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Directorial Address – July 30th, 2010

on July 30th, 2010, by Colin Levy

Why hello! This past week has been a bit strange with a nearly empty studio. Nobody’s here to tell me how to feel!

In keeping with the tradition of dull and infrequent ‘directorial addresses’, here’s an update from headquarters.

Thanks for watching. 😀 Music by Jan Morgenstern.


63 Responses to “Directorial Address – July 30th, 2010”

  1. nathan Says:

    Hannah (my little bro’s wife) says you should get some sleep. I think she knows what she’s talking about. 😛


  2. J. Says:

    This is the ultimate training for when he’s working on a $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ production. 😉
    Colin is just desperate because he misses your hugs!

  3. john van der Zalm Says:

    i am really keen to see this film. I believe this production is at the fore front of new era of film making. i’m sure this project will have a significate impact in the cg comuity for a long time to come.

    congratulations everyone, can’t wait to see it when it comes available, also looking forward to seeing some more Blender Tech.


  4. haven sole Says:

    Hey Colin,
    You were very missed at Siggraph. This is James, I did the A/V support for Ton and the Blender BoF sessions there. Loved the pre-release version of Sintel. Only slight problems I had, and apparently some others, is one of the scenes you are/were already fixing. Congrats on the whole project. Your work with the group has really turned out a great product.
    Endings to productions are always bittersweet but inevitably happen. I am sure that Sintel will help you in future endeavors and we will not be hearing the last of you. Jan did a great job with the projects sound and again with this video.
    Congrats on a great project that I am sure will only get better with the final touches.


  5. anton Says:

    Very good work it is getting better and better
    Unfortunately still no open source program and open source Vst used by Jan Morgenstern to make music?

  6. Colin Levy Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone! Very heartening to get this kind of support. 🙂

    Hah, yeahh… I do have a lot of sleep to catch up on.

    To everyone who’s offered criticism, here or through email, thank you so much! It’s great to hear what worked and didn’t work, what questions you have, and yeah– what shots bothered you from a technical standpoint.

    Let’s see what I have time to fix!


  7. Bao Says:

    Hurricane Colin path targets East Coast

  8. Andre Says:

    Colin, I know you and last few guys there will do a great job finishing up! No worries! Sintel is already in the bag 🙂 I can already hear the cheers of thousands of Youtube and Vimeo viewers.

  9. Vending Says:


    I hate goodbyes as much as the next guy, but just look forward to the next blender project 😀

    -my hope is that there’ll be a self sufficient studio system which regular members will make blender movies on their own with tasks restricted via a star system (ratings) given by the moderators (or you guys) and blender one day will have a film festival of it’s own.

    (you know, with films and teams submitting stuff like blender’s summer of code and the selected ones get mentored by you pros 🙂 -and whichever ones don’t get picked can still go, and if they finish they get entered into the festival. -it’d be great!)

    It’s a great feeling when the app you’re working with is widespread and doesn’t give you the feeling that one day it’ll pull the plug 🙂

    Hey I’ll drink to that (orange juice 😉 ) -And if you can.. get some sleep if you haven’t already XD

  10. Vending Says:

    ps.. my email address is fake.. blame the spam.

  11. maddes Says:

    Hi Colin,
    at 1:56 ff you said:
    “…we’ve even added a shot..”
    That’s great 🙂
    maybe you manage to push the overal lenght to > 12 min (without credits)
    for sure you push the quality too. Keep up your good work. your amazingly great.

  12. Roger Wickes Says:

    Parting is such sweet sorrow.

  13. ChaseA Says:

    So proud of you Colin, I admire your hard work and your ability to put your whole heart into a project. Truly touching and inspirational, good luck with the final tweaks and hope to hear about your experiences this next year.