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Logo / identity design

on April 21st, 2010, by Ton

Hi everyone,

Here’s another call for community involvement… we need a good quality text+logo for the film. We checked on some initial ideas, like the Sintel text in the header here, combining it with the main symbol in the film, the dragon tree emblem. But it didn’t work out well. I also think a 3D extruded logo is too easy and cheap. We can do better!

Here’s the simple briefing:

  • Design a 2D stylized logo, which fits well on film posters (on top of graphics), on a DVD cover, but also on tee shirts. The logo should have at least the text “Sintel”, optionally with other visual elements. Font type and capitalization is free.
  • Deliver the logo in SVG vector format (use Inkscape!).
  • Use the open project forum for posting designs and for reviews! Do not mail me!
  • You will keep all rights on the designs you publish, but you agree to transfer copyright to Blender Foundation if we choose your design.
  • On april 28th we might make and announce a choice, maybe later.

Check the Big Buck Bunny logo for example. It’s a strong visual that works in many situations very well. The ‘flat’ 2D nature of the logo makes it stand out well on top of 3D graphics as well.

What’s not going to be used:
– 3D extruded logos or text
– Designs that have the Blender logo in it, or versions of the Blender logo, or something resembling any other logo!

Reviews will be done by everyone of the Durian team, here. Colin’s and David’s opinions weight a lot, and I will make the final decision. The designer we select will get a prominent credit, and a free Blender Conference ticket + dinner and three nights in a good hotel in Amsterdam!



(BTW: there’s a teaser/trailer being worked on now, that’s why the short deadline…)

77 Responses to “Logo / identity design”

  1. paperpalette Says:

    hi, may i know whats the font use in the current text logo of sintel thanks 🙂

  2. paperpalette Says:

    or is it something that’s been made manually? 😀

  3. Ton Says:

    At all: you are free to use any software you prefer for the design of the logo, but you should deliver it in .svg format. At least here in the studio we exclusively use free/open software for the film, and externals who submit 3D should have used Blender for it exclusively too.

  4. D Says:

    My instincts tell me that we have a winner. 😀

    Valentijn’s first Sintel logo hits the mark; it is simply exquisite! I’m not even going to bother with mine. 😉

  5. Tobin Says:

    Personally i would find it easier to use the adobe software, but cmon, its good to stay fresh and try different softwares for different things, people should want to embrace the open source nature of the film, the blender foundation is giving so much, give a little back in return!

  6. Luis Felipe Says:

    This is a great way to contribute to the Durian project. I’ll see if I can get something done before the deadline!

  7. Paulo R. Reinehr Says:

    Is it possible to get the Durian fruit logo in vector file?
    I was thinking in use it somehow.

  8. jay Says:

    Whoa just checked out the project page there are some great entries, picking one is going to be tough! Great job!

  9. Pablo Lizardo Says:

    Hi ! good works people!!! this is going to be a hard competition! :S
    here’s my proposal:

  10. Pablo Lizardo Says:

    oops, broken link…
    here’s again, hope the server can handle the clicks :S

  11. Jayden Says:

    @D: I think you are right. His first one is very simple, yet detailed and I think it would be perfect for the logo.

    @Ton: would the winner who wins the tickets and all that, does it incluse plane tickets? I would guess not. Is my guess right?

  12. Sávio Pedro Says:

    Everyone with something in his head knowns the nature of Blender Foudation, the development of a free open source software. Ton and all the guys in the foundation , are working for us for free! And some people come here to speak about ” proprietary software embargo”, or ” the subliminar Intel propaganda”.If Ton paid for us to use Blender, someone would say: ” can you pay more? “.In my country we say that if you give a hand, they will want the arm.

  13. Jarred Says:

    Nice logo Pablo, keep that coming!

  14. Dimetrii Says:

    My version.

  15. Vi. Says:

    Hi 🙂 Good idea.
    But I do not know if you know that your logo looks too much the logo of the tree of Gondor.

  16. Dimetrii Says:

    My version.

  17. Dimetrii Says:

    and more. ,

  18. jeff Says:

    Finally added mine to the lot:

  19. Johan Says:

    I can’t design a logo for something that says ‘Sintel’. My artistic instinct screams, “This name sucks balls!” The name ‘Sintel’ itself is anti-art. I mean… you know that don’t you? Have you ever heard of a movie called ‘Mintel’, ‘Pintel’ or ‘Bintel’? The answer is ‘no’, because such a name would suck balls. I hope your not planning to put this on a T-shirt, because ‘Motorola’ would look better. My comments might come across as offensive, but the FACT remains that ‘Sintel’ sucks as a movie title. I’m sure I’m not the only one that groaned when I saw this name. I’m sure the people who work on the movie are gifted artists, but a stupid name detracts so much from their efforts. I don’t know how the team can live with a name like this. If I met someone that worked on this project I wouldn’t feel awestruck- I would feel pity. Hell, take a page from Disney and call it something stupid like ‘Night of the Dragon’ or something super awesome like ‘Talons of Malatar’. But’Sintel’? Really? Is that the best name that you can come up with?

  20. ScottKelly Says:

    @Johan: I’m pretty sure you’re the first person that I’ve come across that doesn’t like the name. I don’t think its half bad at all. Can you come up with better?

  21. Golfar Says:

    Johan is not so wrong….. Sintel was only a working title after all, as you can see here:

    post blog

    but somehow it turned out to become the definitive title… I agree, not the best choice. It’s good for a character, not so good for a movie.

  22. Sávio Pedro Says:

    I think the @ johan’s “artistic instinct” could make him refuse to work in a design to a animation called ” UP “. Where in the hell could such stupid named animation make any success ?

  23. munhu Says:


    You say it sucks from the biased angle of your own culture and beliefs on what you perceive as fitting. Surely if you have an ounce of art inyou, you should appreciate that naming of a film, book or anything artistic is not solely determined by its content or potrayal.

    Personally,I like Sintel and I would hear rather your instinct carry on screaming as loud as it so wishes.

  24. Rob Says:

    I agree with Johan actually. It’s definitely not the best name in the world. But what makes it even harder to make the design is the fact that we really don’t know all too much about what the actual feel of the movie is, I mean sure we know it has a dragon in it and a couple bad guys but it’s hard to design something when you only know half the story.

    @ Sávio Pedro
    “UP” was actually a very good title there’s nothing wrong with it (fantastic movie aswell). It’s something people say possibly every day so it kinda just rolls off the tongue, but “Sintel” is name we have never really heard in our lives so it’s hard to get used to and to be honest it kinda makes you not want to tell people about it.

    Unlike Johan I did actually make an effort however to do up design for Sintel, It could be better but from what i know about the movie it’s all i could come up with.

    It can be found here:

  25. Sávio Pedro Says:

    In my country (Brazil ) we don’t speak “Up ” every day. And Sintel seems to be a word of a dutch language. And Up is the more beautiful animation I ever seen. One thing that don’t works in this world anymore is irony.

  26. Johan Says:

    Just remembered I posted this comment- here’s my response.

    @ScottKelly: Yeah I can. Give me five minutes and a pencil.
    @Sávio Pedro: ‘Up’ is corny, but a step up from ‘Cars’. I’m sure some people pointed out every day that they were not up to working on ‘Up’.
    @munhu :Yeah, biased by my Dutch heritage. ‘Sintel’ doesn’t work in Dutch either.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, but I think I’ll stick to my original position that ‘Sintel’ is an epic fail for a movie name. Mmmmm…maybe the new logo will prove me wrong.

    PS: Just saw the new logo. It didn’t.

  27. Jon Says:

    Agree with Johan. They should have taken the suggestion that was posted in the logo submissions and called the movie SYNDEL which sounds more like an ancient legend instead of a technology brand.