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    Jeremy arrived!

    on April 1st, 2010, by Ton

    Warning: this is an april 1 post without silly jokes!
    Jeremy has arrived already on the 30st of March, forgot to post it yesterday, that’s why. Jeremy will help us the last three months as an animator. He’s from Sydney Australia (too many aussies here!), and worked with Matt Ebb for Promotion Studios on Lighthouse and Kajimba. Great guy, awesome animator!


    (BTW: next to arrive next week: Joe Eagar, Blender developer! And then we’re complete… I hope!)

    33 Responses to “Jeremy arrived!”

    1. Psy-Fi Says:

      Australians are natural travellers so no wonder there are so many around. But I think amsterdam has developed an attraction field recently, that is true!
      I’ll keep it predictable:
      Go team GO!!

    2. K.A.Byggjordet Says:

      How many off you will there be total working in the blender institute then?

    3. yoff Says:

      Great news 🙂

    4. Dusty Says:

      If Kajimba is anything to go by, this is going to be an awesome addition to the tribe!! 🙂

    5. Davis Says:

      Dude, it’s one big Blender party in Amsterdam. Sounds awesome! 😀

    6. Revolt_Randy Says:

      I’m thinking Ton is secretly building an army of 3D artists to take over the world!!!!!

    7. Simon Says:

      I hope you’re not running out of money! This is awesome news anyways. Keep up the good work!

    8. Alexsani Says:

      They’re going to start running out of room in there…

    9. oxben Says:

      Did you guys win the European Lottery to be able to hire so many people? 🙂

    10. Anonymous Says:

      Dude, I love your hair.

      I am not kidding when I say that hair rocks.

    11. Bao Says:

      Today is 1 April folks, they just did some composition. He is yet in Australia not in Holland.

    12. D Says:

      This is some party, dude! 😀
      Awesome, Jeremy, awesome! Please post a blog entry soon; can’t wait to see what you’re up to. 😀 Forget the jet lag.

    13. dtd1 Says:

      Glad to see he’s on the team, he does great work – I’ve known him a while and looking fwd to seeing what he will help produce. 🙂 work hard, dtd!

    14. DingTo Says:

      Welcome! 🙂

    15. Agus Says:

      If the arriving of Joe Eagar is a joke, that would be a really sad joke. OMG if he will be there, how long??? this is becoming REALLY REALLY exciting project

    16. alalo Says:

      Welcome! Yay for one more pro animator in the team.

      Awesome news about Joe 🙂 Firstly a great addition to help killing bugs and the to kill editmesh? 🙂

    17. Benji Says:

      Yeah, the hair is cool!
      and yeah it would be a bad joke.

    18. horace Says:

      joe eagar! awesome! there need to be more programmers on the team. 🙂

    19. Tristan Lock Says:

      Yay Jez. Glad to hear you not working at a bank anymore. WTF were you thinking 😉 Kick some ass over there in Amsterdam dude.

    20. dtd1 Says:

      love that hair! Well done Jeremy – what a buzz this blender thing emits! DTD2

    21. Pablo Vazquez Says:

      no joke at all, we are really having joeedh coming over next week!

      just saw some blocking animation from Jeremy today, awesome!

    22. Anonymous Says:

      Yeah Jeremy !


    23. TheANIMAL Says:

      i’m just glad the BF (or is the institute?) has the finance to pull together a team like this

      its a pretty big team

    24. frank_robernson Says:

      How will he have jet lag? He is an animator time is sort of muddled anyway right?

      I’m surprised how big these teams get each year, I also believe blender community has taken over the world with the low frequency which is nice.

      Which I saw the peach projects work on a pan-flit in my mail …box and I live in new zeal and?How odd.Maybe someone is doing some fake advertising for maya…

    25. J. Says:

      Mwaahhhh, I suppose it’s just a Dutch guy who went to the barber… VOILA! 😛

      Good luck everyone, I hope you’re all still on schedule. 😀

    26. J. Says:

      Btw, Ton, it’s ”30th”, not ”30st.” 😉

    27. Agus Says:

      Pablo Vazquez is not a dedicated joker, so this is so exciting!! Bravo Joeedh!!!

      And yes, i like the particle system on your head Jeremy!

    28. RH2 Says:

      not a prank?

      this is unbelievable 🙂


    29. Radiant Says:

      Australia FTW

    30. ZeroO Says:

      For anyone interested in Jeremy’s work:
      He certainly is awesome!
      Welcome Jeremy!

    31. 3pointedit Says:

      Good luck Aussies. You will need it, I just saw “How to train your Dragon” and it is kick a**. Dragons and teenagers, awsome hair and skin! Funny how similar projects come up at the same time. Great to see such amazing talent around a free app.

    32. Rudiger Says:

      Sure it’s a joke! It goes – how many Aussies does it take to make a Dutch open movie…

    33. creek23 Says:

      @Rudiger: ahahaha! wait… just how many aussies are there in the team right now?