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DVDs arrived and packed for shipping

on October 23rd, 2010, by Ton

DVDs arrived yesterday, and they’re awesome! 4 DVD box, tightly packed so it should arrive everywhere without scratches.

Today we had a packing party here. Order total was 3300 copies already, and each needed to be packed, and sorted by country and sometimes zip code. Luckily there was enough help and it was excellently prepared by our shop team Anja and Anne. With  Dolf, Beorn, Ali, Pablo and Lee + myself, Anja and Anne, it was a fun day and quite a breeze!

Monday TNT post picks it up, and by tuesday and later people can expect it in their mailboxes. Europe should get it within a week, rest of world 2 weeks.

We’re all curious to hear feedback on the product, but we’re definitely proud of it. Feels like a real closure now, said Beorn. And that’s it, although we’ll do another Durian spectacle on the Blender Conference next week! 🙂


183 Responses to “DVDs arrived and packed for shipping”

  1. Oscar Franco Says:

    Listo, de una, apenas lo reciba también lo posteo

  2. Larry Ochoa Says:

    Ya me llegaron los DVD’s de Sintel, voy a revisarlos mas tarde!.

  3. Oscar A. Campos Says:

    🙁 Y donde estás?

    Ahhh! Ya quiero que lleguen!! 🙁

    Felicidades Larry!!!

  4. Luya Tshimbalanga Says:

    Hello team, I received the DVD box in Vancouver, Canada. I watched it with a friend who wished the movie to be longer.

  5. Jayraj Says:

    Anyone got the dvd in india?? m also eagerly waiting….

  6. Larry Ochoa Says:

    Estoy en Ecuador, ya los estoy revisando, me llegaron el 9-nov-2010 al medio día. Está increible el contenido.
    Espero que ya tengas los 4 DVD´s, te llegan en una sola caja.

  7. Oscar Franco Says:

    listo! acabaron de llegar, más tarde los reviso

    Gracias Equipo Durian!

    Thank you Durian Team!

  8. Jayraj Says:

    Hey, finally my dvds arrived… yupppeeee 😀

    But i cant check until saturday as i am outta town.

  9. ChrisV Says:

    Errr guys…the tutorial from nathan is only about 2sec? what happend?

  10. Larry Ochoa Says:

    Thank you Durian Team and Blender3D. Good Work!.
    Gracias a ustedes Equipo Durian y Blender3D. ¡Buen trabajo!.

  11. Oscar A. Campos Says:

    Ahhh!! Todavía no llegan!!!

    Felicidades Larry y Oscar!

    Espero no tarden más! 🙁

    Alguna idea de adonde escribir en caso de que no lleguen? Any idea which email I would write to in case the DVDs never arrive?

  12. radu Says:

    Just received mine this week. The postman has encountered me on street because the address on envelope was not complete and the postman delivered me just because he knows me! I hope Im the only one with incomplete delivery address on envelope. Anyway, hugs to the Durian team. I’m enjoying the content of DVDs.

  13. Oscar A. Campos Says:

    Is any one in Mexico whose already have the DVDs? 🙁

  14. Luciano M. Says:

    I dont know in Mexico but in Brazil the dvds didnt arrive too

  15. Oscar A. Campos Says:

    Thanks Luciano!

    Wonder if this is normal for our countries to take so long with DVDs. Few moths ago I received a graphic card from France in less than a month, so … 🙁

  16. Laurent Says:

    I don’t know about Mexico but I’m in Paris, France and my DVDs have not arrived as of today. As a DVD sponsor it’s somewhat disappointing…

  17. Scott Says:

    My DVD has not arrived too….
    I’m in Taiwan.
    But one of my friend got his package last week…..

  18. Allos Says:

    My DVD has not arrived too.
    I’m in Greece and my order shipped on October 28 !!!

  19. Mad_alien71 Says:

    Another person from Greece here.
    Neither did mine.
    I don’t know if it has to do with the election stuff having to be sent the previous month.

  20. Phil Says:

    Folks, you simply did a great job.

    I downloaded it from your site and after watching it I just want to thank you for this truly inspiring work of art. Not only is it great to see what Blender is capable of doing in the hands of talented artists, but also the story just left me speechless.

    Thank you very much for this, for your work, dedication and effort you all put into bringing this to life.

  21. Скачать Торрент Says:

    When is this gonna be released in the internet like BBB?

  22. Scott Says:

    How can we check the status of the package shipping?
    I’m afraid of that my Sintel DVD is under the sea right now…..

  23. Juan Guzzy Says:

    I have not received my DVD of Sintel (and some stickers that asked too)

    I hope to arrive before Christmas
    Greetings from Cancun, Mexico

  24. Abraham Ordonez Zarco Says:

    havent receive it jet
    hope everything is ok.
    im form Mexico.

  25. Carl-Fredrik Borg Says:

    As a gold sponsor it is very disappointing that i have still not received the DVD, and i’m living in Germany….My name was not even mentioned on the sponsors page, hope it even makes it to the movie….

  26. Allos Says:

    Still nothing……

  27. Scott Says:

    I’m so disappointed that I have still not received my DVD.
    Soon we will say “Happy New Year”,
    and I hope I’ll be happy at that time.

  28. Juan Guzzy Says:

    Today I got my DVD & stickers
    (was slowly but surely our Mexican Postal Service)
    Thank you all Blender & Durian Team!

    Cancún, Mexico

  29. Allos Says:

    What about a refund ?

  30. Allos Says:


    Thank you Blender-Durial Team!

    I will write a huge Review now for sintel on my site (when i will finish the site)!!!!

  31. Abraham Ordoñez Zarco Says:

    Hiii, My sister toldme that my DVD has arrived Thanks Durian team!
    From Mexico.

  32. Mad Alien71 Says:

    @Allos: Where is my copy????? WHERE?

  33. Scott Says:

    Where is my copy?????