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Chaos&Evolutions : Master DVD burned

on April 2nd, 2010, by Deevad

Chaos&Evolution-Video-page I spent last week with the Durianers in the Blender Institute to continue art directing and doing paint-overs. Unfortunately , as most of them concern the end of the movie or reveal part of the story, I can’t show them on the blog for the moment. Same for the matte-painting…

I was really surprised with the quality you have done with the last sprint about town peoples. Your characters and animations will help the team a lot, thanks again to all participants of the community that spend time on helping us.

The other purpose of my travel to the institute was to give the final videos and files of Chaos&Evolutions. And since yesterday , the master copy is burned.
I wanted to share this news with all the people that have pre-ordered this Dvd, more than 500 ! Thanks

In around 2 weeks (duplication time + shipping ) it will be in your mail box. If you don’t have your copy pre-ordered, know that the “pre-order discount” of 10% is still available until April 9th.

I attached to this post a screenshot of the final video page so that you can check the final content , and I made the Gimp bush kit available for downloading on my blog here.


35 Responses to “Chaos&Evolutions : Master DVD burned”

  1. poeple Says:

    Poeple! 🙂

  2. 3DGURU Says:

    hello , what is the total runtime for the tutorials ?
    after timelapse and before , this sums to a very long tutorials or i don’t understand ?

    thanks .

  3. Achim Luebbeke Says:

    Wohowwww! 🙂 I’m waiting for it soooo badly! Thought the last days to post where I urge/motivate you! Great news that you already finished it! I know the boring work of finishing is the hardest work at all! You are free now, again! Free for new inspirations! Guess, you are happy, too, right? 😉
    One question, to the blender team as well, because I know that creative work as an 8 hour per day work isn’t possible for long duration – at least not for me. 😛
    Can you tell something about the time ‘management’? – meaning you need to avoid a burn out, you need to recreate your emotional strength, you need to get further inspirations, you need to recover from painting or modeling several hours without pausing… How do you manage that over a time lapse of, let’s say, a month? – as a team, and/or as an individual. How do you keep yourself motivated _and_ in time with the deadlines?

  4. RioKuro Says:

    Wow great!

    This will be a great help on my new animation course on the St. Joost academy in Breda. I badly need some designing guidelines.

    Will be sitting infront of the mailbox!


  5. Month3d Says:

    just ordered mine! any chance I can get my copy signed on the durian premiere? ^^

  6. Lee Says:

    Month3D: you and me both =) Just join in the stalking with the rest of us, I’m sure we’ll get an autograph

  7. rogper Says:

    Thanks for the brush kit! Fells like someone just handed you a Key with a letter saying “Now wait two more weeks for the car” 😀

  8. Month3d Says:

    awesome 😀 another reason to definitely go to the premiere 🙂

  9. Quentin.G Says:

    génial Deevad!

    je n’ai pas encore pu le commander, mais je vais pas tarder 😀
    bonne continuation !

    Quentin, 2TIA4 (HEAJ)

  10. Sean Says:

    Hey David!
    Congrats on getting this project done. I really look forward to all the learning that it will provide. One thing that I am curious about that I don’t see in the contents of the dvd is if you provide and info/walkthrough/timelapse of the paintover process like this:

    You kind of walked through the process on that blog post, but I’m not good enough in Gimp to really understand what went on. I need to see the process start to finish. Is there something like this on the dvd? If not, would a supplemental downloadable be possible?

    Again, thanks for all the hard work, it’s a pleasure to support you and the blender foundation!

    -Sean (Liquidape)

  11. Simon Says:

    Can’t wait for my copy!

  12. yoyofargo Says:

    To everyone at the BI,
    I’d pay $5 extra for an autographed copy… Perhaps you could to this as a Limited Time Offer in the eshop?

  13. Robbie Losee Says:

    Looks even greater than I’d anticipated. Deevad you rock!

  14. curious Says:

    Interesting thing that most of the characters are women.
    just wondering…

  15. Benjamin Says:

    I’m excited!!! But what is a “master DVD”? Does that mean the finished product that just needs to be copied a few hundred times, or is it something that still needs to be worked on?
    Anyways… I want an autograph toooooooo. If you find a DVD with the note “send to: Benjamin Poprzanovic” just take a big marker, and scribble your name on it, will ya 😛

  16. Deevad Says:

    @poeple: thanks 🙂 “people” fixed in the post

    @3DGuru :
    First, 1h55 of tutorials with text and comments.
    And secondly , the source if you want to mimic my steps and be sure you see all steps : 19h58 of time lapses ( accelerated 2 time, but don’t hide options or manipulations ).

    @Achim Luebbeke :
    Thanks, and you are right ; I feel fresher for new inspiration and yes : finishing is the hardest work.
    For time management and avoid burn-out Durian team like joking, sometime play balloon or a bit video game. Or just spend sometimes on internet / or doing test with Blender. Ton know how to take care of us 🙂

    @RioKuro :
    Thanks and good luck for your academy course.

    @Month3D :
    Thanks ! Signing Chaos&Evolutions DVD in Durian premiere will look fun for sure.

    @Lee :

    @Rogper :
    The comparison with the car and keys is fun.

    @Quentin.G :
    Bonjour de ma part pour les éléves des 2TIA ! et bonne chance pour le travail de fin d’année.

    @Sean :
    Thank, 3D Blender paint-over as you link on your comment is not included in this DVD. But, it will be on the tutorial part of the Durian DVD. I will work on it soon 🙂

    @ Simon , Robbie Losee :

    @yoyofargo :
    Unfortunatly , I will be not in the e-shop when DVD will be produced to sign some of them. Come with it to the Durian Premiere or to the Blender Conference , I will do it with pleasure and for free. ( and if I have time, with a tiny drawing )

    @curious :
    Same as on my portfolio 😛

    @Benjamin :
    Thanks to share your exitement ; “master DVD” is the name we gave with Ton to the final burned 8Go dual layer DVD to replicate, as you already guessed. No change can be done now. For the autograph, see the answer to yoyofargo.

  17. Spanish subtitles please Says:

    David o administradores por favor colocar subtitulos en español, seria agradable

    por favor subtitulos en español

    Spanish subtitles please
    Spanish subtitles please

  18. Achim Luebbeke Says:

    Thanks for your answers! Greetings to you all! Were will the premiere take place? I don’t remember a premiere for Yo Frankie! !

  19. Ton Says:

    The DVD has no spoken text, no subtitles needed. There is english overlay text though, which could be replaced with spanish too… but that’s for another time.

  20. Benjamin Says:

    That´s good news… mostly. I will not be able to be there at the Durian premiere 🙁
    I´m still excited though 😉

    Thanx for everything Durian team!

  21. Pascal P. Says:

    Waiting eagerly to get the DVD!!! David, thank you so much for your work within Durian project and for providing such a good educational material (by the way I saw the preview video and it is awsome!). Also, thanks for always taking a bit of your spare time to help and answer some questions, I really appreciate.

    Keep up the good job! 🙂

  22. L'autre Says:

    Ta dernière image, la demoiselle avec le serpent est une de tes meilleurs créas!

    Pousse un peu plus sur l’anatomie et tu seras inarrêtable! 🙂

  23. creek23 Says:

    How about signing the CDs before packaging?!?

  24. creek23 Says:

    err… I meant, DVDs.

  25. Thiago Sul Says:

    Hey, greetings from Brazil! Congrats for the excellent job David, i must have to say: Sintel is comming and it looks like fantastic, you people have a super pro team there. And i’ll buy this DVD for sure, i wanna be a concept artist too, and i can learn about how to improve my workflow, what’s too slowly i think. But one question, how can i do to watch your movie? Only buying a copy? I’d love to watch it in a BIG cinema screen!

  26. Nordlund Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know how much stuff was on this dvd. I might have to get this.

  27. Thiago Sul Says:

    Hey, greetings from Brazil! Congrats for the excellent job David, i must have to say: Sintel is comming and it looks like fantastic, you people have a super pro team there. And i’ll buy this DVD for sure, i wanna be a concept artist too, and i can learn about how to improve my workflow. what’s too slowly i think. I’d love to watch Sintel in a BIG cinema screen.

  28. Narcis Says:

    # creek23 Says:
    # April 4th, 2010 at 06:58
    # How about signing the CDs before packaging?!?

    He put already his signature everywhere, there is no one of his interventions without a signature or a reminder about who did what. :p

    David Revoy©™® wuz there!

  29. Gwilwileth Says:

    Nous sommes en Avril, je vais enfin pouvoir le commander =D

    David tu a vraiment fait du très très beau boulot ! Merci de partager ton savoir ô combien grand ! Les progrès que je vais faire avec ce DVD 🙂

    Bonne continuation pour Sintel aussi ! 😉

  30. Gwilwileth Says:

    Nous sommes en Avril, enfin vais-je pouvoir le commander =D

    David, tu a vraiment fais du très très beau boulot ! Et tu en fais toujours sur Sintel ! Merci de partager ton savoir ô combien grand, cela va me faire faire beaucoup de progrès =D

    J’adore ton travail !
    Keep it up Durian team, you rock ! ^^

  31. Nixon Says:

    thats a great package I’m sure…gotta save some dough to get me one somewhen…
    anyhow the timelapse and tutorials released so far were awesome, that brush set huge too 🙂
    much appreciation for david’S work!!!
    merci beaucoup david!

  32. Wray Bowling Says:

    TYPO! It’s spelled quetzalcoat*L* (unless that was intentional, in which case it still annoys me)

    Also, I am buying this for sure, typo or no typo.

  33. Benjamin Says:

    DVD finished, ships per April 14?
    Aaaarggghhh… Does that mean I have to wait 3 weeks from April 14th till I get my DVD? I started counting a week ago!
    Good I did not preorder a month ago, I´d be a wreck by now.
    Harder than I thought.

  34. Still Says:

    Hi guys;

    I have bought the DVD and I was wondering when I’m going to receive it. I’m at Brazil.
    From my calculations, considering 4 weeks: May 12??????? Is it true????



  35. Still Says:

    Never mind… It was delivered yesterday. :))))