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    Sintel trailer!

    on May 13th, 2010, by Ton

    After many weeks of fighting technology, here’s a first glimpse of this wonderful short film that’s shaping up here.

    With big thanks to Jan Morgenstern for the epic soundtrack, which as usual makes our humble creations look so much better!

    We have less than 2 months now to finish this completely… imagine the tension that’s building up here to get everything perfect. For today, we’ll celebrate a big step forward. Enjoy!



    382 Responses to “Sintel trailer!”

    1. DingTo Says:

      Downloading now. Soo excited! 🙂

    2. Andrew Says:


      Thank you thank you thank you!

      now i cant wait till full, and the sintel game!

    3. Nathan Says:

      Very nicely done! The variety of landscapes, from snow to desert is rather unexpected at first, but I assume the full story will explain everything.

    4. Dylan McCall Says:

      Yep, looks better in motion. And I’m sold on the Shaman’s voice. You guys are awesome!

    5. Allan Brito Says:

      Great work! Congratulations!


    6. jay Says:

      YEEEEHAAA! Awesome!

    7. DingTo Says:

      It’s indeed very promising. Beautiful landscapes, great character animation and an gorgeous score!

      The only bad thing is, it ends after 52 seconds 🙂

      Congratulations to the whole team!

    8. vangelis Says:


    9. etc Says:

      gr8! it’s g00d!

    10. ward Says:

      I LOVE IT !!!

    11. Cremuss Says:


      At first I was a bit anxious about the final movie but I’m not anymore. This is truly awesome !
      Voices are amazing, music is epic, story seems to be very nice (dragons :>) and the 3D is a lot better than you ever shown on your past WIP.
      And the trailer itself is very well done.

      Good job, keep going ! This is way more epic, better, and ambitious than orange dream and BBB.

    12. oxel Says:

      Looks really great. Especially Sintel in the snow storm. But i don’t like the snow and the sand too. it looks like there is no snow oder sand, but some colored surface. but the rest ist pretty awesome! Just sintels hair could be better too, but you will work on this movie, and it will be good!

    13. wentam Says:

      Been refreshing the page every five minutes waiting for this.


    14. @Omar_Ramirez Says:

      Looking great. Everything looks awesom.

      I only kind of think the two close-ups on the capture scene don’t look as great.

      Other than that it’s AWESOM!

    15. 3d jimbo Says:

      The voice talent is outstanding! I sense real commitment here!

    16. jdcooke2010 Says:

      I got chills. Beautiful.

    17. tino Says:

      waitin and downloading. was almost gone for the day. this is a pleasant surprise. i scrolled past because i’m not sure i want to see spoilers

    18. Steven Says:

      I like, this teaser is impressive and the suspens is big.


      a désert !!!!!!!!!!

    19. ITrAB Says:

      Downloading! So excited! ;D

    20. Oliver Says:

      Well I must say that with the very limited resources you have… It’s VERY VERY COOL!!! 😀 I’m just impressed! Love how it looks with the soundtrack included and everything 😀

      Cant’t wait to see it finnished!!

      Good job to you all! You are the “awesomeness”!! 😀

    21. B.E. Says:

      wow, it’s really great piece, love Sintel’s faces especially at 0:29 ~_^
      now i really can’t wait for the movie! so, good luck*_^

    22. vangelis Says:

      Post it on cgtalk !

    23. lifeling Says:


    24. J. Says:

      Whahahaha, being prejudiced is one thing, but when you see the real thing… WOOWWW!

      But… I’ve to admit that even in the trailer the shoulder-rigging issues are noticeable, so turn up the speed button of Nathan, please! 😀

      But for the rest… Amazing!

    25. André Fischer Says:

      Whoo, this awesome!!! 😀
      How long did it take to render a single frame in average?

    26. Christian Lehmann Says:

      That looks very promising. Thanks for such a great trailer.

    27. Ian Says:

      Your “humble creations?” Lol 😀 This movie will be AWESOME!!!!

    28. Mitch Says:

      Great trailer! Looks good and gives enough of the story to make me want to see more. Nice job!!

    29. mcreamsurfer Says:

      Congratulations durian team! I hope you have time for a little rest now.

    30. | PHANTOM | Says:

      Great work! Spectacular trailer, cant stop watching it! Excellent image, the voices sound great and the music fits right in. If i did not know any better I’d have mistaken it for a big budget commercial film.
      I can’t express the great value of what everyone at blender foundation is doing, from the Durian team, to the developers and especially Ton.
      My most sincere gratitude for all your work, especially the blender 2.5 witch is a perfect tool (I has completely won my heart and replaced any commercial applications I used). Congratulations

    31. davarb Says:

      Astonishing, all 3d, video and audio editing looks awesome for me.
      The scene where sintel is walking in the sand looks sooooo beatiful….

      Congratulations for the hard work!

    32. bebR Says:

      Wow !! This is just amazing. I can’t wait for the final movie.
      In French I would say : “Ca envoie du lourd les gars !” (don’t know how to translate this one)

      Congratulations to everyone in the durian team and the Blender developers for the awesome 2.5 improvements.

    33. maddes Says:

      Its great!
      It shows technical brilliance as well as emotionional and narrative skills.
      Now im soo curious for the final movie 🙂
      Thanks for this Trailer.

    34. Says:

      Just one word….. WAAAW
      I’m really impressed, I’ve been following this form the beginning and it’s really good work, nice trailer, voices fit, music epic and dragons.
      Can’t wait to see the finished movie.
      Keep up the good work Team

    35. manaphuun Says:

      There’s just one word to describe this and it’s:

      This movie will be so epicly awesome. No one can just imagine its awesomeness.

      You guys are doing incredible work.

    36. otto Says:

      Amazing, I was so excited when I saw that the trailer was posted. I must say that I was a bit skeptical about the voice acting when you were posting developments, however this trailer was far beyond what I was anticipating.
      Great work, and good luck with the final stretch!

    37. Revolt_Randy Says:

      Fanstically Awsomeness!!!!!! I’m really impressed!!! It screams to be seen in a movie theater on a big screen, not a computer monitor!!!

    38. tino Says:

      this is beautiful!!! i love it! i’m not usuallt excitable but this just did it.
      i have one small lil crit though. the shaman’s voice. its a bit too young and crisp for an old man. I would imagine that his voice should be a bit huskier and deeper. He smokes and he is old, and I would think even his voice should be a bit more mature sounding. The voice actor could drag his voice and not make it consistent.

      somethin like
      Whaat…(cough)…brings youuuuu to the laaaaaaanddddd of gatekeeeperrrs (cough)

      like a shaman. i dont know if i’m making sense

      I love it still.


    39. Fafner Says:

      WOWWW, I’m just beyond impressed!!! Second what Revolt_Randy said, this belongs in a movie theater;)

    40. tino Says:

      meant to say “usually”
      also ignore the last what

    41. Humais Says:

      Gr8 Work 🙂

    42. Sergi Says:

      Simply excellent!
      Well done!

    43. Todd McIntosh Says:

      WOOOOOHOOOOOO, congrats guys(and girls) it looks Fantastic!!!! The detail and mood is all there, the final product should be amazzingg!!!

      My only crits are her eyebrows in the first scene look weird, and the shaman’s lips don’t seem to be in sync with the vocal track. Other than that, spectacular job people!!!!

    44. Guillaume Says:

      Well done… Trailer effect works nice : we want to see the final film now ! 😉 …

    45. wo262 Says:

      Awesome Soundtrack. I love when she goes upstairs. the hair animation in winter wind is amazing and her voice really fits with Sintel. I love landscapes too. I’m about to ejaculate gjgijgiggiig 😛
      BUT there are some glitches in Sintel’s hair when lil Dragon (scales) is kidnapped. I know you already know it. I know you’re doing your best

    46. Luther2S Says:

      You guys are amazing! If the trailer is good, imagine the movie!
      Congratulations! I even downloaded to watch more times in the computer … o.O

    47. toontje Says:

      @oxel, I don’t really any flaws with the snow or sand. On the contrary, I think the sand is very well done. But that is a matter of opinion of course.

      My crits are the the lip sync, the body mechanics (i.e. Sintel opening a door barricaded door), the lip sync and there is no snow deposit on Sintel’s garment or hair, no breath vapor in the cold, no discolored face from the cold, and no splashing of the snow in the fight sequence. But yeah, it looks damn good and cinematic

    48. Spell Says:

      I wonder if 2 months is enough. I would really prefer an somewhat perfect movie than an early movie.

    49. OD Says:

      wow, very cool

    50. wo262 Says:

    51. LetsAllPretend Says:

      Now THAT is cool!

      Good luck Durian Team with the big push to finish.

      Happy for you folks to see this come together!

    52. Eibriel Says:

      Wowwwww, completely amazingggg


    53. Makers_F Says:


      That soundtrack make me….. aaahhh!!! Beautiful

    54. toontje Says:

      And o yeah, the hear is very well done too.

    55. Paul Hastings Says:

      I don’t like to criticize, but here’s the one thing that’s nagging me.

      The male’s voice is phenomenal. Rich and everything, but Sintel’s voice sounds much too old. She’s supposed to be 16, right? But just listen to her voice… it sounds like a 30 year-old woman.

      Probably because a 30-year-old-ish woman recorded it? Yall still have a couple of months left. Would it be too late to go back and rerecord Sintel’s voice with a younger talent?

    56. kram1032 Says:

      This is totally absolutely awesomely amazingly pure epicness!
      In action, everything looks certainly a hundred our thousand times better than in the stills from last blog.

    57. RNS Says:

      A mile stone for blender capacity to go pro software !!!!——–But there is more to come…Evil have a new face.

    58. mjordan Says:

      The music is stellar. Very immersive.

    59. MeshWeaver Says:

      OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

      seriously, this is pure awesomeness. i was expecting awesomeness, but this is even more awesome than the awesomeness I was expecting 😀

      AMAZING WORK, everyone, AMAZING 😀 😀 😀 congratulations!

      this seems more appropriate now than ever before:

      GO DURIAN TEAM!!!!

    60. Michael Says:

      It’s hard to make a full 3d movie into a heart felt emotional experience, because the quality needs to be top quality and have quality consistency. I did see mistakes I could tell that it was 3d. Unlike Avatar I saw a hand full of signs/mistakes that told me that it was made in 3d. So it’s not the best. But for being open source it blew me away. I think I watched it five times back to back. If you made this into a full hour and a half, two hour movie it could make a huge profit in the box office. This opens the eye to many that doubt the power of blender. Great Job!!!

    61. Rovanion Says:

      Totally awesome.
      But two small notes, the lips of the shaman didn’t seem to match the voice and in the town scene where Sintel is looking trough rubble the light on Sintel made her look as if not a part of the scene.

    62. franzrogar Says:

      Well… strange to me. For me, previous art was cooler but great work.

      720p MP4 has audio/video desync (you can hear chaman speaking before moving his mouth)

    63. invertedNormal (brian) Says:

      really professional animation, sound, directing, …everything! the expressions on the character’s faces are very captivating, and a compelling and suspenseful storyline was developed.

      looking forward to the whole story 😉



    64. MiikaH Says:

      That’s awesome!

      Nice graphics and great soundtrack+voices. o_O

    65. wo262 Says:

      is there any possibility to nominate this for an Oscar?

    66. nawabz Says:

      Trailer for the short animation film “Sintel”, the Durian Open Move project by the Blender Foundation. More information excited the see upcoming Blender movie.

      Dragon definitely look nicer in motion

    67. Todd McCullough Says:


      It’s looking good. Very good. 🙂

      Just shared it with someone who loves Lightwave and max.
      He pays little attention to Blender and he said “Wow!” I think he’ll pay more attention now. 😉

    68. Lasse R. Bruntse Says:


    69. subtitulos en español Says:

      son unos genios
      por favor subir los subtitulos en español

    70. SilveRR Says:

      Great! looking forward for the whole movie!…the sound is outstanding

    71. theriddle Says:

      Really really good..I think I need some minutes to understand it’s made with blender!!!!

    72. JsGuillemette Says:

      Congrats guys 😀

      It came a looooong way 🙂 Very nice looking 😀 Very proud of you guys!

    73. iota Says:

      I would like to add 3/4 criticism. I like the pictures, but not the ambiance of some lightning: for example the ruin pyramid is lighten too much: there is no contrast. You can compare with the more dramatic lightning (more contrast) of the dragoon or of the background city. This type of global lightning enhance the lack of detail of the stones, etc… (the eye don’t know what to see, so he goes everywhere especially on the lower level of the pyramid. We have to imagine what could be in those rooms, but we just see some forgotten wooden object, that are more enhance by the lightning that the building!

      I had also some trouble to “read” the environment around the stairs. What is the brown thing? earth?

      The hair of Sintel have some problems at the end of the pyramid scene, we can understand that you used the particles…

      Anyway, there is a great job behind it!

    74. Shinobi Says:

      … a… w… e.. s….. o……… m… e…. !!!

      I’m not use to say something like this and stop but this is incredible……..

    75. Dennis Says:

      I love the soundtrack, it’s so EPIC. And the… overall look. The first time I saw the baby dragon though it was ugly, but now, with the acting it is just the cutest digital creature ever.

      I think the voice talents have done a good job, but… Sintels voice is too dark, to old. I am sure you could just pitch it some to give it a younger touch, don’t you thing? Worth a try?

    76. oenvoyage Says:

      Great job guys ! I want to see more 🙂

    77. sebih Says:

      Great, totally wiped out all concerns I had after looking at the “F12s”. As mentioned above some fine-tuning of the lightning would be great, but it also probably becomes better in the film itself where those scenes probably won’t be that fast.
      Some things that would be great if fixed:
      – the baby dragon is lacking a bit of texturing on the bottom surface of its wing
      – some dust and flies etc. in the city, looks pretty clean and dead > I really liked all those flies flying around in the jungle in Avatar which I finally got to watch yesterday

    78. Virgilio Says:

      That’s great guys! 😀

      Congratulations on this awesome and epic effort! Can’t wait to see the final movie! 🙂

    79. Shinobi Says:

      ok, I recollect myself 😀

      Guys, this trailer is fantastic, the final scene of the desert is simply great. I read someone say the shaman lips are not in sync, well english is not my primary language but to me it seems perfectly syncronyzed… divx_hd version_720p played with mplayer on Ubuntu, and it’s ok..

      I second iota comment, if you darken the pyramid more it should really make a greater visual impact, more contrasted. As for the ground I think it’s quite obvious its a city 😉

      Again, guys… you did here something that exceeds your previous work by a consistent amount of order of magnitude 😀 and knowing it all comes from Blender is….. yeah, so much astonishing… 🙂

    80. STORM! Says:

      Absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to see the final film! Awesome score!

    81. sebih Says:

      Another note: The shaman is incredibly well made. Modelling, Texturing, Lightning, Lip Sync, Animation – ready for Hollywood!

    82. insl Says:

      Wow :0
      I’m reading the blog for weeks but i’m absolutely amazed by that trailer.
      beautiful pictures with an amazing sound editing which – in my opinion – is essential for a good movie.
      Great work and thnks for this. 🙂

    83. ambake Says:

      Fantastic! your all truly amazing! Well done and keeping going your producing a blender masterpiece!

    84. Shinobi Says:

      I’ can’t stop 😉
      I’ve almost missed the new blog header!!!!!!

    85. Dennis Says:

      Bam, this rocks epicly!

      Awesome tune! I love that mystical singing voice!

      You have my full support 😉 (if ever needed :))

    86. Yago Says:

      Nice Job 😀

    87. Victor Says:

      There are some issues with the hair, and the flapping movement of the baby dragon’s wings. But YEAH! IS AWESOME!! It’s like a game trailer.

      AWESOME things:
      – The lighting&SSS is professional, the teeth, the skin… have Pixar quality.
      – The colour of the scenes are so great!!
      – That strange voices are well integrated xD.

      The trailer is pretty cool. Congratulations!
      This movie will bring you a lot of opportunities.

    88. sidux1337 Says:

      very good trailer I am absolutely amazed! this will stand out as a realy good example of how good open source can be!

    89. Dykam Says:

      Uploaded the Full HD version to, will be viewable in around 40 minutes.

    90. Wahooney Says:

      That’ll do, Pig. That’ll do.

      😀 😀 😀

    91. alalo Says:

      😀 Cheers!

    92. haremono Says:


      Guys you’re great ;).

    93. Dykam Says:

      @ the crew, maybe add as view link?

      Got an idea, why not render this whole thing in 3D/stereoscopic, replace the camera with two slightly distanced cams.

    94. rogper Says:

      Loved Everything except Sintel hair… for me it’s bad, it reaaly doesn’t sell it now in a youtube window so in 4K 🙁 sorry to put it this way, I can’t do it good either, but besides that everything is Special 😉
      The Logo fitted like a glove and the sound is epic!

    95. EverSimo Says:

      Excellent work! Awesome result!
      Congratulations for everyone!

    96. rogper Says:

      …Although in the Snow scenes the hair does look good, the bad one I was referring was the one in the dragons sequence.

    97. DwarvenFury Says:

      Two words: Completely. Epic. I can’t wait for this to come out! Keep up the outstanding work Durian team!

    98. Animaticoide Says:

      Actually I bet if anyone sees this Trailer in a regular Movie theater they will be hooked to watch the movie. Great Trailer, professional voice. This is really well done…characters I love them. You have worked very hard people.

    99. rogper Says:

      …Sorry all this comments about hair, just one more thought:
      It’s not possible trough the use of some coding magic convert the particle hair in polygons? I think that most of the hair issues are due to the fact that even if the parent hairs strands don’t intersect each other, children hairs always do, so if all strands collisions were calculated individually instead to only the parents in my ignorance seems that it would look better… increasing insanely calculation time… but for that most important shots… 😐

    100. Eavin Says:

      How much would it cost to commission a full length version of Sintel? I’m sure the community would eagerly pitch in to make that happen. I guess what I’m saying is that its a shame that the full thing will be so short. It looks EPIC

    101. Becca(RedJay) Says:


      About Sintel’s voice, I’m 16 and sound quite similar to that. Only boyish. So of course, she sounds 16. I’ve actually never met someone younger than 70 and older than 12 that I can tell their age by their voice. Unless they have one of those blonde cheerleader squeaky voices…..

    102. xyz14 Says:

      No subsurf on the shaman`s shoulder? Hope it`s not the final shot.

    103. JGL Says:

      Wonderful work !! Although I must say I’m not surprised, I had high expectations ever since I saw the first concept art last year.

      The light on the characters is great, the environments are amazing (especially the view from above the city and the desert), and the facial expressions of Sintel are simply of exceptional quality (especially when the great dragon sizes Scales!). Great animation, excellent soundtrack !!

      The beautiful concept art really pays off (the great dragon is incredible), it’s really moving to see Sintel finally come to life after all these months watching you work.

      That is one teasing trailer – good cut Colin 😉 – now I just CAN’T WAIT to see the movie !! Will there be another trailer later on ?

      Keep on rockin’ guys !!

      #1 Sintel fan,

    104. speaker_mute Says:

      amaaaazing, crongatulantions. i can´t wait

    105. Simon Says:

      Awesome guys! Really really awesome.
      And don’t make scenes darker like some people say. Keep it like this.

    106. Simon Says:

      Just watched it again. It is incredible. How will you top this with the next project? The eyes on Sintel are amazing!

    107. Bao2 Says:

      Great trailer. Incredible job are you all doing.

      Could you post what happens with the little dragon and how the movie ends?
      Well… I just had to try…

    108. Ayetach Says:

      Awesome work guys, I look forward to its release 🙂

    109. maddes Says:

      @wo262: Yes, of course: Animated Short-Movie oscar.

    110. Venthe Says:

      I know, i know – you guys will be mad, especially after what was told in ‘reaction for comments’ – but i must say it – next gen GAME. Look 0.26. Prince of Persia? : ) But… Hey, do not judge book only after a stand-in cover, eh? We must wait for finale, and hopefully – all mistakes will be covered or – post processed.

      I think, adding glow, motion blur and DOF will change feeling, from game – to movie.

      And still… Even when compared to games only… Open source projecy, very short time? Whole thing is way beyond awesomeness. So dont treat complaining comments as something only criticizing – but say something like this: “Everything is G-R-E-A-T except minor…”

      Anyways… As I said – WAY BEYOND awesomeness.
      Ah. Sound. One word. Perfect.

      Keep it up. Remember – YOU ROCK!


    111. ITrAB Says:

      I think dragon face is too hmm… He’s young/baby dragon, he should behave like puppy, disoriented and stuff… That scene when he cry to sintel (imho) is weird ;P

    112. Addison Chrystie Says:

      The trailer served its purpose, I’m a lot more excited to see this than I was (and I was already excited to start :D). It’s not perfect (what is?), but it’s damn good, exceptional if you throw in the schedule, budget, and software development that goes on in tandem. I agreed with a lot of the comments on the stills regarding the hair and such but I can definitely see a significant improvement in the animated versions in this trailer.

      I can also see why the logo was a good choice now, it fits really well with the mood of the trailer, and the music is awesome too. The whole composition has a hollywood feel to it for sure.

      I wasn’t a big fan of the dragon design in the orignal concept, but now that I’ve seen it animated with the baby dragon I think it works really well and it’s a nice departure from the “standard fair”.

      My one critique would be, make sure the lighting makes the characters look like they’re “in the scene” at all times, there were definitely some spots (sintel flipping the wooden pallette, and the stair scene) where Sintel looked like she was lit separately from the background and not composited back in quite right. Small things become far less noticeable if everything is lit consistently, IMHO.

      Kudos to the whole team. I’m sure they’re wishing they had more time, whereas I’m hoping for time to pass more quickly so it doesn’t seem so long a wait to see the finished product. 😉

      As far as comments go, I’d work under the impression that even the negative comments are a form of flattery, it just means that what you’ve put out so far has gotten people excited enough to care quite a bit about how it finally turns out. I’d be more concerned if people said nothing. Even hugely popular movies with massive budgets and incredible attention to detail get significant negative critique, probably more so, it’s when no one is paying attention at all that you should be concerned: D

    113. Christopher Webber Says:

      Looks great. Looking forward to the final product! 🙂

    114. Paulo Bardes Says:

      Congratulations guys, I hope to do the same as you one day…

      P.S.: I loved the landscapes takes!

    115. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      Hello guys.
      I liked the teaser trailer, but i really need add that some things are not good. I work in productions for 10 years, and i believe that auto critics is always good.

      first of all, i want to say, if 2 moths more is not enough, why not extend to 4 months, and at final give a real well finished film?

      anyway. i think that:

      1. the film is not well finished (composition part) as Big Buck Bunny.
      2. the neck of Sintel is very bended (like a very old woman). it´s very strange on the scenes…. please if possible, correct. (this is really important to overall perception that she is a young and healty woman.
      3. the lightning is poor, look Sintel at scene where dragon catch the baby. She has not light from botton (difuse indirect lights from ambience/ground).
      4. lighting too. The Ambient Occlusion on buildings is not precise enouth for that scenes, looking not realistic like a game with bad graphics. I think some scenes need have real AO, and not AproximateAO.

      for now, it´s enough to upgrade trailer to a level interesting!
      but, please. not ignore this details, this film is really promising.

      So, take a coffe, raise the head. and come back with enthusiasm, because the film is very interesting. And you are really good artists. And thanks Ton from all community.

    116. Brent Says:

      Blender has now proven itself. I am so proud of everyone. I live in a society where Blender is pre-judged, but now, Blender has a chance against other software. Long live Blender and the Blender Foundation!!

    117. 3DTinkerer Says:

      Let me offer a different opinion.

      Sintel looks like she is suffering from a disease. Is she? If not, you need to make her look more attractive or else we have another Delgo in the making.

      You need to make her look Final Fantasy attractive.

      The shot where Sintel is opening a door seems more like a game than a feature film.

      Something is wrong with the old man’s skin. He looks more like a puppet from the Muppet show than a CG character.

      The snow looks flat and the desert looks flat. It seems something is missing to make them more believable.

      I hope you don’t rush this film and look at it really hard because Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny were really top notch when it comes to visual quality.

      Anyway, I am rooting for you guys.

    118. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master Says:

      Wooow it’s amazing, this is really incredible, there are some details, but hey it’s done with a software in an ALPHA state, I can’t imagine the next project when blender become has stable as the previous version were.

    119. Blendiac Says:


      That, my friends, is what the trailer for World Domination looks like. I previously was critical of the Shaman’s design.

      Today I eat my words.

      The cinematography, editing, music and animation are world class. If the rest of the film looks half as good as this, I’d feel proud to share it with the world. Get it looking as good as this and you’ll have a force to be reckoned with.

      Carpe dieum!

    120. BlendNmix Says:

      JGL: The concept art is especially what has shot down this movie! Not inspired, bad anatomy and too much of Revoy’s cliché!

      Nevertheless, the movie – from the trailer – is still interesting to see because technically they are achieving something really cool!

      Congrats durian team!

    121. Another Fellow Says:

      Okay, this is sick…

      Didn’t notice any problems while watching this stuff. Final Fantasy quality, I will tell thee! Just keep swimming, you will get there. As to all the crits that I and a lot of other people had: It’s because we want this movie to be totally epic. We look at stuff we normally wouldn’t look at while watching a movie. I’ve shown it to friends, who know nothing of CG, and say this looks as good as Final Fantasy. So, there you go, you guys own!

    122. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      2 more cents.

      I think that Andreas Goralczyk may can help with renders, better lighting and better compositing on this film. like the BBB. I agree totally with 3DTinkerer, this film really need a boost on quality of render/lighting/compositing parts.

      some animations need be refined. the animation of old guy is puppeted! the head not behave naturally, appear to sliding on a trail! the skin of man is really weird. and all film need some “softness” on render, all is too “hard” too crips. (i dont know blender very well, but in XSI, a framebuffer filtering is solution for this excessive “crispness” of film(real cameras not produce over sharpness like this renders). I generally use a Triangle 2×2 framebuffer filter on XSI.

      only to finalize, lighting is very “flat” on this film. no good ambience on scenarios. You may need use a Spherical Harmonics + real AO to do a nice boost on buildings.

      Go guys you can!

      Ton. Give to your crew more time to refine the film! more 4 months please. it is really necessary for bring audience a good impression to Blender foundation projects like past ones!


    123. V1ntage Says:

      I’m with Malcolm Zaloon. You definitely need more time to get the visual quality and dynamics up to par with the previous Foundation movies. As Malcom mentions, maybe it’s not a bad idea to have Andy over there, if possible.

      The story will get to the heart of the general public. Increased visual quality will help you get the professionals and critics.

      Also, enough separate render passes and good compositing can truly do wonders 🙂 I believe the true magic will happen in the last month/weeks.

      Keep up the great work!

    124. Fabio Says:

      The animations are NOT bad, but the lip sync is off– stare at the old man’s lips and you’ll see what I mean.

      It’s awesome!

    125. sid350 Says:

      Thank you guys! I’m gonna love this movie! Animation is just awesome.
      For me it’s time to read some animation tutorials…

    126. stargeizer Says:

      Nothing to say, just amazing…

      and keep it up guys!!

    127. miya Says:

      This is purely great!
      I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

    128. Simon Says:


    129. 3DTinkerer Says:

      @Another Fellow

      You said it yourself. You asked guys who know nothing about CG. It is the guys who knows a lot of CG who will come hard on this film.

      We don’t need to hold back on our criticism because it is for the best.

      These guys are professionals. They can handle it.

    130. Reyn Says:

      That… was…. epic! Mind….. blowing…. x_x

    131. Xero Says:

      OMG! I had my mouth open the entire time. That was awesome.
      I’ll be honest. I wasn’t really feeling some of the stills posted earlier but this teaser just totally blew me a way.

      I know the team has worked really hard on this and it shows. Greats guys and good luck with the rest of the movie.

    132. Rudiger Says:

      Thanks so much for giving us a story. The technical nit-picks are probably correct, but I was too enthralled to notice, and I’m sure it’ll be that way for the final film.

    133. Colincbn Says:

      Sweet jeezus thats awesome.

    134. Max Puliero Says:

      you are amazing guys!


    135. jeff Says:

      Holy carp.

    136. Will Says:

      Outta control . . .


      son unos genios
      por favor subir los subtitulos en español



    138. Jamieson Christian Says:


      Sintel’s look of anguish at 0:31 is truly heart-wrenching. That kind of emotion is what makes a movie truly epic. I have no doubt the entire movie is going to achieve the same level of emotional impact.

      As always, Jan Morgenstern’s musical canvas is incredible!

      Great emotion, great music, fantastic visuals (don’t let the nit-pickers eclipse your due accolades), wonderful voices…. This movie is going to ROCK!

    139. David Says:

      WOW! Excellent. Love the action, the motions, the voices, the music, the style! Everything! The lighting and atmosphere on big dragon right before it snaches the baby looks like what I’ve seen only in dreams. Nice to see this effect when I am awake… Or am I dreaming? 😉
      The blender movies keep getting better! Totally Epic! (How is the next movie going to top this one?)

      Don’t worry about making everything “Perfect” other professional movies have missing details and even mistakes. Take L.O.T.R for example; First movie Aragron bumps camera. 2nd movie end, where Aragron and the king are riding down the ramp, you can see orcs go through the horses. And what are the riders in the back fighting? Invisible orcs? LOL

      To all the critics out there: If there is something in the final movie that you absolutely can’t deal with; wait until the source files get released. Then you can change/fix what ever you want! 🙂

    140. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      David, you are so wrong…

      number 1 rule of production…

      never wait to correct things only in final stage!(or you will fuck all film).

    141. Bernardo Velasquez Says:

      hi everybody I’m from Colombia,Sorry for my bad English… i see the Sintel trailer and i love the result of your work, congratulations!!!, i am graphic designer and blender fanatic, I think your work is incredible, dont stop and continue the project I’m waiting impatiently the result.

      you are true artists Sintel Team !!!!! GO GO GO !!!

    142. crowline Says:

      Congratulations Durian team on getting to this point. There are a lot of great things happening in the trailer, with some especially beautiful and effective moments.

      Since this is the first we have seen the large dragon, I guess it is the place to comment that I am kinda disappointed in the design. The modeling and texturing and animating are all looking great, But the character design seems uninspired… The wing areas especially. The “arms” look pretty clunky to me. Some variance in the thickness, and the length and angle of the “homerus” vs “forearm” vs “fingers” would have helped a lot. maybe a backcanted short humerus as in a bat. Not that you have time to tweak these things at this point.

      Best of luck in the big push to the release. Thanks for showing us all the beautiful images along the way.

    143. Amani Says:

      Really nice work.

      My worry is, with such nice output someone can put his hand on blender to make it commercial. Please, please lets keep blender open source.

    144. Consideringthepickle Says:

      SAND DUNES!!!!!

      I feel like after all these comments I should say something more worthwhile, but I just love the sand dunes.

      Uhh… so actual critique,
      Well I’m really excited to see it it looks epic and awesome and cool.
      The only thing that I can be nitpicky about is the aerial shots with the dragons in them, the sky seems a little bit uncooperative with the motion of the shot. Is that something you’re working on, or had to just settle for? Just the same general stuff too, it looks a little game-graphicsy in some parts, but nothing I think some post work in the node editor won’t fix. Either way, if the story is as good as the trailer makes it out to be none of that will matter much. I’d just sort of rather it look more blended together well… if that means cutting back on realism for some elements or maybe blurring the camera (lol), that’s just my opinion and I’m totally being a nitpick.
      The animation looks top notch.
      The music is awesome.

      This definitely looks insanely epic for something put together in going on only 9 months. I can’t wait to see the finished movie!
      …and open up the sand dunes blend file lol

    145. Felix Lorsignol Says:

      Wow. Cool.

      Really cool.

    146. Big Fan Says:

      This movie is being ruined by criticism.
      I told you artists before to stop posting progress reports and just get on with pleasing yourselves with telling a story and you keep exposing yourselves to more demoralising technical nitpicking and allow the stress of the deadline to be polluted and infected with resentments.
      What ever happened to the magic of movies and the suspension of disbelief that you are listening to the bashing and carping and then beat up on yourselves because you havent attained perfection.
      Ton needs to pull this together and kill the bad vibe.
      Keep up the good work people.
      Looking forward to being entertained by the end result and appreciating the effort that went into it.

    147. Carsten Says:

      Greeeaat stuff! Can´t wait till i have this DVD.

      Just one question: Did i missed it, or there not ONE scene with this awsome eye-pop-out-rig from Nathan? I was really looking forward to see that in a full render… well okay, its not a good idea to put all good parts in the trailer 😉

      Keep going Durian, you´re making history, never forget that 🙂

    148. Piiichan Says:

      I LOVE it!

      And this soundtrack, those sound effects, those voices… with a home cinema, it’s a real pleasure!!!

      Still 2 months to go… almost there, hold firm!

    149. worthless comment Says:

      – none of the voices fit the character at all
      – unnatural body movement in city scene
      – I like the running scene, very goose-bump-inducing-emotional, but her weird face expression once she reaches the top of stairs kills off the mood in an instant
      – also the baby dragon is not puppy-cute, but rather pretty ugly
      – something is wrong with Sintel, maybe because she is so pale?

    150. AD-Edge (Alex Delderfield) Says:

      Wow, I’ll be honest, lately Ive had serious doubts towards this project, but that trailer put my mind at ease.

      I had shivers the whole way through, and thats watching it at Uni without audio.

      Now Im off to watch it over and over again, later with sound 😀

    151. worthless comment Says:

      >This movie is being ruined by criticism.

      I strongly disagree. Comments here shouting such words as epic and awesome outnumber any other kind. Sintel is going to be awesome-epic.

    152. Big Fan Says:

      well yours are worthless comments 😉

    153. bobithreedee Says:

      WOW !
      Talk about much work being put into this !
      Congrats to all of the hard-working team at DepotQuai 57 !

    154. tino Says:

      @Big Fan, feedback is good. and it is an open movie, so community involvement is only natural.

    155. Pixeltwister Says:

      Hairs stood up on the back of my neck…. Excellent.

    156. Arafax Says:

      I am _highly_ impressed.

    157. Big Fan Says:

      No thats rubbish. The movie is being done is a small studio with some little outsourcing of props for time reasons.
      It is not an open movie. It is the movie of the artists using open software. It is in view of the wider Blender community and sponsored in part by individuals from it.
      All through these movie preparations people have been interposing themselves in the team with inconsiderate opinions and directions and upsetting their confidence and progress.
      This is not feedback. It is thoughtless crucifiction of the team members talent and pride in their groups achievement.
      Leave them alone to do their best in the time given with the resources and talents they have.
      When you see the movie complete then talk about how it met your expectations but dont just slag every endeavour or nuance and call it criticism or feedback.
      Who benefits from hearing their every fault identified mercilously at every turn?
      Some people should invite themselves out of involvement and go make their own movie 😉

    158. 3DGURU Says:

      nice work mates , really nice
      crit : more working on the hair material will be great .

    159. voodka2007 Says:

      Thanks for this trailer !
      and good luck for the rest of the movie 🙂
      if the community can help again, we are here !

    160. Jaydez Says:

      Looks awesome, as everyone else has said, the movie is now on our minds in a big way. *And so is listening to the full of that awesome soundtrack!* Great Job Durian (And everyone else).

      I wrote a bit of a review on my blog: http:/

    161. joorva Says:

      hey, guys, the story background seems irrational somehow… i mean: red-hair, young, good looking girl in a big city, and she claims that she is lonely for as long as she remembers.


      I’am joking of course, great job people, i’am really impressed with teaser’s style and this “epicness” feeling.

    162. Tim, LA Says:

      Sorry guys, be more objective!
      I like the project but not the result!
      There are too many errors in it. But I think as the team said Blender is actually not quite as good as other CG-packages. Thats the reality!
      Errors? That belongs in my point of view to materials, textures, lighting, hair etc. etc!
      For me it’s a backstep from BBB!
      What sort of film shout it be? Comic or real-film or what!??
      At this status quo it’s a tech-demo, not more!!
      You cannot go with that to Siggraph!!

    163. Flo Says:

      WOW – that trailer looks really great!

      I watched it about 10 times now!

    164. D Says:


      Wow. 😀

    165. dseverino Says:


      I LOVE THE LIGHTS, the light on the city !!!

      GOOD CONTINUATION for the next two months !!!
      But don’t forget to sleep !! ;-))

    166. epsilorn Says:

      To me, hairs are really good the way they are now, and everything else I see is really good. Obviously if you look a movie frame by frame you will always find some glitiches, but it’s not the way it’s meant to be watched!

      Thank you for your hard work guys, and for working on blender.

    167. benNO! Says:

      Hey guys – awesome teaser. Can’t wait to see the whole movie.
      I really like the landscapes and the city shots. Keep going !!!

    168. AlBad Says:


      Still Sintels Hair are a bit messy, but i guys will handle it.

      f*** I need a timemachine, cause i cant wait for the movie

    169. sebih Says:

      Rewatched the trailer multiple times. Yesterday I was criticizing the lack of dust – it’s there! And it looks that realistic that I didn’t even notice it – well done!
      Now I am really looking forward to see this epic movie. You’ll for sure be able to finish a cinema quality movie pushing the borders of Blender.
      Thank you!

    170. nsavy Says:

      Beautiful work! Great picture and sound combination. I cannot wait to see the final result!!!

    171. bo Says:

      I hope this is only very first preview renders. It looks like a average game trailer, not a HQ movie.
      Big Buck Bunny is fantastic.
      This trailer is… EMBARRASSING.
      I’m sorry.

    172. The Fatsnacker Says:


      Its amazing what your doing to bring the 2.5 branch along with the movie, or is it the other way…anyways.

      I’ll be disappointed if this didnt go forward and you were able to produce a full film on the back of this…..I’m buying the dvd when its out…

      good luck…

    173. Demohero Says:

      Trailer is great! Keep up the good animation Durian team!

    174. MartianR Says:


      I think you have made some really insightful, balanced and sensible points in this threads. The project is still in progress, and to a certain extent both the positive and negative comments will be very distracting, when at this stage they are pretty irrelevant to the team (even this one, I do see the irony). The team will have their own critical process in place, and complex projects have a way of knitting together towards the end of production, as more results appear and inform quality issues and creative decisions. They know what they are aiming for, and what they need to do. The valid time for fanfares and critiques is when Sintel (or any creative piece) is presented as a final product. The community basis of Blender can be a double-edged sword in an advanced project such as this, and I believe the duty of communication and informing regularly from such a small team is counter-productive in the long run, as well meaning as it is. My view is that they are extremely talented people in mid-project who just need some space to get on with it and make the movie they want to make. Trying to make a movie AND keep the community placated regularly is trying to keep too many spinning plates in the air.

      I did make some constructive criticisms regarding the logo, but as that was presented as a final, I feel that was an appropriate moment, but the movie itself is still in production. Let them be.

    175. alionsonny Says:

      Wow! This looks simply GREAT! Sod the critics. They should do what you do and talk rubbish then….maybe… To me this looks fantastic. Music and feeling is a bit like the Gothic game series 😀

    176. Jonny Says:

      Really like it. Very nice!

    177. lfisken Says:

      Some sections look really promising! I hope they can bring them shining out for the final!

    178. dd Says:

      wow… great for blender 🙂

      i found sintel hair flicker… at 00:31

    179. Beorn Says:

    180. Eli Says:

      I think the trailer looks absolutely amazing!! Can’t wait to see it!!

    181. wo262 Says:

      i think Ton Rossendal make a cameo as Lao-Tseu. and Colin Levi as Scales XD

    182. Knicky Says:

      Hey folks,
      I always read “awesome”, “great”, “impressive”, “cool” and “brilliant”!
      And nothing else!
      Please be less facile to help the team!!

    183. VicenteC Says:

      Great 😉

    184. Fredy Martins Says:

      WOW! 😀
      Haha… I love it! Great!

    185. Elubie Says:

      It took me this long to pick up my jaw again from the floor 🙂

      Great job and congrats on the trailer, this has epicness, emotional impact and very nice dramatic flow!
      Sound and Music from Jan is excellent as always!

      This is a nice step forward – if the rest of the movie looks as good, I’m pretty sure it will be all that is expected. I really liked the intro scene with Sintel in the snow (Winter clothes!) and the expression on her face when th baby draggon is caught.

      Keep on rocking!


    186. Joey Says:

      Great work guys!

      Im really glad with the progress of the Durian project.
      Also grats on the music Jan, you did it again!

      Watched it over 9000! times 😉

    187. Pangly Says:

      Just a few thingd that should be changed for the final version. I know it’s hard to get so many critics, but it seems to be necessary :).
      Here are some little things that, if changed, could in my opinion hugely improve the movie.

      -Second shot : what happened to the colors? The saturation is too low. If the lighting makes a white snow, why is Sintel’s hair so dark ?
      – Fourth shot :
      The rings are put in the cloth in an unrealistic way. So is the thing (?) which is in his nose.
      The hair materials look weird : why don’t you lower the Alpha value a little? This trick works in most of the cases, and makes the hair look less “solid”.
      You could lower the Alpha value at the root of the hair, too. It could smooth the transition between the skin and the hair.
      The clothes of the old man are floating above the skin. Maybe because they are, maybe because the Ambient Ocllusion is too important, and creates very dark shadows where they shouldn’t be.
      -Fifth shot :
      The shape of Sintel’s mouth looks weird
      The shoulders are not good, too. We can’t feel the muscles.
      -Seventh shot :
      The animation could be better
      The environment looks like it’s in-game. The materials and the lighting are too flat.
      -Eighth shot : There is a huge difference between Sintel, what she’s running on, and the background (matte painting?). I should add that the piece of armor she’s wearing isn’t attached to anything.
      -Ninth shot : What happend to the building’s colors? It’s all grey, and doesn’t fit with the background.
      -Thirteen shot : The wings of the baby dragon don’t fit with the body, which is far more detailed
      – Fourteen shots : the dunes look weird, but it has been said before. Some procedural bump maps could change everything.

      The problem with this trailer is that we can see the huge amount of work you put in, but there are so many bad “details” !!! 90% are good but 10% ruin everything.
      It can impress millions of young guys, but not so many cg professionnal.

      Good luck ! After BBB and Elephants dream, we know you (and Blender)can always impress us.

    188. acro Says:

      it’s my birthday today, thank you for the excellent timing! I keep trying to draw comparisons with the BBB trailer, and in fact other film trailers, but I can’t remember ever watching another trailer as often as I’ve watched this already. hot damn, it’s looking fantastic! now to transcode it to play on my mobile phone so I can cradle it in my arms…

    189. MartianR Says:


      For a minute there I thought you were in the Durian team. Oh, wait a minute, you’re not.

    190. Riccardo Covino Says:

      great piece of work!
      I won’t repeat other critics, but i would like to add that sintel’s lighting in the stree is totally different from the environment!

    191. Savage Says:

      Nice… Wait a minute. No, not nice… EPIC!

    192. Savage Says:

      I think some people forget that the team isn’t even using software that is finished. Blender 2.5 is far from finished, keep that in mind when being too critical.

    193. Cathy & India Says:

      I’m so very proud of you all – it has come such a long way in such a short time! It’s fantastic!!! Please take care of yourselves – eat well and get some sleep (sorry, being motherly)….
      So proud!!!!

    194. David Cordeiro Says:

      I’d like to leave my two cents, I’m a professional animator at an archviz studio for 5 years now, I know what it takes to create belieavable humans in little time without mocap and little resources… It takes a freakin’ miracle ! And I dont believe in miracles…

      So far your only mistake, whas that the premise is too ambitious, cartoon character are much easier aren’t they 🙂 ?

      I could go nitpicking about this and that, but asside the renderer that is killing you( I do understand the choice though ), you have done a stellar job, I loved the pace of the trailer and look foward for the film.

      Keep up 🙂

    195. Simon Says:

      I appreciate the fact that you guys have been working really hard on the details/textures of Sintel’s world, but I think the extreme depth of field in the renders, where EVERYTHING is in focus, makes it look very “computery”. I would suggest using a softer depth of field setting in the final renders – I think the effect you’ll get will be much more lifelike.

    196. Reece Says:

      Congratulations on a great job!!

      Those that seek perfection will be looking forever. So please ignore them. The story is far more important than technical details in any render/model/texture/rig/…

      Keep it up 🙂

    197. blood Says:

      it’s so freakin awesome!!!! Can’t wait for the final movie. Go guys! I know you can do it!

    198. Lee Says:

      200th post!

      hahah had to steal that one 😉

    199. asdrubal Says:

      Fellicitaciones por el gran trabajo que estan realizando.

    200. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master Says:

      Ahh i forgot it.

      What happens to the GIANT SNAIL!!!!!!!

    201. Victor Says:

      Love the Movie!
      Have to agree with a couple of comments, the Shaman’s voice sounds too young compared to the character model.

    202. 3d dude Says:

      I thought the character’s faces had good emotions. And the lip syncing was spectacular. I’m not sure I liked the voice for the main character, but other then that I thought it was great.

    203. Fry Says:

      For those of you that insist on comparing this /trailer/ with Avatar, there’s one thing you’re forgetting. Avatar budget= $300,000.00-500,000.00. Sintel budget= ~$0. Especially if the complaint is, “there aren’t any flies, like in Avatar.”

      The dragon wing animation? Watch it in slow motion. Looks perfectly believable. Maybe it just looks jerky to you because your eyes aren’t fast enough.

      And let’s not forget, this project is fantasy themed. The sand doesn’t need to look like it’s an HD video of a real sand dune, as long as it looks beautiful. Which it does.

      Hats off to the Sintel team, and everyone who CONTRIBUTES to the Blender Foundation. History in the making.

    204. blendfan Says:

      i agree with you victor.voice is too young.

      but animation is beautiful

    205. Rodrigo Adriano Says:

      I got chills!!!
      Perfect!! *—*

      Brasil esta apoiando o projeto o/

    206. Joooo Says:

      This is so unbelieveable great! :)))))
      Really love it! Played it multiple time, also a bit slower and everything still looked natural.
      There’s much more movement the other open movies and everything is very fast.
      Have to order the DVDs!

    207. Simon Says:

      Sorry, got ahead of myself with the depth-of-field comment – obviously that’s a small comment on an otherwise superb job.

    208. Ulsar Says:

      This is great! The pace of the trailer make you wanna see the entire film… now!! The sound side of the trailer is topnotch and fits very well with the atmosphere, the work on shaman is awfully good!!!! It’s really great, but……….

      …….. this expression can’t really be seen, unnatural at least.

    209. JF Says:

      I’m a cg artist with ten years of experiences in film. I’m working with XSI or Maya but follow blender developpement and projects since two years. Really nice trailer with a free software in developpement and a limited team with limited time. With some work for compositing and lighting integration for some shot , more of motionblur and depth of field can improve this project a lot.Trailer of a film is always a “test” for improving the final project. I like the shot with the shaman , really nice ambiance ( add a bit of smoke with Blender 2.5 ? ). I really excited to see the final product and show it to some of my collegue at work. A lot of professional is sceptic about blender ( me the first a couples of years ago ) but when i show some artwork or project like yours , many of them are very impressed. Continue your nice work and ignore bad and non-constructive criticism. Some people just don’t how many works is behind a projects like this.

      Congrulation !

    210. Siri Says:


      …now Sintel comes to life! Absolutely great. I love the moment when she is reaching out for the little dragon. My respect for the hard working filmmakers!

    211. Taze Says:

      I hope you guys can squeeze out a little more time maybe a month or so. This movie has the potential to be a breakthrough for the community and software also. I would prefer a little longer wait than missing those final finishing touches and adjustments.

      Good Luck and cheers to you all for a daunting task.

    212. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      I think a good idea at this point, retarget the film to 2K renders due technical contraints and blender´s renderfarm size.

      with this, the renders can be fixed with more details, better AO, etc… and better framebufer filtering and compositing. Please take this in consideration.
      4K is totally not realistic for this time constraints.

      anyway, call Andreas Goralczyk to help and give more realism to this film!


    213. Philip Jägenstedt Says:

      Excellent, I have been waiting for this! This looks very promising, but I have one piece of criticism: In the scene where the small dragon is snatched, both the girl and the little dragon are very sharp, making it look like there’s no depth. In particular I think it’s the little dragon which is too sharp, for something moving so fast that doesn’t quite look natural.

      Now, thanks a lot for publishing Ogg Theora versions. We (Opera Software) have previously used BBB as demo material ( and I’m sure we’re going to be using this too in some way or another.

      Is there any chance of getting the raw video and audio for this? It would be great if you could work with Xiph to put it on like for the previous 2 films. That way this can be my new test clip for various tings, I’m tired of hearing the first 3 seconds of BBB over and over 🙂

      Thanks again for your hard work. Free culture for all!

    214. Luz_y_Sombra Says:

      hey Fry are you sure 0 budget?.
      I think ,they all have salary, they don’t work FREE .

      about sintel i saw a lot fans who say WOW , AWESOME , SPECTACULAR ETC.

      don’t get wrog but sintel is not THAT . wake up noobs 🙂

    215. thirdsense Says:

      i was looking forward for this trailer. this project makes my day everytime i got 5 minutes left inbetween work to look at new posts on this blog. but this time …. the surroundings are so great. the architectural details on the castle or whatever it is … wow. i really have no idea how you guys where able to modell all of this – and of cause texture it too. absolutly amazing work.

      the trailer is perfect. you espect a 1 1/2 hour production. i wonder how this will work in a short. but when you continue on this level i have no doubt that this will be no problem.

      one point disturbed me though ( i know it’s unfair). the light on sintel shoulder in the street scene is strange. maybe this makes it look in a kind unreal.

      to end up nicely and positiv (what your work diserves)- otherwise the atmospheric light blew me away.

      go, go, go durian team…

    216. LetterRip Says:

      Hi all,

      as noted in the other thread they have plenty of talented artists at the institute and can generally spot any flaws themselves. So the ‘helpful critiques’ probably aren’t telling them stuff they don’t already know.

      Also most viewers, even commercial artists – are not going to be going over the film with a fine tooth comb looking for flaws.

      As to the deadline – they have a set amount of funding available based on the sponsorship and presale campaign. So it just isn’t possible to extend the projects 2 months more – that would be another 150,000-200,000 Euros more.

      They have 2 months now to do final tweaks on animation, lighting, color and texture. I have every confidence that the final product will be amazing, and it is already clearly quite good.

    217. DwarvenFury Says:

      +1 to what LetterRip said.

      I find its most productive to advise people about what they have the time and resources to change rather than everything that could be changed. Some of the “critiques” here relate so far back into the design and modeling phases of the production that bringing them up here simply is not relevant.

      As fans, I know we all want the best product for ourselves and to promote Blender and open source in general. However, I think we all need to keep in mind the sheer volume of work and levels of expertise possessed by everyone working on this project. The Durian team knows what its doing and I believe it will do everything it can to make Sintel the most successful Blender Foundation film, yet.

    218. DudeFromKansas Says:

      WOW!!! I watched this yesterday I still Love it!! Might I say that the stills you guys have been showing don’t even do the trailer justice!!! I am looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out!

    219. ebrain Says:

      This is a promising trailer guys !

      About the crits that have been made before, sure you are not going to get to something like Avatar, but this is a really good job if you think of the conditions for making it.

      You are doing an amazing job, and making us proud, keep up the good work, we all love you ! 🙂

    220. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      It´s always possible to extend a project that no have “clients” of agencies.
      We do it, all time when have no deadline imposed.

      for the ´boys´ that thinks is good trailer, as for any 3d professional… this trailer appear what we call “OFFLINE” version.

      for the same ´boyfans´ that thinks guilt beta software for not so good results.. it´s a total mistake! I work with professional software with have a lot of bugs, and this is not excuse to bad finish.

      So. at this point, i really believe that blender is a very good software, but the internal rendering is really bad.
      IMHO the internal renderer need be rewrite from scratch. (not simply tries of optimize things with google sponsored summer of code challenges).
      It is all.

      Don´t misunderstand, i like this project, but AT THE MOMENT this is have even the quality of BBB finish.

    221. Fry Says:

      @Luz_y_Sombra: I didn’t say $0, I said ~$0… the tilde means “approximately”. Which, when comparing the video to Avatar, is fairly accurate.

      Besides, the stated goal of the project, as outlined on the website, is:

      -Stimulate development of advanced features.
      -Validation of Blender by great artists
      -Use and improve an open source creation pipeline
      -Deliver good publicity and PR for Blender
      -Create useful presentation and educational material in Open Content
      -Last but not least, provide a fun and inspiring experience for the entire Blender community!

      Things I don’t see on that list are:

      -Compete with high-budget Hollywood film production studios
      -Try to please every hypercritical Internet poster who has nothing to contribute but negative criticism

    222. Simon Says:

      Malcolm Zaloon:
      Will you pay everyone at the institute for two more month of production?

    223. Savage Says:

      Amazing how people will complain so much over something that is being given to them. I think you all are doing an AWESOME job and THAT is THAT… No, my bad, EPIC! Keep up the great work and don’t let the trolls get you down guys. Blender is an awesome piece of software and by what I have seen of the film, I can’t wait to get my copy. Thanks for everything! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC!

    224. Savage Says:

      @ Simon:
      Great idea!

      Instead of complaining, the hardcore critics should donate some of their time and money! Great idea, Simon! I bet all these critics haven’t paid a dime and most likely, haven’t even ordered the film that they want to complain about, let alone spending some of their time helping in the development of 2.5.

      Guys, it is free to download, have a problem? Fix it!

    225. RNS Says:


    226. Alkalim Says:

      When I saw the trailer first time, I didn’t like it because it was too fast and I had no chance to identify with Sintel. But the more I watch it, the more I love it! It’s fantastic! There is still some work to be done, but If the end product is just a little more better than this trailer SINTEL will be really fantastic.

      Will there be translated versions?

      Of course it isn’t possible to get voices for lots of languages in that time with that budget, that should be mede later by the community. But I would like the DVD to have already some languages subtitled.

      I guess there are lots of people out here who’d love to translate the movie.

    227. Alex Says:

      I just can’t sit quietly. I want to shout, how great durian team is! Trailer is VERY GOOD, VERY. I am really thankful for all job you’ve done, because it’s done for the community. And it’s a HUGE amount of work. I can’t even imagine how to do film like that on alpha software and fighting with all alpha bugs. So we don’t need to fight with them. I saw great improvement of software during this time(great job BTW, i myself am c++ programmer and i see huge amount of work done).
      It’s a hard work, but after it’s done it won’t be forgotten . So again THANK YOU for all your job, and keep it up!

    228. Luz_y_Sombra Says:

      HEY FRY ,

      Blender is reallly good this time .

      And sintel is not in the same SIZE , i say the true but if you wanna lie to them is your choice .
      I’m not a fanatic like many of here , i must confes Blender is great but not sintel is my opinion

      And they can tell if they have a pay for doing this :).

    229. Juan Romero Says:

      The trailer is great and everything looks much better than I thought it would look, in particular the photography and cinematic qualities, wich I was affraid would be overlooked, happily are not.
      One critic, though: Sintel’s hands are HUGE. I know it’s not a realistic world she lives in, but in a girl they look a little grotesque to me.

    230. kram1032 Says:

      Oh my goodness. I’m just looking at the youtube video stats:

      #4 – Hot topic (today)) – Netherlands
      #17 – Hot topic (today)) – Film & Animation – Global
      #1 – Hot topic (today)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #27 – Hot topic (this week)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #35 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Australia
      #54 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Canada
      #47 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – UK
      #41 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Ireland
      #34 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – India
      #16 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – NewZealand
      #25 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Israel
      #54 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Global
      #45 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Spain
      #52 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – France
      #47 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Italy
      #34 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – South Korea
      #79 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #14 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Poland
      #38 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Braizl
      #86 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Russia
      #6 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Czech Republic
      #47 – Most seen (today)) – Film & Animation – Sweden
      #2 – Favorites (today)) – Netherlands
      #14 – Favorites (today)) – Film & Animation – Global
      #1 – Favorites (today)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #86 – Favorites (this week)) – Netherlands
      #5 – Favorites (this week)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #30 – Favorites (this month)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #1 – Best rank (today)) – Netherlands
      #12 – Best rank (today)) – Film & Animation – Global
      #1 – Best rank (today)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #9 – Best rank (this week)) – Netherlands
      #42 – Best rank (this week)) – Film & Animation – Global
      #1 – Best rank (this week)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands
      #15 – Best rank (this week)) – Film & Animation – Netherlands

      It’s clear, that most views come from Netherlands, but those stats are the evidence:
      This film already got a tidal wave for the Film industry, before it’s actually released!

    231. kram1032 Says:

      argh and here we go xD
      I didn’t do this error in a looong time now. Of course, I meant, it became a tidal wave, rather than getting one…

      A little bit of excitement and old errors show up again. xD

    232. Juan Romero Says:

      @Malcolm Zaloon.
      1-I’ve seen 3d feature films with similar quality (rendering quality).
      2-The internal render in 3dsMax is worse than Blender’s.
      3-You can make the best 3d movie ever with any 3d tool, I mean any. Technology doesn’t replace talent, but talent cand bend technology and use it as it wants.
      Citizen Kane couldn’t represent hyper-realistic fantasy worlds like Avatar, but Avatar never will be considered the best film in cinema history.

    233. david rodriguez Says:

      hey muchachos!

      escribo en español pues no soy tan bueno con el ingles como para comunicar claramente lo que quiero decir; como se que alli esta pablito me tomo el abuso de escribir en español…

      antes de comentarles sobre el trailer, quisiera comentar sobre la actitud de la comunidad; seguramente ustedes han recibido las crititicas algunas muy duras de parte de nosotros, pero consideren algo, ustedes estan haciendo un film para una comunidad con alto conocimiento tecnico en muchos casos mas que para el publico en general, y es seguro que pueden haber mas errores que los que la comunidad nota, y ese es nuestro error, nosotros pasamos cada frame por una lente y buscamos cualquier defecto solo quisas para sentirnos sabiosy decir que nosotros lo hubieremos hecho mejor… … pero si es asi, donde esta nuestro gran portafolios de peliculas y animaciones?

      puedo apostar que la mayoria de quienes dan malas criticas no tiene siquiera un render decente que mostrar…

      yo le he mostrado el trailer a algunas personas, incluso cineastas que no tienen conocimiento de blender y las criticas han sido de lo mejor, tanto que arrancan a preguntarme sobre blender y sus capacidades…

      quisas hay muchas cosas que mejorar, pero es indudable que estan haciendo un gran trabajo.

      desde aca les extiendo muchas felicitaciones, y les envio animos y los mejores deseos de exitos…

      pueden cotejar las criticas en y deben creerme cuando les digo que es la comunidad mas ruda de blender, donde mostrar un mal trabajo es sinonimo de duros comentarios; alli las criticas han sido muy positivas…

      muchas felicidades!


    234. david rodriguez Says:

      ahhh mi critica sobre el trailer!!!

      me encanto!

    235. ziwon Says:


    236. ThiagoKolb Says:

      Subtitle in Português brasil “pt-br”

    237. Anon Says:

      Wow, this is awesome!

      The hair is GREAT, and the skin and hair look much better than they did a few days ago. IF IT IS IN THE FINAL MOVIE, the only thing that I saw that needed to be fixed (and this is an easy thing) is the framerate from 0:32 to 0:36 or so (the part in slow motion). I know that’s some re-rendering but it really needs to be done more smoothly.

    238. bautz Says:

      WOW! Fantastic!

    239. Giovanni Lanfiuti Says:

      Great!! Far better than what I expected!

      I agree with Ulsar who said that that expression is ugly, and I want to point out also the expression she has when the shaman is speaking.

      The overall movie looks amazing.

      I’m also intrested in raw files (exspecially audio) to translate the dialogs without stopping the music or the audio effects.

    240. Jordi Says:

      Great work!!! You give us an unbelieble tool for free, after 6 years
      working with 3Dstudio Max, one day I found blender and I couldn’t stop to
      use it.

      Awesome work!!!! don’t give up!!!

    241. Martijn Says:

      Let me start off by saying that I appreciate how incredibly hard it is to make a movie like this and that I have the utmost respect for all the talented people that are working hard to make this project a success. Also: Of course this is just my opinion. I could be wrong.

      There are some people that make a comparison with other movies and come to the conclusion that they look better because they had millions of dollars to spend on it and while that is undoubtedly true, it is also besides the point.

      If the point is to use this movie to impress people with what Blender can do in the hands of talented professionals than you will have to up it considerably. If the point is to get Blender used in more professional studios as a production tool, then you have to put your emotions aside, be objective, and compare the visual quality to the industry standard.

      How does this look compared to Final Fantasy, Ice Age, Beowulf, even Elephants Dream(!!) ? Whether the comparisons are “fair” or not is completely besides the point. If it doesn’t stack up, it will not impress.

      The saying goes: “Time, Price, Quality. Pick two.” If quality can not be compromised on, and funding is limited, then I think you get more out of a 6 minute KICK ASS movie, then a twelve minute mediocre one.

      As I am sure the team knows exactly what they would want to improve I will refrain from commenting on the more technical issues and just say that the character design needs improvement. The baby dragon, for example, needs to be CUTE. Like the way he was in some of the concept art I saw.

      Having been in this exact situation myself, I know how demotivating these comments can be but you just have to pick yourself up and carry on! The Blender foundation has proven before that it can create stunning movies and even though the bar has been raised, I am certain you guys can do it again. I am a big believer in the team, Blender and in open source in general so keep up the hard work!


    242. Malcolm Zaloon Says:

      3dmax is not a a 3d tool… it´s ridiculous software… blender is far, far better!

      i´m comparing with mental ray and renderman(real production ready renderers) on XSI.
      And, yes JUAN..sorry.. but internal render of blender it´s not mature enough (at current state) to cinema production. in 2 aspects, Scene Scalability and Speed.

      the Blender is fantastic tool already. but not the renderer.
      it is a fact.
      and 3d boys, stop saying the word Avatar.. it´s so infant.

      and..for this post its enough! see ya on next thread. (i hope with better renders)

    243. POLYGONMASTER3D Says:


    244. Arafax Says:

      I wonder if some people ever stop for a second to consider that their “criticisms” might just be personal taste?

      This doesn’t apply to all the points raised here, but oh so many.

    245. ray Says:

      I’m only sorry that I didn’t post my audience feedback in time because I thought it was useless and everybody would groupie around about this trailer. But it seems it was not the case.
      So here it is a little later and since some time has passed I can only be more objective in my critics to the trailer, Here:

      It gave gave me the SHIVERS, there’s great potential in the themes we perceive in the trailer which appeals to me more than Big Buck Bunny! Yes I’m one of those who actually loved Elephants dream, and usually enjoy artistically mature scripts. No matter what people say, it will find some resonance in the long run (Elephants Dream still has not been recognized for its proper value yet.) . Big Buck Bunny was technically perfect, but just light and funny. I think putting some soul into the whole doesn’t hurt. From what I saw, you guys obviously did it, so the critics must be even more so hurtful. I guess now you won’t be reading that much of the comments and you’ll be right because you still have more important things to do ! so you probably won’t get to this one. It’s not altogether a bad thing that you have questioned yourselves thus. As Colin said “Point is taken” which is really all that matters. Now whatever you do, do it for yourselves first, and it will only come out glorified!

      Especially Ton, in this moment trust yourself and your decisions, you’re an artist too, you’ve shown it before!

      As a side note I should add that I invested a little money in funding the project like so many people with the DVD pre sale, and I can say that the result already stands up to my expectations! If some people feel the opposite, why not ask them to fund a few more months worth of the project? If they were serious they probably would, but I won’t because I’m more than happy with these screenshots and trailer! Keep up the good work and take care of yourselves.


    246. Victor Says:

      They are just comments… I think is a nice feedback source.
      We have said that is an awesome movie, so what’s the problem?

      Critics are a good thing, you need more bosses.
      A quality department xD Just joking around. Don’t cry.

      We appreciate your work, well… I’m not gonna afford any money anyway.

    247. AlesWolf Says:

      Simply AWESOME!

    248. jerms Says:

      Awesome! This should shut up all those whiny brats going on about a single frame!

    249. oxel Says:

      there is one thing i don’t like…it is about this-is-an-ugly-expression-of-who-ever whining! I don’t know what you expect, but look into 4chan and you will see tons of ugly expressions, they are natural. you whine about the fact that it looks so polished, but on the other hand you wish a perfect final-fantasy-alike-polished everything is beautiful shit? come on….

      to say it again, despite the criticisim the trailer is amazing, blender is amazing


    250. Drifton Says:

      I’m Sorry i have to sit and drool for a while while this is in a constant loop until my brain reboots,

      To the Durian team ,great job guys keep up the excellent work, this is rivaling and surpassing alot of stuff out of Hollywood 😀 Cheers

    251. BlendNMix Says:

      More than 20 000 views on youtube, not bad in ONE DAY! 🙂

    252. MMalkavian Says:

      Promising trailer you bring to us, mates!

      I can’t wait to see the final short 😉

      Some users have requested spanish subtitles so i made them:


      Two versions:

      1-Subtitles rasterized over the video (mp4/x.264) 30MB:
      2-Separated (and editable) *ass subtitle archive:

      I have translated the third line of dialog by context (I mishearded the last word) so i apologice if my interpretation isn’t as accurate as Sintel deserves
      He traducido la tercera línea de diálogo por el contexto (no entendi bien la última palabra) Así que disculpad si la interpretación no es todo lo precisa que Sintel se merece.

      Best regards from Spain

    253. J. Says:

      The last words are:
      A dangerous quest for an alone hunter. (that’s what I hear)
      -I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember.

    254. Anonymous Says:

      @J.: Version of the trailer, encoded with DivX Plus HD, is coming with subtitles, so it’s easy to check 🙂

    255. Gonzalo Says:

      thank you!!! beside details, a great trailer, congrats to all the team for the fruits of your hard work!!

    256. Marcin Says:

      After ED i say wow, after BBB again wow. But now i say ….. (here you place an answer below)
      Project looks very good but for me it’s too much similar to game trailer (especially scene on the street). I expected something more mysterious in feel, but after few seconds of watching i imagine that i can take an controll and start playing game, is it intentional? if answer is yes then i say triple wow, if answer is no then i say single wow but… 🙂
      Keep working – it’s not waste of time for sure. It’s allways a good project for developing blender, for you, and for few other reasons (especially growing popularity, but you must expect criticism also).
      I think the key for an good final effect will be postprocessing.

      Look how many posts are here – isn’t a success?

      Good luck
      and keep smiling – especially TON You are real commander of this boat 🙂

    257. thx Spanish Says:

      Gracias por los subtitulos en
      thx Spanish

    258. young_voter Says:

      I have a very mixed feeling about this trailer – while it shows a lot of hardwork and artistry, it also shows rush work and amateurish quality.

    259. themonster Says:


      happy to see this trailer!!!

      congrats to all the team!!!!


    260. RAS inc Says:

      Wow, sorry for my intermediate english. Without Words! What? Its awesome…. Keeping for more and liking much.

    261. Achim Luebbeke Says:

      Question to the team:
      What do you estimate, how much additional time do you need to finish the film in a quality that is satisfying for you?
      Or, do you think that you achieve the wished results within the given time constraints?
      And, where is the donation button for those who urge you to prolong the development time? 😉

      I have to say that I’m very impressed by the trailer, and by the whole process of the presentation and the reception, as well. It is exciting to see and read this all.
      The new twist of the story in this trailer is wonderful!
      The switch from cold to hot, from the chicken, the small dragon to the huge dragon, from snow to desert, from dark and intimate dialog to light, fast and surprising action.
      I am very curious how the story will finally end!
      I don’t see any lacks that are others than lacks of given time constraints, nothing that you wouldn’t do better, if you had the time.

      I cannot understand the critics against David Revoy. I think the concept art is great, and I enjoyed and I’m still enjoying the fantastic Chaos & Evolution DVD!
      Wish you all good progress, and no more technical fights, but the well-deserved satisfaction of your magnificent work!

    262. taniwha Says:

      I love it.

      Just one problem: what is the Shaman saying? “A dangerous quest for a [known?] hunter.”

    263. Jason Carlisle Says:

      Sooo glad I preordered the DVD! This looks like its going to be awesome 🙂 My only wish…… that you had the time and resources to turn it into a full length film 😀

    264. Oscar Franco Says:

      Hi, I think it’s a great work, but I still expect more, some of the things, including sintel and the desert look a bit plastic to me and some of the backgrounds could have more detail, altought the shaman and dragons look great!…. It looked like it didn’t have post procesing effects, I cannot wait to see the final movie
      I know a lot of people are going to disagree, but hey, it’s just an opinion, I know durian team it’s giving it all to the movie and I know it’s going to be great!

      I want to thank the durian team for make such a great work giving to blender another awosome short movie

    265. D.C. Says:

      Music is fantastic. Hippie-Witch-Doctor needs to go…his face type doesn’t match the voice. Needs to be based more on the voice actors expressions and facial type. Right now he doesn’t fit.
      The scene of the baby dragon getting caught by the larger dragon comes across as goofy, it’s just not realistic enough.
      Throughout the whole trailer the lighting was done pretty good except for some places here and there. The best shot was the one where sintel was walking in the snow, it was almost really awesome…
      In my (exclusive) opinion, all the characters are still lacking good mesh deformation…Muscle Systems…. Just recently I was able to design such a system that takes little to no computer processing power and allows for easy muscle duplication and muscle rippling. In this system you can add new muscles without having to create vertex groups or change any of the characters armature. (No joke!) Right now it needs some meager improvements, but I think it’s the thing that could bring your film into the next dimension, and bring it up to the level of pixar and dreamworks… If you have any questions, contact me at my email address.

    266. Luther2S Says:

      Pessoal aqui no Brasil o Blender tem conquistado corações…>…< E com o lançamento do trailer do curta metragem " Sintel " , até mesmo quem não tinha interesse no Blender começou a idolatrar ele.
      Eu uso o Belnder há 3 anos e não pretendo parar…..

      Exelente trabalho a todos!

    267. Gomer Says:

      You know you’ve seen a good trailer when it sends shivers down your spine. Great work.

    268. NollieFlipX Says:

      Awesome! The hair looks great now =p

      Ahm I hope it’s not too late but I believe the sand is looking a bit strange. Maybe not shiny enought. And I noticed that the collours look like… how can I say… like this example: Remember when we used to use 16bits collour on our desktops? and sometimes it was possible to see the collour changing not as smooth as we wanted? The sand it looking just like that. Also it looks too smooth, try out making the top edges appear more.

    269. dolf Says:

      Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments, on youtube, blendernation, and here. We are working very hard, and getting over 25000 views on youtube within the first 48hrs of releasing this trailer is amazing!

      Of course we’re reading every word you guys post. All the positive energy will keep us going strong! And don’t worry… we’re taking the critique on board as well. Thanks for taking the time.

      More than anything it makes us realise that yes! We are making a movie! And things are happening. The ball is rolling!

    270. s0ndeb0k Says:

      AWESOOOOOOME EPICNESS to the MAX!!!!! 😀 I just love the whole feel of the movie!

      Sure there are a few minor issues, but the amount of work you guys did in such a short time is just breathtaking! Keep it up guys!!! You really are an inspiration!!

    271. Shizuku Says:

      WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SINTEL PROJECT COMES TO LIFE!!! It will be a wonderful movie!!!

      Great great great work!! The atmosphere is awesome!!

    272. sebih Says:

      Sorry for bringing in Avatar, just wanting to give an example for the tiny details adding to realism after reading the article of making Avatar.
      In my opinion, despite the budget-gap, Sintel in some scenes already reaches cinematic quality two months before current deadline.
      This will definately be an awesome movie!

    273. creek23 Says:

      The teaser rocks!

      I wonder if you will attempt to render another version of the film that can be viewed with 3D goggles — for IMAX viewing.

    274. Kukun Says:

      Der Film wird sowas von geil! Ich kann es kaum erwarten ihn zu sehen.
      Der Soundtrack klingt richtig gut. Großes Kompliment an das Team!!
      Ich habe noch einen deutschen Untertitel hinzugefügt.

      AWESOME!!! Great work guys
      I have add a German subtitle.

      Download here:

    275. basse Says:

      very nice, and epic! 🙂

      it looks a lot less smelly than i thought…


    276. Tuomo Sipola Says:

      Finnish subtitles:

      And just for fun, Latin subtitles:

    277. Vending Says:

      I like the short film teaser. I’m not going to patronize you guys or anything, but I like the attention to detail. -I guess in the end the composition as a whole is what counts 🙂

    278. Wladmir Says:

      That’s simple AMAZING!!! Continue whit the excelent work guys!!!!

    279. hectors Says:

      Felicitaciones gente de Blender Institute!!!!, se ve barbaro Sintel!!!, quiero ver la peli ya!! Saludos.

      Congratulations people of Blender Institute!!!!, it looks awesome!!, I want to now the movie!!, greetings to all.

    280. John Fraser Says:

      So awesome. Beautiful work.

    281. Luis Felipe Says:

      The problem is that people often forget just how difficult it is to create a short film, specially with blender. However I do believe crits and feedback make for an even better result. Let’s just not smash their morale 😛

      The TRAILER is simply amazing, its been so many months and wow this is one of the results and its mind blowing to see this done with blender! The trailer shows just how talented the team is so congratulations Durian Team.

      definitely look forward to the final film.

    282. Johnell Says:

      Great work you guys! Just focus on finishing this beast! I forget who said this, but it’s true with any art, there will always be things you don’t like or want to fix or in hindsight are just flat out embarrassing as well as things you wish you could had done differently. The truth is those details aren’t always important. The original goal of these movies if I’m correct was to promote and improve Blender so the world sees it as a serious professional tool. Look at all of the critiques, NOT ONE because I’ve read them all is about what blender can’t do, but rather what the film should be. You guys have succeed and the film isn’t even out!

      But of course you want to make a good movie. I bet this movie would have been exactly where you want it right now if it weren’t for A) The dramatic production changes and B) The dramatic production changes and C) working to evolve and perfect and debug Blender its self WHILE in production. Well hell guys that’s just pretty epic in and of it’s self. That’s like driving a car while it’s being assembled!

      There are some really great critiques that people are posting, what a community! Take what you can, smile, take a breath, and finish this monster! You are almost there! Good Job guys!

    283. BlendUp Says:

      Awesome work guys! LOOOOVE it!

    284. Dusty Says:

      Too many people already made large comments, so I’ll just say this:

      WELL DONE!!! So far it looks awesome!

      your resources are limited, yet you’ve produce GOLD! relatively speaking!

      Those neg head comments I saw on the rendered stills should be humbled by this!

      Rock on guys! i know you’re tired and weary! but keep going!!! you’re all amazing!!!

    285. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Just on wondering whether the timescale is being driven by Siggraph date?

      If you require another couple of months….go for it…..I can wait (I think), ease of on the pressure…..


    286. DrD Says:

      Shiny 🙂

      Keep doing what you guys do!


    287. Michel Says:

      Super! great job team. grtz Michel Roijen

    288. Leif Says:

      Very nice! The only comment: I thought that the snow scene is lacking in atmosphere – I guess it’s the lighting and the pure white ambience that makes it look a bit flat. One way to change that would be to use a more directional lighting from a low standing sun, and maybe even adding a visible sun with highlights. The sunlight could be in a yellowish tint (or maybe even blue tint) to allow more interesting interplay between the white snow surface and the sunlight. I added a few examples of what I mean (although I did not find the perfect picture I had in mind). See for example the colors of the snow ranging from yellow to blue in the first picture.

      Keep it going!

    289. andreas Says:

      For those idiots who can’t divide:

      17000 frames/24 fps (the frame speed of 35mm film) = 108.333… seconds = 11.80555… minutes

    290. Thiago Kolb Says:

      Subtitle in Português brasil “pt-br”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    291. Jrom Says:

      I love It !

    292. Alex Fraser Says:

      This looks really amazing. I especially like the animation in the fight scene, and the facial expressions. I can’t wait to see more!

    293. Michael Says:

      idiots wow well ok. I guess I’m just use to using 30 fps but which brings it down to 9.44 mins. but with motion blur i guess you can use 24 fps but in the end who cares. it was more of a joke dude.

    294. Yeni Says:

      Alguien puede subir el video con los subtitulos en español

      plis thx

    295. Belich Says:

      @yeni: dice algo asi, le puedo pifiar. . .

      min : 0:14
      shaman: que te trae a las tierras de los guardianes de la puerta(entrada)

      min : 0:20
      sintel: estoy buscando a alguien

      min : 0:38

      shaman: una busqueda peligrosa, para un solitario/ria
      min: 0:42

      sintel: He estado sola desde que puedo recordar

    296. Alastair Says:

      Hi all,

      In case you didn’t notice, the DivX Plus HD downloads have been updated and they now have subtitles in English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish built-in.

      For other languages people are posting in the comments you can manually load those files in most players and usually by putting them in the same folder as the video file and giving them the same file name (apart from the extension) the players will load them automatically.

      Congrats Durian team on a great release!

    297. Belich Says:

      😛 great to know ill chek it rigth now

    298. Nam Says:

      That huge dragon grab is seriously cool! I’m pretty impressed with the animation this time, as it seems more dynamic and more variety in the characters. I’m looking forward to this one! Keep up the good work guys, I’ll be keeping an eye on you…r work…

    299. nacho Says:


      great atmospheres, rythm and supense…. but i have 3 comments:

      * when sintel is looking for the babydragon in town, she moves a piece of wood that makes sound when pulling it, but when the shot changes, i expected to listen this thing falling in the ground, like giving some continuity between both shots.

      * in sintel´s close up, i think that a slightly pupil dilatation or contraction would help to add more dramaticism to the shot. Here is a link for a tutorial in facial take, from the movie “the incredibles”. Obviously this thing is much more cartoony but maybe it helps to get some ideas.

      * when the big dragon is leaving with the baby, the left hand of sintel shows on the left of the screen, placing the viewer almost from sintel´s point of view, but it appears to me that the eyes of the baby dragon are looking to far to the left, or at least, is not clear for me to get like its watching at the camera, or near, and that gave me a little confusion of what is going on.

      anyway these are just small details, and hope to be useful…

      the work your doing is really, really amazing… keep going!!!

      a little spanish to say goodbye…

      mucha suerte, y sigan así que está bárbaro lo q están haciendo!!!

      saludos a todo el equipo!!!

    300. Lyle Walsh Says:

      3D – please try to render in 3D!

      You could give the Sintel movie content, plus a version of Blender, to Sony and LG to be included with their new 3D TV’s distribution DVD. Talk about great advertising and something that can’t be touched by the commercial software.

    301. nacho Says:

      just one more thing i would like to say.

      all the comments about technical “failures” are great, but perfection is achieveless. It´s good to push forward always, to get better results, but don´t forget that your are telling a story, not making a hugh amount of perfect renders. Talkin about other animated movies like beowulf or final fantasy, im sure they wont pass through the filter of time, like luxo jr will. I dont mean not to recognize the tremendous and great work of all the people involved in those films, but image is far far far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr overvalued opposed to story telling in these days. I know that this could sound funny in the context of using a 3d software (a “machine” to create images), but blender is just a tool to do something else, just like the computer, a knife, or whatever.

      As an advice i would say, that the point is to focus on those technical things that ONLY helps the story to be better telled. And if you have time, go on with secondary details…

      Saludos otra vez!!!!

    302. Jamieson Christian Says:

      J. Says:
      “The last words are:
      A dangerous quest for an alone hunter. (that’s what I hear)”

      At first I thought this too, and sort of cringed at the grammatically dubious choice of verbiage. But the more I listen to it, the more I’m convinced Hoffman correctly said, “A dangerous quest for a lone hunter” — albeit enunciated in a rather odd way. I would chalk that up to the Dutch accent.

      By the way, Helina Reijn’s Dutch accent sounds like it’s going to add a really charming facet to Sintel’s character! I absolutely love how her last line sounds in the trailer.

    303. Dennis Says:

      I agree with Lyle Walshs’ idea about render this in 3D. This would both internal render to a new level and, as he said, the new 3D-TV:s will include it. This would be a perfect way to promote the movie, and this thing with 3D is not a chance that will come again. Sintel would fit perfectly for this purpose, in my opinion.

    304. CorsairX Says:

      3D would be great; but I think it might be a bit late in the day for making the adjustments that would be needed!

      Trailer was great, really looking forward to the final show! (And the DVD 😀 )

    305. Joooo Says:

      Ok, finally I found something to criticize. The German subtitles aren’t really good (are they the ones by Kukun?):
      “Was treibt dich ins Land der Torwächter?” -> that’s allright
      “Ich suche nach jemanden” -> should rather just be “Ich suche jemanden”
      “Gefährliches Unterfangen für einen einsamen Jäger” No correct sentence “Ein Gefährliches[…]” would be better.
      “Ich war schon immer allein, soweit ich mich erinnere” also a very bad sentence. I think it misses the point (I don’t know the context) and should be “Ich war alleine so lange ich mich erinnern kann”

      Doesn’t really matter for the trailer but it shouldn’t be like this in the release of the final movie (if there are subtitles).

    306. Kohlrabi Says:

      The movie itself looks interesting, really looking forward to it. On a technical sidenote:

      I only downloaded the 1080p versions, so this may be wrong for the other versions:

      1. The video files advertised as being “DivX” aren’t using ANY DivX software actually, encoding was done using x264, muxing was done using mkvmerge (according to mediainfo).

      2. The “AVI MP4” and “OGV” versions aren’t cropped properly, both have black bars on top and bottom.

    307. Kohlrabi Says:

      After checking again, maybe the “DivX” version does use DivX for AAC encoding, I couldn’t tell from the information I got from mediainfo.

    308. zerst Says:

      I have to agree with Malcolm Zaloon. Ton if you can then, pls give more time if needed to do some additional quality improvement.
      I really like this trailer it has good vibe, and dynamics.
      although I’m not big fan of lightning and color composition in this trailer, they are too washed out…but it’s my personal opinion. Sand and sky over the desert are lack little of saturation they little to gray the mountains scene too.
      Cloth design are not good, they don’t fit tight, and are about 70% too thick. And that’s why they lack of softness.
      They are to heavy especially boots.
      Castle/ruins scene lack of shadows. Is it sunset (maybe sunrise) and the sun is on the right? If yes we have to see long sharp shadows like on the city buildings in valley. And the chambers behind the windows should be darker, they are to bright.
      But as i said good lack, don’t take all critique personally. You have show us great works so don’t worry just focus on the work.

    309. Alastair Says:

      @Joooo Originally there weren’t subtitles, those ones were contributed by the DivX team. We had to do them pretty quickly, sorry if they could be a little better.

      @Kohlrabi DivX Plus format uses MKV/H.264/AAC, any tools can be used to create this. There’s a guide here for x264, for example: . The point is to create files with certain constraints making them suitable for desktop+device+web playback. Hope that helps.

    310. Francois Grobbelaar Says:

      Epic guys… it really is looking great, I’m just sad that we can’t get our names on the running end-movie credits anymore. I just missed it so I ended up never ordering the DVDs after that… 🙁

    311. l_i_g_h_s_p_e_e_d Says:


    312. india Says:

      that is so awesome you have done so much in such little time!!! well done and this is for you nathan WOOOO!!!!

    313. Dorian Says:

      It’s so waow!

      Some plans lack of homogeneity (it’s a little “by pass compositing” wich is visible) but great work anyway!

      The story looks interesting for a short but the slow motion on the dragon baby… -_- Too “cliché”

      Good luck team!

    314. Matheus Tófolli Says:

      Great! Fabulous!

      My sister didn’t believe when I said it’s being produced using Blender ^^

    315. Rochester Says:

      Man I’ve been following Blender, since the very first release, it was more of a toy than a tool. You guys are really showing the power of the software with the right minds and talent behind it. I have ONE thing to ask. Make the 2 HR movie 🙂 I was expecting another ED but boy was I wrong. TON every one deserves a High Five for the work they have put into this, man as Marcus Fenix would say ” Sweet”. You guys and gals are Kick Some serious @$$. Keep punching at it, damn what the hatters are saying, they have never and will never create anything but trouble and strife, for those that try something new, and fresh. Really Good Job !!

    316. Strodtbeck Says:

      The trailer look incredible! Hope the movie is a big hit!!!

    317. Zak McKracken Says:

      Show it to the world, guys!

      I think the Durian project is more difficult compared to Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny in that you are showing human characters in a more realistic way.

      According to the “reactions” video, you already know the flaws, so probably the rest of this post is useless, but maybe it helps to know which one of them will be spotted most easily? This is from someone who dabbled with CG animation some time ago understands the technical aspects, but has little experience himself:

      I can live with the little (cute!) dragon’s wing animation not being motion-blurred, although I wouldn’t mind (nor be surprised) if you re-rendered that before the final release of the film.
      I also think that much of what has been criticised about some of the stills is impossible to notice in an animation (couldn’t watch it in 1080 yet, though), so that’s actually mostly fine with me. It might be visible on screen, but if the movie’s good, noone will notice (anyone noticed the Imperial Trooper head-bump in Star Wars?)

      There are only two things I found not quite “right” . One is the Shaman (who looks great!) moving his lips somewhat too smoothly. He never closes them, and at least at “b” and “p” he should, and any hard consonant should cause a more aprupt change in movement. The other part is where Sintel is moving that wood thing around in the street. Her movement looks somwhat not quite physical — contrary to the scene where she runs up that ruin, which I reaaaally dig!

      I suppose both problems are general CG Problems (look at Gollum’s lip movements or the way Shrek is walking — or Humans walking in the Shrek movies!) which can be lessened either by using a more unrealistic, cartoony style or by extensive motion capturing. Both of which you choose to not do, which I think is a brave act.

      From my perspective, if you could find the time to improve things there, you’d have something to make some of the big players raise an eyebrow.

      So, aside from that? Man, I think Sintel looks really loveable in the stills and even more so in the animation. I love how the dragons look, the overall athmosphere, the setting …
      I think we’re going to get a worthy follow-up to ED and BBB. And I’ve just spent half an hour writing this comment when I should be working. Which says something about how much I’m interested in this movie project …

      Cheers everyone,


      BTW: How much additional work would have to be involved in making a 720p50 (or p60) version of the movie? You may know that German public TV is using that as a standard, and I really like it more than 1080p24. Speaking of fluid motion…

    318. Ton Says:

      Short producer notes:

      – Extending the project duration even more (we already did twice) is not really an option anymore. Not only financially, but also emotionally and practically. It’s time to finish it! And believe me, in these last 2 months things only start looking better. 🙂
      – We aim at finishing mid july, and premiere in Amsterdam as well as in LA on Siggraph.
      – You can still help us by donations or purchasing the DVDs! We’re quite short in our budget still, every DVD counts.
      – The 4k rendering will happen after the premiere, so we don’t have this extra burden on the schedule now.
      – Doing a 3d-stereo version is possible, but will take more than just a re-render. I think a person will need 2 months to check it all and re-edit where needed. We’re still looking for a sponsor who likes us to do this after the premiere…
      – Doing a high framerate (50-60 or even 100 Hz) is also possible. Here the same applies, it takes an artist time to check on all files if this works fine, motion blur for example…

      Mail me if you want to discuss bizz! (ton at


    319. kram1032 Says:

      @ dolf (a little late to reply to that I guess…)
      320+ comments on the Blog also are pretty exciting.
      And after one more day the youtube-views nearly doubled!
      looking at the youtube stats, the current trend looks pretty much exponential 🙂

      @ Ton: Wow, a 3d stereo high fps 4k version would rock!
      Yeah, clear that that’s a lot of work and money…

      The movie certainly has incredibly high expectations everywhere in the world!
      View density after three days:

    320. Wahooney Says:

      Just thought I’d inflate my own importance and chip in.

      One thing that has bugged me every time I watched this trailer (~10 times so far 😉 ) is the snow crunch sound at the beginning, it sounds really out of place, like someone is rubbing a wet balloon off camera.

    321. Yeni Says:

      GRACIAS Belich

    322. kernel_script Says:

      Superb. Great work so far. It’s gonna be epic. Better, it’s gonna be len..gen… wait for it… dary!! : D

      You could create some HTML and or javascript banner with a release counter, would be cool and would help spread the word about Sintel.

    323. polito Says:

      It’s a good thing that the big dragon grabs the little dragon before I did. I would have roasted the little one with extra-thick barbecue sauce.

    324. Promis Says:

      Good work.

      There are many places in the trailer to discuss, but what really bothered me, and I didn’t saw that anyone mentioned it, was the Sintel’s eyes when she climbs up the stairs. They are to much red (in my opinion) because of the light from the sun. Well, this is maybe physically accurate, but it was, for me, distracting. Maybe you already know that, but I had to tell.

      Good luck, and can’t wait for my DVDs to ship in.

      p.s. Pity that sound is not also made with open source.

    325. DudeFromKansas Says:

      Watched the trailer in HD and it was 10 times more epic than when I watched it on youtube!!! Things are looking great and everything looks very high quality!!! great job Durian Team!!!!!

    326. Lyle Walsh Says:

      Thanks for the update Ton.

      We are all very proud of the team and WE also take pride in YOUR work! Sounds funny, but I point folks to Durian to show them what can be done and is being done by a loose international tribe linked only by a common tool. Fascinating sociology when you think about it.

    327. MrMowgli Says:

      Awesome!!! Great music too!

    328. Anonymous Says:


      [I think that you know it, but anyway…] You have one issue with russian subtitles: looks like translator didn’t watched the trailer and so Sintel’s phrases were translated as if she was a boy :-/

      “Я всегда был один, сколько себя помню..” >> “Я всегда была одна, сколько себя помню..” (fix)

    329. francisco del corral Says:

      Ill say it on spanish

      La conceptualizacion no esta mal; apoyo realmente al opensource, pero tienen unos fallos:

      falta un poco mas de realidad en la cara de protagonista, hay encuadres donde quizas le falte mas dramatizmo; la barba me parece salida de entregas de blender 2;36, el cabello no parece real demasiado uso del sistema de particulas; deberian hacer un mapeado de pelo y logran un resultado mas convincente y mas eficiente a la hora de renderizar; la escena del desierto es un basica; hablando q es una tierra dnd hay dragones;,,,hacerles mas lineas de expresion a la cara de la protagonistas; y los ojos les faltan mas vida, sin ello el personaje parecera muy artificial y muerto

    330. abdu Says:

      I just don’t like the first shot, I think the snow/hills look like a painting at 7 seconds but that’s just me, also sintel’s face looks like a cartoon look in some scenes, if your aiming for an animated real life look I would suggest to change the character’s texture a bit. Anyways these are just my opinion, other people may think the opposite.

      Overall nice work, loved it, excited to see the finished look.

    331. gnu-stu Says:

      Most impressive. It’s such a mammoth task you guy’s have set yourselves.
      You’re all an inspiration to me and my journey with blender … and all other open source software for that matter …
      Keep up the Great work!!


    332. Shane Newville Says:

      Wow! This is so freakin amazing! This trailer gives me goose bumps. The emotion and beauty is delivered wonderfully. I can’t wait to see the entire thing. I don’t know if I can wait. I can’t…uhh …Crap! I knew I should have wore diaper before watching…

    333. Neoranga Says:

      Hey !

      Great work, but a little short.

      One important thing for the desert, isnt it supposed to be very hot ? It misses some fresnel effect to show the sun heat !!!! And also we got some cold air sound.

    334. xuchao Says:

      Congratulations to the whole team!

    335. Van Fossen Says:

      Beautiful A/V! You’ve got me intrigued. I feel as if I just viewed a teaser of a big Hollywood studio production. I hope that Sintel gets nominated for (and wins), at least, one Oscar by the Academy Awards for their Indy film category. A Hollywood premier just might make it happen.

      As for Neoranga’s question and comment about the desert:
      I know first-hand that deserts are not always blazing hot and can get downright frigid.

    336. dseverino Says:


    337. joeri67 Says:

      Looks like this is going to be worth watching.

      Please tell Ton to stop pushing and get a Typo Guy fixing your font things.
      Maybe Matt can fly over for a week?

      I for one know that having to create content with software that has the same deadline to be finished ( or worse, no deadline to be finished ) as the content needs to be finished is living in hell, keep it up, only a few more weeks to heaven.

    338. David Says:

      Great that you released this trailer, and it looks very good indeed, and it gets better every time I watch it. The “feel” is there and I beleive this movie will be great when you release it.

      A few things.
      * The snow and sand gives me the feel of Zelda The Wind Waker. Don’t know what to suggest here… maybe it’s my monitor ;-).

      * The shaman is very detailed on the head, but his chest looks like a 20 year old and his cloth feels, well can’t say unnatural, rather “static” or something. And his lips look very dry… some saliva needed maybe?

      * Everything looks so clean, where’s the dirt ;-).

      Well, anyways… keep it up!

    339. Riccardo Covino Says:

      I think naming it correctly TEASER and not TRAILER would have avoided some of the uselss discussions leaving up only the constructive critics.

    340. J. Says:

      Hello Ton, I hope you find some time between everything going crazy up there in Amsterdam. 😀

      Where is it going to premiere?
      In your mail you sent me lately, you stated that 35mm prints aren’t on the planning for the time being.
      Given the fact that there are only 3 cinema’s (Pathé) with DCI 2K projection in Amsterdam, this is something I’m wondering about.

      All other Amsterdam cinemas/arthouse theaters have at most a (Full)HD 16:9 beamer, which isn’t quite a good solution, as they don’t project a full width Cinemascope image onto the screen, while you do want this with this movie.
      Plus, of course, it’s always a question whether they are (correctly) calibrated and such etc. etc.

      So I would advise; manage to get sponsors/money to make a few 35mm prints, (like you did at BBB) as you’ll be the most flexible, then.

      Keep up the good work, everyone!

    341. Valkyri9 Says:

      Had to post this on my blog for others to find – this is truly excellent work so far and made the hair on my arms stand up, which is my measurement of anything that falls into the category of rare quality.

      Can’t wait to see the entire movie. Good luck!

    342. Busaiku Says:

      Don’t pay much attention to the things people say. Most of their observations are absolutely valid, but you can’t go there trying to meet everyone expectations. Just make the best movie you can and try not to make obvious mistakes. Have lots of fun in the process, and make loads of improvements on Blender, which ultimately is what most of us are more excited about.

    343. RNS Says:

      Blender is the way of the future and always be!

    344. Shades Xiphius Says:

      This was incredable! Wow! I can not wait for this to come out. Open source ROCKS!

    345. Justin N Says:

      I love the opening shot. It’s fantastic, great camera movement.

    346. Shane Newville Says:

      I’m confused why people are not taking into account the amount of blood sweat and tears the team has had for the project before pointing out so many unnoticeable flaws. People should be encouraging more than this. Even if it were perfect someone would find more flaws. It’s art and it’s beautiful! There are no rules. Only guidelines. You guys are doing a phenomenal job on this whole things. Be encouraged.

    347. Johan Says:

      “I’m searching for someone”. Shouldn’t that be ‘something’. The next shot after she says that is the baby dragon taken away and she seems upset about that. Why would she be upset about a baby dragon if she is searching for someone?

    348. cristian sanchez Says:

      excellent, I really like, the 5 times I have seen
      I’m hoping the movie sorry for my English I’m from chile
      good job

    349. kaz Says:

      true love. i have to say i wish this movie was a full length film. ^^ great trailer can’t wait for the finished piece.

    350. flagus Says:

      I’ve saw the video of the team, which was made a bit before the release of the trailer. I was really sad to see that the critics have somehow discouraged and brought a sadness among you.
      I would like to encourage the whole team to continue your good work. If it was not for Blender I would never have made 3d. You guys are making a fantastic work developping a software and making a film at the same time. We owe you a lot and you owe us nothing.
      Please continue the owesome work and just do your best. I’m sure that the result is gonna be just Owesome.
      Just can’t wait to see the whole movie, and finally have the nest Blender release in my hands :D.

    351. Easton Says:

      @Johan: The dragon is almost obviously the ‘someone’ she is looking for.

      I think I may have watched this 30 times over. The anticipation for the final film is killing me!

    352. ochacon Says:

      congratulation, it’s amazing. woooohooo

    353. Shinobi Says:

      From Ton:
      “- The 4k rendering will happen after the premiere, so we don’t have this extra burden on the schedule now.”

      very wise choice, Ton, very wise. I wish you all the best in making the movie outstanding in 2k ‘now’!
      Then, if you all will have time, move on the 4k project, but now it’s extremely important concentrating every effort to make a very detailed and complete 2k version 🙂

      If you need something from us to help, let know! 😉

    354. Simon Says:

      How about another update? maybe something about rendering and compositing?

    355. CFolea Says:


      ^That was my jaw hitting the floor. I’m absolutely speechless! Really wonderful work guys! Absolutely incredible!

    356. joeri67 Says:

      Is the renderfarm staying at the institute after the boyz/girlz have left?
      It would be a waist not having those engines working on a 720p stereo version.

      Ofcourse All cameras need to be adjusted to have a POI ( currently just looking straight forward seems to be what the camera is doing ) And all composites need to be converted to 3d as well ( backdrop paintings need to sit in the back, or worse: be re-rendered to stereo as well )

      So what are the plans here? A single lonely man(girl) at the institute or can this be done community wise threw out the world ( pick a scene like vimeo star wars uncut ) and rendered in A’dam? I’d love to coordinate that.

    357. tweakingknobs Says:

      mein got !

      357 posts


      go durian go !!

    358. Roy Says:

      A great teaser! I’m already looking forward to the movie.

      I have only some minor critics: Especially in the shaman’s hut Sintel’s face looks a bit too translucent and like silicone instead of flesh and the shaman’s lip-sync seems to be a little off. The icy landscape is not very detailed.

      But let’s move on to the praise: I love the cut and the camera work. I love how far you can look over the city. It’s so incredibly huge. And not to forget, Jan’s music is epic. I love it since Elephant’s dream.

      Keep up the good work!

    359. Michael Says:

      Financially how much does it cost for the team to work on the project for one day?

    360. Corniger Says:

      Mid July! That’s when my final exams will take place leaving me time to blend again 🙂
      Awesome work there, it captured me from the very first second and that’s all that counts right now as I couldn’t possibly give any useful comments anyway. Just don’t forget shave every now and then, it will make you feel fresher 😀

    361. Eagleshadow Says:

      Now that i finally picked up my jaw from the floor… I can say how the trailer is incredibly incredibly awesome 😀

    362. Shane Newville Says:

      Once again, I encourage all commentators to please, first take notice to the fact the team is not asking for your critiques. This isn’t Pixar where hundreds of people are working on the film. It’s a handful of passionate Blender pros investing a huge portion of their lives to bring you something amazing (entertainment and software…FREE). Please just send them your encouragement, gratitude for their undying commitment to you/world, and give them all encouragement and support you can muster up in your scrawny self. Art, has become something to feel so insecure about for today’s artists. I personally blame all the art teachers who think of themselves highly enough to judge/grade other people’s creative expressions. It was never meant to be that way.

      I highly recommend the book, “Fear and Art” by David Bayles & Ted Orland, to ALL artists.

    363. W Says:

      Interestingly enough, despite the fact that this these are not final shots, they had a strong impact on me. The shots are amazing, the dragon is the best CG dragon I’ve ever seen (thanks to the concept art)… it was overwhelming, and it’s getting even better.

      God bless!

    364. Mario Says:

      From today, users will be able to download and install free software to play and encode the new WebM format. WebM is based on the Matroska container format — replacing Ogg — and the VP8 video codec which replaces Theora. Crucially, the Vorbis audio codec is part of the new WebM specification.

      Google has announced that all videos that are 720p or larger uploaded to YouTube after May 19th will be be encoded in WebM as part of its current HTML5 demonstration.

    365. J'bari Says:

      hello. just wanted to say GREAT JOB team, and cant with until the final version. keep doing what you do and above all, HAVE FUN! 🙂 layta!

    366. Horus7 Says:

      Woow! it’s amazing!!! i just downloaded it and i’m telling every one about this project 😀

      I’m a blender fan since many years and i can tell you all you have done a greate job

      keep going!!!!

    367. zdreamonz Says:

      Blender & Durian go!!!

    368. wo262 Says:

      about spanish subtitles.

      on 00:13 “¿Qué te trae a la tierra de los porteros?” “porteros” sounds like goalkeepers from football or disco doormen. “guardianes” or “celadores” or “centinelas” are better and they sound more epic! 😀

      on 00:19 “Estoy buscando a alguien..” Use “…” ellipsis instead of “..”

      on 00:39 “Una peligrosa misión para un cazador solitario..” “cazador” and “solitario” are for male. Must be “cazadora” and “solitaria” and “…” ellipsis instead of “..”

      on 00.43 “He estado solo desde que tengo memoria..” The same. Use “sola” instead of “solo” and “…” ellipsis instead of “..”

    369. W Says:

      SVN commit 3721: flying godzillas are not zombies anymore (pablo)

      This just keeps getting better and better!

    370. Fabio Says:


    371. Alaa El-din Says:

      Great Trailer!!
      I’m sure the final movie will get better and better isa
      I really appreciate your hard work
      keep it up

    372. Leo Says:

      “What brings you to the land of the gate keepers”. I have not yet seen better lipsync in all CG. Is that some secret weapon that the development team of Blender 2.5 are hiding; waiting to reveal with the final version?

    373. Juan Romero Says:

      please 🙂

    374. Onkar Says:

      Great trailer. Snow storm, desert, hair movements, facial expressions and everything else. And music deserves special mention. I still like listening to BBB end track now and then. I am sure final movie is going to be great. 🙂

      By the way, will it possible to add subtitles in .ogg files using kate codec? Kate support is available for at least six months in gstreamer as well as vlc. If for some reason using kate is not possible then I suggest that you switch to mkv so that people preferring open codecs will get best user experience.

    375. kopi Says:

      Colin, you already are a master of your craft! Genius! Looking forward to your first 2 hour movie! YES!

    376. Arhozin Says:

      “Perfect”…Piye jal…

    377. Cakemix Says:

      Wow, the trailer looks reeeeaally awsome. Good job!
      I just stumbled over this trailer in the channel of a german party and I’m very impressed…
      Keep it up. o.o

    378. The Fatsnacker Says:

      Okay, enough all ready……where’s the film? I’m on edge. I feel like an expectant father, although it must be said I look like one as well (but thats another story).

      I’m sure the pressure will be off once the film is out, and It must be said that I;ve spied on all those nice machines in the office that WILL be redundant when everyone moves on. My existing machine can already feel the possibility of being replaced… 🙂

      Remember when Sintel is released to suck up the kudos, you all deserve it….



    379. Limvot Says:

      Sweet! Downloading now! Thanks Ton and the team!

    380. Temitopa.A Says:

      I know you’re and negatively anxious, remaining 1 month for you to finish; but I am positively anxious because I can’t wait more to receive the DVD

    381. Aaron Hamilton Says:

      it’d be nice to encode the final as well on bluray with that new open source bluray encoder

    382. wanker Says: