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Three 4k posters

on July 23rd, 2010, by Ton

Here’s a zip with original un-touched 4k renders. One shot (cave) even has bad AA, but that’s because it was accidentally rendered without FSA. πŸ™‚

Have fun with them, they’re CC-attribute, as all other content here! As prints on the wall they’re awesome, and really make me look forward to seeing the whole film in 4k too. As expectations now are, we might well have the 4k version by the Blender Conference. A 4k screening then would be a great highlight!


(BTW: studio is nice quiet now! Colin, Brecht and Soenke are still here though, working on the final finals!)

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  1. FourMadMen Says: download link is failing at the moment. Downloaded from mirror provided by “Shane S.” (Thanks!!!!!!)

    1.2MB/s download (again, Thanks!)

  2. David Says:

    I think they know about the straps intersecting. If you notice in the video on post “T-shirts and prints” Jeremy seems to show this problem to Ton @1.58.

    Thanks for the renders guys! The detail is amazing! Can’t wait to see all ~17000 frames in 4K. πŸ™‚

  3. FreeMind Says:

    The link appears to be broken for me.

  4. Amani Says:

    It is broken for me too.

  5. Bao2 Says:

    I downloaded from Shane S. Original link didn’t worked to me.
    I think it is much better a torrent link always.

    Wonderful shots. The one with the little dragon and Sintel is now my new desktop.

  6. Calli Says:

    I still wonder how the Video Editing worked with 4K and without Proxy-cache (not workin atm)? My computer is not that slow but can only handle HD Ready, with full HD it already coughs.


  7. J. Says:

    Why would it be necessary to edit in 4K? πŸ˜‰

  8. Ton Says:

    @all: download server is down… happened while I left to LA. Can’t do much at sunday here, hope it is back tomorrow.

    We are still working on the film, end of september is the premiere. Shortly after (days) we will release the film online too (2k and smaller). The 4k version then will be in production, to be shown hopefully at the Blender Conference.

    Both the original 2k and 4k files (in HDR) will be made available if we find someone to host it.

  9. Paulo Bardes Says:

    It possible to use torrent to download the HDR file, like this every body who is downloading acts like a host and it’s faster…

  10. Antonio Acevedo Says:

    Congratulations for completing your project!

    The movie will be shown in Mexico?

    What other open-source software you used to make the movie?

    I send greetings to the entire team from, Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico.

    Β‘Salud y prosperidad a todos!

  11. Shane S. Says:

    Wow. I turned on my computer, and got this email from Dropbox:

    Hi Shane,
    This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended on account of generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function completely normally with the exception of Public links.

    Time to try a different upload place – Ubuntu One πŸ™‚


  12. Habo Says:

    Can you provide more mirrors, or torrent? If I will be able to download it, I will try to provide another too… How big is that file exactly?

  13. wanker Says:

    Should create torrent. Server(s) would not get overloaded.

  14. Shane S. Says:

    Whoops, forgot about this. I’ve also uploaded each file individually to my Google Sites account. Here’s the direct urls:

    This way, you can also see each picture individually.

    Last resort: here’s the file hosted on my personal backup drive.
    This file shall never go unhosted! πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad I could help the Sintel team! (even though it’s in a small way)

  15. wanker Says:


    Not 100% sure that it works, first timer.

  16. Michael Hartsell Says:

    I’m just surprised more people aren’t using mediafire.

  17. Jamieson Christian Says:

    The file is 22 MB and contains 3 images in PNG format.

    Really… *AWESOME*… images.

    Thanks to Shane for the Ubuntu One mirror!

  18. kike Says:

    you are a F!/&ing INspIraTIon!!!

  19. Angel Says:

    Hi guys, those pics are amazing. On the other hand, I found an interesting topic:

    Check it out.

  20. Mark Hannessen Says:

    One word: AMAZING!

  21. Temitopa.A Says:

    And when are our DVDs arriving? Possible they will watch it on internet before us? πŸ˜€

  22. grafixsuz Says:

    @Temitopa.A : I doubt highly that will happen. Generally the DVD’s are sent out and arrived in time before the internet release.

    I am sure it is worth the wait until after the high anticipated premier is finished then everything will be ready to be sent out.

  23. flagus Says:

    Thanks Ton for those images. They are really awesome. I’ll surely buy the DVD and go through all the contents to know how your team have been able to achieve this superb result. Again thanks for your hard work and I wish you all the best for what you’ve plan next and the big event coming.

  24. Jogai Says:

    Yesterday I tried to post a mirror but my comment is not visible. Maybe useless but here it is:

  25. Juan Romero Says:

    Wow, amazing work! this is a proof of how a solid package blender has become, but also how much talent there is behind those stills. Congratulations to all for the great job and for the sleepless nights.
    @Ton: Hi Ton, I guess this is not the best place to ask but I have a question for you, Why didn’t you guys merged the render branch with trunk for 2.53? I know it’s a new feature but so it is approximated indirect lighting and you’ve included it. I’ve been using it fore some weeks and it’s pretty solid and neat, in fact that’s the feature that has made me completely take out 3dsmax from my pipeline.
    Thanks and again, congratulations.

  26. The Fatsnacker Says:

    been looking at some of the latest tutorials on blender cookie.

    my oh my, blender is ….ing awesome, Mr Wilkinson I thank you for the improvements to the sculpting tools and to everyone else for helping create a fantastic product.



  27. Ton Says:

    Juan: for the time being we prefer to focus on 2.5 usability and stability. The GI branch was still in development with a couple of open issues… will check next month with Brecht on the status.

  28. Russell Says:

    This isn’t really the place for this, but I’m not sure what is. What kind of graphics cards are in the Durian workstations? Also, the renders look great, new wallpaper!

  29. The Fatsnacker Says:

    any chance of getting notepad++ (windows) integrated in Blender at some point in the future?


  30. Juan Romero Says:

    Ok, thanks Ton, very understandable and a little disapointing too, I think GI is much more important than for example, sculpt but sometimes we need to be patient and you are the guys who best know how and when to improve Blender. Let me just say one more time how good Blender’s GI is ;). When GI will be in trunk, I’m affraid I will never ever touch 3dsMax again.

  31. Jogai Says:

    @russel: i think they are still using the peach machines:

  32. J. Says:

    A lot has been replaced by new Core i7 systems. πŸ˜‰

  33. The Fatsnacker Says:


    ‘The Cup’ and ‘Lista’ over at Blendernation certainly show what blender is capable of whilst we wait (arrrggggggg) for Sintel.

  34. Kleus Says:

    Hey guys, how goes the siggraph? Some news about it?

  35. Zazizizou Says:

    Crazy quality O.O !

  36. Buttons Says:

    I’ve long been disappointed with Blenders handling of hair. As these images show many of the hairs are grouped together and certain groups sharply intersect other groups and just pass through them. Hairs don’t seem to interact with each other in my own experience.

    I’m not sure if there is anything better, as I’ve only used Blender, and I’m not trying to be critical. It’s really not that noticeable even in a 4k still frame. But the problems are still there and I expect I will continue to have the same problems myself, especially considering the Sintel team wasn’t able to overcome them either.

    If any project motivated an improvement to the hair system it would have been Sintel.

  37. Rainmaker Says:

    You are not around that long, huh ? Big Bug Bunny was made for to develop better particle system – which they did succeed in. I guess this problem is just matter of computing power. You can get better results but its extremely resource hungry.

  38. anton Says:

    When can we expect the DVD release?

  39. Juan Romero Says:

    I have to agree with Buttons on the hair issue.In BBB there wasn’t really any hair, it was fur, which as strange as it can seem, it’s indeed quite different from hair. Ive struggled myself with blender’s hair for a long time and I’ve found that the best results come from poligonal hair with alphas and not Blender’s particles. They are almost impossible to model or comb and unnatural looking. The x-mirror feature almost never works (at least in my experience).

    In my experience using blender for human hair is a frustrating explerience, but for fur it works quite well.

  40. Juan Romero Says:

    how many times did I say experience???!!! 3 times in 3 lines…blushing…

  41. Shinobi Says:

    @ buttons
    “As these images show many of the hairs are grouped together and certain groups sharply intersect other groups and just pass through them.”

    yes, you can see what you’re describing in these very frames, but it’s due to particles children. If you have enough cpu power/computing time, you can make little use of particles children and comb your hair the way you want drastically reducing hair grouped toghether.

    Not that they lack cpu power… but time, I think time lack is most than well known by audience now πŸ˜‰

  42. wo262 Says:

    IMPORTANT RENDERBRANCH BUG! materials with Emit value are reflected in mirror with 0 emit value. I know I know its a branch under development but i had the need πŸ™‚

  43. Frilt Says:

    Ok, slightly off topic but….. have you seen what David reached over at cgsociety?!?! have a look!

    and one of his comment:

    ”And I have another reason to feel honoured ; I’m the first 2D awarded with Gimp / Mypaint / Alchemy on Linux… This openness and recognition from CGsociety is really valuable for my work with Free/Libre Open Sources Softwares on Linux.

    Thousand thanks CGsociety !”

    all and only open source software!!! Oh yeah!!!

  44. Temitope.A Says:


  45. Answerer Says:

    “When it’s done!” πŸ˜€

  46. Shane Newville Says:

    Shane S, thanks for re-uploading on drop. That one only too 3 seconds to download!

  47. MaximD Says:


  48. jeisonLM Says:

    heir don’t was real
    looks like planes with textures but not like heir