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Sintel on 3D World’s October issue!

on September 7th, 2010, by Pablo Vazquez

Hoi! (now you know how to wave in Dutch!)

Sintel Cover

Sintel Cover

So! exciting times here at the Blender Institute, today is our very-really-thistimeforsure last rendering day, next to some color grade we need to do still, but then is time to grab those big .EXR files and convert them into friendly DPX’s for the guys at Cineco to do magic with it and turn them into 21312 stills of 35mm chemical glory.

That means we’re getting close to our (real!) Premiere, so in order to help us make some noise, 3D World is widely covering Blender topics on October’s issue, Sintel will be on cover + interview time with Ton (Producer), Colin (Director), and William (Animator), and even BBB got a column in “A list of the all the Best CG shorts out there” πŸ™‚

About the cover image:

Sintel Cover OGL

Pose by Lee

Sintel and Scale’s were posed by Lee, but I ended up changing Scale’s face expression ( πŸ˜€ !) and moved around the arms to fit better the magazine layout.

I had the honor to light the picture used on cover, which I’m sharing with you here, this is a scaled down version of the original in 6k, wich you can find on the DVD (I even tried 12k just for fun and Blender survived! πŸ™‚ ).

Lighting consisted on 4 Area lamps with raytraced shadows + Raytraced Indirect Lighting (1 bounce, Irradiance Cache 8 samples) + AO (multiply), (yeah I’m getting spoiled on this super computers), but still the Render Branch is doing a great job on this, sometimes is actually faster to calculate than Shadow Buffers at the beginning (mostly due to multithreading, this computer is 8 cores HT, so 16 threads).

Render time was only 38 minutes for 6k!, using about 6 Gb RAM on its peak (only Sintel though, the background was rendered separately but only took 8min or so).

At the end, a bit of paint-over was done by David, mostly fixing things like a weird specular on Sintel’s eyelid, fix hair intersections and stuff you only see on still images when you get very close to them πŸ™‚

Thats pretty much it!, hope you like it, I saved this blend file on our SVN so it will be on the DVDs, same as the hi-res version of the characters on PNG with alpha.

Gotta get back to work, sorry for the lack of updates, we’re busy believe me πŸ˜€
Hasta luego!

83 Responses to “Sintel on 3D World’s October issue!”

  1. J. Says:

    1024×768? In this decade? πŸ˜›

  2. Clint Says:

    @J: Well, in my country, would you believe we still have 1024×768 screens? πŸ˜€

  3. Pablo Vazquez Says:

    @ J: In my country we also have those screen resolutions, but still, iPad is also 1024×768, and its pretty much this decade πŸ˜‰

    @ Hoxolotl: this is only for the magazine! is supposed to be like that, really once you see it with the layout it’ll make sense πŸ™‚ even Pixar movies does this kind of expressions:
    The actual poster of the movie will be completely different πŸ˜€

    Thanks to everyone making wallpapers, I wish I had time to make some official ones right now, but I certainly will! once we get finished with this, is part of all the PR of making poster + web + DVDs and so on, so no worries!

  4. Clint Says:

    No problem Pablo, I sometimes enjoy doing this as a stress-buster at work…

    Just a last pic before I sign off… For 1440×900 screens πŸ˜‰ – Enjoy

  5. J. Says:

    @Clint and Pablo:
    Of course there are lot of computers in The Netherlands still using this resolution, but we as ”geeks” find it quite ”old skool” isn’t it? πŸ˜›

    Is the film already delivered at Cineco, or do you still have some computers rattling the last few things?

  6. Hoxolotl Says:

    Clint, that last one went straight to my desktop.

    Pablo, now its partly your fault I have to look at it dayly, so I will blame you too, and Lee of course…

    … keep up the good work! πŸ˜€

  7. Juan Romero Says:

    Juan Romero, who? me.
    I helped with a model of Lao Tseu, participated in the modeling sprint and I’d call myself a Blender “advanced user”.
    I love Blender and have made compliments to the team on several ocassions for their work, but I have a clear opinion on the main character and feel like this is the right place for it, it’s just personal taste, can’t it be said? is better to say “aawwwwwwwesome” a thousand times?
    I already said that I believe the movie is gonna be great, but I do have some critics, what’s wrong with it?is this a place for fanboys only?

  8. Juan Romero Says:

    I forgot, the above is a reply for “The Fatsnacker”

  9. The Fatsnacker Says:

    Juan Romero,

    We heard of all your cristisims previously and you know what, cristisisms are fine, but this close to d-day an you wanna whine about what you dont like…..fine go knock youself out.

    As for the use of ‘fanboy’, how can positive likeness for something be criticised for some thing that is generally down to personal taste. You use the term ‘fanboy’ as a derogatry monicker? I don’t think anyone on this site is so deserving of your stereotype…..

    I bow down to your greatness and humbly ask that I may gaze upon you gallery!

  10. kardargo Says:

    The attention and coverage sintel receives is great and well deserved.

    I received my october-issue of 3d world recently, but had not opened it yet. After reading Sintel would be featured in the october-issue along with an interview with Ton I rushed up-stairs to read it, but unfortunately no article on sintel or any interview with Ton. On the “next issue” page there’s also no mention of sintel.
    It still could be in the november-issue, that’s due out on the 23rd of september, but I think it want be until the december-issue, which is shipped around the last week of october.
    Just thought I’d mention this, for those eager to get this issue.

  11. Omar_Ramirez Says:


    That one went straight to my desktop. Just awesome!

  12. The Fatsnacker Says:

    The next issue is, according to the Ocober issue of 3DWorld is on sale 23rd September (Bottom left, page 6). I think there is a discrepency between magazine date, and actual release date.

    The next one would seem to be released on 23rd September but labelled as November 2010? go figure…I suspect its some ingenoius marketing ploy, and that ‘Kadargo’ you should be in for a free copy for picking up on the mistake?



  13. Yunior (BlendermanUci) Says:

    Por favor Pablo, cuando tengas un minuto de descanso revisar el correo de tu sitio web venom’s lab. Ah por cierto magnifico render. Saludos!!!

  14. Clint Says:

    @Hoxolotl, Omar_Ramirez

    Glad you liked that one πŸ™‚

  15. Andi Says:


    it’s so great.

    Is anyone of the team at the IBC in Amsterdam???


  16. UglyMike Says:

    Re October issue. Yes, I also find it a bit weird. The way I heard it explained is that the date on the magazine is the ‘expiry’ date, meaning that the October issue (which came out end august and is the issue on sale through September) is removed from the magazine racks beginning of October. This may sound strange when you hear it for a monthly mag, but it kinda makes sense if you only have 3-4 issues per year. Of course I could be completely wrong.
    On another note, Sintel is going to ROCK!!!

  17. NQATSi Says:

    How can I translate the subtitles to Brazilian Portuguese?

  18. rayman Says:

    I am with the others…. Definitely wallpaper awesomeness!

  19. D64 Says:

    Pablo, very nice that you reply to lots of comments!
    The “Poster” looks really great, especially the detail of the sword!

  20. Milad Thaha Says:

    This is so AWESOME! I’m going gaga over this, and I’m DEFINITELY buying that issue of 3DWORLD for sure!

  21. VΓ­ctor Says:

    I got to say I love the poster!
    This project is a lot of steps ahead compared with previous projects.

    This should be a huge flyer placed at the blender institute.

  22. NB-DanTE Says:

    I like it,looks greats as background in my screen

  23. Agus Says:

    Every time i see the Sintel render it moves something inside me, perhaps is the good natural expression, and the amazing lighting that makes her more alive and more real. She is so beautiful, sad to realize that we live in two worlds apart.

  24. Nixon Says:

    Maybe she’s gonna become one of the top100 covergirls now too!!!
    Must be one of the best coverdragons of all time already that hasn’t been published on a mag that deals about rpg games!

    Thats one awesome the looks!!!
    But what does ‘hasta luego’ mean πŸ˜€

  25. SlightlyChaotic Says:

    This is great. I’d love it as a wallpaper.

  26. Funkfish Says:

    πŸ˜€ I loved the render, i could not resist playing around with it. soooo cooool!
    Heres a screencast of your render, and after i played with it. Had loads of fun. πŸ˜€

    Hope you dont mind πŸ™‚

  27. Neoranga Says:

    Nails color look weird, same color as fingers.

  28. Clint Says:

    This wallpaper is just for fun (edited the poster around a lot!). πŸ™‚ – I might say that it kinda renders a comedic note to the film πŸ˜‰ – again guys, just putting some light moments here.

  29. maddes Says:

    lol Clint,
    I love this one. Great. Too sad almost noone will see it, as you posted it so late in here …

  30. Stephen Says:

    Got the Mag last night, great review.
    The only dissapointment was that the one Blender tutorial in the mag was not for Blender 2.5

  31. Jan Hopmans Says:

    Please make this in door size poster too! Would love to have this. And I haven’t seen the movie yet!

  32. shproductions03 Says:

    I hate that I can’t get my hands on the magazine till a month after the movie comes out. The US is a month behind the release of the mag. I want it now, now I need to find someone to mail me one from Europe.

  33. Jan Hopmans Says:

    I would still love to see a poster out of this. Are you willing to do so?