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More people, more fun!

on April 6th, 2010, by ali

Over the last weeks new team members arrived to support the durian project. It is getting crowdy in the Blender institute but amazing work is being done and it is much fun. Ali

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  1. CoxB Says:

    A question:
    it’s friday now and no sign of Joe at all yet, has he arrived at the Blender Institute?
    Is he still having problem with passport?

    Please guys, let us know something more and….. show us some renders too!!!
    Do you remember? We are all waiting for Fortress of rendertude to finally open and let slip some images out……. 🙂

  2. J. Says:

    ”Fortress of Rendertude”? That sounds more like the building of Pixar, with all those fences around it. 😉

    Something else, just a question:
    How mad/weird is Nathan when the camera is OFF?
    I’m curious! 😀

  3. CoxB Says:

    yeah, Fortress of Rendertude as ben called it in the blog post about Pablo arrival:

    look here

    +1 for how mad/weird Nathan is off the camera LOL!
    and again, is Joe at the Blender institute guys?

  4. kramer3d Says:

    What do you guys think you are doing having fun and stuff?!?!?

    Colin, don’t you think we’re due for another directorial address? 🙂

  5. macouno Says:

    CoxB: Yup he arrived last thursday!

  6. CoxB Says:

    YEAHHH! Go Joe!