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Sintel the logo!

on May 6th, 2010, by Ton

Hi all,

We’re very proud to present Sintel’s movie logo, created by designer Nick Bueltge! We will work with him on a couple of minor tweaks, like for usage in the various cases on shirts, in the film, and for the dvd.

Making this choice wasn’t simple, there were a lot of good proposals. Personally I liked his design for his elegant and very professional styling. The text and logo are slightly feminine and spiritual, which reflects in the film.

Additional good news: trailer is nearly finished… we keep fighting all kinds of nasty technical issues. It’s good on one hand – it improves blender – but it’s also frustrating… hopefully we have it in the weekend for you! We’ll also blog about every detail in making it. 🙂

For everyone who submitted work: THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE DESIGNS, YOU ALL ROCK!

Here’s the thread with all design proposals.


97 Responses to “Sintel the logo!”

  1. OneEyedOdin Says:

    I really liked this logo. It has a nice primitive look to it, which I believe will fit the final movie.

  2. kram1032 Says:

    Ok, that definitely was one of the best 😀
    And I guess, you know, what you do, as you know the whole movie, already. 🙂

  3. Lucidor Says:

    It’s a good one, but shouldn’t there at least be a hint that there is a canopy on top? To me it looks like a dead tree now.

  4. Lucidor Says:

    Maybe foliage is a better word

  5. Agus Says:

    Oh no, too bad! this is the right one:
    (top left one)

  6. Pablo Lizardo Says:

    good work nick!

  7. Socceroos Says:

    I happen to absolutely love Nick’s submission! Congratulations mate!

  8. D Says:

    I think the logo fits, and I like to think it’s because I have a better feel for the movie and its tone than others. 😛

  9. D Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add, OMFGOORAH! Trailer on the weekend!!!!! 😀

  10. ITrAB Says:

    Cant wait for trailer! It’ll be awesome 😉

  11. RH2 Says:

    I like the text…
    nice simple and readable.

    I really dislike the tree.

  12. Eddie Says:

    Congratulations Nick!^^ – for me as long as simple and readable it’s just a-OK (i’m second that -^0^), i hope the “tweak” that you mean is for the tree, somehow i feel a hollow,emptyness and uncomplete in there,
    now trailer’s time! ^0^ (dont forget links for the slow internet speed plz)

  13. crowline Says:

    Doesn’t look like avatar? Man I must be missing something. When I sit back and squint at this image – as one does to evaluate these types of things …

    The similarity in aesthetic seems punch you in the face obvious. I don’t really have a problem with that… its just weird that some see it and some don’t I guess.

    Oh, and yah, high excitement for the trailer!

  14. 3dementia Says:

    because this thread has not enough comments, I second this emotion. The logo……..Rocks. Almost as hard as Durian and the Blender Foundation + Ton.

  15. Rob Cozzens Says:

    Wow. There’s a lot of negativity here! Almost makes me glad mine wasn’t chosen.

    Congrats Nick. That’s awesome.

  16. ramon miranda Says:

    reminds me a lot Avatar movie logo on tipography , but is readable. Congrats nick.i have to see integrated on the movie

  17. Ruddy Says:


  18. untel Says:

    Nice. But I’m a little disturbed by the too obvious symmetry of the tree.
    Maybe something can be done to break it a little bit?

  19. DrD Says:

    I like it. The font looks sanskrit inspired. I am surprised at the amount of negative feedback about this..

  20. Bao2 Says:

    I agree in breaking the symmetry on the tree in the upper part.
    Great logo.

  21. tino Says:

    Congrats Nick.
    Competition was fun
    Maybe some of the crits can be looked into, especially the constructive ones

    Otherwise, the team ultimately knows the story they want to tell, and the design that moves them the best should be trusted to be the right design.

  22. tino Says:

    I must agree the font does resemble the Avatar one though.

    though it shouldnt matter, right?

  23. nawabz Says:

    Actually come to think of it.. it look great on the t-shirt from that link.
    imagin how it will be on the trailer.
    it goes without saying that the rest of the logos were amazing and must have gaven the durian team a hard time when choosing best one.

    im excited and cant wait…..

  24. Cerebro Says:

    The emblem looks like a mushroom cloud. Is this movie about nuclear war?

  25. Keen Says:

    Not my first choice… but it looks great.

  26. Hubberthus Says:

    Definitely a wrong choice, it reminds me of a logo, and those things resemble letters, and if I look closely the upper part is like a tree. There are logos, letters and trees in many movies, can’t you be more creative?
    *sarcasm off*

    Who cares of Avatar? Sintel will rock! 🙂
    And yes, I also like the logo, congrats Nick!

  27. tino Says:

    you had some good designs there, nick

  28. ScottKelly Says:

    Wow I can’t believe all this negativity. Makes me wonder if they could have done a better job 😉 and on the avatar thing, the fonts are similar but its not like someone will glance at it quick and think avatar. In my thoughts the tree does look a bit too symmetrical, and that could use a bit of tweaking, but other than that great job. The right one was definitely picked.

  29. Shinobi Says:

    Congratulations nick, it’s a nice logo.
    My only critic is about the tree, is not so good.. I mean, it lacks foliage!? Where are the leaves gone?
    But I think you could have done that to break the horrible tree resemblance with the nuclear mushroom it originally has…

    From Deevad:
    “Btw, the picture Ton posted in this post is a hack I did over a little picture from Nick Bueltge ( the blue logo over the mountains ) cause I didn’t get the vector file to do my presentation at the Comicon in Naples ”

    Are you serious?!
    Have you guys really choosen the logo before april the 30?! And let another week logo submission?

    And about your conference in Naples, can we see a video of the event? I’ve searched the web but I found nothing as for now…
    Thanks 🙂

  30. dave76 Says:

    Hi – thanks a lot for your positive feedback – very nice to read. I’ll keep on working on it in detail – bringing it to a strong, spiritual and functional final version. Once again – thanks 🙂

    Best regards, Nick

  31. Joey Says:

    Looks good!

    That one also got my eye from all the submissions.

    The sintel logo should be a little more extravagant imho though

  32. john lennon Says:

    enter the blog’s COLOSSUS 3D we’re making a feature film with the blender ….. the blog is:

  33. Simon Says:

    I like this:
    SVN commit 3060: Credits for the trailer. (colin)

  34. vangelis Says:

    Where ‘s the trailer ?

    Why not Debian Stable instead of Ubuntu ? 🙁

  35. nawabz Says:

    oh yh the new Ubuntu lucis lynx 10.04 lts is out. better have blender already installed.

  36. AlesWolf Says:

    Good choice!!

    (tree of Gondor…xD)

  37. weilynncg Says:

    Congratulations Nick and The Blender Team. Actually I would have chosen the same as you guys, this one was my prefer, simple but strong.

  38. Deevad Says:

    @shinobi :
    “Are you serious?!
    Have you guys really choosen the logo before april the 30?! And let another week logo submission?”

    Hi Shinobi 🙂 Not really ‘choosen’ at this date. During my conferences at Comicon it was only the one I choose personally to have a good look in my presentation.
    I’m glad the team was also happy with my personal choice a week after.
    For the video of the event, still have no news. Surely soon 🙂

  39. mmz Says:

    Actually I guess which logo they (or the community) would have chosen – the comments would be pretty much the same – because it is very natural that (of a big number of people) some like it an some don’t.
    OMG … can’t wait for the trailer anymore…it will be SO awesome

  40. Limvot Says:

    I really like it, and good job to Nick! Don’t let the haters get to you. I do agree about the canopy/leaves being a bit small, but really great, clean design over all. Great job!

  41. RH2 Says:

    I hate the tree…. who’s idea was it to put that in the logo anyways?!

    Here is a (much)better version:

    The simple text can stay, I like it being readable.

  42. RH2 Says:

    thanks to wdesigner_br for inspiring me.

    my proposed image is a derivative of this one

  43. Shinobi Says:

    Thank you, Deevad, keep us informed about conference videos 😉

  44. Wray Bowling Says:

    Sintel the lunch box!
    Sintel the coloring book!
    Sintel the flame thrower!

  45. aeres Says:

    I too don’t get the tree thingy…I gathered it is a story about Sintel looking for her pet dragon no? The logo does invoke a medieval fantasy vibe, but unless there is an important flora that figures into the story, otherwise my humble opinion is that it does not fit, thematically speaking.

    That is of course just my 2 cents and let me say you guys are doing a superb job!

  46. Luís Hansen Says:

    Really, it’s too much Avatar! It wouldn’t work!

  47. Temitopa.A Says:

    The tree is a symbol in the film, i think of the city or something similar. Yes there is no important flora in the film, according to what we know, but the symbol occours various times