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    Special delivery

    on April 18th, 2010, by ali

    The kind of “pizza” that makes Ton happy.

    Many many thanks to Arnd “Justa” M. who has created the awesome JUSTACLUSTER for us! In the next weeks we’ll fill the the other three drawers, and then we have 16 intel Β i7-930 nodes with 6 GB each rendering for us.

    141 Responses to “Special delivery”

    1. Steven Says:

      and the stiker of the blender… πŸ˜€

    2. anonqwerty Says:

      OMG the render farm!
      Campbell is hasty to take a look lol
      The glowing Blender logo is perfect!

    3. Johnell Says:

      I am in awe! Man, I wish I was good enough to have been a part of this experience! I can’t wait to see what is done on this movie and the next one! I’m so motivated!

    4. Blendism Says:

      What a lovely farm you have! Can’t wait for the harvest!

    5. Ton Says:

      Oh, and we’ll update on the justacluster specs and performance soon!

    6. beat25 Says:

      Oh, look how happy Ton is πŸ™‚

    7. ITrAB Says:

      Now you guys can render sintel in 3D ^^
      It’s so awesome! ;d

    8. Kinhe Says:

      Awesome! O.O

    9. Quentin.G Says:

      looks amazing !

    10. DudeFromKansas Says:

      Oh man!! I have followed the Helmer server. This is an awesome use of the idea taken to the extreme!!!

    11. D Says:

      Firstly, got to say, you are on fire, Ali! πŸ˜€ Thanks for giving us so many awesome videos so frequently of late; it’s like King Kong all over again!

      Secondly, OMG THE AWESOME AWESOMENESS AWESOMELY AWED US! Morale has been boosted for the next five days. πŸ˜›

    12. 3dementia Says:

      Ton! I love seeing you in action man! Any video of our hero I will watch! Thank you for the grand piano…..keep up the good work.
      BTW: when you are done with that thing, send it over to me, I will take good care of it.

    13. iMothyF Says:

      Ton:Oooeeww, dis es fancy.

    14. dd Says:


    15. Nik Says:

      It’s just like opening x-mas presents:)

    16. ideasman42 Says:

      have blender setup and starting to render frames on them now πŸ™‚

    17. Gianmichele Says:

      That’s wonderful!

      Keep us informed Campbell…our geek side in hungry πŸ˜€

    18. J. Says:

      Whahahaha the first minutes… I’ve laughed very hard!

    19. gustav Says:

      With great power, comes great responsibility! – now we’re expecting even greater renders!

    20. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

      Didnt look like much initially, but damn, Im impressed. Looks like a cabinet from the future or something πŸ˜€

      Really cool guys, hope you all have fun playing with the new renderfarm, something the BF has been wanting for quite some time I bet!

      Perhaps for the next project invest in two or three more cabinets worth of render power? ;p

    21. Bao Says:

      I was wondering how the movie would be rendered and I would love you posting the average time for frame and also the specs of the renderfarm.

    22. Rein Says:

      That’s a very tasty pizza :-D…
      When will the farm start with rendering? Did you already make estimations concerning the time it will take to render the whole movie?

      Keep up the good work!


    23. Dylan McCall Says:


      Now you have no excuse not to be pumping out 4000k test renders to share with us :b

    24. stenosis Says:


    25. MeshWeaver Says:

      that is SERIOUSLY awesome πŸ˜€ wow…i’m kinda speechless, lol – like a “woah!” feeling

      so…how fast are the renders on that thing? πŸ˜€

      that cover is seriously awesome πŸ˜€ and the lights are perfect

    26. Simon Says:

      Is there anything cuter than nerds with new hardware?

    27. maces Says:

      @Simon: NO, definitely πŸ™‚

      Really cool. Hope to see the setup later, wanna know how it works πŸ™‚

    28. Nixon Says:

      the lightshow is indeed quite impressive…
      i bet that cluster needs a decent ammount of electricity…guess thats not meant for home use πŸ˜€
      wonderful piece of hardware…really interested to see the specs of it πŸ™‚
      huge THX to the genius that built this hot rod!!!

    29. Dimetrii Says:

      Elegant live, guys. I am about this I can only dream of. πŸ™‚

    30. malefico Says:

      AWESOME !!! congrats guy !

    31. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      Damn! That is very impressive.

    32. jLuft Says:

      Holy motherboards! :O

    33. Another Fellow Says:

      Me like

    34. AlesWolf Says:


    35. Luis Felipe Says:

      “It’s like a UFO” haha πŸ˜€ I have to say this is very impressive! very nice, wish I were there to touch it. Lights off is even cooler.

      Nice work!

    36. RNS Says:

      Wow!! I’m building mine! yes,in five years.

    37. Zaffo Says:

      Does triple channel memory really give more performance than a faster processor? That would be the first case I heard of where the extra memory channel boasts performance, except for memory testing benchmarks off course.

      Other thing, have you seen this benchmark: (I was about to use bbcode, but I’m not sure if that would work)
      It’s a pity the AMD X6 processors come only at the end of the month, I guess they would be cheaper and faster… Well, with hardware you can keep waiting. Or did you guys get a nice discount from Intel?

      Good luck rendering. What a pity winter is over. 16 fully stressed processors will make a nice heater.

    38. James Says:

      Can you use plain html or provide non-flash versions of the videos please?
      Out of the latest 7 entries I can make sense of 2 of them. πŸ™
      The comments tell me the contents of the posts better than the posts themselves.

    39. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Orh wow!
      Who’s those chicks Ton is talking to in the beginning?

      Man, that Blenderlogo is sweet!

    40. Riboshom Says:

      Rendering graphics with CPUs just feels wrong to me…
      I truly hope we will see a rendering engine supporting GPUs before Blender 2.6…

    41. Wasa Says:

      Open-cl standards should make the render farm a fraction of it’s size or many times more powerful

      But until that’s finalized i’d like one with extra pepperoni

    42. thinkinmonkey Says:

      Congratulations for the new comer!
      And thanks for all the videos: it’s getting more like a Big Brother show than a Blender project! πŸ˜€ Kidding!
      In this way, it seems to me to stay here with you… T_T

    43. Blendiac Says:

      Nice! I’ll take two, thanks! πŸ˜€

    44. MTracer Says:

      Just a question…

      This is obviously VERY expensive. You won’t need it forever. Will you let the community use it when you are done? You could probably even make a lot of money off of it for the Blender Foundation! πŸ˜€

      Just wondering,


    45. matt Says:

      Outstanding kit for outstanding people doing an outstanding project … seems fair but I wish I could get to play with this kind of kit πŸ˜€

    46. Linkeltje Says:

      That thing looks fantastic!

    47. JustinBarrett Says:

      I hope that room has some form of AC, nitrogen based or something, if there are going to be 4 of those in each drawer…..yowza!, that will turn that room into a kiln.

    48. Demohero Says:

      Just Wow and Wow. Sintel is more powerful now πŸ™‚

    49. Oliver Says:

      Awesome!! πŸ˜€

    50. alalo Says:

      heehhe Pretty setup. Ton looks like a kid with a new toy.

      Lets render some pizzas with the heat!! πŸ˜›

    51. horace Says:

      let’s say one of them consumes 200 watts under full load… then it would be 3.2 kilowatts.

      i found with google that 1 kwh costs about 17 cents in amsterdam. so rendering for 2 months 24/7 will cost 780€. :p

    52. Samuel Junior Says:

      With this cluster could create two versions of Durian. πŸ˜€

      The version on the new renderer of the Blender 2.5 (2.6). πŸ˜€

      The other version rendered in LuxRender. πŸ˜€

    53. bigbad Says:

      So it’s 4x4x2.80GHz and 4x6GB DDR3?

      44,8 GHz and 24 gigs of ram. That’s a lot :D.

      Great video.

    54. OpenSourcery Says:

      OMG! wowzies!
      im gonna have a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor for a while

      cant wait so see them spec, my nerdy-senses are tingling.

      i have the perfect idea of what to do with her afterwards: donate it over to #blender yes! yes! *nods*

    55. erik90mx Says:

      merry christmas!!! jajaja

      This is amazing!! I hope see a comparison graphic of render times πŸ™‚

      If I had money… for sure I will donate you guys.
      seriously ΒΏHow can someone do it? or donate something?


      PD: I love the blender theme in there πŸ˜‰ (is a very delicious pizza !!! jajaja)

    56. Christiaan (AniCator) Says:

      Where’s the renders!!!!!!!!??? I require results! Feed me now! I need to see render times!
      @Riboshom that GPU rendering thing should be given a chance :angelemoticonthatcannotbedisplayedonthiswebsite:

    57. ToastBusters Says:

      Okay, I’ve got to know. Was the farm built this way because it’s actually cheaper than buying a bunch of inexpensive cases, or just because it’s cool? The only component that is getting cut from the build as far as I can tell is the case, and I can’t imagine that having such a huge impact on the overall cost. It seems like this thing is going to be a nightmare to maintain, particularly in the event of a hardware failure. You have to take down four nodes to service one that fails.

      And does it have enough airflow for 16 nodes?

      But it’s cool so I suppose that’s what counts.

    58. horace Says:

      gpu rendering still isn’t mature enough. it’s too soon. is there a single production ready gpu renderer? i don’t think so. all still alpha and beta… it also wouldn’t be cheap to buy so many high end graphics cards… and where are graphics cards with 6gb ram?

    59. Slightly_Chaotic Says:

      Oooh, I don’t know why, but that makes me really giddy. XD That’s so cool… I would just love one of them!

    60. Socceroos Says:

      I’m inspired. I am so going to build my own supercomputer using a filing cabinet!!

      @Justa: any chance you could give us some hints on your methods?

    61. Zalgren Says:

      Wow – Now that is impressive.

    62. elephantatech Says:

      That is so cool I want one

    63. JoOngle Says:

      LOLOOLOLOLOLOL!!!! :o)

      You guys are SO true Nerds ;o)

    64. Belich Says:

      great new toy !! !!!

      could you teel about temperature during rendering sessions?

    65. ptw-ace Says:

      That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while… It’s a feaking super computer.

    66. Socceroos Says:

      @ptw-ace: It would be more accurate to say that this is the ‘hottest’ thing you’ve seen in a while. =D

      I’m sure its anything but cool! =D

    67. Drifton Says:

      i don’t see gpu rendering being pratical for large scale stuff like this until gpgpu cards start getting alot more memory. my desktop is simular to one of those node i think they might even be using my mother board

    68. Pete Says:

      Aww, no durian-topped pizza for everyone to try in front of the camera? πŸ˜€

      I suppose this is more useful, though. Congrats!

    69. kellpossible Says:

      @horrace: I think luxrender gets around this limitation by only performing some of the calculation on the gpu. (I think it might be ray intersection tests).

    70. Anonymous Says:

      Just think, in twenty years time the processing power contained within that cabinet will be at least the standard inside a cellular phone.

      But that doesn’t make it any less awesome in the present. I’m sure it’ll be a hell of a lot faster then whatever you were using before.

    71. Allan Says:

      Wow… cool a new blenderfarm πŸ˜‰

    72. ciriaco Says:

      Indigo work station converted into a mainframe

    73. iCandy Says:

      drool :O

    74. blendnmix Says:

      I like the color of the “rack”, except the light which is a bit too much πŸ™‚

    75. borges Says:

      looks like they gonna break it πŸ˜›

    76. me Says:

      The real question of course is, will it blend?

    77. Davis Says:

      ^ Yeah, screw the movie- Let’s find out.

    78. magnaddl Says:

      I’ve been looking closely at the video, and figured out most of the components they used. I too have been watching gpgpu for some time, and have researched the Helmer and Fastra projects in the past. I like this idea version better since it fits more in less floor space. I’m very limited in floor space in my home based biz, and plan to build a 12 node version, making ample space for gpu’s when gpgpu raytracing is ready for production raytracing. The components used as far as I can tell are:

      Unknown Filing Cabinet with 25 inch deep drawers
      Antec Earthwatts EA500 500 Watt Power Supply
      AsRock X58 Extreme socket LGA1366 Motherboard
      Intel i7 930
      Uknown 6GB RAM – DDR3?
      Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB HDD

      This is a very impressive project and designed with what looks like the lowest budget possible without sacrificing performance. I like the verticle layout of the motherboards for more efficient use of airflow. I’m also interested in hearing about the performance of this, but also about the reliability of these motherboards once they are pushed for a while since I’m considering using them in some of my new quads as well. They’re not rated exceptionally well from the reviews on Newegg and offer a weak warranty, but they are $100 less than comparable units from other manufacturers. At any rate, great build guys. Anxious to hear more about it. Thanks for sharing. Also, what filing cabinet did you use?

    79. Hoxolotl Says:

      …so that’s where the power outages in Amsterdam came from!

      I guess the new geothermic power station in Iceland is powering it?

      Soo, can we ordere these from the Blendershop now? with a Brecht to go please?

    80. Davis Says:

      @2:55, what’s with the party decorations? Did someone have a birthday?

    81. speaker_mute Says:

      wooow amazing by the way is the first time i see Ton so happy

    82. horace Says:

      how do these things get set up? i didn’t see any onboard graphics connector. just curious… probably the disks get cloned but how did you do it on the first one?

    83. jsguillemette Says:

      it’s about time πŸ™‚

    84. Bao2 Says:

      horace, today motherboards have on board “graphics cards” so you only need to connect the keyboard, mouse and monitor and configure one of the units. Then clone the harddrive to the others.
      With some software like VNC then you can access any unit and change things there.

    85. horace Says:

      yes, but i didn’t see any vga or dvi connector. do new motherboards use hdmi now or something?

    86. magnaddl Says:

      Bao2 – These don’t have onboard video. He probably set one up in a spare or cheap case, cloned all the drives, etc. I’m pretty sure you’re right on target with the rest of it though.

    87. Bao2 Says:

      horace, if you stop the video in the first 10 seconds (0 minutes 10 seconds) you can see all the connectors of the motherboard just above the giant fan (I can see the sound conectors, the USBs and of course keyboard and mouse and the graphics one is inbetween.

    88. Revolt_Randy Says:

      Yes, I’d be interested in knowing how they configured & set them up, and software used. I’m considering my own renderfarm, but not on this scale, smaller, more affordable for me….

    89. Bao2 Says:

      I want to comment that in luxrender tests the speed was around 50x faster using a GPU with around 220 processors if I remember well. While this “holmer” will be only 16x faster.
      I already said in blenderartists that accelerating the render code using GPU as luxrender is going to do (they tell about October as probably release) is a hell of a good idea. I have 112 processors in my motherboard and it would be probably 25x faster making it like two of these “Holmers”…

    90. coschi Says:


    91. Simon Says:

      It would take a while to develop openCL rendering, just look how long it takes lux guys, and they are experts in rendering and don’t have to maintain tools for modeling, uv-stuff, texturing, sculpting, game engine, rigging, animating, NLA, sequencer, compositor, smoke simulator, particle simulator, two fluid simulators, cloth and soft body simulator and a lot more, plus UI and python API for the entire app. Open CL takes time/money, I think it is way better (at the moment) to focus on blender and on a solid render API.

    92. shul Says:

      Justa, this is one heck of markmenship, guys, watch the temp πŸ™‚

    93. Camaxtli Says:

      Congrats, but what’s the farm gonna be doing till the next open movie (full-lenght i suppose)? Is there any chance of getting some of our works redered there? It’s quite a pain, rendering on my workstation (yes, thrice as fast as the last one, but still arount 30 mins/frame…)

    94. K-Linux Says:

      Its about time.

    95. Davis Says:

      @Camaxtli I think it’ll be at least a few years before the Blender Institute makes a full length movie.

    96. kike sanz Says:

      @ blender institute
      hope you dont get any volcanic ash in render farm.

    97. BjΓΈrn Says:

      looks like a great tool for the durian team and the Blender Foundation, those of you who are interested in renderfarms might like to participate in this tread on blenderartist:
      maybe Helmer would be a good starting-point for a project like described in the thread πŸ˜€

    98. kingcreole Says:

      OMG! now you can power the quality and go for grammy xD

    99. Re2deemer Says:

      Sweet jesus, the technology.
      So….anybody going to use it to play Crysis?

    100. lsscpp Says:

      intel i7-930 = 4 cores with hyperthreading technology = 8 threads x 4cpu x 4 drawers = 128 threads @ 2.80 Ghz.

      Ok after this, I agree to keep GPU rendering on hold, since the render refactor and opencl itself have to grow more mature.
      Until then let’s enjoy 4k Sintel!

      (Damn! I miss the circle in the middle of blender logo!)

    101. J. Says:

      Don’t bring them on ideas; a MOVIE has to be made!

    102. anon Says:

      somebody call 911.. this thing is gonna go on fire πŸ™‚

    103. RH2 Says:

      So is the blender foundation going to start selling rendering credits on the blender e-shop now?
      (or in the foreseeable future)*


    104. bcathey Says:

      Good luck with all of those POS stock Intel CPU coolers crammed in there together! Open a window too, cause it’s going to get HOT!

    105. DrD Says:

      I think I heard the work IKEA in the video, I think the case is in IKEA ERIK case. I know others who have used it to build stacks.

      I want to see the wiring!!!


    106. Gen X Says:

      Es genial ver gente feliz πŸ˜€
      Is good see people happy πŸ˜€

    107. Shinobi Says:

      Such a piece of hardware there! It’s a monster in house and the aesthetic side is extremely cool too! Beautiful the Blender logo on the top and gorgeous in the dark eith lights on πŸ™‚

      Now….. we need renders!!!! πŸ˜€ Show us something!

      i.e. Pablo, how you’re experiment with the Sintel cabin and indirect lighting have progressed so far? Ben, what about your guardian refinement? And ice scene too?

      Don’t you really have something to feed our thirst after awesome renders? Come on guys! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    108. Paulo Bardes Says:

      but this render farm works for single frames or only for animations?

    109. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

      hi Durian team,
      question after several months of work now – 11:53 min with credits. How realistic do you think it will be to create the real 4K movie? Soenke you mentioned at the very far beginning that this will be a real challenge. Are you satisfied with the current results?

    110. John R. Nyquist Says:

      I agree with Gen X, it’s good to see people happy. I’d click the “Like” button if there were one πŸ™‚

    111. David Says:

      WOW! You better not plug that thing into the internet. It may take over the world!… On second thought: Plug it in! Plug it in! πŸ™‚

    112. Unknown Ninja Says:

      Dang, Now that the computer setup of my dreams. I’ve always wondered if it could be possible to take a 2 drawer file cabinet and turn it into a small little computer server.

      However my dream would to be actually make a single machine that runs 4 sets of CPUs, Hard Drives, Graphics Cards, and lots of ram, as one single machine using a single keyboard, Mouse, Pair of monitors and Disk drives.

      Not just that but have this run windows so that I can plays most of my games with out much issue. Don’t get me wrong Linux users, Linux is awesome and I love it, but some time gamers like me just need windows as much as we would rather not have it installed.

      Guess I’ll keep dreaming… If I’m going to dream, I might as well dream big…

    113. Manu JΓ€rvinen Says:

      @Unknown Ninja:
      Well, there weren’t major games for Windows either before it became popular.
      So… time will tell – Linux is on the right track at least.

      Sorry, offtopic.

    114. Drifton Says:

      i only had trouble with the asrock x58 extream when i first got it, it showed up DOA. Sent it back and haven’t had any trouble since.i liked it cause of it pci-e spacing. I have left it on for all night render sessions and fluid simulations during the summer and it seemed to handle it just fine.

      just think during the winter they can use it as a portable and useful space heaters.

    115. Joey Says:

      Damn that looks nice, now you guys have a actual renderfarm to work on (and also a good opportunity for the programmers to work on the farm node software ;))

      I guess it is going to run a embedded debian or ubuntu? πŸ˜‰

    116. EaglesNestOne Says:

      That is awesome. Power level is OVER 9000!!!!! Can’t wait to see some renders.

    117. BjΓΈrn Says:

      Wow, seems like a great tool for the Durian/Sintel team, I really think you’re doing a great job and hope everything goes well with the rest of the production, good luck guys!
      Follow the link in my nick to discuss how the blender-community can get access to a farm like this.

    118. TheANIMAL Says:

      They’re not Intel I7-930 processors. They are Sintel I7-930’s.

    119. Ton Says:

      A quick note: we will use the farm for our own projects here first. After the summer we can donate render time to cool projects on a per-case basis. I’m especially interested to support independent non-commercial projects that way. We are not going to be a competitor for commercial online render farms.

    120. D Says:

      Just when we thought Ton’s awesomeness couldn’t get any more awesome… O_O I salute thee.

    121. ochacon Says:

      Congratulations Durian team with your new hardware

    122. Psy-Fi Says:

      Even though the setup is impressive I must say that GPU rendering is the future but that’s what it is. It will still take some time before blender source code can be ported to GPU, long after Durian is over. Actually what I get worried at is the amount of work this refactoring will take. But it will happen eventually. Personally I think it took too long for people to realize that. There are papers on GPU rendering since 2005, some even earlier, when people had to use shaders instead of kernels to do GPGPU. Now things have started to mature. It will be REALTIME rendering in a few years folks!

    123. eTo Says:

      Nice. But like other people that posted before me i wonder how hot it will be inside that case. I hope it won’t turn in to kitchen (frying eggs, and other stuff on metal parts of case.. ^^ ). Unless it’s calculated, that farm won’t burn before Sintel is finished, then it’s fine for me ;]
      But if air won’t be enough to cool that beast, maybe you should think about water cooling? It takes less space than standard fans on CPU’s (who know if would be possible put 5 mobo in on drawer ;] ), and it’s quite efficient. If water won’t be enough, you can always change it to cooling fluid for cars, that would give better results πŸ™‚
      Unfortunately, it won’t be cheap to hook up 16 CPU’s to water cooling system + you need some pumps and coolers placed somewhere. Also there will be less air circulation to cool rest parts of motherboards.
      I know it’s bit extreme thinking, but if air won’t be able to do it, maybe water will?
      Anyway, I hope there won’t be any problems, and we will see some frames of Sintel using farm to see what that beast is capable of πŸ™‚

    124. oiaohm Says:

      Cooling the case by the design will not be a issue. The heat itself will generate so much air flow. With fan at bottom pulling air in it should stay cool.

      Two biggest worries.
      1 dust/dirt stuffing everything up.
      2 Cooling the room where 16 computers are going to be. I know from running 16+ desktops in a smallish room it takes some serious AC to get the air heat out the room not to have heat creep. (Smallish room largest shipping container.) Water cooling worked out simpler and cheeper over all.

      16 CPU water cooling. Done past that. My base core for water cooling. Go get a radiator intentioned for a v8 with electric cooling fans times 2(some times scrapyard has good ones they don’t have to be the same model car). 2 car water pumps alter them for electric moter drive(yes another lot of gear from scrap yard). This has redundancy a few non return valves. Its also not small but at least parts are cheep if anything breaks.

      When you start using custom radiators water cooling gets way more expensive.

      The heat blocks are the expensive bits. Particularly the style I use. Solid connected pipes that run to the out side of case. So all joins are out side case. Leaks are not a issue ok not much of a issue. Nothing electrical gets wet.

      This is my last resort option for rooms that are too small to air cool in. I have never had a case needing the stage up. swimming pool. Do they have a local swimming pool that needs heating with spare room?

    125. Sniperdog Says:

      What spec are you running on the 3d workstations that everybody is using, especially what graphics card?

    126. Tumbledown Says:

      Ahhhh. I can’t wait to see the spec’s, render times and
      system configuration.

      I have to keep reminding myself not to be so eager,
      you guy’s are soooooo busy.

      Grats on the farm, keep up the good work
      and keep us posted when you can πŸ˜‰

    127. eTo Says:

      About preventing leaks, you can always use some simple silicon on joints and places where leaks can appear as precautionary measure. It’s used to seal of some parts on mother boards (cpu, gpu, ant those cylinder little parts – i know, i’m not the best in english, sry) to prevent mineral oil from getting to them when people use oil cooling. I think that could do the trick, but i didn’t made any water cooling yet.
      I just know that this can be more efficient than air or mineral oil when used with car cooling fluid instead of water.

    128. Heho Says:

      Haha this is the power of open source πŸ˜‰

    129. joorva Says:

      Hi guys, great machine you’ve got. Now, it looks really nice – studio, graphics, programists, own renderfarm :).

      I’ve got a technical question – in what way you’ve linked (on software layer) nodes with each other? Some sort of SSI? Some other cluster secret techniques? Or you’re going to render sintel with blender network render? I’am really curious about it, so if it’s not top-secret… πŸ˜‰

    130. ethana2 Says:

      I have a feeling Folding at Home team Blender is about to get a serious, serious boost.

    131. kevin mc bride Says:

      would really love a making of for this monster!
      covering the initial design and choice of parts right through to how it was put together and what kind of software is used to get it going.

    132. elephantatech Says:

      It would be sweet if you could do the render benchmark found at

    133. mektawik Says:

      I was wondering if there was a tutorial for how to do the custom metal work needed for a case like this.

    134. Grzesiek Says:

      I was wondering about the software you use. Is it specific cluster software or just plain ubuntu per node with netrender?

    135. Vdmpeniel Says:

      Hey guys can some body explain how the heck can you build something like that??? the software part???? is it a SSI cluster???? running Linux? How??? please would you include a tutorial???? it woulddddd be soooooo nice of you!!!

    136. Pankaj D Says:

      Could You guys please post some usage statistics … or video about the special delivery …. How is it working with the cluster and how did ya guys configure .it ….

    137. Pankaj D Says:

      @Vdmpeniel i dont think this is SSI .. as they are very innecfective and there is no need for SSI .. they create more bottlenecks … Bucket splitting the render tile across nodes of the cluster is always a better solution i suppose. I guess this is what durian team has implemented i guess …? Waiting for Durian team to reply on this.

    138. paul Says:

      I wonder the specs of this “pizza”. How it is managed?
      We all now U have lots of work for next 2 months but maybe there’s already some well detailed info in internet about very similar solution like in your renderfarm ?
      Thank’s for all Your very inspirating work !

    139. paul Says:

      I wonder the specs of this “pizza”. How it is managed?
      We all know U have lots of work for next 2 months but maybe there’s already some well detailed info in internet about very similar solution like in your renderfarm ?
      Thank’s for all Your very inspirating work !

    140. Markus Says:

      Yeah, cool renderfarm, want it too! Who paid that??

    141. joeri Says:

      Any reason to go for i7-930 and not a quad core xeon?
      I don’t know what to pick.

      ( btw Alex, you sound like a spambot )