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    Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 and more info on the sprint!

    on February 17th, 2010, by jsguillemette

    Hey everyone! JS speaking.

    Just wanted to give you guys a small update for the sprint for Saturday. Here’s how it will work!

    1.Β  You’ll have to log on to #Blenderdurian on the Freenode server in IRC

    2. You’ll have to read CAREFULLY the topic of the channel in which there will be information about how to look at the list of asset we need. The wiki where the list is will also contain a F.A.Q. and references images for the list.

    3. The rules in the channel are simple. The channel is there so you can ask questions and show your progress, nothing else. If you want to chat of other things, we suggest going to #Blenderchat. Everyone chatting about something other than questions regarding the sprint are going to be kicked out of #blenderdurian. We don’t want to play dictator, but this sprint is to make us gain time, not lose time. And for that reason, we’ll need to keep the channel well structured and clean. We’ll have a great time together on Saturday, so just let try to stay civilized πŸ˜€

    4. After you looked through the list and decided to work on an asset, you need to first contact ME in private in the channel to ‘register’, so that we can keep track of what people are working on. I go by the name of ‘Ecks’ on the channel. Basically, you just need to start a private chat with me and give me the name of the asset and in which category it is in the list (so I can locate it easily).Β  I will then inform you if someone else is already working on it, or if you’re good to go and start. Wait for me to answer you, I might be slightly busy with other people so give me a few minutes. I will also give you some basic information like maximum polycount, how long you have to work on it (don’t worry, this is just for your own personal motivation! the deadline should be realistic), etc.Β  If I get too busy (i.e. too many people joining in), I will redirect you to another member of team in our private chat.

    5. We encourage all of you to post the progress of your work in the #Blenderdurian channel as you go along. So you can receive critiques. We suggest you to use free image hosting website such a imageshack to post your pogress.

    6. When you’re done. Upload to

    7. When it’s uploaded, send me the direct link to your model page on Blenderswap in our private chat on IRC.Β  I will reply to you once I downloaded the file and I will thank you for your help πŸ™‚

    8. Start the whole process again if you want to!

    If you have any other question, this is a good time to reply to this post. I’ll do my best to answer all of them.

    And on another note, Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 is coming to your pc! Here’s the splash screen we did for it:

    56 Responses to “Blender 2.5 Alpha 1 and more info on the sprint!”

    1. BonE Says:

      Woah….awesome, guys! Keep it up!

    2. Loken Says:

      Something I think that should be cleared up — Which version of Blender should we be using to model the assets? 2.5 Alpha 1, or is 2.49b okay?

      I assume 2.5, but just want some clarity on the matter.

    3. Axel Says:

      I think it would be very helpful to publish a checklist with a few quality criteria that participants in the sprint must be able to match.

      People might wonder “Am I good enough to help?”

      Of course it depends on the complexity of the model, but to have some visual examples of what kind of quality you expect from model and/or texture would really help.

    4. NomisAnimations Says:

      Wow, this is … big…

      Thats what you worked on all the time…

      CRITICS: The Roofs in the very background are too bright… darken them, do something for the background and its absolutly EPIC!


      @Loken: I think they will prefer 2.5 Files

    5. Jogai Says:

      Good Luck with the sprint!
      Is there a bigger image of the splash available? Its not on the gallery too.

    6. gustav Says:

      Are you planning of releasing the list exactly when the sprint starts or before so you can get a head start πŸ˜‰

    7. OneEyedOdin Says:

      I agree with Jogai, a high res version of this image would be great (maybe as desktop wallpaper)

    8. Iconoclast Says:

      I’m game.

    9. Felix Says:

      A question that I have is: what if I’m confident in my modeling skill & speed, but for an example know I’m not exactly a fast texturer(even if the quality itself wouldn’t be bad)…

      Could I just model and put the ‘finished’ model up on the channel for a texturer to pick it up and continue?

    10. tyrant monkey Says:

      why not release the list early give people a chance to get a head start I maybe just research refs etc

    11. I Says:

      it is (wauw)

    12. Month3d Says:

      I’m gonna try to help, although i go on holiday that evening, we’ll see how it goes, looking forward to it πŸ˜€

    13. nawabz Says:

      cant wait to start, count me in.

    14. Meltdown Says:

      I suppose the comments from BoNE, Jogai or NomisAnimation are exactly what they don’t want… for this topic! πŸ™‚

      Questions about the sprint:
      1) Is it only about props modeling?
      2) Is it about improvement of current models or creation of new ones?
      3) Can you provide one character (eg: Jack or even Sintel :p ) with one “complexe” animation?(eg: sprint, jump, “I got tha power” choregraphy :p )

      It will be interesting to try to transfert his/her rig/armature to another model done from scratch – not completely because of shapekeys – to test if there are no too much issues.
      I ask that because the actual models have quite bad proportions and as animation phase as already started on your side (maybe not), it is the only way to see if it is acceptable to redo some characters.

      I was relunctant to get part in Sintel because i dislike some choices but now, it’s quite exciting!

    15. Linkeltje Says:

      Very nice splashscreen!

    16. melon Says:

      Splash rocks!

    17. jsguillemette Says:

      Hi everyone, here are a few answers

      we are not releasing the list early for several reason. But mainly, we want to keep a close eye on what is being worked on, and what is finished, uploaded and accepted. We want to make sure everything go smoothly. We don’t want to be stuck in a management nightware where we need to search for everything etc. Don’t worry, we have experience and know what we’re doing πŸ™‚

      Blender 2.5 alpha 1, the latest version possible to make sure everything will go smoothly!

      A larger screenshot of the city will need to wait, it’s not ready to be seen in 4k yet πŸ˜€

      The sprint will mostly be about modelling props and assets, and texturing them if people are ready for it. It will not be about updating what we have right now. We must move on and get stuff done πŸ™‚

    18. Xels Says:

      Will this Sprint be about rather “easy” models, wich are mainly need time to model, or rather complex things? My personal concern is, that, even though i (IMO) have some model skills, i have no idea if thats enough for a movie πŸ™‚

    19. Deevad Says:

      Many thanks to all helpers !

      @Loken : I guess using 2.49 for your work is ok if you check how your work open in 2.5 if you really want to use 2.49. But may be it’s the best moment to learn 2.5 ? πŸ™‚ (Btw, I’m not technically the best to answer well this part , I let other Durianers answer in the future FAQ page of the Sprint info )

      @NomisAnimations : You’re right about the background city. Detailing the city background is still a work in progress with Jean-Sebastien , Soenke, Ben and Me. 3D artists take care of texturing, and I will add a layer of projection painting over it for more organic details. Some 3D details will come surely in the asset list too.

      @Axel / Xels : Of course, their will be various model and complexity to help for all level skill ; from complex creature ; to a simple fruit ( just an example, wait the list ; coming soon ) .

    20. Todd A McCullough Says:

      Any idea about when you’ll be dropping Alpha 1?

      I am really looking forward to it.

    21. DudeFromKansas Says:

      Sounds like this is going to be crazy awsome!! Really love the splash for the upcoming release!! It is Increadamazing!!!!!!!! sure it could use a little TLC but still It looks awsome right now! Can’t wait to see the final result!! Keep it up team!

    22. LadeHeria Says:

      With the French forum of The Blender Clan, we are organizing a scession to help anyone who does not speak English (and speaks French).
      See here :Β

      Something like a big communautary WIP for this sprint. With translations, and a lot af others things.

      JS, Deevad, french speakers, you are welcome !!Β 


    23. LadeHeria Says:

      I post again the link…(in blue ?)


    24. Juan Romero (Onnevan) Says:

      @Todd: You can download it right now from graphicall

    25. Tak Says:


      ben Says:
      February 8th, 2010 at 13:18

      All of the Durian team works on the latest 2.5 svn. Campbell made us a handy button so we can just update and build in one go so it’s a no brainer.


      May I have that button also? It’s quite hard to follow those versions like XXXXXX day to day πŸ™‚

    26. LadeHeria Says:

      And with better English (can’t edit post) :
      On the French forum “The Blender Clan”, we are organizing a session to help anyone who would not speak English very well, by speaking in our native language.

      See there :Β

      It’s about to be a big community WIP for this event. With live translations, and a lot of other stuff.

      JS, Deevad, and all french speakers, are very welcome !

    27. Todd A McCullough Says:

      @ Juan – Thanks Dude!

    28. jcl Says:

      Are there any restrictions on how the assets are produced? Or is it merely sufficient that the end result be a .blend file?

      For example, is it OK to use Wings3D for initial modelling? Other paint/drawing packages?

    29. jsguillemette Says:

      We would prefer if everything is done in an open source environment. This is an open movie afterall, the project is meant to develop blender 2.5

      We basically have no way to seeing if you used another software before exporting to Blender. But we hope the members of this community will understand our workflow, and use Blender.

    30. Sean Says:


      ben Says:
      February 8th, 2010 at 13:18

      All of the Durian team works on the latest 2.5 svn. Campbell made us a handy button so we can just update and build in one go so it’s a no brainer.


      I second this – I would love that button.

    31. Hubberthus Says:

      That “button” depends on the OS you are using. I made a shell script on my Ubuntu to download latest svn and build (2 lines), and put it on the desktop. This can be made easily on Windows too, just read the “How to build Blender” in the wiki and make a .bat file.

    32. NomisAnimations Says:

      Just read through the documentations of some commandline options (Tortoise SVN etc.) and write your own batchprogram…

      I use my own .bat-file to update and compile all relevant Branches automatically… Just read through the documentations and you will find its easy to learn πŸ™‚

    33. Roman Says:

      Congratulations reaching Alpha 1! I just installed it and i am impressed!
      Keep up the awesome work !


    34. Waronin Says:

      Looks like Alien Vs Predetor ^^

    35. Sean Says:

      For those out there that don’t want to use an IRC client, freenode has a web based one. This is also handy if you are behind a firewall that blocks IRC ports.

    36. David Says:

      I know it’s called a Sprint BUT how much time do we have to build the models? Hours, Days, Weeks?

    37. teo_greengage Says:

      can’t wait!

    38. Lamoot Says:

      Will the ToDo list be updated in any way to show what’s already being worked on, so people don’t go asking you for each individual asset whether it’s free or not?

    39. Blenderonmac Says:

      Will the alpha 1 will also be available for mac/linux users as well?

    40. nawabz Says:

      This is Cool.
      i like the idea where you can choose from reference images what you can model and texture, and then after that we contact Ecks in private to write our names. So Each individuals is reponsible for their own assets.

      JS: How about the person with the most assets created (with quality in mind ofcourse) gets to get a free copy of DVD πŸ˜‰

    41. Alltaken Says:

      Hey JS, sounds just like the old days with the 24h challenge eh? Any tanks or aircraft in the list? I’ll see if I can see you there and help out with a few models.

    42. oiaohm Says:

      How about 2 awards.

      1) Most included assets in the final movie from a non durian team member. Ie decided at the end of production. So if many sprints get run it will be a collective award.
      2) The best quality item produced in the sprint. This in the spirit of

      Now a more interesting would be a team awards. Ie a great object modeled by 1 person skinned by another. Because as we all know everyone has their weaknesses. Individuals can decide to take part as a team or as there lonesome. All depending on what will make the best objects.

      Of course all this comes down to cost. Good place in credits is a nice start.

      I guess a sprint will be a sprint. To fill the screen in well I guess there will be lots of small but need rendered well objects.

    43. jsguillemette Says:

      Hey guys! it’s good to see such a good response to the idea!
      Here’s a few answer/update

      1) We’re trying to find a good way to give ‘credits’ (either in name or in prizes), but this is still not sure. We’ll update you guys πŸ™‚

      2) The asset list will be updated in real time to indicate if someone is working on something atm, and if an object has been modelled/textured/etc.

      3) We will release the list on friday night so stay tuned. That way, you guys will be able to start in advance. The thing is, if someone model something and then upload it without telling us….we will never see it. We will make this very clear on friday, but remember that it will be of utmost importance that, when I enter the IRC room on saturday, you private message me with the link to your model. If you don’t, we won’t use it.

    44. Hoxolotl Says:

      May I suggest naming the models/stuff for the sprint ending with the initials of the contributor, that way it would be easyer to trace afterwards πŸ™‚

      for example:



      or for a multitexture:

    45. oiaohm Says:

      Hoxolotl don’t don’t under estimate the means for us to end up with same initials.

      I would more say index number. Ie Private message to register model each person gets give there id number and that stuck on the end of their models with initials(Ie to detect hopefully wrong number used). This also works to prevent two models being the same by different authors running into each other. Like there might be like 5 different cat models that make it from different authors. (ok more likely to be chairs or cups).

      I wonder if part of the sprint will jobs for some of us to hunt threw model repos of right license looking for items that match.

      Thinking this is the first time this has been done. There are going to be a lot of finer points that will turn out to be issues.

    46. Frederick D Says:

      I really hope that such modeling sprints might give a bit more attention to B-mesh integration from the institute, helping Joe. it’s so much easier to model with it!

    47. Mike Says:

      Nice!, i really hope in 2.5 or 2.6 the render engine get more powerfull letΒ΄s say like yafaray, so my lightmaps will get next gen stuff…

    48. Josh Says:

      I imagine Google \/\/ave would work perfectly for this kind of project.

    49. DonSegreto Says:

      I juste hope my skill level is good enough to help Durian team!

      Question is, as Axel said earlier : “Am I good enough to help?”
      But above all : “How can I know if I’m good enough?”

      My self-estime certainly won’t suffice to determine that…

    50. Anonymous Says:

      >>Question is, as Axel said earlier : β€œAm I good enough to help?”
      >>But above all : β€œHow can I know if I’m good enough?”

      DonSegreto: It is not our business! Damn, it is not an existential blog here!
      It is not american idol neither!

      If you need attentions, go on facebook or myspace.

    51. DrVonTrap Says:

      i really hope you’re going to do another sprint, ’cause i’m going to be absent when this is happening.

    52. Anonymous Says:

      i doubt there will be any list left after the spring since people from all over the world will be doing their little parts.

      which makes me wonder, will there be like a priority of assets to be finished by the end of the sprint?

    53. DonSegreto Says:

      Anonymous said :
      ” DonSegreto: It is not our business! Damn, it is not an existential blog here!
      It is not american idol neither!

      If you need attentions, go on facebook or myspace.”

      I do not need your attention I need to know if only professionals or really high skill level are accepted as helper. I’m a beginner and I want to help… That’s all!

      I didn’t want to be rude in telling that….

    54. JoeliusCeasar Says:

      Ditto DonSegreto, It’s not attentions I’m after: I’m not terribly experienced and don’t know if I will be useful if I show up, or if I will just be in the way and be a stopper to the system.

    55. George Kim Says:

      Can be used to post my WIP? (I don’t like the idea of using a free image hosting websites that I cannot get access to through my company’s “interanet.”) Though I’m kinda extra-busy nowadays, I hope I can join in.

    56. ajedros Says:

      Blend 2.5 Alpha 1 is official.