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Simple Character Modeling Test in 2.5

on October 13th, 2009, by angela

Model testPlease note, this simple model is *not* our actual character for the movie. The purpose of creating this simple model is merely to test 2.5 modeling, rigging, animation.

My task last week was to test 2.5 modeling tools by creating a quick, simple, young female character – as well as reporting any bugs, missing/broken hotkeys, etc. along with the team. Most were fixed last week, while the rest were noted and I continued on using work-arounds. Among some modeling features planned for and discussed over the course of the week: sculpt, retopo, bmesh/ngons.

Here’s the .blend file

Next up on this model, testing facial setup & shape-keys!


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  1. eyeezzi Says:

    angela, i think your model is really good but as a pro in 3d modeling/topology; I think you should consider extending the ‘lower-body’ a little more to match the fascinating realistic proportion of the ‘upper-body’. If you understand what i mean, please check out my work on the “Vitruvian-Woman” at… all the same wonderful work.