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    How long is the movie?

    on April 15th, 2010, by ali

    Colin answers…

    33 Responses to “How long is the movie?”

    1. Leonardo Says:

      Movies will do that to you.

      They sneak up on you and kill your expectations.

    2. Paco Says:

      Hello everybody,

      I want to say that i’m very impatient to see the result of everyone’s work! Since Elephant Dream, i appreciate the job, very excited to talk about movies around me (firends, family, colleagues…) and to see all of it again and again.
      I appreciate reports about your work (timeline…).

      Best regards,
      Pascal from France.

    3. J. Says:

      Haha, my response is clearly visible! πŸ˜€

    4. D Says:

      There must be something about Dutch screenwriting that every time causes each page to inflate in screentime way beyond the normal minute, like one of those little toy thingies that blow up when you soak them in water. πŸ™‚

    5. Rob Cozzens Says:


      And Nathan IS silly!

    6. Socceroos Says:

      For those of us who are at work and don’t have sound on their computer, could someone kindly tell me the gist of the video? =D

      Is Colin retracting the 11 minute thing? Is he saying its only 6 minutes long? My heart is racing and I need to know!

    7. J. Says:

      11,53 minutes, minus credits.

    8. Socceroos Says:

      Phew! I was worried there!

      Thanks J. =)

    9. MeshWeaver Says:

      awesome!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      lol, “Nathan is silly”…

      i love these videos…they’re so cool

    10. blenderman345 Says:

      Sintel looks to be the best of the three open movies so far. Sorry, Elephants Dream, didn’t really like you, even being a Blender showcase, the story was terrible, LOVED Big Buck Bunny, matching story with great visual, and this looks in word: EPIC.
      But I really think it’s because Blender is progressing in an upward progression. In Truth, the animation in Elephant’s Dream just didn’t match up with BBB, and Sintel’s going to beast everything. I didn’t really get Elephant’s Dream, but I showed a whole bunch of kids BBB, and they Loved it. I know a whole bunch of guys that will love Sintel even more though.


    11. Blendiac Says:

      Am I missing something here?… 12 minutes?

      Last I heard it was going to be 11! (Currently expanding at 1 minute a day…)

      Can someone ask Ton how many DVD’s we need to buy to get Sintel exapnded to a full length motion feature? ;D

    12. DingTo Says:

      11,53 minutes is awesome! Can’t wait to see the film. πŸ™‚

    13. Neoranga Says:

      Nathan <3

    14. [cool name here] Says:

      Haha Nathan is awesome!
      Also, I agree with blenderman345 didn’t like Elephants Dream but this looks EPIC!

    15. ruddy Says:

      Very cool! good luck with the hard remaining work! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, this would be funny to know that! πŸ™‚ However, I wonder if the team could manage the overworking stress (and also being far from the family without Pixar-like income), or should be progressively renewed…

      This is naΓ―ve, but some considerations… Say there’re 15 people full time, 1000€ daily is a bare minimum (pessimistic). According to weboutlook, about 200$ could be collected if all the ads revenues of both Blendernation and Blenderartists were used (stupid, as the servers must eat a significant part of the income). For Blender, according to its frequentation, 300$ daily are realistic. So only one third of the funding could be reached to keep this sustainable?

    16. Strohhut Says:

      hmm … 11:53 minutes?

      I guess, I will be pretty sad after 11:54
      but hey! I will definitely press the replay button πŸ˜‰

    17. Cathy & India Says:

      Colin – I’m being motherly here and saying you look a bit tired – make sure you are looking after yourself! Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye – India was very disappointed.

    18. J. Says:

      I understand your concerns, but anyway, the movie must go on! πŸ˜‰

    19. alalo Says:

      Thanks for the video! Very clarifying. I used to think that Nathan had some disturbium or something. Now I know that he is simply silly πŸ™‚


    20. Shinobi Says:

      12 minutes movie!!!

      that’s so exciting, guys……. keep up the hard working!

    21. wayne Says:

      nice, the more the merrier πŸ™‚

    22. AlesWolf Says:

      hahahahah…Nathan is silly!!


    23. loopDuplicate Says:

      muy intersante!

    24. kingcreole Says:

      11 minutes … -.- i thought it would be longer because of all the work designing, riggin, texturing, camera movement etc. i know it takes long to render everything but when the settings are done and you “only” have to animate the caracters i would expand a movie to at least 60 mins^^ anyway: nice work so far, i am goin to watch it and im lookin forward to it^^ power to the open movies xD

    25. Becca(RedJay) Says:

      Nathan is so silly that I emailed a screenie to my bff and mom.

    26. lsscpp Says:

      Hey Colin! where is your scaring glance in this video!??

    27. J. Says:

      Quickly gone when you’re working hard! πŸ˜‰
      But I’m very confident that it’s worth it!

    28. kram1032 Says:

      Yay, nearly 12 mins πŸ˜€

      Ok, so, everyone just mentions “yay, Nathan is silly!” – Now WHAT was that silly thing, at that moment? Or was it really just a joke everyone could just laugh about?
      They debated in the background until Nathan held up that message. Then, the conversation was over. So, it must have to do with what just happened that moment…

    29. Loolarge Says:

      I just hope the team will not suffer too much crunch/overtime. I think it would be better if the film was shorter, so there would be more time to make it perfect. Should we all order another DVD, so the team can grow even bigger? πŸ˜€

    30. W Says:

      Not related specifically to this, but I wonder: Are we going to get any MUSIC teasers? I’d be interested.

    31. TheANIMAL Says:

      Avarage shot length is 3.6 seconds. I find this worrying, relentless quick shot changes piss me off.

    32. Matheus TΓ³folli Says:

      11:53 minutes? Nice ^^

      But… how about doing a full lenght movie? Around 1 hour, maybe~ I bet it would be great!

    33. Ziggy Says:

      This would be an awesome series or full length movie.

      Probably never will be, I suppose, but I would be first in line to buy it if it were.