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Good news travels fast…

on November 12th, 2010, by esther

Hi all,

Of course we knew our girl Sintel has travelled far & wide… but as far as Indonesia?

Check out the ‘rip-off illegal DVD’ a friend of mine found in a DVD shop in Bali. Unfortunately they didn’t get all the names of the team quite right… but as my friend said: ‘what bigger compliment than an illegal copy of your film?’ 😉

Hope all of you enjoy the genuine Sintel DVD, and thanks for all the positive feedback!

x Esther

70 Responses to “Good news travels fast…”

  1. herry Says:

    This is ashamed. Indonesian government is having so many incompetent ministers.

    Its IT minister (Mr. Tifatul Sembiring) only knows on talking about pornography law, rather than promoting the IT talents there.

    I am fully ashamed to be as Indonesian.

  2. farid Says:

    hahaha, yeah, my country did not like the pay, it sucks because of the economic and entertainment in Indonesia is poor, and often copying each other, until only the hijackers because of the economic state seal

  3. zsl Says:

    I guess the people who would buy this wouldn’t have bought one from the Blender Foundation, so I don’t think anything is lost. At least they’re getting the word out 🙂

  4. Ben Dansie Says:

    Still a bit ticked off my name isn’t on there, but I have to admit that even though I helped make the thing and have a stack of legit 4 disk sets…

    I’d probably still buy it for the humour value. 🙂

  5. Syron Says:

    I recently found Sintel on several file sharing boards, and the only on-topic comments are saying something like “Oh, another nice pixar short”… I think it is great to see that you made a movie with a quality like pixar has!
    Maybe they will jump on the train and will make a full-length movie with you!

  6. Necromant Says:

    Woah.. Looks like Sony and MPAA secretly filmed a 109 min Sintel that was pirated prior to release.
    To whoever bought that – release a ‘camrip’ from tv-set to torrents and afterwars (in a week or so) a DVD-Rip. Just to make things proper =)

  7. J. Says:

    I always knew they were comitting dirty tricks… 😉

    It’s quite hard to fight piracy, for example: the leaked Harry Potter 7 can still be found… (I wish them good luck in removing it, but it’s quite… impossible…)

  8. J. Says:

    I always knew they were committing dirty tricks… 😉

    It’s quite hard to fight piracy, for example: the leaked Harry Potter 7 can still be found… (I wish them good luck in removing it, but it’s quite… impossible…)

    Let’s laugh about it, Sintel is not a commercial film after all 😉

  9. uongpening Says:

    well, i’m from Indonesia, and it’s embarrassing for knowing the piracy in Indonesia is that bad….

    i dunno what really happen, but for me, original DVD is very rare and very expensive to buy (the original DVD price is enough for 2-3 tickets in theater), the government also don’t take action for this. that makes the original DVD in Indonesia become less and more people make piracy

    as Indonesian people, I apologize about it, but actually, this movie is pretty good, i thought it is really from big production house like disney or sony like in the cover :). two thumbs up for u guys!

  10. JeroenM Says:

    Original music by Erin O’Hara it says
    You got to love Jan Morgenstern’s alter ego:

  11. Pram Says:

    Amazing movie.. Even more so coz released under the CC license. You do know that the name “durian” is HUGE here in Indonesia, right? Prolly that’s why you’ll be getting a lot of coverage from here. Again, congrats for a job welldone.

  12. Michael Says:

    Just wanted to say that through the great benefit of TVS in Sydney Australia I saw this wonderful and beautiful piece of art and knew almost immediately that it was likely to be Blender, the resolution, the hair, the particles, the fog, DoF, all familiar to me.

    But of course what truly blew me away was just how closely and emotional a piece of film this was. It reached, it soared and flew, and left with a touch of sadness. Quite an excellent achievement beyond mere technicalities.

    Every time I found myself thinking about “how did they accomplish that”? I was immediately brought back into the story. That’s what gripped me and that is a real accomplishment. It didn’t surprise me just how long a list of credits there was (unfortunately on TV, the resolution wasn’t high enough – I still watch a CRT TV! – to recognise every name, even make out many, but I somehow ‘knew’ that this was a Blender animation.

    So I want to say thank you. Thanks to all of you who worked on the film, but in particular thanks to everyone and the philosophy that makes an excellent piece of software available as open source. Truly, it is a gift that will keep on giving, and if sintel is any example, the sky is the limit, or perhaps not even the sky!

    Sincerely, thank you.
    Michael Kortvelyesy.

  13. joeri Says:

    Nevermind that list of unreadable names, that’s people who bought the dvd without knowing what the movie would be about. Sponsors.
    Not sure why those are on the credit list, I’m proud enough to be part without having a cluttered 34 pixels trying to disform my name.

  14. drg Says:

    this movie is great…. story is great maybe some tweaks but fucking awsome. i hope you make a whole move and a wonderfull game i wish you the best ….

  15. Orion_uk Says:

    Mine just arrived in the post today (not ordered from Indonesia 😉 lol!) from the Blender shop. Shame I have to put the baby to bed, and deal with the wife before I can get in to it properly!

    A brief look at the disks shows GREAT value for money :>
    I saw Sintel before and loved it, now I have it in its various formats AND all the project files (& much more) thanks to you guys. Cant wait to start going through the disks and tutorials properly :>

    On a side note: anyone notice how you can import camera tracking scripts fine in 2.49b but 2.55 wont run the scripts (too many error messages to go in to!) anyways, gonna check a few forums and maybe fill in a bug report if I cant find a current issue reported. I hear through the grape vine (if its true??) that the next release of blender might have a camera/motion tracking feature, hope this is true)

    Thank you all at the Blender Foundation for soO much, been a fan for ages and own BBB & Sintel, cant seem to find Elephants dream disks ANYWHERE!!!

    Keep up the good work, heres to the next Movie :>

  16. Floating Says:

    Yes. Now I know why this project named “Durian”.

  17. kunderemp Says:

    Actually, those pirates in Indonesia will sell illegal copy of anything, including fans movie e.g. Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy, Batman City of Scars.

    Some Indonesian didn’t get connected to internet so buying this illegal copy maybe the only way to watch them.

    Btw, the newest Infolinux magazine (edition Ubuntu Meerkat) have Sintel as bonus of their magazine. Thus, all linux lovers in Indonesia should have heard about this movie since its the famous magazine about Linux in Indonesia.

  18. Jess Says:

    I’m from Indonesia! 🙂 Pirated DVDs are everywhere I swear…

  19. Kelly Says:

    Heh.. the “description” of the movie is from a movie I just watched like an hour ago called “Dragon Hunters” after that movie, I decided to watch Sintel for a second time. lol…

  20. Anand Shah Says:

    Sintel has also been featured in the official promotion of the Notion Ink Adam iPad…

    Further, In one of the videos, Rohan (the founder of Notion Ink) has showed his potential customers how to use blender by making his iPad act like a false digitizer