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    Crash, stress, fatigue, welcome Joe!

    on April 11th, 2010, by ali

    Some days are good, some are bad… Ali

    33 Responses to “Crash, stress, fatigue, welcome Joe!”

    1. Hessiess Says:


      The joys of working with alpha software in production:)

    2. protommie Says:

      i think that you guys have the best job in the world 😛 BTW gret eye rig…

    3. Another Fellow Says:

      Yeeh, chrashes!

    4. Becca(RedJay) Says:

      At least the artists have this right: Call the computer genius. Good thing I have one around at most times.

    5. gustav Says:

      I wonder if Ton has hired horses to work on Durian (at 1:15 in the video)? Or maybe the just the artists who have got tired of biking to the studio.

    6. J. Says:

      Computers are fantastic things… as long as they do what you want! 😉

    7. Christiaan (AniCator) Says:

      They always do what you want, sometimes you just forget to properly tell them what to do. :p

    8. J. Says:

      Oh boy, is the Dutch common sense also present here? 😛 (it’s not that bad, I’m Dutch too! 😉 )
      Basically, you’re right, but a computer can become unstable by, for instance, a defect elco on the mainboard, something you can’t really help.

      And you can tell a computer everything you want, but as it is in humans, listening is the second part of the story, isn’t it? 😉

    9. Paulo Bardes Says:

      I’ve sent a gift for you to make the bad days a bit better ^^

    10. DudeFromKansas Says:

      Computers don’t always do what you want them to do, but they always do what you tell them! 😉 Thought I would throw my 2 cents in too.

    11. D Says:

      These videos are awesome. Team Durian is awesome. Alpha Blender… almost awesome. 😀

    12. MeshWeaver Says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself, D 😀

      2.5 IS awesome though, you have to admit, even with all the bugs 🙂

      …WHY is there no italic in this? now i look like i’m yelling…lol

    13. Piiichan Says:

      Nice reminder that everything is not always smooth and easy, no matter how exciting the project.
      Good video.

    14. mutze Says:

      Nice to see the face of another awsome developer! Welcome Joe!
      It was also intresting to see Ton’s methods in recruitment. Find the talents when they are young and formable.

    15. Carsten Says:

      I really love that “eye-popout” Feature you build in. Will it be included in the Blender 2.6 version? 😀

      Thanks for the inside look of your everyday work..

    16. mcreamsurfer Says:

      seeing all those filmed desktops I could imagine it would be nice, to have something like a blog post about the systems used at the insitute and its software that is used in production. at least I would love to see it and have some informationen about it and the workflow in general. is something like this planned for the dvd or a future blogpost?

    17. MeiaLua Says:

      Chin up guys 😉

      it can only get more stressful from here on in ( Brecht, I know exactly how you feel, just my stuff is about a billion times simpler than what you’re doing! )

      just think the final result will definitely be worth it – and you’ll all be famous world-wide of course 😉

    18. Davis Says:

      Pablo sounds like me talking to Blender @1:35. 😛

    19. BlendNMix Says:

      Brecht!!!! You are alive!!!! Nice!

      I like this video, it sounds like everything is against them but as in a american movie, they will triumph in the end! 🙂

      Keep it up Durian team!

    20. wo262 Says:

      pablo y su mate 😀

    21. yoff Says:

      So his right eye had its origin at the center of his left eye?
      Fun to see this side of the daily day on Durian. Nice to see that spirits are still high in the face of problems 🙂

    22. Blendiac Says:

      Surely this has to be the dastardly work of… EVIL COLIN!!! >:D

      Tough or easy, we’re behind you and barracking for you guys to pull this off.

      Death or glory!!! (Preferably glory… 😉

    23. Levon Says:

      I can’t understand what brecht say, volume so low and english not my primary language.. can someone help?

    24. J. Says:

      It comes down to this: Use a boom microphone! 😉

    25. Levon Says:

      does’it help for the very bad english too? 😉
      I can read it, but it’s still to difficult to me to understand hearing it… sad…

    26. Jan de Vries Says:

      LOL @3.29 I bet its going perfect now..because Brecht is closeby

    27. J. Says:

      Same for me, I’m no native speaker, so it takes quite some effort for me to understand what they say when the audio recording isn’t clear and free of noise etc.
      When you’re a native speaker, it’s much easier to follow, because if this video would be Dutch spoken, it’s easy to follow for me.

      For YouTube videos like this it doesn’t really matter, but when you see it on the DVD you think: ”Pity, that could have been better”
      But I now a good cheap solution for the DVD to solve this: English subtitles! 😀

    28. Agus Says:

      From what i can understand (not really exactly):

      Joe: Hi i am Joe, i just got here and I’ll see if i can track down some of the problems in the cloth code.

      Cameraman: Hey Brecht how was your week?

      Brecht: The things doesn’t go on the plan,

      Cameraman: uhuuuu, Ouch!

      Brecht: I have a lot of stuff coming up on the last minutes and i have to do so…
      Cameraman: uhuuuu…

      Pablo are getting crashes and took advantage of Brecht being near, while Brecht’s head is about to explode he ask to Pablo if he is doing per-tile displacement on strand or something. he hopes not, but seems like they are not complaining, but letting Brecht know about all the problems.

      Brecht you already demonstrate that you are up to the task, and remember that great challenges belong to great peoples, also for the rest of the team, don’t forget that.

    29. Levon Says:

      @ J: definetely, I’d second your subtitles proposal for dvd! Being aware of what it mean in terms of time consuming I’m all but asking for it, anyway 🙂

      @ Agus: thank you a lot agus for your patience and clearing up things 😀
      Now I have a better understanding of what’s going on there and I agree with your latest phrase:

      go Brecht! we trust yourself and your skill! don’t let those issues dishearten you 😉

    30. Caros Henrique Says:

      Where’s Angela? Is she already fired?

    31. J. Says:

      Ton already answered.
      She’s currently at home taking care of her family, as far as I know.

    32. Cathy & India Says:

      Poor Brecht looks a bit stressed! No more time off for Campbell methinks 🙂

    33. Amy Says:

      Ton already answered.
      She’s currently at home taking care of her family, as far as I know.