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Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 and more info on the sprint!

on February 17th, 2010, by jsguillemette

Hey everyone! JS speaking.

Just wanted to give you guys a small update for the sprint for Saturday. Here’s how it will work!

1.  You’ll have to log on to #Blenderdurian on the Freenode server in IRC

2. You’ll have to read CAREFULLY the topic of the channel in which there will be information about how to look at the list of asset we need. The wiki where the list is will also contain a F.A.Q. and references images for the list.

3. The rules in the channel are simple. The channel is there so you can ask questions and show your progress, nothing else. If you want to chat of other things, we suggest going to #Blenderchat. Everyone chatting about something other than questions regarding the sprint are going to be kicked out of #blenderdurian. We don’t want to play dictator, but this sprint is to make us gain time, not lose time. And for that reason, we’ll need to keep the channel well structured and clean. We’ll have a great time together on Saturday, so just let try to stay civilized 😀

4. After you looked through the list and decided to work on an asset, you need to first contact ME in private in the channel to ‘register’, so that we can keep track of what people are working on. I go by the name of ‘Ecks’ on the channel. Basically, you just need to start a private chat with me and give me the name of the asset and in which category it is in the list (so I can locate it easily).  I will then inform you if someone else is already working on it, or if you’re good to go and start. Wait for me to answer you, I might be slightly busy with other people so give me a few minutes. I will also give you some basic information like maximum polycount, how long you have to work on it (don’t worry, this is just for your own personal motivation! the deadline should be realistic), etc.  If I get too busy (i.e. too many people joining in), I will redirect you to another member of team in our private chat.

5. We encourage all of you to post the progress of your work in the #Blenderdurian channel as you go along. So you can receive critiques. We suggest you to use free image hosting website such a imageshack to post your pogress.

6. When you’re done. Upload to

7. When it’s uploaded, send me the direct link to your model page on Blenderswap in our private chat on IRC.  I will reply to you once I downloaded the file and I will thank you for your help 🙂

8. Start the whole process again if you want to!

If you have any other question, this is a good time to reply to this post. I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

And on another note, Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 is coming to your pc! Here’s the splash screen we did for it:

56 Responses to “Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 and more info on the sprint!”

  1. DrVonTrap Says:

    i really hope you’re going to do another sprint, ’cause i’m going to be absent when this is happening.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i doubt there will be any list left after the spring since people from all over the world will be doing their little parts.

    which makes me wonder, will there be like a priority of assets to be finished by the end of the sprint?

  3. DonSegreto Says:

    Anonymous said :
    ” DonSegreto: It is not our business! Damn, it is not an existential blog here!
    It is not american idol neither!

    If you need attentions, go on facebook or myspace.”

    I do not need your attention I need to know if only professionals or really high skill level are accepted as helper. I’m a beginner and I want to help… That’s all!

    I didn’t want to be rude in telling that….

  4. JoeliusCeasar Says:

    Ditto DonSegreto, It’s not attentions I’m after: I’m not terribly experienced and don’t know if I will be useful if I show up, or if I will just be in the way and be a stopper to the system.

  5. George Kim Says:

    Can be used to post my WIP? (I don’t like the idea of using a free image hosting websites that I cannot get access to through my company’s “interanet.”) Though I’m kinda extra-busy nowadays, I hope I can join in.

  6. ajedros Says:

    Blend 2.5 Alpha 1 is official.