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    Sintel Documentary

    on November 2nd, 2010, by ali

    “Sintel” is an independently produced short film, initiated by the Blender Foundation.

    This making of/documentary shows the stages of the production from November 2009 until July 2010.

    As a making of the processes from concept to finished product are explained, as documentary the feel of an international team and the personalities of the artists are depicted.

    Ali Boubred

    36 Responses to “Sintel Documentary”

    1. DwarvenFury Says:

      Thanks for putting the documentary up! My DVD should be here soon, but it’ll be a few days until I can pick it up, so this is most appreciated.

    2. revolt_randy Says:

      Very interesting, and awaiting my DVD!

    3. Heiko Ihde Says:

      nice Documentation. Thanks for sharing 😉


      Heiko Ihde
      PS: my DVD has already arrived a few days ago (Berlin/Germany)

    4. J. Says:

      Already seen it on the DVD, nice docu!

      @Ali: Could you make an extra mini-docu on the audio of the film? So about the recording of the voices and Jan’s work? (Months ago Colin wrote on Twitter that you’d filmed at Jan’s studio)

    5. RNS Says:

      WoW! that was awesome!

    6. sago Says:

      Thanks Ali,
      watching right now & will definitely enjoy

    7. sago Says:

      Damn, my favorite blender institute docu so far.
      And it’s always a pleasure to see Campbell in all his unshaved modes ^_^

    8. panji_alam Says:

      Lesson Learned…

    9. young_voter Says:

      After watching this document, it’s becoming clearer why the renders are so inconsistent – some shots looked professional, while most looked amateur. At first I thought it may be because of too much skills, but it’s lack of time.

    10. Milad Thaha Says:

      Thanks for uploading! Will watch today 😀

    11. kakapo Says:

      thanks for uploading it! 🙂 will watch it tonight…

    12. Jan de Vries Says:

      Could you please offer a non youtube version from your download page or bittorrent? I would love to watch this on my tv from media player.
      Thanks! Jan

    13. J. Says:

      If you have an FTP account…

    14. Lasphere Says:

      Great documentary. Watched in on the DVD.
      I would have liked to hear more about the two studios you hired to do some shots for you – it would have fitted very well together with the whole “we dont have much time, so we hire more artist”-theme.
      But great job, lots of great info there.

    15. Lia Says:

      the DVD is here!!!!!!!!! Im sooo excited, it looks so awesome!!!!!!!!

      thanks for this.. (Does happy dance)

    16. joeri Says:

      @Jan de Vries.
      ” Could you please offer a non youtube version from your download page or bittorrent? ”

      Its also as HD on the dvd-s. Just so you know.

    17. zsl Says:

      With Brecht leaving the institute, will there be know-how lost? I mean, how thoroughly documented is his part? What is the bus-factor of Blender development?

    18. J. Says:

      No worry, he’s still able to help in his spare time.

    19. Nick D Says:

      I have no sound on the Documentary from the DVD…

      Is there an issue with the AVI file?

    20. J. Says:

      No problem here!

    21. Nick D Says:

      Re: I have no sound on the Documentary from the DVD…

      Is there an issue with the AVI file?

      Is there a preferred player / codec for playing the file on Windows?

    22. Deevad Says:

      @NickD : Yes, we have a preferred player ; the great multi-platform VLC :

    23. RenderDad Says:

      Really enjoyed this documentary. I’m in awe of the talent of this team. They seem so young to be so accomplished. Good job!!!

    24. sirup39 Says:

      this pretty rocks!!!thanks for doc…can someone email me and tell me if the dvd can be shipped to mauritius please?o.O THANKS… and yes it looks great again…

    25. David Says:

      I got the DVD but this was the first time I watched the documentary.

      I think it shows that there are people behind things, and that it isn’t easy to make a film. It takes time.
      Blender has become so much better during this trip, but it still won’t make the movie for you.

      Devoted people will.

    26. panzi Says:

      So what I’m getting from this is that the hair simulation in blender isn’t a proper one. Will there be a proper hair simulation in blender some day?

    27. tikomiko Says:

      yes it will ship to pretty much everywhere in the world including Mauritius, received my copy day before yesterday (in Moris)

    28. Interested Says:

      are there any new plans about the next project?
      Can’t wait for it 😀

    29. JaydenB Says:

      I assume it will be a while, if you saw Ton’s keynote, he wants 2.6 to be completely bug free (as much as possible) before Mango starts. But I can’t wait either!

    30. B Says:

      Angela is missing, why? Didn’t she appreciate the production? Of course, no need to explain if it is too personal.

      Thank you Ali!

    31. Anonimy Says:

      Would definitely appreciate another clip on the audio! Great work by the way!

    32. Schreda Says:

      I would have a question regarding computer requirements: did you also use some kind of notebook with external screen for modeling like compared to macbook pro series or only high end computers were used during the project?

      Thank you for your answer

    33. Scott Says:

      I love the doc. I liked it more then Sintel, but does anyone know what kind of video camera was used to shoot most of this footage, the opening shot outside looks great.

    34. Mr Mowgli Says:

      I know that now that the project is “finished” that there aren’t many people digging through and looking at these comments, but I just wanted to say thank you to Ton and the Blender Institute. This documentary is a great example of what it must have been like working on this project and in a lot of ways helps clarify what had to be done or in many cases not be done in order to keep things rolling and get the project finished. It was always a very ambitious project from the very beginning and I think I begin to grasp some of the biggest challenges everyone faced.

      It is easy for people to look at Sintel and criticize it without understanding the kind of effort needed to even put together a movie, let alone putting together a complete rewrite of the software needed to do so. This documentary goes a long way towards showing why decisions were made and how the team found it’s way through the various challenges.

      Having kept track of the blogs since the beginning, kept an eye open in the IRC channels, tracked changes in subversion, and checking out whatever project files I could, I can definitely say there is an extraordinary amount of effort to get this movie done.

      Thank you for your dedication and all the hard work. 2.55 is great, getting better every time I update from svn.

      Perhaps someone will go through and start another open project and flesh out missing scenes, clean up the various pieces that could be improved, or even add scenes later. That’s the one aspect of a truly open movie I am curious to see in action. The magic in a story really blossoms with it’s retelling – ask any fisherman 😉

      Mr Mowgli

    35. idem Says:

      Sintel should have lasted more than 14 minutes, but it was not possible, it is a sin. Good luck for other works.

    36. SnowflakeBlue Says:

      This is very nice insight into the difficulties of making an animated movie. I’m sure 2.6 will have the particle bells an whistles the blender team wanted to have in Sintel, like with hair and smoke.

      Also, I’m from the USA and Tons thick dutch accent was hard to follow, even when I turned the volume to the max. It would be great to have sub titles when he speaks.;)