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Reminder – September 15th for Credits!

on September 9th, 2009, by ben

Hi all!

First of all, thankyou so much to all of you who have supported us so far – both financially with the DVD pre-sale campaign and through positive and constructive comments on the blog, forums and all the other digital forms of encouragement sent our way. It is really affirming to have so many people cheering us on at such an early stage!

Not really wanting to plug the money side of things too much because I know times are a bit tough for many people at the moment, but this is a gentle reminder that if you want your name in the credits of the film as a supporter, the September 15th deadline is coming up.

Also, to clarify some things previously mentioned to do with the pre-sale:

  • The DVD will still be available for pre-order after September 15th and we will still love you for helping out the project! Your name won’t be in the credits though.
  • The reason for not having a Blu-Ray presale is not because we overlooked it in some way, but because of the setup costs involved. (If you would like to help us out in that regard, please let us know!)

Once again, thankyou for your support on behalf of the team!


31 Responses to “Reminder – September 15th for Credits!”

  1. Cray Says:

    Hi Ben,
    what would happen if after months the person who bought the dvd moves and is not living in the same city/country anymore?
    How can you handle delivery in that case, and is it easy to contact you and update the contact informations?

    Thank you!

  2. Dusty Says:

    Ahhhhhhh!!!! I’m not going to make it….. again!!!!

    I hate being broke! πŸ™

    Still at least I can get it later without my credit I guess.

  3. Dark Star Says:

    @Cray : You can always change your address by mailing to
    if i am not mistaken..

    Even I have to change my address since we have already shifted to new house.

    Anyway go guys πŸ™‚ Make it more than 2k πŸ˜€

  4. bautz Says:

    I don’t have paypal and I don’t want to open a paypal account.
    I have a Visa Electron: is possible to buy the Durian DVD with that card?
    Thank you in advance

  5. Oxben Says:

    @bautz: you don’t have to open a Paypal account. You can click the Paypal link and use the method without the account (on the left IIRC of the page). It’s just like any other bank site. Works very well and no Paypal account is required.

  6. le_schtroumpf Says:

    @bautz : Dunno about that card, but can’t you simply pay with a bank transfer? That’s what I did, and it works just fine πŸ™‚ Otherwise, just try and see…

  7. bautz Says:

    Visa Electron sometimes isn’t accepted on the internet.
    So I’ve done my order with bank transfer.
    Tomorrow I’ll go to pay.
    Go Durian team!

  8. Dave Ward Says:

    i have an idea for the BI to make a little bit more money! Posters of concept art! i’d buy some of that πŸ™‚

  9. DON Says:

    Im from south-america and i want pay the dvd by bank transfer, but they (my bank) charge me around 35 dollars only for the transference (obviously not includes the cost of the dvd)… so, imposible for that way.
    If anybody knows a better way to pay (without international credit card or paypal), please tell me…

  10. DON Says:

    A crazy idea: maybe send the cost of the dvd for DHL, Fedex or some company directly to the Blender Institute. Its that possible? Its expensive?… i dont know…

  11. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:

    Visa electron worked for me.. πŸ™‚

  12. Grafixsuz Says:

    Only 594 to go. I got mine ages ago, but just may buy another one and donate one to my friend… Ideas guys, come on. Blenders source files were bought within two weeks of being offered by the community back in 2002. Let’s rally behind these guys.

  13. Cinmay Says:

    I’m also broke πŸ™ Ill get it later. πŸ™‚

  14. Jrom Says:

    +1 ordered.. had to do it, like every others blender’s projects: can’t wait to see it πŸ™‚
    Keep up the good work

  15. Simon Says:

    My name is going to be hard to spot with all you other guys!
    Is it going to be alphabetic or in the order they were donated/purchased?

  16. brecht Says:

    @Simon: the names will be ordered alphabetically, that’s the only practical solution I think.

  17. kram1032 Says:

    the new curve looks very promising πŸ˜€
    1500 should be easily archeivable πŸ™‚ And if it gets even faster, 2000 could indeed be reached in the last 5 days… πŸ™‚

  18. BlendNMix Says:

    Is there no blender animation award this year?

    I didn’t see any announce over here

  19. BlendNMix Says:

    Is there no award festival this year?

  20. kram1032 Says:

    BlendNMix, do you mean this?

  21. BlendNMix Says:

    kram1032: no the festival award during the conference

  22. Wahooney Says:

    I’ve done my part! Don’t let me down πŸ˜‰

  23. Alex Barbulescu Says:

    It’s weird that you guys have alot of support and sponsors and we on our project don’t.but it seems that’s more like the software than the movie.

  24. Christian Krauße Says:

    @ bautz
    just pay via bank transfer as I did. it worked well and fast enaugh. but you have to do it today. otherwise you won’t be mentioned as a supporter in the movie credits.

  25. jachristie79 Says:

    I just got mine ordered…. I can’t wait!!!

  26. s0ndeb0k Says:

    Me too. Good luck guys! :?)

  27. ajedros Says:

    Me llamo asdrubal y soy de Colombia.

    Felicitaciones por esta pelicula, que estan realizando, pinta bien. Me gustaria poder separar un DVD, pero, primero mis condiciones economicas no me lo permiten, y segundo, no tengo tarjeta de credito.

    De todos modos, estare pendiente de los avances de esta pelicula.

    Blender forever.

  28. ghuck Says:

    I ordered mine, but I have in idea, to show how many people are using and supporting this software around the world, how about putting the country after everyones name? This would show the world wide acceptence of the software, and the wide support it gets.

  29. Cel Says:

    1 more week!
    1 more week!
    1 more week! please.
    I want my credit.

  30. shproductions03 Says:

    The 15th deadline is up but the web page still says get your movie credit. Is this true or has the site just not been updated.

  31. shproductions03 Says:

    Just read the answer to my own question. Sorry