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on February 2nd, 2010, by soenke

Lots of artifacts, no real coloring, material work or texturing… but it has character

HAAHAHaha Stayin’ Alive



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  1. Web31337 Says:

    lol that looks more like a “Source” game engine screenshot 😀
    especially 3d textures on the wall partially highlighted with sun.
    is this really made with blender entirely? can’t believe it. :0

  2. epsilorn Says:

    it looks overall good to me, most of all the lighting, obviously walls lack displacement, but you already know it. Instead I wonder if there are plans to improve materials on the warrior-monk, to me all his clothing parts look like plastic.

    Keep up, you’re going great!

  3. Riton Says:

    Looks good. Is it a pure render, or is there some post prod ?

    Good job, keep it up ! 😀

  4. Radiant Says:

    what rendur did you use?.
    Did you use the blender rendur or a external one.
    And if so can you please tell me and the others which one?

  5. jsguillemette Says:

    Eh everyone! I’ll just give some pointer on a few things!

    The walls might look flat right now, but wait until we get microdisplacement! it will all get bumpy!

    The character in this is of course not final, since well in the end, he won’t even be in that scene. Soenke was just having full testing the material in an environment! Thats why he doesn’t have his cape for exemple.

    This was of course rendered in Blender Internal, without any raytracing. Rendered in about 2min I think, I’m not sure..but definitly under 5min.

    It’s a ‘pure’ blender internal render…but of course there are some compositing in Blender’s compositor.

  6. pixelpartner Says:

    Will you render the full movie in 2048px × 872px (DCI) and then rescale to FullHD/HD Letterbox (1080p/720p) ? Because then you also have to consider the differences in frame rate and sound issues as well (24 vs 25/30 frames per second)

    If you plan to also release on traditional 35mm film, be aware of the 1800px width, needed by most high end film recorders. 1828px is the size of camera gate, 1800px is the size of the projector gate.

  7. D Says:

    @pixelpartner, I don’t know the exact details, but they’ll be rendering in 4K (4096 x 1745), and presumably rescale down to the appropriate sizes. I also believe they’ll treat the framerate like one would for a theatrical movie home releases.

  8. shay Says:

    this is great , but i will want to soo more out of it 🙂

    i think posting this image under
    in the work in progress section will drag lots of feed back

  9. dseverino Says:

    Hello SINTEL’s CREW !! 😉


    But you can make better… 😉
    See your image…., you can see that :
    – all is vertical
    – all is aligned
    – … 😉 a little more “CHAOS”…

    GO ON !!!

  10. dseverino Says:

    Excuse-me again… 😉

    The street is too : rectilinear or straight…

    GOOD WORK !!

  11. wo262 Says:

    look at this street from pompey.

    they used that rounded stones to crossing the street. by this way the carriages can pass on the road. with that woods in the render transport cannot pass. but if it is a pedestrian street shouldn’t be those sidewalk, should?

  12. melon Says:

    Lovely WIP, waiting for more!

    Hmm, no ray-tracing (even sun-lamp?)!

    Under 5 min. rendering time is fantastic! Waiting for microdisplacement, though….

  13. busaiku Says:

    Saying that it looks like a Source game doesn’t sounds much like a compliment to me. I know this is a WIP, but I hope to see more detail in the final version since this one looks too much like screenshot from a game(and not a particulary spectacular game) and I know Blender is capable of much more.

  14. walo Says:


  15. grafixsuz Says:

    Interesting. The lighting is good. Could do with some better Skin shader, as it currently looks like a Gummy candy soldier. But like you said, it is just a stest so for that it is well done.

    Any other goodies on the way? Good luck everyone!

  16. Colezero Says:

    Well, it looks decent, but really nothing speciall. Don’t know if it was worth a post. Anyway keep going sintel-team 🙂

  17. dseverino Says:

    Hello it’s me again… 😉
    I walk a little and i think a little about “YOU”… 😉

    The : DYNAMIC POSE OBJECT or DYNAMIC PUT OBJECT with CHAOS (an automatic random rotation)

    With Collision detection for stable contacts like BULLET PHYSICS LIBRARY. (with open source collision detection)
    Like that if the body is not perfectly horizontal (slightly tilted), a credit will arise following dynamically on it for at least 3 points of contact as in dynamaique Blender

    And if you can, you can automatize this work with an automatic GRID… (with random too… 😉 )

    Sorry for my bad english but i try to help you a little bit as I can, if it could give you an idea to increase your workflow (performance)


  18. =DC= Says:

    Hi Guys from sINTEL’S TEAM !This Movie looks really nice 🙂 .. Really Nice Work.. I Still Hope that i will make “Spells” like you! Girl (I Think she has name Sintel 🙂 ) is really nice .. When i saw her ..she must be on my desktop just like wallpaper 🙂 😀
    and this man .. is really gorgeous ! :-O

    btw. Are you Planning create a real movie.. long 60-80 min ? 🙂

    Sorry For My English .. 🙂

    Good Night !

  19. Simon Says:

    Considered how much of the project that is still ahead this is a really neat looking render! Keep up the good work!

  20. Brian Treacy Says:

    Is that a garbage can full of half-eaten durian?

  21. be200fx Says:

    Durian doesn’t have bones.

    Looks like scraps from butchering dragons, to me.
    Sintel might be a tad peeved about that.

  22. Benjamin Bailey (Banor) Says:

    Coolness, but I hope the texturing and detail are a looong ways from being done. This looks like a video game – say, Oblivion. It’s great that you are making such great progress, I just hope the final result is ten times more awesome looking. 🙂

  23. shinobi Says:

    OOOoohhh! Microdisplacement? REALLY?!? I can’t wait for it……
    Great shot Soenke, very very good for a early WIP!

    I’d like to see more of those 😉

  24. Johan Says:

    Really good work! Looking forward to see some animation.

  25. lapix Says:

    Great guys.. great 🙂

  26. Cory Taylor Says:

    35mm film usually projects at 24fps in the US.

  27. [cool name here] Says:

    Oh my gawd. This is a WIP?!?!!! Excuse me while I cry in the corner thinking only of my ineptitude.
    (The only thing that gives this scene away as a WIP is the right wall and the manly man with the spray on bronzer) 😀

  28. ralmon Says:

    Hmmm. The road looks terrible with those cube blocks.

  29. Cory Says:

    Are those BBB apple cores in the barrel?

  30. Eric Jang Says:

    very assasin’s creed-esque!