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    Get Your Very Own Nathan!

    on August 12th, 2010, by nathan

    Hello! Nathan here.

    Since my job on Project Durian is over, I am now seeking work. Specifically I am looking for freelance, consulting, and teaching work. So if anyone has money they would like to throw at me in exchange for me doing stuff, please get in touch with me at

    I currently live in Seattle, WA. I am happy to work remotely, and I am more than happy to travel.

    My primary skills are rigging and animation, but I am skilled in most other aspects of 3d production as well. And although my professional experience thus far has been in film production, I am interested in branching out to other applications of my talents, especially visualization work.

    I have a new demo reel for 2010, but unfortunately I cannot make it publicly available at this time because it contains work from as-of-yet unreleased productions. But I am happy to provide it upon request.

    Here is my old rigging/animation reel from 2008:



    –Nathan Vegdahl

    32 Responses to “Get Your Very Own Nathan!”

    1. Davis Says:

      This makes me want to request to see Nathan’s new reel just so that I can see parts of Project London and Sintel. 😛

      Also, the Durian site seems to be really slow today. o_O

    2. J. Says:

      Yesterday either, Ton should kick the hoster’s butt! 😛

    3. Consideringthepickle Says:

      I want my very own Nathan! I can’t afford one now though 🙁
      Maybe for Christmas.

    4. kram1032 Says:

      Oh so it’s not only terribly slow for me. Good to know 🙂
      To even get to this page, I had to reload, like, 10 times. – and the time it was successfully loaded, it took forever to show up…

      Oh well, awesome rig 🙂 I’m already curious for your updated one with Durian 🙂 – I guess, you’ll wait with that ’till AFTER the true premiere, though…

    5. maddes Says:

      Maybe we should start an auction for Nathan. As usual on another popular auction-platform, I’ll start with a bid of 1 € for one week Nathan
      And yes, I’ also be interested in the new demo-reel 😀

      And again yes: the site is not only slow, it’ s really dangerous. One might starve to death waiting for a new page.

    6. kram1032 Says:

      Wow all of a sudden, things go a LOT faster 😀

    7. jirms Says:

      After seeing the pictures of Nathan with his Bunny Rabbits in previous postings, those scenes from Bug Buck Bunny take on a whole new meaning!

      Nathan, if I hear of anything I will pass you name on.

    8. Mirata Says:

      Your rigs make animation look like a easy task. Very good! 😀

    9. 3dementia Says:

      Good luck Nathan! I hope someone with the ability to understand your value, also has the money to back it up!

    10. Le@ndro Says:

      It would be great to have Nathan, Malefico and Tony Mullen to write a rigging book… We could have our very own Blender’s “Stop Staring” and “Body Language”!!! Maybe one day…

      Good luck with your job search!!!


    11. Jayden Says:

      Nathan, you want to come and help the Sintel Game Project? Well give you a couple of nickels and some peanuts!

    12. inken Says:

      aww… i would like to have a nathan… but no money… can i pay you in hugs? i heard you like hugs =)

    13. J. Says:

      Is it so hard to find work in the CG business?

    14. zenteo Says:

      Haha, I can’t stop watching this xD

    15. Jeepster Says:

      I’ll take twelve

    16. 3dguru Says:

      First I thought they made an action figure of Nathan.

    17. Temitopa.A Says:

      It won’t be hard to find a job

    18. Phil Says:

      Nathan, If you make some learning material for rigging, I would pay a relatively silly amount of money to buy it. So would many other ppl I think. Hope all goes well for you mate!

    19. Tobin Says:

      I’d buy a nathan rigging dvd

    20. be200fx Says:

      Me too! I sent Nathan a fairly long letter suggesting he look at

      and get hisself some serious funding for running a class or something.

    21. ArMan Says:

      Nathan, youre my role model on riggin’… I really hope that you’ll find a good job from some good place on earth. But I also hope that they will not make you too busy so you’ll have little time to continue making some stuff on internet… 🙂

      Finland would be a good place to try find a job, most of young people here understands english… 😉

    22. C Says:

      Le@ndro: Rather than to see another boring Blender book which nobody read or product material with. :p

      I prefer to see Nathan and Malefico producing some juicy animations. =)

    23. Willshire86 Says:

      Fortunately, I live in Maple Valley. About a half hour east of Seattle. Unfortunately, I do not possess much money but again, fortunately, I’ll be getting my tax return and Washington State Need Grant within the next couple months. How much you charge for your lessons? I am very interested in animation and character rigging. I’ve taught myself a lot but nothing to the extent of what I have seen you do. I’m sure you would consider me a noob lol.

    24. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

      Yeh Nathan spend some time making a rigging dvd or book, theres nothing like that for Blender and your probubly the best at it. It seems logical!

      Id definitely buy it and I know others who would as well.

    25. Robbie Losee Says:

      Do you like root beer and singing? I may have a job for you. It doesn’t pay much though. 😉

    26. Robbie Losee Says:

      Sorry for the double post but I like Le@ndro and Alex Delderfield’s ideas (about creating a training book or dvd – especially with your experience using 2.5/2.6 for character rigging/animation/etc in a studio environment.)

      Also, if I had a resume like yours, I’d be mailing it to as many studios as I could buy postage stamps for – especially as it seems you are very flexible and willing to travel.


    27. C Says:

      Nathan, don’t waste time with tutorials, produce some great animations, please! 🙂

    28. nathan Says:

      @Robbie Losee:
      Thanks much! 😀

      Yeah, I would love to make some educational material about rigging. I’ll give the kickstarter thing a try at some point. But I’d like to try the freelance thing for a bit first, to get some business experience under my belt. 🙂

    29. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Any chance TON could look at a suibscription service to sponsor developers and artists?

      I certainly fork out at least £10 a month, maybe more to say thanks for all the good work.


    30. matt Says:

      Sadly I’m in the wrong industryand can’t afford to support you right now but good luck Nathan – you deserve a great success

    31. Mena Says:

      I support you to keep up. and go for what you are.

    32. murthy Says:

      Hi Nathan
      this is murthy from India. i’m rigging artist. i use Maya software for rigging.
      i want to be good rigger in international stand. please tell me how i will reach my aim. please help my career. my English is problem so please understand
      thanks u so munch. bye