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    We proudly present: the Durian team!

    on June 20th, 2009, by Ton

    Out of the almost 150 submissions, we’ve had the difficult job to pick five names of people to join us for the Durian project here in Amsterdam. The overall quality of submissions was just amazing, we could have easily picked 30 of them!

    With Colin, David and Brecht we managed to get the list trimmed down to 24. Based on feedback from some expert artists it was then brought down to about 12, and then still… but strictly based on evident skills we need, and getting a good all-round expertise, the five new Durian members are:

    • Angela Guenette (modeling, rigging, animation)
    • Ben Dansie (3D generalist)
    • Nathan Vegdahl (rigging, animation)
    • Lee Salvemini (animation)
    • Soenke Maeter (shading, light, compositing)

    This in addition to:

    • Colin Levy (director, 3D generalist)
    • David Revoy (concept art)

    I’m also very happy to announce we can get for technical support again the talents of:

    • Brecht van Lommel
    • Campbell Barton

    I would like to thank everyone for sending in their enthusiast submissions! Everyone should have had an email from me by now too. We also have a small back-up team, in case we can find additional funding, or an amazing result of the DVD pre-sale campaign (which will start in 3-4 weeks).

    And: check the updated “about” page, for more information, mugshots and portfolio links!


    41 Responses to “We proudly present: the Durian team!”

    1. mazz Says:

      tjoho! Intresting some new names I didn’t now from before, will check out their portfolios. BTW I will buy a DVD for sure.


    2. Qv51 Says:

      Cool ! Can’t wait :D.

    3. sebastian_k Says:

      congratulations everyone!
      that is an awesome team you put together. i am looking forward for everything durian brings us. πŸ™‚
      have fun!

    4. Dusty Says:

      yeah!!! Best of luck guys!!

    5. Martin Says:

      congratulations to everyone!

    6. Vassilios Says:

      All the best guys!!!

    7. Liam Says:

      Congratulations guys! I’m really looking forward to it! πŸ˜€

    8. Terry Wallwork Says:


      Looking forward to ordering the dvd.

    9. rogper Says:

      Congratulations everyone!
      Btw, very cool “Project Durian Application” Ben Dansie, I’ve enjoyed it very much πŸ˜‰

    10. Mike Says:

      Congratulations to all contestants!

    11. zynif Says:

      Having 2 members from past project is a nice bonus.

    12. pablo Lizardo Says:

      congratulations guys!!, what a great team!!!!
      i will folllow every little movement of this fantastic project!!

    13. Gianmichele Says:

      Congratulations guys! What a great team!

      I’m really happy to see Lee back on board and also will keep an eye on the new entries πŸ˜€


    14. felix Says:

      w00t, always nice to read about the selected talents,
      may it be as fun as the last projects, if not even better! πŸ™‚

    15. Joe Says:

      I abosultely can’t wait for this to start coming together!!

      Please have as much as possible of the behing the scenes/making of stuff.

      Too bad there can’t be something in the E shop of a full how to create an open movie. I know it would be a large undertaking but it could be done as you go along the entire creation process.

      Thank you for such a great software product!!!!

    16. wayne Says:

      flip, what an amazing team!!

      congrats guys, you are all brilliant artists and i look forward to seeing the outcome!

    17. Virgilio Says:

      Wow… lots of talent there! πŸ˜€

      Congrats, guys! I’ll be looking forward to see this movie. I’m sure it will be awesome.


    18. Dreamon Says:

      congatulation !!!
      best lucks guys !!!

    19. Maurice Says:

      Thanks for replying to so many people that quickly. the chosen team members are soooo good… and generous too, some of them already share their knowledge a lot, especially BenDansie…
      I hadn’t seen angela’s work before and must say I’m breathtaken, devastated… by her organic modelling abilities.
      Who would’nt be jalous of Lee doing so great stuff that early in blender’s history and at such a young age (shinobe wowed memory)
      Nathan will add some mature acting to such a project,
      Soenke is an inspired award winner…
      Guys I hope you’ll all get along well and show us the way!

    20. Bmud Says:

      I can’t believe Nathan is on the roster after just doing BBB. Going to bring tons of expertise, but no one else was a returning candidate. Maybe Nathan is like me and the rest of us Americans who can’t find jobs. πŸ™

      Um um um, but no I’m not sore at all. Really lovely selections. Can I be the first to ask if Farthasay will be brought in to develop more volumetrics for this project?

    21. Nathan Vegdahl Says:

      Bmud: Lee is also returning. He was part of the ED team.

    22. Ben Dansie Says:

      Kudos to Campbell as well! Add to that the obvious experience Brecht and Ton will bring as a support team of course…

      Just thought it needed a mention.

      I’m not sure how well my web hosting will hold up because I don’t think I have that much bandwidth on the plan, so is another way to view my portfolio / application for those who are interested.

    23. Terence Gomez Says:

      wow!! very cool team!! can’t wait to see the them in action

    24. mercury Says:

      espero pronto ver los avances de la producciΓ³n…
      suerte a todos…

    25. Dilly Says:

      you guys really deserve it!

      good luck! =)

    26. stan Says:

      Good Luck Durian Team and Blender!

    27. pajo Says:

      Awesome team!! Can’t wait to see the outcome!

    28. Colin Levy Says:

      Ben – Just updated your portfolio link on the about page.

      Thanks for all the comments and kudos, guys! We’ll need your enthusiasm to keep us going in the dark months ahead. πŸ˜€ And thanks to all who submitted, you made it extremely difficult for us!

    29. renderdemon Says:

      Congratulations to everybody!
      Especially for Ben Dansie,I saw him grow so much on,and for Angela,she is a really talented girl.
      Nathan,I hope you’ll do some crazy muscle setup this time!

    30. david Says:

      Can’t wait to see Durian on display at my local BIG TV electrical store, just BBB!

    31. Adrian Says:

      Can’t wait to see some work from this project. I will be following it very closely. I’m very happy to see so much Aussie talent on board too!

    32. Dread Knight Says:

      Congrats to the winning team πŸ™‚

      I expect to see an awesome animation.

    33. SeanJM Says:

      Good going, this project is going to be very sexy. Remember to occlude the backfaces in wireframe mode sometime–retopologizing is probably going to be common on this project and without that occlusion you are going to be slowing down the modeling process.

      As always, good luck.

    34. thiago kolb Says:

      Good Luck for Team!!!!!

    35. ivan Says:

      wooow in few words itΒ΄s an amazing team, i hope i could be in the next open movie project

    36. Joeri Says:

      Lee ??? Love you man! Never understood a word you said, lol.
      I think this will showcase your skills better than the Laurel & Hardy you made ( hahaha , just kidding, I love Elephants dream )

      Ben looks like he knows what hes doing. Colin should gear him less to effect and more to emotion. Unless ofcourse Ben becomes head of sfx, you know, besides, head of shading, head of coffee making etc etc.

      Campbell is fantastic. Straight-as-a-bullit solutions that work.

      Angela…. Sounds like a girls name…. Her portfolio makes me think she should be the director, sorry Colin.

      This is all very super. I hope you can stand the pressure, but this is an amazing team.
      I’m, as always, just worried about two things: Timing ( Edit ) and Emotion. I think you will have talents for solving both but their voices need to be heard.

      O I didnt forget to mention all the team members, Theres just a fixed amount of times that a word amazing still has impact.

    37. Jan de Vries Says:

      Avoid Singapore!

    38. Sago Says:

      Looking good & awesome guys. Good luck!

      Sacha from Singapore

    39. luqman haqq Says:

      Just wondering this durian, Ive looked at the style of the promotional work and it seems cartoon/2D, is this a development that will utilize the 3D blender software to produce a 2D project. If not, still cant wait to see the product πŸ™‚

    40. Ben Dansie Says:

      @luqman haqq – The mood board is mainly 2D/still images at the moment because it’s just an easy way to show the overall theme.

      While we are certainly not bound by any one of the pieces on that page and may come up with a different visual style to all of them; it’s still way to early to say. For what it’s worth, there is a lot I personally like about the first and last video examples: “Onimusha 3” and the “Wrath of the Lich King.”

    41. Ton Says:

      The project is all set to begin