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Planning update

on July 6th, 2009, by Ton

After all agendas and urgent other todos have been aligned, here’s the final dates for the next steps:

  • Second half of July (to be announced): Durian pre-sale campaign starts
  • August 24-28: preproduction week for all team members here in Amsterdam
    (script ready!)
  • September: Colin, David and Martin finalize breakdown and work on storyboard
  • Oct 5th: real start of the Durian project!

As you can notice, it has been shifted a little bit… especially the preproduction workshop week was more convenient to move to after Siggraph. The month of July I’ll have other urgent work to do as well. 😉

This month Martin will work on his scenario, with help of Colin. During august the rest of the team then can get involved with it, and we should be able to finalize it all in the workshop here. Colin and David then stay, working on getting the full breakdown and storyboards ready.

Also great news is that the Netherlands Film Fund decided to support Durian! We receive first some funding for the concept/storyboarding phase, and when we show something good, their support will be continued to cover up for a significant part of our costs!

The last week of september we also will organize an advanced Blender course here, led by Andy Goralczyk, and most likely supported by the durianers who then hangout here as well. If you want to participate in this great opportunity, visit this page for more info.

OK, back to work, will keep you all updated!


11 Responses to “Planning update”

  1. Sadeq Says:

    Thanks for the update and good luck to all.

  2. Christiaan(AniCator) Says:

    Nice. Don’t forget about updating the blog theme. It’s a bit messy here and there in my opinion. (for example the post title is next to the previous post’s title)

  3. Sago Says:

    Netherlands Film Fund. Whooooot!! Haha, congrats. They couldn’t say no this time. ^_^

  4. Deevad Says:

    @Christiaan(AniCator) : Thanks for the feedback , title problem is now fixed !

  5. Sunjay! Says:


  6. Joeri Says:

    Glad to see that at last you’ve made an impossible planning. Hugs, Joeri

  7. Len Says:

    Flippen sweet 🙂 I’m really excited about Durian!

  8. Kroul Says:

    Well done! What OS вщ you use for work? Ubuntu?

  9. hukares Says:

    @Kroul: Sadly, they don’t use pure FOSS when it comes to OS. They use Mac — dunno about Windows. Watch “The Making of Elephant Dreams”.

  10. JohnDoe Says:

    @hukares: For big buck bunny they used ubuntu. PCs from their sponsor Maqina, running Ubuntu.

    More details here:

  11. hukares Says:

    @JohnDoe: Great to hear that… Canonical should start sponsoring any upcoming BF’s animation projects.