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The many faces of Sintel

on May 1st, 2010, by dolf

Every Friday we have a meeting where all the members of the team show their progress. Inevitably the most entertaining bits end up being the oddities we all encounter. Thankfully some of us are dilligent enough to save screen captures to share with the rest of the team. We’ve had some struggles with hair which resulted in some epic pictures, and well… some team members are especially adept at eh… ‘recognising the potential for mischief’. There are many of these but I thought I’d share a small selection of my personal favourites.

58 Responses to “The many faces of Sintel”

  1. Socceroos Says:


    Not sure what you’re getting at, but it sounds like you’re looking for the community that has ascended into Utopia… =)

  2. nathan Says:

    @wo262 & bigbad:
    Yes, the Shaman is going to show his everything for you. Please enjoy!


  3. wo262 Says:

    @nathan ooouuuh yeaahhh. XD

  4. jsguillemette Says:

    Ivan: You can argue so long on clothes and character design, but you miss the point that the whole story is about a female character who is strong, brave, intelligent and determined to succeed.

  5. Kamen Says:

    I can only guess, how many people will attempt to make some open source pornographic videos :D. Honestly, who else thought about that?

  6. Hubberthus Says:

    OH MY GOD! 😀

    Your next movie can be a horror movie, looks like Blender wants it 🙂

  7. Ivan Says:

    @ jsguillemette:

    Read the comments, its not about character design. 🙂

  8. decks Says:

    Its an “open” movie, but we shoud buy the contents??
    Somebody with the DVD make a torrent, it’s easy!

    whats upp!!