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    Sintel selected for Siggraph Asia festival

    on August 25th, 2010, by Ton

    With a pre-screening copy we are already submitting to festivals, the first approval now is in, for Siggraph! Here’s a snippet of their email:

    We are very pleased to inform you that your submission “Sintel” has been accepted to Animation Theater of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 Computer Animation Festival.


    Our International jury, a diverse group of leading animation experts, selected your piece from among the hundreds of entries for the festival due to its high quality, interest, and impact on the SIGGRAPH Asia Community. Congratulations!

    Siggraph Asia will be in Seoul, South Korea, from 14-18 december. I probably will have to go then! 🙂


    (Added Asian styled Sintel mockup from David !)

    56 Responses to “Sintel selected for Siggraph Asia festival”

    1. nawabz Says:

      btw: first post

    2. timbukfive Says:

      congratulations – proud of you guys !

      i am sure that you have done a great work to represent the powerfull blender 🙂

    3. Dusty Says:

      WOW!!!!! Well done guys!!

    4. Krs Says:

      Sintel_DVDSCR_X264_[roxx1337].mkv soon on bittorrent ? 😉

    5. tyrant monkey Says:

      you guys must have done a great job, can’t wait to see this.

    6. nawabz Says:


    7. D Says:

      Nice. Still waiting for word from Cannes? 😉

    8. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

      Yeeaaarh! Congratulations!

    9. month3d Says:


    10. Gianmichele Says:


    11. The Fatsnacker Says:


      You know, Blender 2.5?.6… has become a euphamism for ‘tease-ware’, theres Sintel (soon), unlimited clay (soon), updated renderer (soon), particles (soon), bmesh (soon), freestyle (soon) ……..

      things are looking good, but with all the teasing going on, im near to having a heart attack. Someone suggested that this is downright plain foreplay going on…..stop it.

      have fun at the screening and Asia Siggraph 2010…

    12. Shrinidhi Says:

      Yipeeeeeeeeee . 🙂 .. congratulations ..

    13. Blendiac Says:

      @Fatsnacker – They’re just building up to a _really big_ climax! 😉

    14. J. Says:

      I would like to also receive a pre-screening copy, so that I can organize a ”festival” with two friends of mine! 😛 😛 😛

      @Ton: Can you eat with sticks? Important when going to Asia! 😛

    15. Ton Says:

      Yah, sorry guys that we don’t show the film here, but only tease you about how awesome it is. 🙂 It’s not so much in the “open” philosophy either. I’ve played several times with the idea to (once) organize it from scratch with a full open svn. I’m afraid for that though… a creative process better blooms in protected and well watered environments, without a giant community of crits bulldozing it 🙂 But on the other hand… could be worth the try.
      Anyway, we stick to the plans! Just be patient!

    16. David Mulder Says:

      Congratz, though I got to agree this definitely isn’t open (although I really loved the fact that the second screening on the premiere was free last year, allowing me to invite a friend as well :))

    17. Reyn Says:

      Wow, Ton! That is indeed a great news! Congratulations! Hopefully I could be there too.


    18. Shashwat Says:

      Even before the release Sintel has shown great impact all around 😀

      Well done and congrats Sintel teams and specially Ton 😀

      Welcome to Asia 😀

    19. Consideringthepickle Says:

      Sintel may just be my most anticipated movie right now. You keep showing pictures of that shaman scene and I don’t know if it’s me but they seem to be getting better every time I see one.

    20. Shinobi Says:

      Holy…. something!

      —“Our International jury, a diverse group of leading animation experts, selected your piece from among the hundreds of entries for the festival due to its high quality, interest, and impact on the SIGGRAPH Asia Community. Congratulations!”—

      So you didn’t joke when you said “Sintel… will.. be……. epic!!!” 😉

      Congratulations guys! We (the community) are proud of you and really cant wait more for the movie 😀

    21. Krs Says:

      Ton > You’re doing it right! We just can’t wait to see the fruits of all those efforts. 🙂

    22. J. Says:

      About festivals and attention:
      Can you already say something about media attention; such as newspapers, talkshows etc.?

    23. Chris Says:

      OMG! I was born in Seoul! Totally awesome! Have a good time guys!

    24. TweakingKnobs Says:

      great guys !

      all the best for all !


    25. blood Says:

      wow! congratulations Ton and to all durian team! We are all proud of you guys!!

    26. Paul Hastings Says:

      Don’t worry Ton, if you don’t want to go to South Korea you can send me in your place. 😉


    27. grafixsuz2 Says:

      Congratulations guys, hey who here didn’t expect a comment like the one they provided. I mean with Ton and Colin at the wheel, and all the awesome talent that was sent there to work on this film while the software was being developed, is nothing more than to be expected. It says it all:

      “High quality, interest, and IMPACT on the SIGGRAPH Asia Community.”
      Blender is making a major impact all over.


      Hey Ton I am just a leap jump away from Seoul here in Japan. Do you still need people to go to help out? My Korean is non existant, but my Japanese is more than adequate. Being Australian, I gave up on English long ago.

    28. joeri67 Says:


    29. TheDymo Says:


    30. kingcreole Says:

      siggraph Oo blender gets so awesome i hope i won have to fear that blender might get a pricetag since its going to be autodesks biggest enemy^^`

    31. J. Says:

      Nice mock up, made me laugh!

    32. kingcreole Says:

      South Korea… you should say something about starcraft there xD

    33. TweakingKnobs Says:

      no story , maximum impact !!!


    34. J. Says:

      Luckily we got Colin and the Filmfund to send that idea to the trashcan! 😛

    35. Zazizizou Says:

      I thought the photo was taken from a scene in the movie lol.

      And about the Full Open project, I don’t think it will be a good idea because we will probably see the complete movie in its animated version after a few months and keep seeing the same thing over and over and lose the excitement…

      Thanks for the update and well done 😀 !

    36. DrD Says:

      The Fatsnacker – a lot of these tease features are available either as part of a build somewhere on Graphicall or you can build the branch your self from svn. So if you cant wait to play around with bmesh, the branch is there. All the render enhancements used in Sintel are in the render branch. I am sure other branches are out there as well.

    37. The Fatsnacker Says:


      My post was not intended as anything negative. I’m am aware of GraphicAll thanks.

      My post was merely a tongue in cheek laugh at all the goodies comming into Blender in the nr future…

      ITS ALL GOOD and what with my level of skill ;{ most of the goodies making there way into blender actually mean very little to me at the moment. I suffice in playing around the nice blender interface (from 2.49), but thanks for the reply.



    38. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Did I just see and svn entry from Pablo suggesting Blender/Sintel as a cover for an upcomming issue of 3DWorld?

    39. J. Says:

      Probably 😛

    40. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      maybe.. 🙂

    41. J. Says:

      Well, Pablo, confess! 😛

    42. J. Says:

      And sneaky deleting commit 7916… are you trying to hide things? 😉

    43. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      muahaha! 😛 is no secret, bbb was featured as well 🙂

    44. J. Says:

      But then why deleting that commit from Twitter? 😛

    45. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      because there is no undo! 😛

    46. J. Says:

      And I thought Nathan was ”the man of the silly jokes!”… 😛

    47. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      you mind if I remove the last few comments? this has nothing to do with this post 🙂

      We’ll do a blogpost about 3dworld anyway 😀

    48. Rns Says:

      Well,Ton if some thing happen between North and south Korea,you be up and close to see it.anyway gran on your journey.

    49. Milad Thaha Says:

      Congratulations Durian Team. When do you plan on releasing the movie online?

    50. Zazizizou Says:

      According to Colin (on a Blender Guru’s status – Andrew Price did an interview with Colin 😉 ) the movie will be released on the 1st of october !

    51. young_voter Says:

      It always seems like something wrong with Sintel’s eyeball – not fitting in her eyes socket or something. Does anyone has that feeling?

    52. Moe_1 Says:

      Hello guys, goood job on everything….goood luck………just wondering why Siggraph Asia and not Siggraph U.S.A or Europe ??
      And, When are we going to see the public render farm script/software for the public ??
      Thanks in advance…..and best wishes

    53. Jinx Says:

      In the picture above, I think Sintel is holding her chopsticks wrong… A stunning render nonetheless.

    54. Amy Says:

      Congratulations!! Looking forward to seeing it!!

    55. Ivan Says:

      I saw the pre-premiere at Siggraph 2010 in LA. It was awesome. Congrats on getting into SiggraphAsia2010!

    56. Cookie Says:

      Wow!! I’m Korean!
      Welcome to Seoul!
      I might see you in there:)