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Sintel Paint-over first 3D model

on November 14th, 2009, by Deevad

As a texture and a previz’ test, I did a 2D paint-over ( in Gimp ) on simple AO white rendering of the 3D mesh of Angela. I’m happy to share you some WIP pictures and the result.


sintel-paintover-wip01 sintel-paintover-wip02 sintel-paintover-wip03 sintel-paintover-wip04


102 Responses to “Sintel Paint-over first 3D model”

  1. look Says:

    esta mujer esta preciosa

  2. doctor? Says:

    That is why I always liked 3D development: you can create something you like… something that makes you shout “WHOOOA! OMG was that me or not?” everytime you look at it.
    Always dreamed about making some great landscapes or… yeah, create a girls of my dreams :DDDD eh, man, i’m in love with this one 😀
    it really doesn’t matter how realistic is what you create: i really never told anyone “your atwork is not real, fix this/fix that/blah…”. It’s like from the Matrix: “what is real? How do you define real?”. =)
    it’s great, guyzzz, just aw35oM!