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    Make us a backpack!

    on April 12th, 2010, by Colin Levy

    Yo! We’re stretched to the limit and we need to get a crucial prop for the film modeled and textured: Sintel’s backpack. Instead of figuring out who on the team can spare a half a day to work on this, we thought we’d just open it up to the community!

    So, what we’re talking about here is the backpack– which includes the pack, the straps, the leathery mesh containerything, as well as the rolled-up quilt. You’ve got THREE DAYS to bring this as final as you can. Show us what you’ve got!

    Download the Sintel.blend to model off of. No more than 5mb of textures please, and it’s gotta be riggable. So if you use lots of curve modifiers or something, give us an applied version of the geometry on a separate layer.

    You know the drill. Upload to BlendSwap when you’re done! 😛

    We’ll go through the submissions. If one person has done some amazing stitching on the pack but their rolled pad thing isn’t stellar, we may frankenstein a few of the models together to form the version in the film. But we’d prefer not to have to do a lick of work. 😛 So make the whole thing awesome. May the best backpack win!

    By the way, thanks to everyone who participated in the Extras Modeling and Animation sprint. We’ve sifted through all the work and we’re just now in the process of placing extras in the scene. Hopefully we’ll have an update for you in a week or two. But there was some great work done!


    38 Responses to “Make us a backpack!”

    1. wo262 Says:

      another challenge from Durian Team

    2. Blendiac Says:

      So, is anyone on this? I’d be happy to work on something like this, but there’s not much point in having 20 different backpacks done by different people when we could all be working on different things…

    3. Ton Says:

      We can put the unused backpacks in a market scene in the film, there’s enough stands!

    4. J. Says:

      Sorry, can’t leave it: 😀 (Dutch spoken, but the video speaks for itself. 😉 )

      Succes, everyone!

    5. Still Says:


      I agree. This will be more effective and we all be happy. 🙂



    6. LetterRip Says:

      Any other back pack concept art? Particularly I’d like to see the front of the strap and the side. Looks like a purse strap style. But would be good to be certain that is what you want.

    7. Another Fellow Says:

      I was looking on the Krita user gallery and what did I see:
      I know it’s an old sketch, but still XD

    8. Zafio Says:

      What LetterRip said + Are you open to new designs?

    9. A.J. Fulcher Says:

      Does the rolled up quilt need to be able to unroll? Also, what kind of material is the pack made of?

    10. Thiago Sul Says:

      I’d love try doing it… unfortunately i’ve begun studying
      blender 1 month ago…

    11. D Says:

      It’s really hard to find information on medieval backpacks on the internet! Good luck to all contestants. 😀

      Great illustration, David!

    12. Pablo Lizardo Says:

      Hey guys!, nice challenge!
      i have been working today on that!
      it’s still a WIP and need a lot of details and more objetcs too, but tell me what do you think! I think tomorrow i will finish it. 🙂

    13. Blendiac Says:

      That’s looking great Pablo!

    14. jeff Says:

      1. Start collecting Sintel backpacks
      2. ???
      3. PROFIT !!!

    15. John R. Nyquist Says:

      Is there a place we can get the PNGs that the Sintel.blend references?

    16. Christopher Webber Says:

      Pablo, that backpack looks *awesome*!
      – cwebb

    17. Anonymous Says:

      @Pablo Lizardo

      Very cool! <3 🙂

    18. paddy_anim Says:

      @pablo Lizardo

      Really good.
      Detail in the leather strapping and then age it.
      I’ve always thought of the roll up quilt as a patchwork made by elders to tell her story.
      The satchel for the bag? i dunno.
      nice modelling. v. clean and informative.

    19. J. Says:

      Pablo, the link seems dead to me!
      Can somebody put it also on Imageshack? (or something like that)

    20. -nw- Says:

      @J. The link is dead for me as well 🙁

    21. Pablo Lizardo Says:

      Uhh that’s weird, the link works for me :/
      anyway, here’s an updated of the mesh.
      Thanks for the comments 🙂

    22. Deevad Says:

      @Pablo Lizardo: Many tanks, you totally have an awesome result. You surely know how to transmit it to the durian team.

      @LetterRip & Zafio: other concept art = I can’t ; I spent my Durian time actually in matte-paintings. But you can take references with medieval bags, if you want to help modeling bags for shops in the market.

      @A.J. Fulcher :No, it’s not needed to be unrolled, the bag is in leather mainly.

      @D : Thanks 😉 it’s true backpacks are not really medieval , but Sintel have to… travel !

      @John R. Nyquist: If you still need it, I can upload the early ( a bit outdated) modelsheet of Sintel. But the best is to adapt it on the Sintel model. ( even the low one )

      @Christopher Webber : Thanks ! ^^

    23. J. Says:

      More worse, I can’t even reach your site at all!
      The only thing that (sort of) works is pinging on IP adres.
      And btw, I’m living in Holland, so no China-like censorship or something… 😉

      Very nice, can’t wait to see the final result!

      And just put your pics on twitpic from now on, that site works like a charm! 😀

    24. JustinBarrett Says:

      Twitter??? Why not

      Anyway….the winner will recieve a free version of blender! 😉

    25. Dawidh Says:

      Hi guys,
      when the contest ends?
      What time exactly?

    26. Jan - 2 Says:

      I hope you don’t mind me interrupting. It is Youth Week here in Lee’s home city of Adelaide, Australia and The Youth Recognition Awards were held tonight in our area. Lee was recognized for his outstanding personal qualities. They recognized that he continued to bounce back from whatever life threw at him and triumphd in the face of adversity. Congratulations Lee, we, your mum and dad are so proud of you.

    27. Mark Says:

      Hey, what does everyone think so far? I hope I will have it done by tonight.!/photo.php?pid=161735&id=100000322777681

    28. A.J. Fulcher Says:

      Is there perhaps anything else that needs to be modelled? I’ve ha no luck with the backpack but I’ like to help…

    29. Pablo Lizardo Says:

      Hey thanks for the comments, very glad again that you like it! I made a little update in the backpack for sintel. I think it’s finish
      Now I have to convert all the remaining curves into mesh and upload to blenderswap. And then cross fingers! 🙂

    30. Bao2 Says:

      Amazing Pablo. Now Sintel can go everywhere they want.

    31. Jayden Says:

      oh. no more time. well, I hope my cart animation or walking animation got chosen! I hope we have another sprint, just one more to finish i all off.

    32. Shinobi Says:

      The bunch of Suzanne itself is worth the entire backpack 😉

      Have you added textures too?

    33. kingcreole Says:

      -.- damn gotta read more news just noticed this today. anyway next time i’ll try too xD

    34. Colin Levy Says:

      Hey guys, the minisprint is over! Everyone upload your models asap!

      Thanks everyone for participating. Already some good stuff on Blendswap. 🙂

    35. Pablo Lizardo Says:

      I Just upload the model in blenderswap, sorry by the delay, it has the UV unwrap for the mesh (Thanks to @Jarrhead) but no textures on it. Sorry about that.
      Good works on blenderswap! Crossing fingersssss!

    36. Jarred Says:

      Here is a textured version of Pablo’s model, if it’ll still help in saving time with this process!

      It should be on blendswap.

    37. D Says:

      That pack is just awesome! 😀 Finally, leather that looks like leather.
      The buckle doesn’t look like a buckle, yet, but great textures, Jarred!

    38. Jarred Says:

      Thanks D, yeah the buckles were neglected as I was running out of time 🙁