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New Durianer: Joe Eagar

on April 11th, 2010, by Ton

The last of the team members arrived friday, with a day delay on the airport… the poor guy! Joe – everyone knows him for his BMesh project – will assist our team with a lot of crucial development topics, such as cloth sim, snow particles and of course loads of bug fixes. Welcome Joe!


(Sorry for crappy picture, i need a new camera!)

26 Responses to “New Durianer: Joe Eagar”

  1. DudeFromKansas Says:

    Welcome Joe, Glad to have you on the team!!!

  2. yoff Says:

    Excellent, welcome to Joe!

  3. stenosis Says:

    Welcome Joe. (-:

  4. Revolt_Randy Says:

    I wonder if they are beginning to stack artists on top of programmers, or programmers on top of artists????? lol

  5. Joe Says:

    Congrats Joe, welcome!

    Ton, i’m suprised you don’t have people with desks out in the hallway with all the people that are in there at the moment…. geesh what are we up to… like 23 working on this project now.

    Either that or you are having fun running a small time sweat shop. LOL

  6. Simon Says:


  7. wo262 Says:

    flying frankie in a frame

  8. D Says:

    Cloth AND snow? 😀 Magniloquent!

    It’s been a while since the last development post…

  9. Mitch Says:

    That’s great news for Durian and Blender development! Thanks for the update.

  10. Shinobi Says:

    Hi Joe, it’s beautiful to see you there too! 🙂

    I hope you could enjoy every moment working for Durian and have a break from your hard work on BMesh.
    It’s always good to have a break from a hard work, relax your mind and apply yourself in something new and inexplored yet 😀

    Keep us informed!

  11. Blendiac Says:

    It’s kinda boggling my mind how many people Ton is paying for right now to make us an awesome free piece of software and movie. At this point, as an independant guy who just wants Durian to rock, I’d just like to remind everyone to buy the Durian DVD’s (as if you needed any more). Remember, the more we buy, the more awesomeness Ton can afford for us. It seems he already has four times the number of people than Peach / Apricot! 🙂

    Go Durian!

  12. Ton Says:

    Blendiac: it is 2 times the amount as Peach, still impressive 🙂
    We are well supported luckily, with subsidy as well as the Blender Community!

  13. Nixon Says:

    Happy Welcome Mr Eagar!!!

    Best wishes to working at the institute, BMesh pwns!
    No doubt that he will be a great addition for the team.
    Ton is doing an awesome job bringing in all those gifted artists and developers. Huge thanks to everyone that supports the institute and the development of Blender and Sintel!!!

  14. alalo Says:

    Welcome, Joe 8) Hope you have a great time working so closely to those awesome end users and other awesome devs 🙂


  15. Shinobi Says:

    Ton, it’s extraordinary to hear that, really man! 🙂
    It means Blender has really started to shine looouuuudly all over the CG community… simply great… 🙂 😀

    when do you’ll announce an airplane from Cuba too… have you said farsthary, guys?! 😉

  16. MeshWeaver Says:

    Hi Joe!

    @Ton – the picture isn’t that bad 🙂

    GO DURIAN! 😀

  17. J. Says:

    What’s the maximum amount of people you can have working at the same time in the Blender Institute building?

    I’ve made a short rhyme I’d like to share:
    ”The more people you need, the more people cheat!” 😉

    Nathan once said: ”Happy people make happy products”, but as far as I know this will be quite ”dark” movie, so I’m wondering how the ”mood” is at the Blender Institute currently?
    Aren’t you in need of the ”EHBO doos” yet? 😀 😀 😀

  18. ucupumar Says:

    With so many great people,
    I wonder if durian won the Oscar 2010 for animated shorts

  19. Simon Says:

    In what way is snow particles needed? isn’t SPH fluids + general awesomeness of the particle system supposed to be able to take care of it?

  20. kirado Says:

    Wow.. even more people 😉

  21. ambake Says:

    Durian’s development is exciting enough, with a truly excellent cast of artists and developers, the film is going to be brilliant! The software is already a leap forward even unfinished and I’ve been so keen for Joe’s bmesh to be implemented. Keep going people, your all amazing artist’s and thanks again Ton for creating this amazing project!

  22. Bernard Says:

    Welcome aboard Joe 🙂

  23. RH2 Says:

    Joe Cool!

    great news

  24. Socceroos Says:

    Joe? AWESOME!

    Great to see you on board Joe! Happy Durianing!

  25. CoxB Says:

    Yeah!!! Go Joe, happy coding at the blender institute!!!!!!

  26. matty 686 Says:

    is he actually working on the b-mesh or is he doing something else