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Film Credits, version 2

on August 20th, 2010, by Ton

Based on all feedback sent to the shop at address, the credit list has been updated. Please visit the page to check if this has been correctly handled. The list for people who bought the DVD after sept 15 last year will be posted here mid september.

I also need everyone’s help to get the credit for modelers corrected. We are not going to add nicknames in the film credit, only real ones. Below is the complete list of people we’ve used props from, mostly modeled during the modeling sprint. I’ve asked the maintainer to help as well 🙂
Post remarks about this below, or mail me (ton at blender org).

Pablo Lizardo
Jarred de Beer
Thomas Kole
Robert Udvardy
Eugène Fritz
Gustav Göransson
Emil Krantz
Julio Iglesias
Daniel Salazar
Guillermo Chan
Kevin Hays
Andrew Wall
Dmitry Kalinin
Shawn Zilbert
Brendan Gallagher
Maren März
Stian Grindvoll
Joseph C. Lee
Matjaž Lamut
Manuel Quiñones
Sean Olson
Alastair Low
Owen Egan

(those in gray are nicknames missing real names)


36 Responses to “Film Credits, version 2”

  1. lsscpp Says:

    …waiting for list version 2.6…

  2. Zafio Says:

    Zafio = Julio Iglesias

  3. Skofo Says:

    What’s wrong with nicknames? Some people like to maintain their pseudonymity.

  4. kellpossible Says:

    you are anonymous basically if your name is amoungst like 1000s of others. Who will be able to pick out one and know it’s yours?

    Plus, then you can show friends your real name on the credits 🙂

  5. ochacon Says:

    Greetings Ton on 03/07/2010 I ordered a DVD with Durian. I wonder if I am included in the DVD special Thank You section. I imagine there are many names and why has not left the mine and the other fellow.

    Thank you and congratulations on your success.

    Oscar Chacón Rodríguez

  6. jcl Says:

    ochacon: Ton writes in his article, “The list for people who bought the DVD after sept 15 last year will be posted here mid september.”

  7. Felix Says:

    Gustav Goransson, Lastname = Göransson according to BA.Org nick.

    Other than that, can’t help. 🙁

  8. Jeepster Says:

    Should be Hays not Hayes 🙂

  9. Ton Says:

    If you prefer to stay anonymous with a nick name, that’s of course a good argument to not get a film credit! 🙂

  10. Enigmath Says:

    enigmath = Shawn Zilbert

  11. spacetug Says:

    spacetug = Jeremy P.
    I don’t really want to share my full name…is that good enough?

  12. Ton Says:

    spacetug, I won’t force you to release privacy information, a credit is only an extra for people who don’t mind that.

  13. gustav Says:


    Thanks, now its correct =)

  14. Dimetrii Says:

    Hi guys. Thanks Gustav that reported.

    Dimetrii = Dmitry Kalinin

  15. Paulo Bardes Says:

    And how about people from the animation sprint?

  16. chip Says:

    Yea, will animation & “extras” character model credits be listed a well?

  17. RockyMountainMesh Says:

    So sad, my cave formations didn’t make the cut 🙁

    But honestly, it was fun just to be a part of the Sprint! Can’t wait to see what the next project brings!

    By shear coincidence I’m going to be in Belgium the week before the film festival — too bad my schedule didn’t line up just a little better!

  18. Calli Says:

    Damn! 😉 My Tundra grass did not make it.


  19. ochacon Says:

    Sorry, I had not seen, idont speak english to much. I use translator


  20. Jayden Says:

    Will animations that where used from the animation sprint be in the credits? Will there be a list or that soon?

  21. Ton Says:

    Credits in this post have been updated. Only a few are missing.
    The animation extra sprint credit is following soon. Have to gather it still.

  22. Daniel Salazar Says:

    oh the name below mine “Guille” should be Guillermo Chan


  23. The Fatsnacker Says:

    I know this is off topic, but is there an area on the Blender website that I can ask for a feature request?

    1) In quad view, and would like that the views stay in sync when zooming in/out.


  24. Ton Says:

    Fatsnacker: that option has been coded, the UI for it is missing 🙂 is on todo.

    Credits updated now.

  25. The Fatsnacker Says:

    cheers Ton, is there part of the website where i can log these as opposed using this area?


  26. Joooo Says:

    Aaah, Nothing happening here anymore!

  27. J. Says:

    Drop Colin a Tweet/mail if he can make a video on how he’s working on Durian now from his home, would be interesting! (call it another directorial adress, he makes less of them than originally intended, unfortunately)

  28. CorsairX Says:

    Give it about…. oh, ~35 days 🙂

  29. J. Says:

    Actually less, since making the 35mm prints also takes some time. (but less than with Big Buck Bunny, as it will be done now at Cineco, the only facility in the Netherlands which can do everything in-house, from grading to printing to developing, so when the print is dry and checked Ton can just drive along and pick it up. 😛 )

  30. joeri67 Says:

    J. Says:
    August 23rd, 2010 at 15:15

    ” Drop Colin a Tweet/mail if he can make a video …”

    Is he awake yet?

  31. J. Says:

    About to call him or so? 😛

  32. chimeric_idol Says:

    Hey guys could anyone tell me how can I change the shipping address for the pre-ordered DVD?

  33. J. Says:

    Mail to: shop AT

  34. Lana Manghane Says:

    Wow, I so think I just received a tshirt in that has to do with this issue. That is so silly.

  35. Shuffy Says:

    I love animaton ..can`t wait !

  36. catlakkorsan Says:

    thans you :))