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    Paint-over revision

    on November 16th, 2009, by Deevad

    In reaction to comments on the past post about Paint-over , we decided to give an extra revision of the main character design with Sintel.
    Now we are sure to be away from the main industry standards ; Thanks !

    – David


    72 Responses to “Paint-over revision”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Damn… πŸ™

    2. Anthoni Says:

      Not exactly what I expected when I clicked the twitter links. :/ lol

    3. mcreamsurfer Says:

      pure awesomeness. this one is definately the best character design you’ve ever made. I can imagine him/her a lot better in fight scenes…

    4. Bardes Says:

      Haha, funny!

    5. Virgilio Says:


      Awesome, David! πŸ˜€

    6. staticfloat Says:

      Ahahahha, that is GREAT. Keep up the good work team, next she needs an eyepatch!

    7. DwarvenFury Says:

      I’m glad the Durian team has a sense of humor. Keep up the good work! I’m eager to see more about the look of the world of “Sintel” as it develops.

    8. stargeizer Says:



    9. Sill Says:

      Please shave her before the final release!!!

      I hate that! Anyway, it was funny.

      Keep it UP!


    10. Sago Says:

      Hmmm… no… no, something still not working for me.
      It’s the cigarette,
      smoking with filter is soooo much cooler.

    11. Domy_Graphy Says:

      Oh…… it……..Demonstrated…the Spirit of man

      Oh… Can not describe the word

      OK…you make my crazy …ha ha ha

    12. Madmantos Says:

      Now it’s clear she have balls…

      Nice job πŸ˜›

    13. Lasphere Says:

      I hope a certin ‘eye’ sees this. πŸ˜›

    14. HenryIII Says:

      So that’s what the smoke simulator is for! πŸ˜›

      Awesome response, by the way!

    15. Max Says:

      I’d still rather see the 4-armed shaman. Give us the shaman!

    16. Francisco Says:

      You turned her into a transvestite!!!!!

    17. aws357 Says:

      @otsoa : no, it’s how Square Enix design their male characters now.

      Like females.

      With beard.

      And cigarettes.

      I am under the impression that the female audience might be disturbingly attracted to this version of the lead character 0: )

    18. tom Says:

      ooh i like the scar on her rigth calf πŸ˜›

    19. Ruben Says:

      Arrr. So, they looks even better. Greate Job.

    20. Nortmobile Says:

      Solid Sintel
      Metal Gear anyone?

    21. rogper Says:

      They say that in the beginning female characters do were performed by man πŸ˜€
      Glad to see this project doesn’t forget tradition.

    22. Martin Says:

      Now he is a Japanese comic standard.

    23. AutoKAD Says:


      You got the Rambo look down…is there a jade pendant on that necklace???

    24. nanotech Says:

      Apart from the masculine look
      I do like the reduced eye size of this iteration.

      Keep up the good work.

    25. joan Says:

      horrible se pasaron, respeten su propia obra

    26. eye208 Says:


      David, you should not get too concerned about the discussions in this blog or elsewhere. The reason why I and a few others do not always chime in with the choir is NOT because we don’t like what you are doing but because we want to encourage you to take bold steps instead of appeasing the masses. The more you defy the mainstream, the more your finished work will stand out and be recognised as a work of art by itself and beyond the small circle of Blender fans.

      Although these open movie projects are massively constrained in terms of money and time, I believe there are fewer artistic constraints. You need not engage in exploitation tactics to increase sales numbers. There is more freedom to do things in different, untested, even groundbreaking ways, and as long as you don’t hesitate to take advantage of that freedom, everything will be fine.

      Although at times I may come across as a nitpicker among cheerleaders, I’m a huge fan of what you guys are doing, and I have no doubt that the final movie will be awesome. I’ve preordered my DVD set just like everyone else here, and I don’t regret it. So don’t take my comments too seriously, ok?

      By the way, there’s nothing wrong with unshaved girls in general. πŸ˜›

    27. Anonymous Coward Says:

      “You need not engage in exploitation tactics to increase sales numbers…” for something that will be eventually be given away free to all…

    28. meltingman Says:

      very good..
      he seems like Γ  women. ..okai :out:

      I like the “speaf” Rasta style LOL.

      ++ Deevad and good continuation for the team πŸ™‚

    29. FXG Says:

      Hot bearded Woman !
      Now she have to fight like Chuck Norris πŸ˜€

      good work david !

    30. s0ndeb0k Says:

      I’m glad I’m not at work because I burst out in laughter when I saw this – thanks guys you made my day!! πŸ˜€ Please continue with the silliness – I do hope the film has some comic release moments… πŸ˜‰

    31. jan Says:

      Sintel spending to much time in Amsterdam allready.
      Now where did she get that joint, “De overkant Hortus”, or “Het Ballonnetje” ?
      ; )

    32. lsscpp Says:

      Sometimes forcing to go out of the mainstream, is a kind of limitation too, a way to confirm the mainstream. Look at Pixar: they talk the “mainstream language”, yet within those bounds they delivered masterpieces.
      I don’t know how much, if ever, Durian team discussed a mainstream look approach, but, in case they did and choose to go for mainstream on purpose, i can’t think of it as a bad thing anyway, as you know, going “main” is somehow a declarated need for Blender; furthermore, in my opinion, Blender Institute’s shorts should have as a primary objective the improvement & showcasing of the software, more than being an piece of art themselves (even though Ton manages to mix very talented people at the Institute, so, art and passion is everywhere in those projects)

      on topic: is Sintel a new Clint Eastwood? Is this her second expression, the one with cigarette?
      btw: Sintel is a really nice name, both for the meaning and for how it sounds. In any case better than Samd

    33. Phil Says:


      That is so funny!


    34. -jay- Says:

      can’t wait for the new smoke and volumetrix on the cig and softbody hair on the facial hair!

    35. MSZ Says:

      Nice joke guys. And awsome job.

    36. blengine Says:

      Another problem, I would never trust a girl without chest hair.

    37. Bao2 Says:

      Now I know why smoke was necessary in Blender 2.5

    38. Sin Says:

      Lol πŸ˜€

    39. Sly Says:

      Really nice and quite unexpected. Eyes look better though… Thanks for sharing as often (although we always want more !)

    40. alalo Says:

      eeek o_O hahahahha

    41. kram1032 Says:

      Haha! That’s nice πŸ˜€

      Actually, I can’t wait for nice textures…

      Great strike to get a propper mood back on the blog πŸ™‚

    42. Keen Says:

      It has to be a cigar!

      In all seriousness, looks like they still enjoy themselves even with the deadlines =D

    43. CS1982 Says:

      Hahahahahahaha. Reminded me of video of Starcraft 2, the Cinematic Trailer. πŸ˜€

    44. Mal Says:

      Also, I lol-d at the comment about how the new smoke system was used πŸ™‚

    45. kram1032 Says:

      Oh, I just remembered…
      Didn’t someone say, the Mood Board will slowly be replaced by a gallery?

      By now there are quite some nice works which could go into a gallery I’d say.
      Maybe you could even split it into a “serious” part and a “fun” one. fun including this^ or Bick Buck Lady or Suzanne Sintel or…. πŸ™‚

    46. Cory Taylor Says:

      I’m in class too, and I also had to muffle my laugh, and smear my grin down with my hand. πŸ˜€ This

    47. Reyn Says:

      Hahahahahaha! *rofl* Man, that sure is a day-maker. haha! ^_^

    48. FishB8 Says:

      I opened the site, scrolled down, and snorted hummus out of my nose laughing. Kinda burns….

    49. Socceroos Says:

      Question: How do you know if your a pirate?

      (below needs to be said with thick pirate accent)
      Answer: You don’t know, you just ARRRR!!

    50. D Says:

      You’re killing me, oh you’re killing me. DX *Cough cough, splutter*

      *Dies in a gutter with blood*

    51. TheANIMAL (marcus) Says:

      I’m not joking, keep the eyes they are in this version. Big improvement, the big ones were too cartoony.

    52. wall[e] Says:

      Awwwww… Futanari?

    53. kenneth realpe Says:

      Grasias por la demostracion, sigan asi los de Duriam…………….. XD πŸ™‚

    54. TheTinyToon Says:

      that’s still too mainstream – we need a scar through her left eye!

    55. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

      Great humor at the right time David. Unbelievable, even knowing you are french πŸ˜‰

      Greetings from Germany

    56. Francisco Ortiz Says:

      I think most of the people didn’t take a close look to the wireframe inside the turn arround, here is a quick crap screencapture from vimeo:

      People take a better look! It’s just awesome!

      I loved the eyes! It’s original and the character have much more personality right now, i think the Durian team made the best option for their plot.

      Suggestion: maybe next time David shouldn’t use a frontal view for paint over πŸ˜‰

    57. mokoko Says:

      look :

    58. eye208 Says:

      Everyone please take a look at mokoko’s version. It basically heals all the issues of the current model:

      – The eyes look more natural. (less insectoid)
      – The facial bone structure looks more natural. (more depth)
      – The chin looks more natural. (rounder)
      – The neck looks more natural. (wider)

      The modifications are subtle but highly effective. Great work!

    59. Francisco Ortiz Says:

      @eye208 there is already some replies for you, inside “Sintel paintover” original post (November, 14) please read:

      “Give us the benefit of the doubt. Sintel is young because she’s supposed to be young. She has a less realistic design because going for something more realistic would be a death wish.”


      “We decided as a team (including Angela and David) to shoot for a more stylized look for a variety of reasons, but not the least of which is that it makes the project more feasible given our limited resources and the project timeline.”


      It’s clear to me that Mokoko added another layer of complexity. Notice that (He? She?) enlarged the neck at the top. Do you think is it right?



    60. nicknamz Says:


    61. eye208 Says:

      @Ortiz: Yes, I’ve read the statements. And yes, I think the neck in mokoko’s picture is a big improvement. Anything that makes the character look more life-like is an improvement, even if it’s just a small change. I don’t see any added complexity. The topology is the same.

      The broomstick necks were cool in Elephants Dream. Don’t repeat it. Don’t steal ideas.

    62. sebasong Says:

      I am going to faint!

    63. Seabird1969 Says:

      It’s better looking than the previous attempt.

    64. :P Says:

      I sort of agree with Francisco. A more “abstract” version would suit the theme and style of “Sintel” better than a realistic one. I think a major point of this is to place the viewer in a fantastic world that is believable yet also allows the viewer to snap out of it all, step back once in a while and see “Sintel” as a story with a plot. On the other hand, the current model looks a little too… er… serious… Maybe blend the current model with the goofy-looking model from before? That way Sintel won’t look like a middle-aged cougar.

    65. Flying Jaco Says:

      So that’s what Clint Eastwood looked like as a teenager…

    66. Hybrid Son Of Oxayotl Says:

      I LOVE it !

    67. Arne Babenhauserheide Says:

      > eyepatch

      Arrr ye lad πŸ™‚

      A nice way to answer πŸ˜‰

    68. Greg M. Johnson Says:

      Lame. “Smoking is so debonair!”

    69. Francisco Ortiz Says:


      “Yes, I’ve read the statements.”

      Well i think you didn’t do it carefully. Please read it again.

      “And yes, I think the neck in mokoko’s picture is a big improvement. Anything that makes the character look more life-like is an improvement, even if it’s just a small change. I don’t see any added complexity. The topology is the same.”

      It’s incorrect to analyze topology without looking to the wires. That’s what you’re doing here.

      To achieve something like Mokoko’s modification the Durian Team will need to retopo work the neck’s area because proportions are different. That’s not “small change” anything.

      Please check my comments inside this picture to see the added complexity and “the neck paradox, by Mokoko”:

      To see the same picture as above but without comments please click here:

      “The broomstick necks were cool in Elephants Dream. Don’t repeat it. Don’t steal ideas.”

      This is misconception from you. Please compare wires >>> ( before stating this kind of thing again.



    70. Francisco Ortiz Says:

      last link Sintel and Emo:

    71. Peter Says:

      Hmm… I think I’m missing something here… When I saw this picture I smirked and went, “Heh…” Other than that, though, I haven’t really found this funny… Maybe I’m just not very emotional…

    72. JamikKim Says:

      Yukkeee, I think I need to go and revisit my Sintel pictures collection to remove that!

      It’s sort-a funny but…I think I like waht she looks like too much for that… πŸ˜‰