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    Community Modeling Sprint!

    on February 16th, 2010, by Colin Levy

    Hello Blender Community!

    Are you a Blender user with some modeling chops? Do you have dreams of fame and fortune? Have you been watching Durian from the sidelines wishing you could be more involved? And have you been frustrated that we haven’t given you the opportunity?

    WEELLL, Nathan’s here to announce an upcoming event that you won’t want to miss!

    We’ll also be sporting a live video feed from the Blender Institute!

    In looking over potential blender model sites to use for this it was pretty difficult to chose. There are a few really great options! The Blender Model Repository is a great resource, and certainly has the fullest library of models. What sites do you guys use the most?

    To recap:

    When: Saturday, February 20th, at 2:00pm GMT+1 (Amsterdam) 1:00pm GMT
    Where: At your computer
    Why: For eternal glory!

    Join the #blenderdurian channel on the FreeNode IRC network. (Refer to Getting Started in Blender IRC if you’re not familiar with irc.)

    Visit and register an account to be able to submit. Thanks to mofx for helping us out!

    And wait a couple days for us to post the list of models! Thanks to cwebb (not Samuel L. Jackson, actually) for the inspiration.



    51 Responses to “Community Modeling Sprint!”

    1. MadSquirrel Says:

      Good ! It will give me a good opportunity to seriously start modeling πŸ™‚
      … Any plan about involving the community on animation, for background details or secondary characters ?

    2. Daniel Wray Says:

      I’ll be there πŸ™‚

      Would be good to have work uploaded (reference images if possible) as soon as possible that way people can get a head start and have some content already in progress or complete by then.


    3. Davis Says:

      For a second there I thought, Samuel L. Jackson is going to be a voice actor in Sintel? Then I realized that Samuel L. Jackson doesn’t really fit the voice of a 15-year-old girl, and that it was a joke anyway. πŸ˜›

    4. MeshWeaver Says:

      lol, Nathan running up the street πŸ˜€

      sounds like a cool idea… don’t think i can do anything though, i’m no where near experienced enough

      oh well, i’ll stay here and cheer everybody on! πŸ˜‰ (like usual, basically)


    5. D Says:

      Looks like the smoke sim has had an improvement behind our backs? πŸ˜€
      I’m very excited to see this happening; I hope it will be a success!

    6. Dong Jum Ill Says:

      Is the Durian team really far behind their schedule?
      I guess you guys underestimated the time & effort needed to animate realistic human characters?

      Anyway I’m wondering if you’re expecting unwrapped models/textures, or just models? How are you going to ensure that you don’t get a million copies of the same model?

      Some more details would be good.

    7. gustav Says:

      I’m in!

    8. BlenderCGartist Says:

      Hey can any one tell where the list for the models is??
      I just logged in with Xchat and registeret me on Blendswap but what di i have to do now?

    9. D Says:

      I saw in the video that a medieval water bottle was among the items on the list of models wanted. For anyone who is going to take that on Saturday, use this webpage:
      The design is historically accurate and common across many centuries. It’s called a costrel. Would be a cool way to appease the authenticity sticklers. πŸ˜›

    10. Max Says:

      waiting for the list. πŸ™‚

    11. Alvaro Says:


      will you make available the concept art and sketches to model all that stuff after?

    12. Juan Romero (Onnevan) Says:

      Great idea! I’m in too πŸ™‚
      But I have a question:
      I’ve been doing some texturing, sculpting, shading and lighting to the guardians, as in the previous post you where trying to get some community help, I even uploaded some renders to the ftp you provided.I have recived some positive feedback from David but I don’t know if it will be usefull or if community help now will be limited to model props.
      I would thank some clarification whether to keep on working on the guardians or not

    13. Emili Sancha Says:

      Bottles or recipients for water?

      Here another “type” of recipient

      Must be defined the “epoch” of Sintel for consistent objects

      Sorry for my english πŸ™‚

    14. Colin Levy Says:

      @Juan Romero (Onnevan): Actually, that’s a very good question. I should make an announcement soon, there have been some recent developments regarding the first scene. For now, the community should focus their efforts on Lao Tseu only– the guardian with the mustache.


    15. Anonymous Says:

      I just saw this update on a fellow blenderhead blog: Might be useful for your Durian.

    16. Sean Says:

      Ugh! 4am for me! How long are you all planning on sprinting? Being a night person it will not be likely I make the beginning, but I’d love to help out later in the game if you guys will be sprinting like 8 hours or more.

    17. Anonymous Says:

      Nathan!!!! you can’t even make smoky circles :p

      I’m kidding! very nice announcement!

    18. Absolutely NoOne Says:

      That looked like particle smoke, not the smoke sim (halos and abruptly disappearing particles).

      Too bad there is way to much stuff to do this weekend. No glory for me:(

    19. Voodoo Doctor Says:

      As Saturday is already scheduled for other activities, will the list be available after the sprint for those of us who can help, but just not on this date? Seems background props could be used even if not supplied this weekend.

    20. Gord Goodwin Says:

      This is really great! I’ll be there!

      I’m wondering if there will also be chances like this for making characters? Maybe we could have a channel for character modeling, rigging, and animating? I know I for one would be very interested in creating some background characters πŸ™‚

      It could also be a great chance to try out this new rigify auto-rigging script… having users take the rigs Nathan makes and apply them to other characters. Perhaps?

    21. nawabz Says:

      oh great, i really like making small little objects in blender. get maximum quality detail in a short period of time.

    22. abhifx Says:

      yeeehaw!! m gonna wake and start modeling. lets roll. although m very good with character modeling, wish i could get my hands on some goons..

    23. JasonMan Says:

      haha do u think Samuel L Jackson is a fan of animation aswell?, im down with this idea…alot πŸ˜€

    24. Blenderpower Team Says:

      We are in^^

    25. teo_greengage Says:

      this is great, thank you! it would be nice to see how it all works. i will be lurking and maybe i’ll even do some stuff. popcorn and cola and the durian team on IRC- now that’s a real weekend!

    26. japrogramer Says:

      does cwebb use blender?

    27. RH2 Says:

      what an amazing pretzel…

    28. erik90mx Says:

      Yes! Again more action for us πŸ™‚


    29. erik90mx Says:

      ufff!! what time is it in America?

    30. DDD Says:

      Hi all.
      What is 1:00pm GMT in USA Eastern Time(New York)?
      Is it 8 AM?
      @durian team
      It would be nice if your nicks in irc where the same as your names or closely similar. πŸ™‚
      Where is the live feed? Will it have audio or just video?

      Looking forward to Saturday!!!
      Keep at it Durian!!!

    31. DDD Says:

      I went on Google and found a time zone calculator.

      So it looks like:
      [2:00pm GMT+1] (Central European–>Netherlands-Amsterdam) is
      [8:00am GMT-5] (USA Eastern–USA–>New York).

      So whoever needs to know the the time in your region check the calculator out … wonderful thing … Google. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    32. Jayden Says:

      OK. In the video I see Broken Window, Extra clothing for Sintel (warm weather stuff, long shirt, shawl?), Water pouch, Rolled up quilt, Small stool, broken ceramics, sacs, sticks, moldy lumps, foot chicken leg bone with only a little bit of meat left on it, walking stick, guardian equipment (different from one anothers), and that is all I could see. Can’t wait!

    33. Jayden Says:

      That is what I just found. I found out where I live, it starts at 10pm on Saturday night for me. So I have to do it all of Sunday. Hope my list of things I saw in the video is helpful to some of you. You could start finding some reference for it.

    34. Linkeltje Says:

      Although I’m not very experienced with Blender yet, I plan to be there. I might be able to do some concept art, in with I’m more experienced.

    35. Drifton Aloft Says:

      blah 4am wake up call, i’m normally crawling into bed at that time =p, i guess i’ll have to goto bed early so i can work on this πŸ™‚ maybe i should get some locals together for coffee and then we crack the whip to get to work πŸ˜‰

    36. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master Says:

      7 am here in Mexico, well isn’t bad it’s a very good time

    37. -nw- Says:

      How long will the sprint go for? (1PM GMT = 2AM here in NZ πŸ™ ) I might model a few things if it goes for long enough.

      Also, is it just models that are needed, or do you need reference images as well? I’ve just been to Vietnam and took loads of photos, some of which might be useful as refs (probably not as textures as they’re only 3.2MP). I’ve got pics of Asian-style buildings, images of run down homes/areas, street markets, small boats etc.

    38. Richard Says:

      2AM here in New Zealand, so I can’t participate unfortunately. Although I may idle in the channel, so I can read the progress once I get up.

    39. Belich Says:

      it would be at 10:00am GMT -3 (buenos aires, argentina)?
      ill be there!!!

    40. Corniger Says:

      Saturday… Can anybody please do SOME stuff on Sundays? Pleeease πŸ™‚ I always have to work 10-21 on Saturdays, whereas virtually everybody’s off on Sundays *whines like a toddler* πŸ˜€

    41. Jerico from Says:

      I cannot participate this weekend and there for wish to know is there a possibility to extend the sprint? Or do another one later?

      I’m kinda good, especially with modeling and would really like to contribute.

    42. Jayden Says:

      When does this thing exactly finish?

    43. Jayden Says:

      When does this sprint finish?

    44. JG Says:

      Can’t wait !!

    45. Jayden Says:

      Me too! Please have this for at least 24 hours, because where I live, ui starts at 10pm, on Saturday night! And I have been waiting for this moment since the beginning for Durian (or Sintel)! Please have it go for a while so us people in different timezones can help!

    46. Piiichan Says:

      The Blender community is like a factory: it can produce a lot of good quality output, but it needs fuel and, most importantly, organization.

      In our case fuel is self-esteem: people will be very proud to have contributed and see their work in the movie.

      Organization is:
      – work tracking
      – communication
      – output control: what is the most useful output for the Durian team

      It’s a very interesting idea, and original too!
      It must be scary to rely on people external from the team, since it involves some uncertainty and time investment in an already tight schedule, but I’m sure everything will work fine, and you’ll get a great return an that investment.

      I wish the Durian team all the best, and I might even participate in this sprint, I’ve always wanted to run down the street with Nathan πŸ˜€

      By the way, I like the beard πŸ™‚

    47. acro Says:

      This is very, very cool – and beautifully simple. I’ll definitely be there. Don’t know how my modelling measures up exactly, but what the hey. If just some of what’s produced is useful, it’ll help the team out. Can’t wait!

    48. wo262 Says:

      I already upload my model to you can use it

    49. Manu JΓ€rvinen Says:

      JasonMan – hehe, Samuel might be more fan of animation than you think πŸ˜‰
      Check out Afro Samurai animation episodes

    50. synthercat Says:

      I’ll be there!!! Weheeeeeeee keep an ale for me lads!

    51. 4museman Says:

      Ohh, I can’t participate. πŸ™ A hard work plus no internet connection during the weekend makes me stay out of the fun. I’m really sad about it, since I was about to try to help you for longer time. I hope there will be some more chances… πŸ˜‰