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    Film work done – last chance for DVD credit!

    on September 10th, 2010, by Ton

    With Murphy’s law happily working (studio server died, no network), Pablo and Soenke pulled an all-nighter to get all frames properly graded and transferred to DPX on a USB drive. Each and every frame got a double check, and a dozen or so frames needed a re-render even. A test screening at film lab Cineco yesterday showed it all was just perfect!

    Meanwhile Jan Morgenstern went to Hamburg for a 2-day final mastering session in Konken Studios. They made us their excellently equipped dubbing stage available, allowing Jan and Stephan Konken to finalize a true theatrical master for Sintel.

    Today Cineco Amsterdam prepares everything to get it printed on their Arrilaser, so we can get official Dolby SR-D cinemascope 35mm film copies. First copy screening for us is tuesday. Wednesday the copy goes to the Netherlands Film Festival.

    That also means we can start now on DVD mastering, a NTSC and PAL disc (with film, 60 minute documentary, out-takes, 4-split version, extra credits, subtitles), a 8 GB DVD-ROM video disc (the film in various formats, tutorial videos, other extras) and a 8 GB DVD-ROM data disc with all the relevant files and docs to examine our work and allowing to re-render it all.

    Officially today is also last day to order the Sintel DVD box in our store, if you want your name to appear on the DVD!



    40 Responses to “Film work done – last chance for DVD credit!”

    1. J. Says:

      Great! ๐Ÿ˜›

      What was wrong with the server?

      And how did Cineco get the sound from Kronken? Did they send a Dolby MO disk or did they FTP it?

    2. JaydenB Says:

      I am thinking of buying the disk soon. Should I get it early or not? Not too sure. Is there anything we could do to help make the dvd better? Or anything like that? Thanks for any opportunities.

    3. Ton Says:

      J: via internet, Cineco makes the MO.
      JaydenB: any purchase of the DVD at any time will help us anyway! ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. J. Says:

      Still wondering why the server on exactly that moment fails.
      Crashed harddisk?

      How does the server look like? I’ve never seen a picture of it and I forgot to ask during the tour. ;(

    5. Roger Wickes Says:

      8GB data disks? I thought 4.7 was the limit for DVD players….Should I plan on buying a dual-layer or something, or will the DVD’s be the same format as those used for BBB?

    6. Frank_Robernson Says:

      I want to see this go all the way to the movies in my city!

      Best of luck with everything Ton!

    7. ChrisV Says:

      waitttt…gonna finish my paypal for buying that dvd ๐Ÿ˜€

    8. Andy Fitzsimon Says:

      Yikes! thanks for the reminder.
      All paid, much love

    9. Beck Says:

      Just placed my order! Kudos to EVERYONE!!

    10. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Any chance of the original trailer being updated/released with all the modification? just in case you werent busy enough already

    11. Ton Says:

      Roger: BBB was dual layer too.
      Fatsnacker: maybe ๐Ÿ™‚
      J: your curiosity is insatiable!

    12. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Now that is one nice splashscreen! (2.54)

    13. J. Says:

      Open project, is it? ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    14. Nicknamz Says:

      I make my order to :D, yay my first buy in the blender shop… now to wait.

      Nicolรกs Alvarado

    15. no olvidar subtitulos Says:

      no olvidar subtitulos

    16. Paulo Bardes Says:

      There will be DVDs available to buy in the conference?

    17. sl1pkn07 Says:

      no Blu-Ray edition?ยฟ

    18. sl1pkn07 Says:

      om. sorry for this :S

    19. Mathias Says:

      Awesome! I can’t wait!

    20. mah Says:

      My 1st buy on blender shop! \o

    21. curtis Says:

      i would buy one but i am moving next month

    22. Robbie Losee Says:

      So Murphy’s law is no match for good ol’ USB drives. Gotta love ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kudos to Pablo and Soenke! (now go get some rest)

    23. Drifton Aloft Says:

      Thanks for all your hard work, this is one back ordered cd i ordered it like a year a go and it still hasn’t shown up i guess thats what i get for ordering a dream ๐Ÿ˜‰ great job every one i’m looking forward to seeing everything

    24. inken Says:

      So… now we wanna know how many dvds where ordered, how many names will be mentioned? ๐Ÿ˜€

    25. Zazizizou Says:

      ‘Each and every frame got a double check…’ of course it is perfect !

    26. max Says:


    27. yoff Says:

      Well done Pablo and Soenke!
      And Jan…I am as much looking forward to hearing Jan’s music as to seeing the film ๐Ÿ™‚

    28. Seijuu Yokujin Says:

      Can’t wait for the premiere. Already bought my DVD a few months ago. Congrats to everyone. Hopefully I’ll be as good as you guys. I’m still a noobie learning from the Essential Blender book. ๐Ÿ˜€

    29. Ton Says:

      sl1pkn07: we only sold 180 copies of the BBB blu-ray, which was not even enough to cover the costs for it. It’s not a big market yet, and I’ve heard several people complain we overcharge for this blu-ray with only a short film on it… maybe we can find a way to reduce costs though, this is being examined.

    30. Vรญctor Says:

      Blue-ray was born already dead.
      It’s better to submit the movie in a hi-res format inside a DVD-ROM.

      DVD [PAL/NTSC] resolution is enough for most of the people, if you want to see it in real HD you can always play it on your PC.

      I mean, most of the TVs have an HDMI socket, the future it’s to connect your PC to the TV and forget about the optical devices.

    31. J. Says:

      Blu-ray is fine, but apparently not for such projects.
      Since this is a short film, it’s perfectly possible to put the movie in BD structure on a DVD. (which I’m going to do to play the film in HD on my BD player)
      And everyone who makes such a DVD is free to share it, so everyone who can download and burn an ISO will be happy)

      But it would even be better to make one of the two data DVD’s in the 4 disc set playable on BD players. (this gives no problems for other data on the disc)
      If you need help, Ton knows my Gmail adress, I’m happy to help!

    32. Carsten Says:

      “…itโ€™s perfectly possible to put the movie in BD structure on a DVD.”

      Since i have a BD Player, and its quite annoying to plug my Macbook in my TV just to watch in HD, i would +1 that. I didnt know that works.. if its true, it would be perfect.

    33. Pit Says:

      @J: Some Player dont play a bluray Structure on dvd since its not in any Spec!

      They can offer it but not for sale.

      If PNG and audio is released you can still do it for yourself!

    34. Pit Says:

      I just noticed a CD would be absolutely sufficient. Players that support Bluray structure on DVD will also support it on a CD i think!

    35. J. Says:

      But it doesn’t hurt anybody to put it on the disc. (and you can always watch it on your PC or Mac)

      And a CD isn’t big enough for a 14-minute film with uncompressed 5.1 audio, plus the datarate is a big bottleneck. (reading a DVD on a low speed gives you less bits per second than a DVD on the same speed. Many years ago I tried to play VOB files from a CD on my DVD player, but it stuttered like hell)

    36. J. Says:

      Darn, I meant ‘reading a CD on a low speed…’

    37. Ton Says:

      J: just contact me with info how to make a DVD-ROM or DVD-video play on bluray. We currently are mostly struggling to get everything fitting on all discs… shouldn’t take much extra I hope.

    38. androvsky Says:

      There was almost a standard for blu-ray video on a DVD, but it was never really adopted. Apparently, it’s unreliable at best, not a lot of players support it, going by wikipedia. It’s unfortunate, since last I checked ffmpeg was able to create blu-ray spec h.264 video.

      If all else fails, you could just put a 1080p mp4 on a disc. PS3s would probably be able to play it, and that’s a pretty large chunk of the blu-ray market; other players have a decent chance of playing it too. It just wouldn’t be as easy as having a real blu-ray.

    39. Carsten Says:

      If it runs on only a few Players, its not worth doing it.. perhaps for the next project the blender foundation should consider to switch to BD disc, instead of the DVDs? If you put 2 BDs in it, you wonยดt have problems with the space for the content, and the menue can be nicer..
      Right now, just finish that DVD Box, so i can enjoy it soon ๐Ÿ˜€

    40. nawabz Says:

      i feel another post coming