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David left the Blender institute

on November 26th, 2009, by ali

David Revoy, concept artist for Durian, finished his time at the Blender institute in Amsterdam and went back to France on tuesday, november 24th.

David left the Blender institute from Project Durian on Vimeo.


57 Responses to “David left the Blender institute”

  1. Riccardo Covino Says:

    thanks for all of you artwork, and for the nice time during the bconf!

  2. Alex Carby Says:

    Haha, D has a point, final shots eh?

  3. zaniocz Says:

    hmmm that sad, … sniff ¡¡¡

  4. Deevad Says:

    Thanks all for the comments 🙂 It was really great and warm to read all of them back to home in my little home studio.

    For various answer;
    – Ali speak french and at the end of the video and I answer ” thanks you” to bring me in car with my huge bagage to the airport.
    – I think be back at the institute in February for some day to check Durian works and be on page with the team.
    – I leaved to go back to my freelance works, my wife and to teach in january at the School the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard (university-level higher education institution) the digital painting.

    Some news :
    For the moment , I get focused in my DVD tutorial for the Blender E-shop “Chaos and Evolution” (as weel as my website update ), I received a good microphone ; got an amazing sound with audacity.
    My good surprise is Kdenlive, I will continue to learn a lot this video editing software very professional this week-end ; it’s more fast for my workflow than to use “Blender video sequence editor” cause I want to have a lot of subtitle as I did in the first Timelapse. Next week I meet one of the Krita developpers at home to learn more about the project.

    Thanks all , friends ! And good luck to the Durianer at the Institute on Sintel 😉

  5. Baguette Says:

    Welcome back in FRANCE David !

  6. Piiichan Says:

    No! David is gone….. so sad, and no more painting tutorials using open source software :'(
    I really like your website David, please update it 🙂 Also, I’ll gladly buy a DVD from you in the Blender e-shop! Any idea about the release date?

    Bonjour depuis la Nouvelle Calédonie 😀

  7. meltingman Says:

    merci David pour ton travail vraiment magnifique, et je sais que le film sera beau avec tes belles recherches de personnages et de couleurs..
    merci aussi pour tes tutos qui me font avancer coté graphisme .

    bonne chance pour tes futurs projets ++