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Render gallery update

on March 17th, 2010, by Ton

Updating the blog has become somewhat a burden… doing a good post can take many hours, and “just dump stuff on the blog” is a bit scary! Nevertheless, here I do an attempt to just dump stuff from our “weekly” folders. Just WIP. No further comments… but I like it! πŸ˜‰


135 Responses to “Render gallery update”

  1. Peter Fertig Says:

    It could just be the perspective but in the Shamahut picture her hand looks kinda big……

  2. Roy Says:

    Looks great so far! Only the street scene might need a bit more dirt.

  3. Pix'nlove Says:

    At last after a year…
    some frame show up…
    wasn’t it supposed to be a 6 months 8 minutes movies?
    So the Movie will be out in another year I guess…
    I hope you guy are working on a 16 minutes movie…

    I can’t wait for the Chaos and Evolution to come through my letter box.
    Thank you again David,
    Keep looking at your Alchemy and I can’t to see how you transform the Sketch from Alchemy to a 2D finished digital Painting.

  4. jay Says:

    I’m going to take a guess here and say that the things about the Shaman that are making people think he looks young are the glossiness of his eyes and the proportions of his head to his shoulders. Here is a basic retouch

  5. blenderFR34K Says:

    Awesome! This totally inspires me! Maybe a little heavy on the eyebrows. Still awesome!

  6. blenderFR34K Says:

    Very nice! Blender is simply amazing! I love it!

  7. K-Linux Says:

    The shaman looks like a smurf, he needs rinkles and and more tired face. Sintel looks good!

  8. Meltdown Says:

    kopi: +1 πŸ™‚

    They have fulltime job… i can’t understand how they achieve so poor models. Ok, there is a leap between 2.49 and 2.50 but hey, it doesn’t mean you have lost your good sense and good taste?! You can model in 2.49 and import it in 2.50.

    It’s obvious, i believe it, than Ben, Angela, Nathan, Lee can do a lot better but i don’t know why, here it simply fails.
    Ok the concepts works suck , literally! I’m not impressed by David, but you can fix those in the 3D world. Angela, Ben, Colin, Lee, there are so good works in your portfolio, why we can’t see those here?

    The shaman is really, really badly designed! About the hut, damn, just google it!
    There is not such hut in the world! I don’t even talk about the pseudo dialect pattern tagged everywhere. There is no sense to put those on each bars!

    You are putting yourself too much difficulties for nothing by trying to create an original world in a such short time, just look at references and not to mister David Revoy’s “conceptual works”.

    The only good thing here, is the alley shot and the skin of Sintel the rest is a quite pitiful.

    But hey, maybe i’m simply not part of your public, so don’t be discouraged.

    Maybe, Angela should take the lead… πŸ™‚

  9. Allen Says:

    I can no longer wait for this movie……….
    It’s going to be too good!!!!
    When it comes out I’m going to show it to everyone I know!!!
    And to everyone I meet!!
    can’t wait……….

    Because Blender is Open source could someone mess around with the code until it turns into a completely new kind of software….. and make it open source too? It just seems like so much is being laid out for the open source world when there making projects like this!! Kept it up!! The sky’s no longer the limit, not even heaven!!

  10. malefico Says:

    Go Durianers, just stop reading comments. It’s bad for you πŸ˜‰

  11. Matt Says:

    Great stuff! I especially like the smirk shot.

  12. DwarvenFury Says:

    @Meltdown: Tasteful critiques are welcome, but you have gone far beyond that with your “comments.” Generalizations such as “the concepts works suck” and that the team “can do a lot better but i don’t know why, here it simply fails” are simply nonconstructive and demean the efforts of the entire Durian project. You’ve been allowed to post these tasteless comments (for now), but I feel you’re abusing the spirit of openness this project promotes with this blog.

    @ The Durian Team: Way to go with all your hard work! I can’t wait to see the final work and I’m proud to have been a DVD sponsor this time around. πŸ™‚

  13. Erik Moeller Says:

    Wonderful work. Can’t wait to see these pictures move. πŸ™‚

  14. nrk Says:

    How can something that comes from this team be in any way negative? You are all doing great and I love the renders…. I’m hoping there isn’t too much gore so I can show it to my kids at some point, it’s the only reason I haven’t ordered the DVDs. I know how hard what you’re doing is and it’s amazing! I agree there should be more variation in the hut. I love the shaman because I like comedy and he looks like he could be comical.

  15. Blendiac Says:

    Absolutely love sintel. A beautiful mix of anime and realism.

    The shaman, while the detail on his beard and eyes are glorious, worries me. I don’t know the script, but his short, stubby look suggest more of a comedy sidekick (eg Pumba from the Lion King) than a wise mystic.

    Compare with the previous mystic concept art (4 arms aside) and some of the amazing images of indian mystics that are relevant here (check out the 5’th to 7’th images):

    Anyway, that and that they’re WIP’s aside, it looks like you guys are making fantastic progress in a tight situation. The images look beautifully textured, Sintel is gorgeous and I love the hanging stones in the Shaman’s hut.

    Thanks for all your work, both on Sintel, Blender 2.5 and pushing open source in general.

    You’re all my heroes / heroine!

    PS Am I the only one who suspects that Sintel actually represents Angela, The Gatekeepers Nathan, Campbell, Colin and Ben and the dragon… Ton? πŸ˜‰ OK, I admit it… that was just weird.

  16. tyrant monkey Says:

    wow great work and congrats but I have some questions

    1. where are the dragons? the hasn’t been a post on them in a long time and I would love to see how the look like.

    2. Why is the such an inconsistency in the styles of the characters Sintel is highly stylised in the manga anime direction yet the guardians and the rather boyish looking shaman lean more towards realism and have little anime style characteristics in them. The two styles clash and don’t really work together.

  17. Jak_o_Shadows/Fake Says:

    I love them all. However, apart from the repeated criticisms above, i believe the composition of the shaman’s hut should be changed. The concept art is so much better composition wise.

    However, i do understand that it is a still from a movie so that may change (i think it will).

  18. kirado Says:

    mmm don’t you guys think the shaman looks a bit too much like an old hippy vietnam vet? I know it’s a WIP etc πŸ˜‰ Less flower power more shaman power?

  19. Mad_Alien71 Says:

    I find lots of things to like in these renders, and a few things I dislike.
    I feel that Sintel has planted a foot firmly into uncanny valley (especially in the third render). It may be the modelling, it may be the waxy SSS, I cannot put my finger on it. I personally like the more stylized second render. However, the head of the model looks great in the shaman hut render, so I’ll refrain from judgement. And speaking of the shaman hut render, there may be some deformation issue on the arm because it feels off to me. Some grittyness and dirt added here (postprocessing?) would be a great improvement.
    In my opinion what makes the shaman look off is the texture of the lips. The cracks do not look normal. I feel this may be because they run perpendicular to the lips instead of radiating from the mouth opening and they are not thin enough. Otherwise I like the hair and the textures of the face. The eye texture is particularly good.
    The alley scene needs some contrasts to present a more edgy and attractive scene, but postprocessing will probably take care of it, so I’ll refrain from judgement.
    Good luck and may you have success in your efforts!

  20. A saurus1 Says:

    I think that deformation in the arm is actually in her fore arm. It looks as if it got rolled over by a semi-trailer right below the elbow.

  21. frank_robernson Says:

    She is prefect, you’ve all done a amazing job on this, beautiful similarity to the concept art and well-done again on the hard yards.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    i think the definition of realism and how it should apply to this stylised movie is a bit debatable

    how wierd would it be to have stylised characters with close to realistic skins and shades? that would be uncanny to me. i think there should be a balance between approaching realism whilst also maintaining the stylised aspects of the movie. we cant have 100% of both, real skin on them would be creepy to me.

    just my two cents.

    it is debatable, after all

  23. Anonymous Says:

    i meant *weird as opposed to wierd

  24. D Says:

    I’ve always wanted to ask this.
    Knowing that Colin comes from a background in film as well, I wonder what plans there are being implemented to achieve that elusive film-look? Not just motion blur, but light response curves and soft reds. Surely epicness and the look of exposed film stock are inseparable! πŸ˜€

    Are you guys planning on systematically applying a film-look to the final movie, or are you hoping for it to all come out in the wash of compositing? I would like to hear.

    All we need to know is basically already available to us, though I’m not smart enough to understand for sure how to acheive it. Imagine if there was a check-box in Blender under color management that says FILM-LOOK on it! πŸ˜€ It’s easily possible.

  25. Psy-Fi Says:

    Easily the most amazing skin and eyes I’ve seen so far. I expected the shaman to be more mystic too but this is a more a matter of animation rather than modelling. There is something strange with the hut I can’t quite pinpoint. Maybe it’s the lack of dirt? The light at the stove without any fire present? Maybe the top blue light is overly bright, giving a sense of openness unnecessary in this kind of warm and enclosed space? All of these surely contribute to that. But, other than that AMAZING WORK everyone!!!

  26. stargeizer Says:

    Hmmm… so far, so good… The shaman might look a little young, but i think the hat has something to do with this… his face is OK, but the hat makes look him odd… Replacing this hat with a bald tatooed or painted probably will help a lot… And the beard needs more wellow/some dark grey tones to emphatize his age… Sintel hair looks somewhat sintetic… probably mixing some dark red hair can help…

    But as a WIP… so far… so good.

  27. Philas Says:

    well.. they are WIP, so we all can’t say so much and should probably refrain from judgement… I’ll try to give you my first impressions in a constructive way.

    You did a very good job for Sintel face. The eyes are fabulous and skin is very good also. Third image is obviously the better even if the skin is a bit plastic and pores a bit too large and pronounced.
    What is not working at all is whit hairs. First image is, from that point of view, a nightmare, she seems to have a horrible wig over her forehead. Second and third images are way better, but the hairs still lack in deepness and contrast, they seem quite photoshopped (or gimped) over her forehead.

    The shaman shot is very goog in my opinion, maybe his body is a bit too little in proportion of the head but it can be a trick of perspective, so I abstain from judge meanwhile.

    Alley and Hut have very good potential to be great images, but at this stage the’re very “flat” and a bit boring.
    The alley, even with all the little objects scattered to the ground, is… clean!? Textures lack in dirtyness, grime, where they touch each other textures colors don’t change, it seems they can’t influence each other…
    The hut could have a very good mood, but again, it lacks in grime and grunge everywhere. And it’s a bit monotonous to see exactly the same 2 or 3 objects pending from the roof, repeated in an endless loop of same disposition, colors and proportions. Make some of those predominant over other in the scene and change its colors to introduce variations.

    Ok, I’ve said a lot, hope you’re not fallen asleep and have not considered it as a bad critic πŸ˜‰
    We all know they are only WIP for now, and I think they’re quite old as WIP, but I think they should quickly change in something more advanced to keep the initial expectations.
    Good luck, guys I wish you the best, and can’t wait to see the final results!

  28. D.C. Says:

    The witch doctor looks too much like a hi-pi, from the 60’s. :p The skin texture on Sintel is too large. It would look more realistic if it was sized down.
    Anyway, keep up the good work! Your progress looks efficient, but rather slow… πŸ™‚

  29. D.C. Says:

    Ya know…I can just totally see the Shaman hop on a motorcycle, rev the engine, yell out ‘feel the power’ and drive off screaming ‘ya dude!’

  30. D.C. Says:

    The Shaman’s hut is, well… You should just try and copy the hut from the 10,000 B.C. movie. In it there was a lot more life and diversity. If you do so you could add tremendously to the shot.

  31. A.Z. Says:

    Great work. The alley image – I was just wondering how the shadow of the piece of wood mounted on the right wall could be so long, in respect to the building shadows dropped by the walls on the left side. Was it baked into the texture with the light from a different angle 1st?

  32. Billy Says:

    Great renders! I’d like to say that this project has the potential of being production quality by the time this is done… it already looks better than Toy Story, by Pixar (although Toy Story 2 & 3 are a big leap from the original)!

    And Sintel (the girl with the short red hair, right?) has a cute face : ). She has really pretty eyes, and nicely flowing curves on her face. I read above that someone (jkbfb @ Mar. 17th 20:45 (idk if the time would be different for you other comment readers)) said that they dislike the contrast between the small jaw and big eyes. Well, that’s one of the most important proportions that give females a phemonen face! That’s one of many things that makes girls look cute.

    This is definitly going to look great when it comes out!

  33. iozk Says:

    wow see very better somebody know how use the lattices and bones join for face deform like the mancandy? im looking for anywhere but i cant find some

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  35. MrMowgli Says:

    Great job!!! Holy smokes.

    I agree this smells like it should be a much longer movie πŸ˜‰

    I would rather they got the whole thing to work well rather than make every frame a piece of art.

    When the comments start getting this nitpicky, it just means you’ve gotten a lot more attention. And emotional investment!

    I’m this is going to be an epic short!