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Production changes

on April 17th, 2010, by ali

The animations provided by the community will be very useful.

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  1. AdobeMan Says:

    lol to people going on about the voice, that just seems like a guide rather than the actual voice, animating the lips with be one of the last thing to do on the characters.

    and btw it sounds like one of the animators done that voice not a pro…

  2. Socceroos Says:

    Can I just say, I love the animation!

    You guys are doing a brilliant job!

    +1 for making the market place a busy one – It’ll lift the whole movie.

  3. D Says:

    To kopi and AdobeMan, just letting you know that the voice really is Sintel’s voice actress, Halina Reijn.
    It is also likely to be the actual take for the movie since Team Durian has been animating to it.

  4. Gwilwileth Says:

    I really like the scene !
    For me the voice fits good, especially when she is lafing like a little girl ^^

    Keep it up guys !
    And be strong xD

  5. Shinobi Says:

    No problem with the voice, no problem at all, I think it just goes well with the character 😉 not considering the audio mix is way to be completely done, it is at an initial stage, just as an animator reference, as a guide.

    Very nice animation, team, I vote for a populated market too.

    Consider, if you play with fast camera movements and smart angles you do not really need to animate a lot the extra characters, they can just stand where they are for a fraction of time or move an arm, make a step and so on. Good job so far! 🙂

  6. Dennis Says:

    The animation is nice. But the voice… will you change it with some software? Like make it a bit lighter? Think it would help. It just doesn’t fit at the moment.

  7. [cool name here] Says:

    These comments are so serious with the audio! Haha
    It’s obvious it’s a gag from one of the guys, probably Nathan …It IS a gag …right? …Oh gawd please tell me this is a joke…

  8. ochacon Says:

    great job Colin and teamwork. One question: What is the hardest you’ve had to make Durian short?

  9. acro Says:

    …yeesh, everyone’s a critic!
    Great voice, great progress, I can hardly wait to see the finished article 🙂
    Team Durian’s all looking rather pressurized, though.
    Breathe deeply, guys, and try to not worry too much about finishing the movie.
    Right, now get on and finish the movie! 😉

  10. Gulwer Says:

    Very intresting to see how a scene evolves and how it affects everything in the scene. I just got one little thing I need to ask you about, the chicken in the scene is it a remodeled version my dead chicken

  11. Soenkes Razor Says:

    Omg Soenke, what’s that hairy mass in your face?