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Production update

on November 28th, 2009, by Ton

manlungShort news snippets from the producer’s office:

  • We’ve found a fighting choreographer and consultant: Man-Lung Tang! According Man-Lung his name means “Wise Dragon”, he’s running a Kung Fu school here in Amsterdam, and acted and advised on several dutch films and tv series. He loves stunt fighting, and is specialized in acting getting hurt badly! (See picture, copied from
    Man-Lung will arrange for us an afternoon of choreography rehearsing in his studio, using other fighters as well (incl a girl). All of this will be recorded in HD and put online, of course!
  • Monday we get Ben Dansie here! Team then is starting their third month already… time to get serious!
  • We’ve updated the website with a ‘get involved’ link. New is also an invitation for visiting the studio “Weekly”. Everyone’s welcome to see what we do, but please first make an appointment with me.
  • Use the forums if you want to contact us! Check on the ‘get involved’ page… you can post issues or suggestions there.
  • I’m still trying to get famous voice actors… will know more in a week hopefully.
  • Funding: we know soon a decision what the Dutch Film Fund will do. The Cinegrid Consortium subsidy (for 4k digital cinema) is still waiting for some province government signature here… already takes months to settle. If this subsidy doesn’t get available soon, I’ll move that budget to the next open movie!
  • Colin will finish storyboarding in a week, we’ll also get a final breakdown then and make a full final project plan. (Remind Colin to give another Directorial Address! Oh, and post the animatic of first minute πŸ™‚
  • And the rest? Soenke is modeling the first city environment. Nathan is doing his rigging magic. Lee modeled a bad guy, and already started animating a shot. Angela is modeling dragons now. They all will blog about their work soon too.
  • Oh! And there’s a new main sponsor:


32 Responses to “Production update”

  1. AMDx64BT Says:


  2. AMDx64BT Says:

    Nice to see professional fighting choreography.

  3. D Says:

    OMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMGOMG So much exciting news! πŸ˜€ Choreographer! Ben! Weeklies! VAs! Funding! Breakdown!

    Directorial Address, Colin!

  4. Shiretoko Says:

    @Ton: Is Angela using the sculpt branch for modeling the dragon?

  5. Ton Says:

    Shiretoko: she will soon, but we first want the basic models for animation ready.

  6. Siarhei Says:

    That is amazing. Thx to you guys i am planning to change my 3d software to Blender. You are doing amazing work and inspire a lot of people. Greetings from Belarus. We are also following your project. Good luck!!!!!

  7. wo262 Says: oh I love these fights from samurai champloo. may sintel be like this?

  8. SaiMing Says:

    Hi Ton !!! Greetings from MΓ©xico. I’ve just discoverded Blender, the work with that 3D suit develpment is impressive and in particular the work with Durian Project, wow, realy inspiring.
    I’m planning to start a post production studio here in Aguascalientes, and looking what all Blender team have done, definitely decided for the open source way despite there is much more I need to learn.
    By the way, could you make me know about the configuration (hardware & OS) of the workstations finally used at the institute for Durian??? or may be Campbell?
    Anyway, thanks and congratulations !!!!

  9. eric Says:

    this is pure awesomeness. I love fighting choreography πŸ™‚

  10. Ton Says:

    SaiMing: mostly just intel core2 duos, 64 bits ubuntu, 4 GB memory, nvidia geforce gfx.

  11. OneEyedOdin Says:

    Ah, Sintel will be amazing (and realistic).

    Like that pretty knife, too…

  12. creek23 Says:

    nothing beats Chinese at action movies. even western’s Matrix and X-Men became exciting movie to watch. Thanks to the true Kung Fu experts. πŸ˜‰

  13. Tweakingknobs Says:

    Great !

    keep it up guys !


  14. DuKu Says:

    Well, that’s an intimidating picture! … at first I thought it was AD chairman paying Blender Foundation a visit and taking matters into own hands. But anxiety decreased as I read the full post.

    Very exciting to see how much care is being taken for all the pre-3D aspects. And good luck with those voice actors!

    Durian will be great with or without them, but will be fun to have a couple of them, and also good marketing.

    Keep it up!

  15. japrogramer Says:

    you guys want great and rare martial arts video ?, than you should look up human weapon (it’s a show from the history channel )
    the fights are in CG!!!

    here is a few links to some of the videos

    there’s many…many videos, a few for each martial arts
    (whether military , civilian, private, or ancient they are there)

  16. Gen X Says:

    Guauuuu! es genial! yo amo el kung fu, practico kung fu… cuando vi el video de combate que habian hecho supe que necesitaban un coreografo profecional, que bueno que ya lo tienen πŸ™‚

    Woow! is great! I love Kung fu, I practice Kung Fu… When I Saw the combat video you make, I know you need a professional choreografer, So good that now you have one πŸ™‚

  17. Another fellow Says:

    that dude’s awesome XD

    Really like that this is being taken so seriously. Looking forward to next post already!

  18. look Says:

    3d esta super este triler tiene mucho realismo

  19. wiki Says:

    “””” Man-Lung “”””””””

  20. Nixon Says:

    Hey Durian team:)
    thats some major good news, except the dutch film fund delay maybe.
    Good to see that u got a professional martial arts consultant, I’m sure that this will add alot to a movie themed like sintel.
    New main sponsor is great news too, yay for coreel!
    Yay for Ben Dansie too, hope y’all have a great time !
    Enjoy your weekend everyone, thx for keeping us update!

  21. RNS Says:


    Nice to see thing are going fine at this stage.
    be expecting my e-mail soon.OK….happy blending.

  22. young_voter Says:

    Exit The Dragon πŸ˜‰

  23. Keen Says:

    hoohohoahwoahohahhhhh…. I can’t wait! Just a reminder though, realistic fighting doesn’t necessarily make it good fighting, depending on the animation style, some exaggeration might be in order =)

  24. Lancer Says:

    Yay – proper fighting reference! I was thinking you needed that when you did the experimental improvised stuff earlier. I suggest you also bring them in when you’ve got the fighting keyframed in order to suggest corrections to your ongoing fight scene animations.

  25. kram1032 Says:

    Yay πŸ˜€ A lot of great news! πŸ™‚

  26. Tobias Says:

    “I’m still trying to get famous voice actors…”
    Are you looking for English or Dutch speaking actors? And for which roles do you need actors? I’d like to have a German Version too. Perhaps I can try to get some German actors…

  27. eye208 Says:

    Chinese martial arts, yay! πŸ˜€

  28. tyrant monkey Says:

    the production standards on this movie are really going through the roof, I am looking foward to some nice kung fu fighting … I love my kung fu movies

  29. Bitetti Says:

    uhuuuullll ^_^
    fight fight fight

  30. Shane Newville Says:

    It’s about time! I’m super excited to see that you guys are serious about fight choreography from a pro. And you can’t go wrong with kung fu. It’s both effective and flashy at the same time.

    Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  31. Daniel Says:

    Sounds like good news. However, please, please, don’t go all… elephants dream on us. That is, in terms of voice actors, don’t spoil a perfectly good short with a voice actor an extremely dutch accent. That would ruin a lot for me. On the rest… keep up the awesome work.

  32. Ronald Says:

    Indeed great news for Durian to have such a talented Character to help!!!