:

      My fav one >