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on May 9th, 2010, by soenke

Some renders:

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  1. Strodtbeck Says:

    Seriously COOL!!! Can’t wait to see this on a big screen in HD!

  2. Shane Newville Says:

    Too many nit picky crits. This project’s got style. Everything about it so far is too awesome!

  3. sbela Says:

    Great job! Can’t wait for the release!

  4. Willshire86 Says:

    This is kinda sad guys. Here we have a bunch of people work off their buts to make a free animated short for us all and here you are grilling them because it’s not how you would like it. Opinions are variables and your opinion isn’t the only one out there. Others may have liked the hair the way it was. Now it’s all good to point out mistakes like the sub-surfacing but you don’t have to get your panties up in a wad about it. This is their movie. They will make it how ever they see fit. It is their art work. Instead of grilling them cause you are so unsatisfied with their work, go make your own video. All that being said, after watching the trailer, I would love to see a feature length film! Possibly something that makes it too theaters! I’d definitely be part of it if was an open movie project! Well, I plan on trying to part of the next open movie project regardless!!

  5. CFolea Says:

    Wow…really REALLY really REALLY super impressive!!! The trailer was really incredible as well! You all are doing great! I am absolutely blown away. All of it is a lot more impressive than anything I’ve ever done :D!!!

  6. Elcrapocrew Says:

    Okay guys (and the occasional Gal : ), yes everyone is entitled to their opinion however if your opinion has no redeeming value , “The armpit sucks” for example, then take your opinion elsewhere.

    Remember, that the crew is working very hard, they are dedicating time and energy to a project that they are going to GIVE to YOU for FREE! Picking apart their efforts without offering a single shred of edification or constructive criticism is tantamount to a slap in the face.

    Please, have a modicum of respect for the team. It is through their efforts (and those like them) that our beloved Blender matures into a 3D suite that give novices like myself the ability to look like gurus to our bosses when they need a 3D render or layout ASAP.

    For those of you who have offered your opinion but have tempered it with kindness and common sense, I thank you.

    As for me I will say only this: Thank you, Team Durian. Please continue the amazing work.

  7. Patrick Barroca Says:

    It seems to me that open movie project gets better each year as blender follow its wonderful path.

    This renders show tremendous atmosphere.

    Thanks to Team Durian

  8. Pankaj Says:

    There are some errors in the picture including her clothes and her eyes just dosen’t seem to be natural … i mean the reflection in the eyes is a lil bit more … i hope someone resolves these errors…

    The Reputation of entire blender community is riding on this project ..which is probably the most challenging endeavor for blender open movie project till date… Good Luck guys ..hope everything falls in place and soon.

  9. Emily Says:

    Seriously COOL!!! Can’t wait to see this on a big screen in HD!

  10. Limvot Says:

    Looks great! Practically perfect. If I really had to choose an area to criticize it would be hair, but it’s still far beyond what I’m capable of right now. Great job!

  11. Samuel Carlos de Sampaio Mattos Says:

    So good. I hope some day be so good like this.

  12. Mesonc Says:

    These are a little old (I was late for my own birth!) but as to the water, it sure looks like tears to me. In that pic it looks like she’s pressing against something pushing the clothes up. Y’all are doing great and I could only hope to be 1/20th modeler/animator/texture artist that any of the team is. Thanks!

  13. Mesonc Says:

    Forgot to note (if it’ll ever be seen) that redhead pic offered to say redheads don’t have red eyebrows, she’s dyed! But if you look closely, the eyebrows are still auburn not brown.

  14. LAsu Says:

    Is it possible to get sintels chest tattoo in picture =). It’ s cool and…