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Community Modeling Sprint!

on February 16th, 2010, by Colin Levy

Hello Blender Community!

Are you a Blender user with some modeling chops? Do you have dreams of fame and fortune? Have you been watching Durian from the sidelines wishing you could be more involved? And have you been frustrated that we haven’t given you the opportunity?

WEELLL, Nathan’s here to announce an upcoming event that you won’t want to miss!

We’ll also be sporting a live video feed from the Blender Institute!

In looking over potential blender model sites to use for this it was pretty difficult to chose. There are a few really great options! The Blender Model Repository is a great resource, and certainly has the fullest library of models. What sites do you guys use the most?

To recap:

When: Saturday, February 20th, at 2:00pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam) 1:00pm GMT
Where: At your computer
Why: For eternal glory!

Join the #blenderdurian channel on the FreeNode IRC network. (Refer to Getting Started in Blender IRC if you’re not familiar with irc.)

Visit and register an account to be able to submit. Thanks to mofx for helping us out!

And wait a couple days for us to post the list of models! Thanks to cwebb (not Samuel L. Jackson, actually) for the inspiration.



51 Responses to “Community Modeling Sprint!”

  1. 4museman Says:

    Ohh, I can’t participate. 🙁 A hard work plus no internet connection during the weekend makes me stay out of the fun. I’m really sad about it, since I was about to try to help you for longer time. I hope there will be some more chances… 😉