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on February 5th, 2010, by ben

Always room to improve (with the exception of time), but at this point here are the Guardians. 🙂


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  1. creek23 Says:


    now how would it be believable for them to act as villains.

    you’ve just ruined their whole image now.

    just kidding 😛

    this guys got some yet-another-teen-movie attitude 😉

  2. creek23 Says:

    place a movie title, American Pie: The Ancient Times — this movie would rock. 😛

  3. Meniblend Says:

    It is very realistic, I am astonished and to stun.

  4. Mr Mowgli Says:

    I like the thought behind all of the wardrobing and the overall themes but there are a few areas that really disturb me, mostly in terms of modeling:

    The shirts seems to be very stiff and don’t flow smoothly in your poses, particularly around joints. The wrinkles are too deep and cause the mesh to balloon out unrealistically.

    The hoods are also too uniform, it’s unclear what the material is/should be, but it looks like leather and it looks too stiff, like the hoods wouldn’t be able to turn with the head. Otherwise there should be some wrinkles or other indication that the material is flexible, or circlets/helmets to keep the hoods in place.

    Another is the uniformity of heights and proportions – each of them has roughly the same length of calf, thigh and torso. There needs to be some variety in terms of heights and proportions, including hip width and shoulder width. This will also help define the characters center of gravity more and help the them have more natural looking poses.

    On the whole though it’s very promising and amazing work for such short time! Great job!

  5. Thomas Says:

    They look great! The one has an overlarge jaw with his lips together like that, and the SSS could use some improvements, but overall, they look good. The right one’s middle fingers are not shaded enough to see any length, so be sure to have better shadows, or some type of depth.

  6. yacinedelucia Says:

    as far as i can say.the models.are not that good i don’t feel like they
    have a strong personality. they lack of details the modeling is fair…
    and to say the truth (just to try to increase the quality of this project!)
    the face models are just too bad.the body is not good.the texture is just
    fair.the design lacks of personality and charisma!…just keep it up guys
    look at what blur studio has done with warhammer online cinematic!and just
    try to make something way way better i know you can do it and i know
    that blender is just enough for it!

  7. Crazyfool Says:

    Dont get me wrong its v. good but could be lots more realistic! i guess theese rnt finished yet 😛 awesome work so far 🙂