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    Sintel’s Cabin, featuring Indirect Lighting!

    Sunday, March 14th, 2010

    Yo! Pablo (venomgfx) here, on my debut as Durian Blogposter (sounds cool uh? 😀 )

    The past week was awesome!, not only because it was my first one here :P, but also because David came all the way from Toulouse, to help out, and he was a huge help.

    Sintel Cabin's Progress

    Sintel Cabin’s Progress, more detail needed!

    Even though its not finished, blogposting wont hurt (hope so!).

    On this scene, my work was supposed to be design-model, then light/compo this shot, but since this was my first week, I’ve been told “No need to be completely productive the first few weeks”, great! relief.. so I took some time to learn the workflow and pipeline here, luckily is really similar to how I use to work before and on my personal projects nowadays.