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Netherlands Film Fund supports Durian

on November 30th, 2009, by Ton

filmfonds-diap-800We already had a small contribution from the Dutch Film Fund to develop the script and storyboards. After a careful deliberation the Film Fund board today decided to also grant us support for the realization of the film. This will allow us to extend the project with three months (end of June), cover up for much needed expenses (like voice actors, hardware, PR) and most likely even extra team members!

We’re all incredible happy here… Sintel is very complex to make, much more than previous projects. This additional funding – which nearly doubles our current budget – is crucial for that.

In past conversations the Film Fund’s main concerns were with the quality of our projects, to some extent the movies didn’t exceed the level of a technical demos. It’s a great confirmation of our current work and quality demands that we now have their blessing this time. 🙂


58 Responses to “Netherlands Film Fund supports Durian”

  1. Francisco Ortiz Says:

    Nice! Can you bring back David now? More sketches! More concept art!

    No no wait! Hire the entire Academy of Kung Fu that’s it!… NO… Ermn… Spend everything with marshmallow…
    …Yeah!… Marshmallow… Definitely…!

  2. Alex Delderfield (AD-Edge) Says:

    Awesome, good to hear Bens on the team now as well, it feels like the Durian project is really underway now with their full team and 2.5 in alpha, going on beta.

    And for everyone going on about 3D stereoscope > I think the team have more than enough on their plate with 4K, let alone this new 3D stuff, it would effectively mean twice as much rendering anyway. If it was to be included in the Durian project, it would have been planned right from the start. Stuff like that cant just be thrown in, it would destroy the already fragile timeline put in place for the project.

  3. D Says:

    With concern to Alex’s points, probably. Furthermore, the team will probably require a crash course in 3D cinematography, since the 2D and 3D forms of cinema are definitely two very different beasts; and what works in 2D cinema may not work in 3D, and vice versa.
    Perhaps in a future Blender Institute project, a whole 3D-trained cinematographer may be hired! 😀

  4. Corniger Says:

    Wow, new tream members!!! Can I send my portfolio, too?
    In fact, I’ll type it out right here:

    My abilities:
    make coffee
    wipe floors&keyboards
    kiss/anoint feet
    praise the Ton
    delete default cubes
    filter air
    change diapers in pressing situations
    play dummy for dismemberment scenes and make croaking sound REAL
    take any amount of beating for Blender crashes!

    My conditions: I want to stay dressed at all times except when I take showers

    If that sounds attractive to the team – something must be wrong 😀

    Cheers and I raise my cup to you guys, be it only filled with water! Damn, it’s empty… gotta refill… YOU ARE LEGEND!!!

  5. Ton Says:

    Anil (and others): we don’t do 3d stereoscopic yet. It is something we first need a sponsor for. And not only for render time, an efficient stereo 3d film has to be designed and edited as such, which adds to our work load.

  6. Mashu Says:

    Please take Your time and use funds wisely. I would better wait longer, than see wasted money, which I hope won’t happen in this case concerning how talented people are in the team.

    Good luck and congrats for additional funds ! 😉

  7. DwarvenFury Says:

    Congratulations all! I’m looking forward to seeing more about how the extra funds will be spent, particularly for the render farm. 😉

  8. J. Says:

    Will the premiere screening be projected in 4K?