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New team member: Pablo Vazquez

on March 8th, 2010, by Ton

Freshly arrived in the Netherlands: Pablo “venomGFX” Vazquez will be added to the team responsible for shading / lighting / render  & compositing. Great to have this ex-Apricoter over again!

Also queued up: Dolf “macouno” Veenvliet will start here in 2 weeks, to help the render team as well. And, last but not least, William Reynish – ex BBB – will be helping animating here the last three months! Starts in April…

This week we also have David Revoy over to help (paint overs!), he’ll be here for a week each month now.

That puts this project on over double the full-time artists as previously! We need it though, ambitions are high… and if we want a film by the end of june we better hurry!

Oh eh, where are the renders? Damn Soenke and Ben are hiding it somewhere… 😉



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  1. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

    Great news Ton!
    Welcome on board Pablo, Dolf and William. This becomes a large group. It’s really good, you made up the story and style already, so that the “new guys” have a style sheet and a clear story to follow.
    Wish you a lot of wisdom Ton, to handle such a big group of “creative monkeys” 🙂
    Be aware of the Nathusthanian monkey! I heard this monkey can really get very dangerous and scary 😉

    Have fun and rock the world

    2010: The year of Durian

  2. W Says:

    @ Ethan: I may be a bit blunt, but you are not only hijacking a thread, you are also making a rather silly request. The reason three hundred blender users participated in the sprint is cause are really enjoying the progress Durian is making and know it’ll be a high quality movie, as well as widely distributed…unlike your project. Good luck on your movie! …and good luck trying to find people who will do your work for free.

    Aside from that little speech – I think it’s awesome Pablo is joining! Have fun, and leave the eyes at normal sizes!

  3. mercury Says:

    felicidades pablito 🙂

  4. bruno mandolesi Says:

    Great Pablo!!!

    Finally you had everything!
    Christmas at home, some days in switzerland and now:

    D U R I A N !!!

    happy for you and happy for the project.
    Dream Team

  5. Pablo Vazquez (venomgfx) Says:

    woooooooow *wide eyes, wide open

    Thanks everyone! I’m *so* happy for such a warm welcome! 😀

    As warm as the one I had here, yesterday I had a great first day, it feels very different from Yo Frankie!, but nicely different! 🙂

    First impression: the project is *HUGE!*, I wouldn’t be able to compare with previous Open Projects, the amount and complexity of the work here is really what 2.5 needs to have it polished.

    Nothing else to say than: “Expect Awesomeness” :3

  6. Phyneol Says:

    Ah Ahh! Pablo, nice to hear that from you (not that we doubt it… ;))!!!!!

    A very very welcome to you Pablo, to Dolf, to William, and a very very welcome back to David!!! It’s really great to know you’ll be at the Blender institute for an entire week per month… go paint-over!!!

    And last but not least, I’d want to HUGELY THANK YOU BRECHT! for your extraordinary work, latest Indirect lighting and micropoly-displacement made my day:

  7. jLuft Says:

    Pablo in gramsterdam. Woot! :] I love blender and all that is open source. Best of luck to everyone taking part in this project.

  8. Armando Guinand Says:

    Hope you will do well
    You deserve all the best !
    Especially due to your skills and artworks
    Now it’s getting serious at the Blender institute !
    Amsterdam is such a nice place to be too.

    Rendering is such a difficult thing, taking a lifetime to master
    Understanding light, interactions with the environment and so on…
    Light is your tool, and nothing is more elusive than photons
    Eh, I really hope to hear about you very soon 🙂
    Saludo amigo !

  9. creek23 Says:

    Two ex members of previous Open Movie projects — I was dead happy. And then David Revoy?!? Back in the team? This is insanely cool! You guys make me cry! What a great team you have there!

  10. Pablo Lizardo Says:

    YEAHHHH!!! venomgfx in durian!!! (i’m pretending to look surprised XD) !!
    Congratulations tocayoo!! and I am looking forward to seeing your work on this project!!

  11. Grinch Says:

    Ea! :'( Que copado! Dale sin asco!

  12. ramon miranda Says:

    Congrats Venom! you are great. Hope you enjoy this new adventure. take care with purples ok? joking 😛 . Have a nice day.

    for the other side I can help if you need help on painting. bye

  13. ettachfini taha Says:

    wow! it’s time for realistic show. I know you will succed easily good luck

  14. blenderMe Says:

    wow lots of impersonation here, now using blenderguy2008 to say all the crap you can handle within lines, ha ha ha