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More epic in 2010!

on December 31st, 2009, by Ton

I’ve just made quick screenshots of the lone soldiers here… they’re still at work, but in 30 minutes I’ll get the beer, Lee gets the playing cards and we’ll have some old fashioned fun. Then Angela arrives too, and we go to our favourite thai – even open this evening for us – and around 23.30 I take everyone into town to watch Amsterdam explode at midnight!

On behalf of the entire Durian crew, I wish everyone here a totally amazing & happy new year! New chances, new opportunities!



(Soenke, Nathan, Lee, Ben, Campbell, Oliebollen).

70 Responses to “More epic in 2010!”

  1. Bardes Says:

    Happy new year form Brazil! 2010 will be epic with Durian.
    I wish the best for all you guys…

  2. Jezzabetz Says:

    Happy new year!!!

    and save some oliebollen for me!!!

  3. Max Says:

    Hey, a good, productive and happy new year to everyone!

    I really should have spent my time in front of my PC instead of going to that party. The people who were there were so damn boring and at times it was almost like on a graveyard, then when some ultra-drunk-people came along it was like in a clownshow. As I already said, wasted time.

  4. Saverio Says:

    Happy new year guys…

  5. BILL Says:


  6. matt Says:

    Happy New Year everyone

  7. Jan - 2 Says:

    Oh! I haven’t been checking for a couple of days, great photos Ton.

    I send a warm HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL, from Australia. My wish for each of you this year is that your talent and passion collectively with Blender be a stand out success in and out of the 3D world.

  8. LetterRip Says:

    Happy New Years all

  9. Alexey Ost Says:

    Happy New Year to you all & Best Regard from Belorussia!!!

    Good people so not much at this world… Ton, thank you that you there is at this world!

    Good luck & more-more-more epic in 2010!)

    Your project the best!)

  10. MeshWeaver Says:


  11. rogper Says:

    One question to Lee if I may:
    In the picture we see you animating the reference model of Sintel.
    Are you animating only the body movements for now? Facial expressions are being saved for later on?

  12. angbor Says:

    Epic new year blender and durianteam

  13. marwin Says:

    i wasnt able to greet on time…. my internet was down =c happy new year to the durian team ^^ \m/… good luck to all of you out there =D

  14. Nixon Says:

    Happy New Year everyone!
    2009 was a great year for blender…not only that I discovered it but with the start of Durian and the release of 2.5alpha a new level has been reached!

    I really enjoy this blog and all the related developments, it’s awesome to learn from the community and see what everyone comes up with!

    This has been a great year, much love and appreciation to everyone involved around blender!

    Hope all of you enjoyed that tasty looking Olliebollen!
    Best regards to the whole team.

  15. Moonflower Says:

    Yay! Let the epic begin!

  16. Lee Says:

    Thanks for all the well wishes guys! Happy new year!

    We’re all back at the studio (except for Colin who joins us tomorrow), keeping out of the cold and working on the film again, back to the trenches!

    rogper: so we could start animating quicker, Nathan did some proxy versions of the characters but with the final rig setup (except for stuff he’ll add when doing weights on final sintel). So you’re correct we are just animating the body, which hasn’t been too much of a problem so far, just the way production pipeline goes sometimes, and will animate a face pass at a later time. Hope this answered your question, lemme know if you want any more info =)

  17. Keito Says:

    Nice to see so many workstations running Ubuntu! ;0)

    What GFX cards are in use in the Office?

  18. Loop Duplicate Says:

    You need more sugar on your pastries. Maybe that’s epic sugar?

  19. rogper Says:

    Thanks for clarifying Lee! It sure did.
    It’s a good method and even more when we have slowish PC’s…
    As son I find something that intrigues me I will bother again 🙂

  20. panzi Says:

    Sintel could be related to Yori: (for all of you that speak German. are there any?)