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    The Durian Team Visits the Tropenmuseum

    on August 29th, 2009, by Colin Levy

    Hello Blender Community! First post on the Durian blog. It’s great to be here in Amsterdam and I’m extremely excited about (and slightly intimidated by) the project and the work ahead! We’ve got a killer team here and we’ve had a fantastic week of preproduction. I’m a bit overwhelmed really– Ton’s kept us really busy!

    One thing on the agenda was to go out and actually do something in the city. So yesterday Ton sent us out to visit a local Amsterdamian museum, and we brought along the studio camera to document our journey. (David and Brecht preferred to be productive and stayed in the studio.) Check out the video:

    Visit to the Tropenmuseum from Project Durian on Vimeo.


    (Note: Sorry for not putting it on the title card, but both tracks of music for this video are licensed under Creative Commons.)

    27 Responses to “The Durian Team Visits the Tropenmuseum”

    1. RH2 Says:

      haha, awesome.

    2. Ricky Grove Says:

      Lots of fun. The museum looked great. Excellent idea to head out exploring. Find a Durian fruit at the museum; you deserve a medal. Thanks for the video guys. Just a word of advice; don’t do the Durian rap. Just…..don’t. :-p

    3. Mike Says:

      ‘Durian’ is the worst thing to try and rhyme to.

    4. Bruno Alberto Says:


      Why the Windows does not work? Because is not Linux!


      I love the team!

    5. mercury Says:

      niños, no les enseñaron que no deben de tocar nada en los museos XD
      bueno; lo que se esperaba, güindoe$ como pieza de museo XD
      y que les parecieron las calaveras; y no había las momias de Guanajuato (bueno, yo tampoco las he visto XD)…
      buen vídeo 🙂

    6. Ben Dansie Says:

      Fear not y’all – the film will not contain that rap.

      As for the bunny song…

    7. steven Says:

      the final of the video is fun.

    8. exavolt Says:

      that’s not a sword but a dagger.

    9. Gianmichele Says:

      Eheheh… lots of fun and also a lot of inspiration. The museum looked great!

    10. Ben Dansie Says:

      @exavolt – cheers for the link. As you can tell we were being quite the light hearted tourists. The more time we spent there though the more obvious it became as to why Ton sent us there for inspiration. We only saw about a third of the museum in total I think, so we’ll have to go back at least once.

    11. Christiaan(AniCator) Says:

      Haha. Ben, nice explanation of how Brecht’s mind works. 😛
      Lol. The Windows screen says that you can shut the computer down.
      Human error.
      Wonderfully animated character that explains stuff. 😛
      Human error.
      Brecht’s mind.
      Human error? (don’t flame me. :P)

      Thanks for the great video!

    12. Greenboy Says:

      Whoa, nice museum.

    13. TheANIMAL (marcus) Says:

      Ton is a smart cookie for sending you guys there, even from those brief few minutes of footage i could se why it’d be a good place for inspiration. Great video.

      Lol at Brecht’s mind.

    14. Nicktechyguy Says:

      That made my morning. I got a good laugh, and I’m glad to see everyone is having a good time. I’ll be sure to support this project when I get a chance

    15. Simon Says:

      Oh, it looks like I missed a great museum when I was in Amsterdam. Well just another reason to get back 🙂

      The cat museum is something you should check out if you are going to Amsterdam, not as suitable for Durian maybe…

    16. Jarred Says:

      @TheANIMAL, inspiration! are you kidding, I think Ton needed a break from them 😛

      How come Colin is the only one wearing a Blender shirt!!! 😛

    17. mohanohi Says:

      what was that guy explaining about 10 headed model… something like not visible to human eye?..

      That 10 headed creature name is RAVAN, from an hindu epic story Ramayan..

    18. Carsten Says:

      Come on guys and girls, you CAN’T get lost in Amsterdam, just count the bridges 😉

      I really enjoyed the video, nice cutting.


    19. William Says:

      Nathan: Considering the Tropenmuseum is on the way to our previous Orange appartment, and that you’ve cycled past it twice a day for eight months, I’m surprised at your lacking ability to find it.


    20. William Says:

      I mean Peach. Must get the fruit right.

    21. Bellorum Says:

      Totally offtopic, but Angela is so cute=)

    22. Cathy & India Says:

      I’m with you William! Nathan where was your head mate? I was yelling at the screen – “you are going the wrong way!”. How quickly we forget!
      I reckon India & I know Amsterdam better than our home town now. Ton also made India & I go to the Tropenmuseum :P.

    23. Alfred Says:

      wow! a lot of things from there are from my country (Mexico) would love to see them in the movie in some kind of inspiration!

      cheers Durian team!

      i’m very excited!

    24. Maurits Says:

      I agree with Ton: how could you miss the Tropenmuseum…? The building is quite obvious and there are dozens of signs in the nearby streets that say which way to go… 😉

    25. Nathan Vegdahl Says:

      @William and Cathy:

      If Ton had said, “It’s that big fancy-looking building on the way to your old apartment,” I would have found it no problem! But I had no idea it was a museum, much less that it was the particular museum we were looking for.

      But yes, I am very embarrassed. 😛

    26. congcong009 Says:

      haha~ I love that “Why the Windows does not work? Because is not Linux!” part!!!!

    27. Grze Says:

      You should split in teams and move in 4 directions.
      One would last…