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    Sintel at the Comicon

    on April 23rd, 2010, by Deevad

    ! – NEW DATE – !
    FRIDAY 30 APRIL at 19H00 in the 3DNA Room

    I will be invited to talk about Sintel at the Comicon (Naples, Italy) . Many thanks to the organisator, and I hope meet a lot of you there.

    Here is the press-release :

    LetMeDo and Comicon invite you to follow the workshop to be held by David Revoy, Sunday, May 2 at 12:30 ( edit: Friday 30 April at 19H00 )in the multimedia room of the Castel Sant’Elmo, during Comicon 2010 festival. The french illustrator and art director of “Sintel,” will address the following issues concerning the manufacture of the third film of the open source Blender Foundation
    – Sintel ; the story of the project, general story about open movies
    – Exemple of the work in progress of a scene of Sintel, talking about the workflow : concept art / storyboard / crappymattic / the 3D models / final animation / rendering
    – Question / Answer with public
    The final part depending of the amount of question on the open movie ‘Sintel’ will focus on his recent workshop DVD, Chaos&Evolutions . A live painting demo to discover some features of Al.chemy an inspirationnal free open source software for creative poeples, the demo will be fully commented .
    The workshop is free for those who have a valid ticket for the entire event (10 € for three days).
    For information about Sintel: /about/
    For more information:

    15 Responses to “Sintel at the Comicon”

    1. Dusty Says:

      Wish I could be there! Best of luck!!!

    2. D Says:

      Hmmm… “The story of the project”…
      How much story? 😀 Will it be in Italian? 🙁

    3. thinkinmonkey Says:

      David, we are really proud for your presence here in Italy and, especially, in Comicon of Naples.
      Maybe I’ll have the pleasure to meet you there, we are organise the trip.
      Just a simple question: there’s a chance you sell your dvd there?

    4. Loris Says:

      We too are very proud to have you here in Italy, David.
      Too bad we have just came back from Napoli. It would have been great to witness your speech and demo, and to ask a couple of questions too. 🙁
      Thank you for your work on Sintel! We’re looking forward to take a bite from Chaos and Evolutions.


    5. Carlos Henrique Says:

      Awesome, go on with the nice work.

    6. Jamieson Says:

      That kid at the bottom of the first picture looks eerily like one of the rodents from Big Buck Bunny.

    7. Clayton Walker Says:

      Holy crap, what are the odds. I live in Italy! To bad Naples is to drive about 5 hours away…

    8. Socceroos Says:

      Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could be there. Plus, I’d love to visit Italy.

    9. elephantatech Says:

      I just got the copy of the chaos and evolution. just amazing is all I am going to say.

    10. ZeroO Says:

      I’ve also just got David’s DVD. Great work! So professionally made. Thanks!

    11. Gianmichele Says:

      Anyone able to record this ? I live in UK now (and too bad I’ll be back in Italy on saturday grrrrr).

    12. thinkinmonkey Says:

      Ehm! Is it true the new data change?!?!
      The offical site has not been updated and reports the meeting fixed on Sunday at 12.30.
      Could someone confirm, please?

    13. Deevad Says:

      Hey, thanks all for the feedbacks, I’m preparing the conference to show some good things about Sintel. About ‘story’ , I will not reveal the story of Sintel , but the story of how the project was done. So, we keep secret the story.

      I confirm the new hour , the change was done cause of a plane problem on Sunday.

      I will surely show some cool shots from the movie, as well as reveal more concept art. May be a little alchemy demo on a big screen ? 🙂

    14. Socceroos Says:

      @ прикольные футболки:

      That post looks eerily familiar! =)

    15. Bruce Says:

      Holy crap, what are the odds. I live in Italy! To bad Naples is to drive about 5 hours away…