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    Sintel Paint-over first 3D model

    on November 14th, 2009, by Deevad

    As a texture and a previz’ test, I did a 2D paint-over ( in Gimp ) on simple AO white rendering of the 3D mesh of Angela. I’m happy to share you some WIP pictures and the result.


    sintel-paintover-wip01 sintel-paintover-wip02 sintel-paintover-wip03 sintel-paintover-wip04


    102 Responses to “Sintel Paint-over first 3D model”

    1. Cris Polecat Says:

      greeaaaaat! GIMP really rulez! And the updated Sintel is amazing! Great work guys, really great!


    2. Kyrio Says:

      A wonderful work ! Congratulations !

    3. dorienD Says:

      Every time I visit… I’m just Wohaaa! Keep up the great work.
      Also nice to see what can be done with the GIMP.
      Keep up the great work.

      Greetings from Germany

    4. -jay- Says:


    5. -jay- Says:

      really nice. I’d remove the tattoo though.

    6. Brian Treacy Says:

      She kind of reminds me of one of the characters in that old game for the Playstation “Vagrant Story”

    7. radek Says:


    8. Jack*RED Says:

      she seems Chinese…
      great work David πŸ˜€

    9. infernus Says:

      great, i love it….
      ohh, i’m so excited

    10. Robo3Dguy Says:

      That is an awesome paint job!

      Great stuff….Sintel will be AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    11. LukasT Says:

      Looks great!

    12. bned Says:

      Soooooooo coooooool!!!

      Still the eyes a bit big for my taste. Other than that really Great piece of art!

    13. ToastBusters Says:

      You should release a tutorial for this. I’d love to switch to the gimp but I’m not as familiar with it as I… should be.

    14. D Says:

      I’m going to let you guys in on a secret, based on the scientific study by Richard Russell pulished in Percetption this year…
      If you darken the skin directly around the eyes, you can increase the femininity and attractiveness of Sintel. It will help also match her final 2D design at the top of this site.

      You can read an earlier article (2003) on the same subject for free on:
      Here’s a picture to illustrate the effect for you:

      Sintel’s face is looking so sweet! πŸ˜€

    15. D Says:

      Here’s my version! πŸ˜€ Consider it fanart on an extremely subtle level.

    16. Domy_Graphy Says:

      wow it’s cute

      I like her eyes ,you make it interest

    17. Fake Says:

      I agree, that is better. It breaks the motonoy.

    18. Gen X Says:

      No, no me gusta, se ve muy niΓ±a, muy joven, la otra se veia mas adulta, no me gusta ver niΓ±@s en la guerra…
      Esta sintel me gustaba mas, de veia mas adulta /news/facial-shapes-test/

      No, it don’t likes me, it looks to young, to girl, the other looks more adult, i don like to see children in the war
      this sintel likes me more, she was more adult /news/facial-shapes-test/

    19. Elcrapocrew Says:

      I don’t know if the others here will agree with me, but a side by side comparison leads me to believe D is correct in his statements. The slight darkening of the area around her eyes DOES (at least to my un-professional eye) make a positive difference. It makes her seem a bit older, but I feel the term “older” may be misleading…perhaps world weary or more experienced would be better.

    20. Jon Nordby Says:

      The eyes are remarkably large. But without having a version with smaller ones to compare with I cant say for sure if I’d prefer them smaller.

      David: Will you be doing any 3D model paintovers on the DVD? I think you should! Both because its something you’ve done in the (pre)production of the movie and because I’m sure that is something many people in the Blender (and extended) community would like to learn more about.

    21. s0ndeb0k Says:

      Super! To see a textured version makes all the difference! Keep up the amazing work guys! πŸ™‚

    22. otsoa Says:

      Finally, I found she is Myasaki style :).

    23. Pino Says:

      Personally, she scares me. She looks more like an insect then a human. As Jon remarks, the eyes are extremely big. The most scary thing however is the neck, it is just not there. It is more like a head on a stick. Nonetheless, some great Blendering, better than I have ever done.

    24. DigitalPush Says:

      Cool work. I’m wondering just how big a part style will play when the movie is finished. I think it plays a part of the orchestra, but it isn’t the conductor, so when animation, pacing, dialogue, plot, music, lighting and all of that other stuff come in to play I wonder how many will talk about her appearance. I take the great flash animated “little Ninjai” as my example. I’ve seen better drawings and style, but it is still be one of the best flash animations you’ll see. Stick with your vision guys, as long as craftsmanship is high throughout, it will be amazing! Check out “Little Ninjai” at

    25. Roy Says:


    26. Aman b Says:

      That’s really amazing…

      I love it.

      Great works guys….Keep it up..


    27. Dusty Says:

      Nice work David!

      Would love to see a time laps video of this process.

    28. Tri-State Says:

      Actually, I think that her jaw line should be a bit more defined, if you want a more mature look, otherwise right now she lookes very childish IMHO

      Other than that I like the whole color concept, keep it up πŸ˜‰

    29. rogper Says:

      I like it very much!
      According to my preferences I really like it allot more then the early one.
      This one is in the safe area of the feared valley that we don’t say the name πŸ˜›
      The test one, although also very good, wold perhaps need allot more work to avoid bringing that FF Spirits Within feeling…
      Anyway, it’s perfect! πŸ™‚

    30. Guybrush Threepwood Says:

      Thanks a lot David! You should really think about a little comic booklet. I mean you have already the storyboard, so it would be an amazing add-on for the DVD box.
      Thanks that Durian team keeps this frequent update now so constant. Makes the community crazy every day to look what news are up πŸ˜‰

    31. taniwha Says:

      What a difference a bit of color makes: her eyes don’t seem anywhere near as unusual to me now (especially after D’s tweak)

    32. Zalgren Says:

      She looks like a child. Twelve year olds shouldn’t have tattoos

    33. Gonzalo Says:

      Good work David. Very cool. Can you make a tutorial about how you work with gimp to make this?

    34. Elisa Sanabria Says:

      Soy amiga de pablo…….. admirable hasta donde te ha llevado el destino… besos gigantes muy pero muy bello tu arte.. saludos

    35. fake Lisa Papineau Says:

      @Brian Treacy

      Are you sure you don’t confuse Vagrant Story with other game, because I can’t find anyone in character list resembling her?

    36. stargeizer Says:

      Ermmm… It’s me or the paintover makes the character looks like a 12-13 yr old child???

      Personally i think the eyes are a little big for the face. In the original 2D paint this wasn’t really noticed, but this shows that “MAYBE” the eyes would look somewhat scary to some people (Notice how each of the eyes are bigger size then mouth for example, this makes the face looks somewhat strange.). Also, the chin seems to make the face look childish. A little more age would be good, i think a 18-24 years face would be good anyway.

      My 2 Cents


    37. kram1032 Says:

      Well done David πŸ˜€
      This gives the model a lot more life πŸ™‚
      I like it a lot!

      Though, I have to agree: D’s paint-over-paintover is even nicer πŸ™‚ That minor darkening around the eyes changed it in a very nice way πŸ™‚

      However, I really like both versions!

    38. Shinobi Says:

      Excellent work Dav! It’s really outstanding!

      Now some crits:
      1_”D” is quite right, his eyes give even more humanity to the characters;
      2_I really really think her chin is too much tight, too pointed, it seems a weapon itself, like a pin. Really you should consider make it a little wider.

      And again…. extraordinary artwork!

    39. Steven Says:

      It is very good.
      She is determined

    40. Deevad Says:

      Thanks D for this documentation, and paint-over paint-over, it looks good.
      For all : our Sintel is not a woman ; but a young teenager πŸ™‚ So if you feel her young, that’s Ok.
      Btw, thanks for so much of positive comments !

    41. Anonymous Says:

      Face is too long!

    42. MeshWeaver Says:

      nice πŸ˜€

      makes me realize that i need to learn how to use GIMP so i can make good characters πŸ˜€

      nice work!

    43. skarm Says:

      i Wanna see this in a video tutorial πŸ™‚

    44. Kirado Says:

      looks good.

    45. Fake Says:

      Yeah, looking at the small version of the paintover, and then the big one, i find that i prefer the small one. I think it may be because of the chin?

      Great job anyway.

    46. @ce Says:

      Holy crap, she reminds me of a drawing I did two years ago xD

    47. Kubeczek77 Says:

      I think she looks too innocent.

    48. Mico27 Says:

      War child propaganda…

      Not a good idea, I HIGHLY suggest to make her look more 20ish.

    49. Ben Dansie Says:

      Hmm, I feel the need to say something on the children in war comments as I can appreciate where they are coming from. I can’t give away any actual story which makes it hard to explain but rest assured she isn’t a warrior general at age 16 or anything like that. She also isn’t out fighting for glory, power, fun or any of the other sorts of things we don’t want to portray as a team.

      However, to fully explain why she isn’t a child soldier would spoil the story so you are just going to have to trust us on this. I hope you can understand.

    50. Abe Says:

      Wow, this is great! I can’t wait to actually see her do some expressions.

    51. manitwo Says:

      hmm … liked the old version of sintel (i mean the one in the “facial shapes test”) a lot more. This one is too stylized – her neck is scary, her chin is too sharp and her mouth not wide enough.
      I feel this one is kinda blindly based on the concept art.

    52. eye208 Says:

      Thanks for this paint-over. Some people didn’t agree that the new model looked younger, physically weaker, less realistic and not sexy. This should convince everyone, so there’s nothing left to argue about.

      My guess is that this model will be used in a flashback scene, when the adolescent or adult warrior remembers her childhood days. There is no way to actually engage this young version (estimated age: 10 years; body weight: 30kg) in fighting scenes of any kind, unless your goal is to surprise people by completely ignoring the “suspension of disbelief” rule and going for a surreal and cartoonish look similar to “Elephants Dream”.

      Let’s wait and see… πŸ˜‰

    53. CS1982 Says:

      Aoproved! Beautiful girl. πŸ˜€

    54. D Says:

      Colin, I think it’s time to come out with another Directorial Address to get everyone on board again. πŸ™‚

    55. Le@ndro Says:

      Hi! I have to say I liked the test model, but I like the Sintel one much more!

      I thought the concept art was going to be very hard to translate to 3D but the result is amazing! Congrats on that to Angela! Besides, it has the David feeling/style you can see on his webpage/reel.

      Ah! for those who haven’t discovered it yet (like me until yesterday), here’s the Blender Channel on YouTube:

      There you can see the whole Dirian presentation during the Bconf, and in part 3 (I think), David explains all the different styles ant tests they went through until they reached this beautiful concept/model.

      I totally trust your artistic sense, the whole team is fantastic! I’m really enjoying the trip!

      Keep up the stunning work!!!

    56. RNS Says:

      I like Her!! start the animation!,Befor 2012 get here!

    57. Igor Says:

      & | Love Her! \o/ πŸ™‚

    58. MeshWeaver Says:

      finally figured out who the picture reminded of πŸ˜€ Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy πŸ˜€

      any plumbers in the Script, by any chance? πŸ˜‰

    59. MeshWeaver Says:

      hey, why does it say i posted at quarter-to-8 pm? it’s 12:50 here…

    60. MD Says:

      Is it me or does she look just like Victoria Beckham? πŸ˜€

      Great work though!

    61. acro Says:

      Very, very cool.
      I agree with rogper on this: it’s great, and I like it a lot! Seeing the model toned like this really brings the character and her appeal to life. Until I saw this paintover I thought that modeltest1 was a better, more likeable face, but I’m now convinced of the leaner, narrow main design. I’m also impressed how much the 3D model matches the concept art. Great stuff, guys!

    62. Halffull Says:

      I agree, I like D’s subtle paintover better.

    63. dogfin Says:

      Has anyone here seen the anime Seirei no Moribito? I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now that she should look more like the character Balsa from that show. Its a show about a spear wielder who took a vow to never kill again (oh, do I suck at summaries).

      She’s more of a 30ish character. I know there was quite the argument (polite of course) in a different blog post about anime style, but I still think its a reference worth looking at, if not for the style of the character, then for the fantastic spear fights. Check out some clips of it on youtube.

    64. AwokeKnowing Says:

      She is not a child warrior because she is a robot! πŸ˜‰

    65. eye208 Says:

      @dogfin: 30ish? You must be kidding.

      I remember some comment in the previous blog post saying that it was necessary to make the main character look older because there’s already that dragon baby in the movie, and too much cute will spoil the result.

      After all, the original idea was to make something targeted at an adult audience, with more realism, a kickass main character and lots of fighting.

      Now look at where they are heading now. Cute preteen girl saves cute dragon baby and makes friends with dragon mom who gets overwhelmed by her courage and cuteness? OMG, so cute! It will be an invasion of cute! Watch out for the only fighting scene in the movie: a cuteness contest between the girl and the dragon baby. Who’s got the biggest eyes? Who’s got the smallest chin?


      If you look at David Revoy’s portfolio, you’ll know that he’s perfectly capable of designing beautiful AND realistic characters. The previous model perfectly matched the proportions of a real teenage girl. She would have looked gorgeous with a paint-over like this. There was absolutely no need to go anime. So my question is: Whose idea was it?

      We know that it wasn’t Ton’s idea. So is this due to the script changes introduced by Esther Wouda? Did the Dutch Film Fund require them to produce fluffy family entertainment?

      Even Big Buck Bunny had a darker twist than this. I’m so disappointed.

    66. Another fellow Says:

      I think everybody is a little early with their judgement. We have no idea how this model is going to get used. I do not agree with the idea that it may be child soldier propaganda, because nobody seems to think that way about AVATAR ;).

      Oh, and the paint-over looks REALLY good.

    67. MadSquirrel Says:

      Agree with “Another fellow”. πŸ™‚
      We don’t know much about the story, the atmosphere, … so, easy on judgements. Criticize what you see, not what you imagine/want.

      Don’t forget : trust the team ! πŸ˜‰

      Good work David ! πŸ™‚
      Yes, that would be great to see some “making-of”, tutorials, WIP, … about your work on the DVD. Of course, there will be choices to make. Even with 4 DVDs, space is limited, and 3D content will take a lot. But I think it would be interesting to see the evolution of every “side” of the project (different scenarios, 2D/3D art of course, why choose this idea and not this one, the problems you had to face during the process, the solutions found, even something about coding / blender scripts, …)
      Even if this cannot be on DVD, I wish we could download all these informations. The project is centered on Blender, of course. But the whole production process is interesting.

    68. taniwha Says:

      Yes, the previous test model was very nice, but so is this one.

      Saying this one is “too cute” seems really strange to me: she’s far too lean for “cute”, though she does have some elements of “cute”.

      eye208: dogfin’s “she’s 30ish” was referring to Bartha, not Sintel. There’s no mention of Sintel in his post. And Seirei no Moribito is an excellent show (the book is even better).

      Also, I think you might need to take a much closer look at anime eyes and Sintel’s. Anime eyes (the overly cute ones) are impossibly big in that their radius of curvature makes them at least as big as the skull. Sintel’s are at least based on spheres that fit side-by-side in the right place in her skull. I think it’s more the irises and thus lid-holes that are a little larger than normal.

      And another thing with anime eyes: they’re exaggerated in almost all anime not for cuteness but because they are culturally important. To the Japanese, the eyes are [i]the[/i] most important part of the face: all emotion is read from the eyes, the rest of the face is mostly ignored. They will sometimes even blot out only the eyes when masking someones identity on TV. To the Japanese, even just ^^ can make a happy face.

    69. Colin Levy Says:

      Guys, thanks very much for the impassioned comments and debate.

      You’re gonna need to trust us, though. It’s easy to make assumptions about this film, but be aware that the first minute reveals strikingly little about the story. Perhaps it would be most healthy to keep an open mind. Everyone, including myself and other members of the team, had different preconceptions of what Durian is and should be. We don’t want to disappoint anybody, but it’s impossible to avoid.

      So I say again: You’re going to have to trust us. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Sintel is young because she’s supposed to be young. She has a less realistic design because going for something more realistic would be a death wish. Yes, the design is certainly influenced by anime… and this is something that the team is comfortable with. I’m totally behind the Sintel design. It’s absolutely gonna work.

      We’re only six people with a limited amount of time. Not everything will be as awesome as we’d like it to be. But trust us. We’re doing our best.


    70. eye208 Says:

      @taniwha: If you think Sintel’s new look is not based on anime, you probably haven’t seen this:

      You are right about the role of eyes in Japanese culture. In non-realistic, “moe” style anime, eyes are not just bigger than normal, they also morph in various exaggerated ways:


      But that’s exactly where the problem is: If you just make the eyes unnaturally large without using the above expressions as well, Japanese people will experience them as static and robotic, like a person whose facial expression is neutral all the time. They will experience Sintel the same way we experience a Donald Duck rip-off in a Chinese fake Disneyland. Chinese people may not notice the difference, but we do.

      If you don’t speak Japanese properly, it will sound ridiculous to native speakers. And the same is true for anime as well. You need to have the same cultural background to do it properly.

      Anime from Amsterdam will be an epic fail. I don’t understand why they dropped the realistic look. Everyone was happy with it. I didn’t see a single negative comment about the previous model, but many about this one.

    71. Jan Morgenstern Says:

      eye208, I’m sure that even the search engine crawlers got your point several posts ago.

    72. D Says:

      Yay Colin and Team! πŸ˜€

      Hi, eye208, I want to have to chat with you; please, I want your full attention. I know you were disappointed with the result you saw recently, and I know you want it to be not so. I know you wanted to “correct” what you saw was wrong with the movie’s progress; but that won’t be.
      I won’t argue with the arguments that you’ve made, because that’s not what it’s about. What it is, simply, is that there had been some misunderstandings made about the goals and aims for the film:
      You heard, and wanted to see a realistic, gritty, animated epic film – and who wouldn’t? – yet it turns out that this film isn’t exactly going for that.
      The Durian team is making a film different to the one you wanted, and at this rate – with the final design on paper locked a while ago, and the 3D model just recently – there is nothing you can do about that. You can’t change it that much.
      So what it comes down to is, how are you going to accept that the movie will not be what you wanted it to be?
      If you accept the fact that the film is going to be different to what you originally envisioned it, then you could again become part of the experience of watching an open movie being made before your eyes.
      If you choose to reject this… then it would be better for the Durian team, and the community who want to see this film get made, if you would separate yourself from the project; after all, works are better fostered in a more positive environment.
      That is why I hope you, and those similar, will soon come to be at peace in your mind and accept what you still have, which is an ambitious, epic, open movie being made with Blender by a wonderful, international team of artists, developers and Ton at Blender Institute!

      Peace, eye208. πŸ™‚

    73. nathan Says:

      eye208, the target audience (if you will) for this movie is not adults, as you claim. If you read the “about” page, you’ll see “Targeted at adolescents” as one of the main bullet points.

      With that said, the setting and story of Durian is darker than I think is coming through from what we’ve shown. When I first read the script, I thought it was too light and “cute” as well. But after further revisions, as well as seeing some of David’s concept art, I’m convinced that this will in fact be fairly dark and gritty, more in line with our mood boards. And there is plenty of fighting and action.

      Regarding the visual style of Sintel’s character, I’m sorry that you don’t like it. We decided as a team (including Angela and David) to shoot for a more stylized look for a variety of reasons, but not the least of which is that it makes the project more feasible given our limited resources and the project timeline.

      The anime/manga influence is obvious. We’re not denying that. But I’ll point out that the style of anime and manga varies considerably, and this is not a stereotypical anime design by any means. If you want typical anime, take a look at this (which is a great piece, btw) :

      Compared to that, the western influences of Sintel’s design are also obvious.

      And in addition to eastern and western influences, perhaps the most clear influence is David’s own style, which you can see here:

    74. adam Says:

      The eyes look HUGE! Like through a magnifying lens or something. If you compare the proportions to a human reference photo, you’ll see the difference immediately. For the eyes to be this large visually, the actual model spheres must be two inches in diam. each. Haha, there’s not enough room for brains.

      Otherwise, the art is well rendered. I like the skin tone, especially. Just please adjust those eyes!

    75. Dave Says:

      Really, it looks too anime-style… Not even really human. Half of me wants to grab a flyswatter and smack that giant bug-eyed thing!

    76. Wahooney Says:

      Dunno what everyone’s complaining about… I like it πŸ™‚

    77. Kemeros Says:

      Awesome work as usual πŸ™‚

    78. Hubberthus Says:

      Yup, it’s awesome, and really beautifully made! Clearly a work of a pro! πŸ™‚

      I really don’t know why some of you stick so hardly to reality when this will be a fantasy movie. I’d say she’s a very cute half elf πŸ˜‰

    79. Legend Says:

      I liked the other model waaay better.

      I’m not crazy about the broomstick neck she has.

      This makes me feel a bit down, to be honest.

    80. Fake Says:

      I don’t think i’ve mentioned this before, but i think the skin tone is fabulous. Can we please have something of this quality, or better in the film?

    81. Juan Romero Says:

      I’m sure Durian will be great, with so many talented proffesionals working on it, but…
      I don’t like the girl’s face not for being anime or fantastic but for lack of strength and personality. With so many fantastic heroes/heroines in movies, comics, games etc, we all have seen too many cool characters and I think it’s difficult to stand from the crowd.
      Besides she looks too like a doll, this image would fit perfectly in a doll’s package in a toy store.
      She looks way too much childish (meaning for a childish audience) and boring to me.
      I like much more the models by Angela who I think is an amazing artist. She makes characters with personality and blows life into them. She should, in my opinion design the main characters.
      David, you are a great artist but I’m not too fond of the clean style, I like more the “Craig Mullins” style, wich I think is the pinnacle of “epicness” in 2d.
      Anyway I’m sure Durian will be great, but I think constructive criticism helps more than a thousand “OMG! Aaaaawesome!”

    82. everwind Says:

      So am I the only one who really love this one ? She does look exactly the way I thought she had to look with the style you annonced for the movie (except that I thought she would be older but well this is the script it’s not a problem !), I think you’re totally in the durian concept, so congratulations !

      but people here are just crazy, your comparaisons are just incredible, it doesn’t look so much to animes !!! French comics also got graphic style like this one for few fatastic artists (maybe Thierry SΓ©gur ?), and this is more occidental than oriental in my mind (well except the hair of the model but they will be replaced by real one so …). You should stop watching anime and reading mangas guys !

    83. adam Says:

      I think the problem is that the face is rendered to look realistic, but the style is anime, which is mostly symbolic and cartoony. If you had a real person walking around that had the features of an anime character, they would look like a bug-eyed alien, that’s what scaring some people. Big eyes, large forehead, small mouth, the features almost exactly match the profile of an alien like this one:

    84. kram1032 Says:

      @Juan Romero:
      Don’t forget that this is “just” a paint over.
      It looks like a PAINTing and not like a 3D-render.
      Paintings can have a lot of details, as renders can, though, the kind of details will always vary a lot.
      Most likely, the textured version of Sintel will feature a lot more details of one kind and therefore less of an other kind.

    85. Brett Says:

      personally I think she’s gorgeous, as for the others are saying i can identify about her eyes and neck(its more of a stylistic choice, but one that people need to adjust too). but i believe its more to do with the shading and highlights not creating enough volume/definition in her face… making it look flat.

      I gave it a edit mainly adjusted her eyes and neck(just edged off the extremes, but not enough to change said style) and added a bit more rendering of the shadows and highlights.

      great work guys!! XD

    86. Carsten Says:

      SheΒ΄s just PERFECT. Please go on, youΒ΄re doing it 100% right. She fits in the mood you have announced, the asian/european Mix is ballanced perfectly… she is reeeeeally cute, but you can see she’s more than that.. theres something in the way she looks that tell me you better not mess with her… like she had a not so easy childhood..
      I just love it!

    87. Oscar Franco Says:

      Oh come on, the design is perfect, the fact is an open movie doesn’t mean it has to satisfy all people… let the team continue with the great work

      thank you very much durian team, it’s a really a beautiful work!!!

    88. wikio Says:

      Brett excelente

    89. wikio Says:


    90. wikio Says:

      The current style reminds me of the character design from Torchlight.

      It’s a game that has been developped with Ogre by ancients developpers from Blizzard North (diablo !)…

      From the last Durian blog entries, it seems the Sintel movie universe is very close in spirit (toonish, colorful, with sword and guns… renaissance fantasy instead of medieval).

      The character called “The Vanquisher” could look like a grown up version (or a big sister) of Sintel.

    91. Pretty Good Satan Says:

      It’s hideous.

    92. Garatusa Says:

      Pero vosotros de que vais. Esta muΓ±equita no es Sintel, ni de Sintel ni cosa que se le aproxime por ningΓΊn lado.
      Los de SINTEL fueron masacrados y despedidos cual si fuera gente sin derechos, ni papeles, ni nada. El caso SINTEL es el cierre empresarial mas envenenado de cara a los trabajadores de esa empresa que jamΓ‘s se haya hecho nunca y ojalΓ‘ nunca se repita. Mientras vosotros, ahΓ­ haciendo y diciendo nada que merezca mΓ©rito.

    93. dahray Says:

      very good work. though she looks a bit steely.

    94. adam Says:

      Brett: that edit looks really good, great job!

    95. good Says:

      ok good

    96. Delle Says:

      Sorry, Sorry, Sorry
      I love the first version.

    97. kout Says:

      the improvement is the welcome note

    98. squizzz Says:

      @Brett – you win! πŸ™‚

    99. Arne Babenhauserheide Says:

      I now read through more than half teh comments, and after reading too much criticism I decided to stop that. I really love the looks, and I thought so the first time I even got a glance of a picture of her!

      Thank you for sharing it!

    100. Cyborg Says:

      Got inspired, did a paint over, i just love open source!

    101. look Says:

      esta mujer esta preciosa

    102. doctor? Says:

      That is why I always liked 3D development: you can create something you like… something that makes you shout “WHOOOA! OMG was that me or not?” everytime you look at it.
      Always dreamed about making some great landscapes or… yeah, create a girls of my dreams :DDDD eh, man, i’m in love with this one πŸ˜€
      it really doesn’t matter how realistic is what you create: i really never told anyone “your atwork is not real, fix this/fix that/blah…”. It’s like from the Matrix: “what is real? How do you define real?”. =)
      it’s great, guyzzz, just aw35oM!