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Market scene, extras credit

on August 24th, 2010, by Ton

Hi all!

Here’s the names of artists we’ve used character models and/or animations from, for the market scene.
Philip Aigner

Andre Souza
Inken Meyer
Denny Lindberg
Stefan Löffler
Roger Wickes
Pascal Gabus
Daisuke Matsumoto
Daniel Alarcon



10 Responses to “Market scene, extras credit”

  1. inken Says:

    i don’t know what the 3 stands for but inken = Inken Meyer 😀

  2. JaydenB Says:

    OH no! My good walk cycle wasn’t used. I should have put more character into it!

  3. beorn Says:

    Sweet! Thanks Inken!

    To all the others that participated in the animation sprint, thanks you very much for your efforts. It was a very tough task selecting which animations to use.
    Unfortunately we couldn’t use all of them, and this wasn’t necessarily because of the quality of animations, but rather to do with the limitations of the shots and the set. There was a lot of debate about which animations to use where, and unfortunately we had to pass over some good stuff.

    To everyone else, if you want to check out the animations submitted (a great way to learn animation) most of them are up on blendswap.

    So once again, thank you all who participated. It was very much appreciated.

  4. Alek K Says:

    Pooo I’m not on the list. Congrats to Inken though.

  5. Alexsani Says:

    guess that means the fruit sniffer did not make the final cut… 😛

    Can’t wait to see it, though!

  6. chotio Says:

    Congratulations to all the people!!

    It would be a dream for you.


  7. Eduardo Says:

    Wow, that’s a short list

  8. Guybrush Says:

    Sorry of the topic, BUT…
    33 days seam almost like eternity. I feel like a little child, waiting for its birthday.
    TON, how do you feel about your little baby?

  9. Philip Aigner Says:

    YAY! Awesome!

  10. Roger Wickes Says:

    Woot! my first film credit 🙂 🙂