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    Sintel official premiere

    on August 16th, 2010, by Ton

    Just had it confirmed from the Festival committee:

    Official premiere Sintel: Monday 27 september, 19:30h, in Rembrandt theatre, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

    This screening is part of the normal festival, for which tickets have to be reserved or purchased via the theatre or via the festival itself.

    Netherlands Film Festival website. (program will only be available sept 9)

    The DVD production has also started (slowly!), we plan to have this ready for print at the festival. I’m uncertain if we can have the DVDs available then already though… we’ll do our best!

    In order to prevent crappy bootlegs to be posted, we’ll release the film a few days after the premiere as well, with sufficient mirrors for everyone to enjoy with us this milestone in Blender history!


    84 Responses to “Sintel official premiere”

    1. wo262 Says:


    2. Dusty Says:

      Ah that’s really cool!!

      Props Ton and the gang!!

    3. ochacon Says:

      Hip Hip Hooray

    4. D Says:

      ALRIGHT!!! 8)

    5. AR Says:

      Use the Torrent. So we (individuals lazy users) can help to spread it.

    6. Jayden Says:

      So the DVD will be released after the premiere? Our Sintel Game Team better start getting a move on!

    7. joeri67 Says:

      Is the making-of also going to be shown?

    8. Ejnaren Says:

      Congratulations 🙂

    9. thondal Says:

      I second AR in the “use torrent” so that we can all seed!

    10. Ton Says:

      I forgot: at the entrance we need screaming girls and fanbois, with flashing cameras!

    11. J. Says:

      You mean ”gillende bakvissen”? 😛
      I bet a lot of girls will be yelling for Colin! (Is he present then?)

      What’s the price for the tickets? 😛 (greedy Dutch question, I know :p)

    12. Daniel Wray Says:

      Congratulations to all the team and the many people around the world that are contributing to Blender.

      You guys and girls have changed more lives, and help realise more dreams than you could ever imagine 🙂

    13. sfepa Says:

      great news!

    14. nawabz Says:

      Excelent.. finally its all reaching boiling point now!

    15. Rigs_mx Says:

      Excellent !!!

      We will be cheering, screaming and flashing cameras from the other side of the world (Mexico) …. =D

      Good job guys, take some cold beers !

    16. Louis Says:

      Fantastic news!!!

      Only, if I look at the site of the Dutch Film Festival, I can´t find Sintel. Am I looking wrong?

    17. J. Says:

      Look what Ton wrote. (something with sept 9 😉 )

    18. Martín Eschoyez Says:

      Congrats to all the gang. I’m really impressed by every progress that you make, and i’m really excited to get soon my Sintel’s DVD… i’m far enough to go to see the premiere!! 😉

      ps: and glad of having a couple of argentinean people there doing a great job!

    19. Tommy Says:

      am waiting for the CAM version, the one that someone used a mobile camera in the theater :p

    20. J. Says:

      Will the people who ordered the DVD (especially in The Netherlands) get their DVD before the online release?

    21. iCandy 3D Says:

      I am so looking forward to that day! I have been following the progress of Durian since the very first day and right now I’m so anxious to see it. I really hope I can be there in the theatre 🙂

    22. David Mulder Says:

      Could anybody enlighten me about the price of the ticket?

    23. blendNmix Says:

      ouch, a monday…

    24. M.A. Souza Says:


    25. Jean-Pierre Deloince Says:

      Well, a great feast is prepared! There will he a 3d version planned for the future?

      Et bien, une grande fête se prépare! Il y aura t-il une version 3d de prévu à l’avenir?

    26. Franck Zippo Says:

      Oh my god, it’s fabulous!

    27. creek23 Says:

      I’ll help with the seeding. 🙂

    28. Allo Alhuile Says:


    29. Franck Zippo Says:

      I do not believe my eyes, thank you so much!

    30. Franck Zippo Says:

      Well, a great feast is prepared! There will he a 3d version planned for the future?

    31. Cyber Killer Says:

      Yes, use the torrents Luke! Forget about mirrors, distributed download is a lot better & faster.

    32. Allo Alhuile Says:

      Oh yes Franck Zippo good idea, there will he a 3d version (Avatar) planned at the future?

    33. Shuvrodeep Says:

      Just cant wait to watch the movie…

    34. wo262 Says:

      Re-release the trailer with the new renders

    35. Roro Says:

      Plus d’un moi a attendre encors :'( vivement !

    36. kram1032 Says:

      Yay 😀
      Can’t wait to see the movie 😀

    37. mutze Says:

      You should add a Sintel premier countdown on the blog.

    38. Spongy Says:

      Wow that’s on my birthday. LOL

    39. sid350 Says:

      Can’t wait to see the dragons in all details! Great job on the modelling, sculpting and animation!

    40. Steven Says:

      +1, for the countdown

    41. joeri67 Says:

      I guess if fanbois are needed I should come.
      Its just a rather long trip for 10 minutes movie.
      The ambiance should be nice though, I remember when I went to the movie where I did my bit. Maybe somebody can bring the red carpet and the pole-and-ropes. 🙂

    42. Deeman Says:

      This will be a grand premiere =)
      Can’t wait and the Team has my full respect!

    43. J. Says:

      I don’t read very good stories about Pathé Rembrandt regarding picture and sound quality…

    44. jessica Says:

      Can’t wait to see this! I would love to help with Spanish subtitles by the way! Can I?

    45. kingcreole Says:

      44th ^^ i guess everybodys getting exciting

    46. Larvaman Says:


      estoy constantemente revisando este blog y por fin una buena noticia. acá en chile debe promocionarse este tipo de cine de una buena vez, y los argentinos que ayudaron en la produccion deberian de darles a los chilenos un buen zamarreo de oreja.
      estamos muy atrás en sofware free!!!!!!!!!!

    47. Deevad Says:

      @mutze & Steven : Good idea 😉
      Countdown badge added upon the menu in the sidebar, thanks to this simple code :

    48. Andreo101 Says:

      34 euros is expensive for a short film 6 to 8 minutes…

    49. Err0L Says:

      +2 for the countdown 🙂

      Sintel is SOOOO cool!

    50. DwarvenFury Says:

      @ Andreo101: It’s ~ 11 minutes, IIRC. And the cost isn’t just for the film alone; the DVD set includes NTSC and PAL discs, the film in HD, and all the production files. Add to that that the cost was originally used to directly finance Sintel so it could actually be made and it’s not that bad a deal, IMO. 😉

    51. Bailey Says:

      Good luck guys! I followed you from the start. I am very happy for the blender community and all the hard work that the team did. Excitement! 🙂

    52. Jorge Molina Says:

      wow. i can’t wait to see this, is crazy, this is killing my brain. i love blender and i think that the durian team have made an excellent work and process. thank you a lot.

    53. Simon Says:

      Can’t wait! You guys really rock!!!

    54. joeri67 Says:

      “34 euros is expensive for a short film 6 to 8 minutes…”

      34 euros is rather cheap for having 18 people working a half year fulltime+the_extras on improving free software and developing fully open content.
      Far less than my yearly maya subscription, and I don’t get a free cool dvd with that.

    55. J. Says:

      It’s much money for just a DVD, it’s really cheap for a good software product.
      Plus, the attendance at the premiere was an evening to never forget!

      I would not buy just a Blu-ray or DVD for that amount of money, but in this situation it’s different.

    56. Franck Zippo Says:

      34 euros for a single film is so much money, a DVD or Blu-Ray will not reach that price.
      it is no longer open source looks like the bad bizness

    57. Allo Alhuile Says:

      Frank Zippo
      34 euros for the current version Special “Collector” is true is always expensive, except for fans
      everybody can not afford this amount for this 11 minutes of film. It would be nice to release a version with
      only the film 11 minutes, 11 euros.

    58. Simon Says:

      It is open source, you’ll be able to download the film and program if you think it’s too expensive. Buy a book or something from blender shop instead if you still want to contribute but think that the film is too expensive.

    59. LOGAN Says:

      Funny some think it’s to expensive or bad business for a free product, including all source material AND the ability for people to use it any way they want, even commercially. It’s like sponsoring Blender development and get a free DVD with an 12 minute movie + all source material. Erm, 4 DVD’s I meant. Some might consider giving away the movie for free bad business, hehe. Anyway, let me see you do better and give it away for free 🙂

    60. J. Says:

      It’s nothing more than natural to receive reactions like ”you’re nuts” when you deviate from established practices.
      But why would say such things when at the same time you’re familar with the goals of the Blender Foundation?

      Look, even while Sintel gets released for free, everything behind that file on you harddrive costs a damn big amount of money.
      So when you’re getting good feelings by seeing the Blender logo and you can miss a few bucks, you know what to do! 😉

    61. Christiaan (AniCator) Says:

      ik hoop dat ik de dvd een paar dagen erna binnen heb. 🙂

    62. J. Says:

      Ik denk niet dat de meesten hier Nederlands begrijpen. 😛
      But I hope the same!

    63. Rns Says:

      I’m happy with blender and that what count for now.

    64. Sin Says:

      Yeah!! 🙂

    65. Shinobi Says:

      I’ve seen on twitter pablo and soenke still at work on improving quality for final release and wanted to say “hi guys!” to this last part of the team still at work and cheers them 🙂

    66. joeri67 Says:

      The movie will be released for free on the internet.
      Download it and burn it on a dvd and you’ll have your $2,= version.

    67. Ubuntusho Says:

      Wooow!!! Increibleee!!!! FELILCIDADEEES!!!! estaré al pendiente de este gran éxito en el mundo Blender!! Abrazos!!! y mucha suerteeee!!!!!

    68. Mat Says:

      I’m really looking froward to the delivery of my 2 DVDs – will make a nice present for another person! You guys are still doing work according to SVN twitter feed, thank you! -> 🙂

    69. Kode Says:

      I’m so looking forward to this release!

    70. David Miller Says:

      We’re routing for you! Way to go! Thank You for all you hard work and generosity!

    71. Falberto Says:

      When will be available on youtube?

    72. Alex (Ickathu) Says:

      18 days!!!! AHHHHH!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! I’m not sure if I will buy the DVD, but I am thinking that I probably will!!! I am going crazy about this thing! I think that on the 26th, I will wake up, scream, and then die of excitement LOL… 🙂 going crazy about this! (Oh wait, I already said that!)

    73. Arn Sweatman Says:

      “34 euros is expensive for a short film 6 to 8 minutes…”

      That’s a very short-sighted viewpoint. It’s much, much more than simply being about the film. And 34 EU isn’t much (support) to ask.

    74. Juda Says:

      6 days left!
      when you guys say 19:30h in the Netherlands, does that mean 2:30 pm hear in the US?

    75. Pieter Says:

      Hmm, according to the website of the Film Festival, Sintel will also be showed on the 26th of september (16.00h), is this correct?

    76. Uan Guz Says:

      I am excited about Sintel movie, looks great !

      Congratulations to all Blender artists who made it possible, thank you very much !

      Long life to Blender and its artists, still working few centuries please!

    77. Cedal Says:

      I like the torrent idea mentioned in one of the first comments…

    78. FabSintelFan Says:

      But you can’t download the blend files?

      when yes I’ll buy it!


      ps. greeting from Germany 😉

    79. ZZZubec Says:

      I have been waiting for, thanks!

    80. borisquezadaa Says:

      Just 8:00 hours left…. XD.

    81. Marco A. Franco Says:

      Congratulations for this work, the blender today took a step that will change history!

    82. ALu Says:


    83. niek Says:

      we will show the world what’s possible with opensource and free software.

    84. alagar Says:

      i don’t have words to appreciate the durian team. cheers guys.
      great work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      we always support you