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    Casting line-up: Thom Hoffman and Halina Reijn

    on February 18th, 2010, by Ton

    Two of Netherland’s best and most renowned actors have accepted to be voicing Sintel and “the Shaman”. I’m very happy to announce to have Halina Reijn and Thom Hoffman at our disposal next monday afternoon to record the voices, and help us to bring alive the main characters in our short film.

    Halina and Thom both starred in Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book (2006), Halina acted with Tom Cruise in Valkyrie in 2008. Both are known to be excellent character performers.

    Director Colin Levy is already nervously excited to work with them, he saw some of their work and was totally impressed! Apart from the audio recording, we’ll make videos of the facials and expressions for the animation crew.

    Recording will be in studio Cinemeta Digital, Amsterdam. Special thanks to Kemna Casting: Betty Post & Arnost Kraus, for finding us the actors.


    37 Responses to “Casting line-up: Thom Hoffman and Halina Reijn”

    1. Josh Says:

      This is fantastic news! This project just looks to keep getting better and better.

    2. Jacob Says:

      MAN! that is awesome! great to see that you already have voice actors/actresses!!!

    3. radek Says:

      Samuel L. Jackson does not have time?

    4. Davis Says:

      Awesome! 😀

    5. tyrant monkey Says:

      in the immortal words of Johnny Bravo “Woah, momma”

    6. wo262 Says:

      WHoa. nice new. nice cast. but… will they do dutch or english? what about other languages like spanish or french? will do you lip sync in english or dutch?

    7. Anonymous Says:

      can we see how look Sintel and the Shaman at this time?
      I hope they are far better than the guardians.

    8. Ton Says:

      They will do english only, we especially were looking for actors with international experience. Dub versions of the film you can expect after the dvds were spread. Subtitles we should have on the dvds. 🙂

    9. Anber Says:

      I’m exited for you guys. The project will seriously take off once the voices are done. With such an experienced cast, the characters will really start to take shape.

    10. 4museman Says:

      Whohooo…! Welcome (another) stars to this beautiful project! 🙂 That’s fortunate all over…

    11. Another Fellow Says:

      That’s AWESEOME! I never expected to have this kind of cast! I’m getting twenty double excited right now!

      Are you sure that you’re not kidding us?

    12. alalo Says:

      *trembles of excitement* 😀

    13. Acolyte Says:

      Thank you guys so much for getting experienced actors for this film. I can tell you from working with unexperienced actors on current projects, this is a really big deal! You guys rock! 😀

    14. Tristan Says:

      Wow. that are very nice news! Hope this time you will have a *very Big* breakthrough!!!

    15. Luz_y_Sombra Says:

      How much money are you gonna pay her ?.
      I suppose she is not work FREE 🙂

    16. SebastianErler Says:

      I hope you include some videos of the audio recording on the DVDs. I was so fascinated to watch the voice recording of Elephants Dream. These tow guys had been an excellent choice too.

    17. dreamon Says:


    18. Linkeltje Says:

      Hey they look familiar! I seee, Zwartboek, yes that movie I saw.

      Terrific to have such experienced actors acting in this movie, I really can’t wait to experience their play 🙂

      @SebastianErler – I agree, Tygo Gernandt and Cas Jansen did a fantastic job in Elephants Dream.

    19. Christiaan (AniCator) Says:

      *says ‘What!’ again*
      Awesome! Too bad Samuel couldn’t make it. :p

    20. MeshWeaver Says:

      pretty cool 😀

    21. D Says:

      First the sprint, now this? 😀 This is too exciting!
      The cast is looking very fitting. I even pitched Halina’s voice a smidge in Praat (the scientific voice analysis program) to an easily doable pitch, and I think she will suit Sintel hugely! 😀

    22. kram1032 Says:

      Yay 😀
      Great Actors 🙂

    23. AR Says:

      What subtitle languages will be in DVD? Is there way to guarantee that my language is included? Can community contribute for translations? How many lines of dialogue there will be?

    24. Magic_Man_3d Says:

      This is great news! So who has the connections? Will you be paying them in dvds? lol.

    25. J. Says:

      Nice to see, good actors! (I’ve Black Book in my Blu-ray collection)
      Couldn’t you cast Waldemar Kobus (also a Black Book actor) as a guard? 😀
      Good point!
      As this is a ”open” movie, we have the full right to know it! 😉 😀

    26. Loi Says:

      She has a very expressive face. That’ll sure be good for Sintel’s expressions.

    27. J. Says:

      Black Book is from 2006, not 2008.

      Specially for you, Ton, as a fellow Dutchman: 😉
      Zwartboek is uit 2006, niet 2008.

    28. Felix Says:

      What SebastianErler said! Behind the Scenes on Voice Recording is a MUST!!!

      And yeah, a bummer ’bout good ol’ Samuel. :'(

    29. deathguppie Says:

      Ok.. good so you don’t need me to do the voice acting then.. ya, I’m so busy anyway. I would have barely had the time.. uuhm.. ya..

    30. Richard Says:

      Hey. Using this cast, that would bring the team’s bacon number down to three.

    31. Frank_Robernson Says:

      Awesome, this will help with future projects to, looking forward to the animation part !Does anyone think they’d make a good couple ha ha ha.

    32. flagus Says:

      Really awesome. Hope that all the recording goes well. One thing has been on my mind. How about the music of the film?

    33. Max Puliero Says:


    34. Ton Says:

      Oops. Black Book is from 2006 yes. Fixed it!
      The music will be composed by Jan Morgenstern, of ED & BBB fame. 🙂

    35. Ariestar Says:

      This is really great news.
      What about the music and the entire production of movie sounds?

    36. Luz_y_Sombra Says:

      I think YOU can have better use of the money instead TO PAY to Halina
      Reijn and Thom Hoffman.
      BLENDER USER must put their voice in the movie .
      In that would be almost FREE


    37. J. Says:

      See Ton’s aswer.
      Almost the whole sound thing will be done by Jan Morgenstern, JAWOHL! 😀

      I hope he will make a very epic score, LotR/King Arthur-like. 😀

      I expect there will be a few 35mm prints being produced, like BBB?